Wrong Number - Epilogue - Speed Dial

Three Months Later

Sasuke made sure that he had everything ready for that night. Movies, munchies, drinks and last but certainly not least, a new tube of lubricant since they had ran out last time.

Tonight was going to be special. Well, every night with Naruto was special, but this was the first time that the dobe was going to let him top. So naturally, everything had to be perfect.

His stomach growled in protest. He had been so busy trying to set everything up that he hadn't eaten since that morning. He quickly threw a single serving bag of popcorn in his microwave and hit the "Popcorn" button.

Things had been going real well for them, despite their sometimes clashing personalities. Being around Naruto had also meant that he had somehow inherited the blonde's friends. It wasn't unusual to see the previous loner hanging out with Kiba or even Sakura, but he usually made sure he had a chaperone around her. She was nice and all and thought it was cute that he and Naruto were dating, but she would get this weird gleam in her eye every once in a while that quite frankly scared him.

He grabbed his phone and checked his mental list one more time to make sure he had gotten everything. The dobe was going to be here soon, but Sasuke had one last thing planned. He wanted his blonde to be hot and ready for action when he showed up.

He was flipping through his phonebook on his cell when he smelled popcorn burning. Dammit! He always forgot that those singles didn't require as much time.

He popped the door open on his microwave as he hit the "Send" button on his cell phone. Yanking the slightly charred bag out, he carefully opened it over the sink. The phone rang twice before it was picked up.

"Don't say anything," he began, a smirk spreading across his face. "I just wanted to tell you that I've been thinking about you. Fantasizing about you."

"Thinking about how badly I want to kiss you and taste those sweet lips. How badly I want to explore every inch of your tongue with my own."

He gave a soft shudder as he thought about the last time he had been alone with his dobe.

"I want to kiss my way across your jaw back to your ear so I can nibble and lick my way down your throat. I want to pull your shirt off so I can run my hands over your soft skin as I lick and torment those pink nipples."

God, if Naruto didn't show up soon he was going to relieve himself without him.

"I want to kiss each rib on that perfect body and tickle your stomach with my tongue."

"I'm going to peel those pants off those sexy hips of yours and spread your legs wide so I can devour you. Until you are moaning my name and begging me to take you."

Popcorn forgotten, he ran a hand across his swollen length beneath his jeans, tormenting himself.

"Just when you are about to cum hard, harder than you ever have, I'm going to thrust into you. I'm going to make you scream for me in all the right ways."

"I'm going to pound you so hard into the mattress that you are going to whimper and beg me to stop even as you plead for me to never stop."

Oh man, if only Naruto would let him do all those things tonight. He had nothing against bottoming, nothing at all. But it would be nice to be the one driving his lover to the brink.

The sound of a light panting across the line made him even harder. "God, I want to fuck you so badly. I want to make you scream my name when you cum."

Even in the midst of the lust burning in his veins, a soft smile tugged at his lips.

"And then we'll fall asleep together. Wake up together. And neither one of us will ever be alone again."

There was a pause in the breathing as if someone had just swallowed hard.

"Sa... Sasuke-kun?" the breathless, feminine voice quavered.

Sasuke jerked the phone away from his ear and stared at it in dawning horror and not a little fear.

'Oh shit, she'll stalk me until the end of time now.'

'If Naruto doesn't kill me first.'