Fanfic: A Nice Place to Visit - Part Two (part one posted a while ago)
Part One

By: Elektra


WWF Superstar, Chris Jericho, stretched in his locker room as he awaited his match. It was a Monday night. 9:30pm to be exact. A big TV night, and he was to face "Stone Cold" Steve Austin for the WWF title – an opportunity he had been given due to the injuries sustained by Angle after Austin had thrown him off the stage a week earlier.

They took something of ours, Jericho thought, and I'm going to get it back, or get my ass kicked trying! He paused for a moment, "With my luck, I'm probably going to get my ass kicked trying…" he muttered aloud to himself.

With that not-so-positive thought, he headed out of the dressing room and towards the ring.


Jericho stood face to face with Austin, trying not to be distracted by the ever-smirking Stephanie McMahon outside the ring.

Austin had brought Alliance member Rhyno with him, and Chris could see it very easily becoming a 2 on 1 match. Actually, with Stephanie, it would be a 3 on 1 match. Guess Steph doesn't have much faith in her boys after all… Jericho thought.

The bell rang, and the match was on.

Outside the ring, Stephanie watched as Jericho went after Austin… then felt someone staring at her. She turned to see Rhyno smiling. Stephanie furrowed her brow, finding the smile somewhat disturbing. Just keep up appearances… she thought to herself. No one will know…

She offered Rhyno a smile in return, turning her attention back to the ring, and feeling very self-conscious in her black leather pants and black spandex tank top.

Stephanie jumped up on the ring apron to distract the ref. Jericho wasn't sure WHY, as Austin seemed to be gaining the advantage.

Jericho broke free from Austin's attack and shoved the ref out of the way as he grabbed Stephanie and pulled her into the ring.

"Stay OUT of my match!" Jericho hissed angrily. "I don't need you costing me this belt!"

"And I didn't need you bringing attention to my…" she stopped, trying to find a delicate way to say it, "My… new enhancements!" she finished, "But yet, you did!"

"Listen, Princess… I—" Before Jericho could finish his sentence, the air was knocked out of him as Rhyno gored him to the mat. Chris grabbed his ribs, wincing in pain.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Rhyno concerning himself with Stephanie.

Rhyno was looking at the boss with a smile on his face. A strange one. Jericho realized what it was, and would have burst out laughing if his ribs didn't hurt so damn much at the moment. Rhyno had a crush!

"I'm ok! Go away, Rhyno!" Stephanie demanded, not pleased with the attention as she began backing away… and bumped into Jericho, who had managed to get back on his feet.

Stephanie spun around to stare at the man she considered enemy #1, then quickly ducked behind him. Jericho craned his neck to look at her cowering behind his back.

"What the hell are you doing?" he asked.

"Never mind! Just stand there!" she hissed back.

"She's all yours!" Jericho replied as he stepped away, then turned to Stephanie, "Be gentle. It's his first time!"

Jericho quickly turned his attention back to Austin as the Alliance leader came at him with a chair. Jericho grabbed the chair and tossed it out of the ring. The two shared blows and chops once again as the match continued.


Backstage, the WWF wrestlers watched Austin vs Jericho on the monitor with great interest.

"She really has no faith in her Alliance boys if she has to keep interfering," Matt Hardy started as he watched Stephanie at ringside.

"So it seems," Jeff Hardy said, then smirked, "Or maybe she just wants to get REALLY close to Chris!"

"Uhhh… I highly doubt that!" Matt replied.

"Hey guys! Check this out!" Lita leaned forward and studied the monitor before her, "Is she interfering on CHRIS'S behalf?!"

On the screen, Stephanie had grabbed the title belt from Austin before the Stone Cold madman had had a chance to use it on the blonde Canadian.

Austin glared at Stephanie incredulously, jaw-jacking and badmouthing the youngest McMahon. Stephanie's eyes showed her fear as she backed away from Austin.

Austin was so preoccupied with Stephanie that he didn't notice Jericho sneaking up behind him.

Before Austin could defend himself, Jericho knocked Austin's feet out from under him, and quickly placed him in the Walls, putting as much pressure on Austin's neck and back as possible.

Unable to get to the ropes, Austin was forced to tap...

The WWF locker room and the fans in the arena exploded into cheers as the camera quickly caught Stephanie running back to the dressing room like a bat out of hell.


After Jericho took in the praise from the fans, he made his way backstage. Everyone, including Vince congratulated him. It was a triumphant time for the WWF.

Still, Jericho couldn't help but wonder what the hell Stephanie McMahon was up to. Maybe he'd just have to find her and ask her himself!