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Author's Note Two: This is just a Harry Potter SG1 crossover. The Star Craft elements have been removed from the plotline due to my desire to write all of the SG1 episodes that I've seen in the past couple of days. It'll be enjoyable and if you look hard enough, you'll see some of the things that will pop up again in The Eve War if I ever get around to writing it.

June 6, 1991: Milky Way Galaxy; Earth; Number 4, Privet Drive

Young eleven year old Harry Potter ran wildly from his Uncle Vernon. He'd just done an 'inadequate' job on the garden and 'deserved' a beating. He had, in fact, done work that a professional gardener couldn't do but that held no sway in this house.

"Come back here, you freak!" Vernon bellowed as he chased the small boy around, one hand clenching his belt. Vernon eventually cornered the boy in the den behind the couch. He grabbed the boy by his collar and threw him against the wall. He then stepped forward to whip him with his belt.

"Please Uncle, I didn't do anything wrong," Harry pleaded.

"You did wrong just by being born, boy," Vernon said, pulling his hand back for a swing. He swung down with his belt. Harry cringed and waited for the pain to come. The pain didn't come, however; only a bright flash of white light.

Harry opened his eyes slowly when he didn't feel any pain. He looked around and found himself in a grey metal room with a bed in the center. As he continued to scan the room he found a three foot tall gray alien.

"W-who are you?" Harry asked the alien.

The alien for his part was surprised. Every time before now, the beaming had put the patient right in the bed and almost never had the patient retained consciousness. "You are a strange one indeed, Harry Potter," the alien said.

"How do you know my name," Harry asked, slowly standing up. "Who are you?"

"I am the Asgard known as Loki," the alien said. "I have been ordered by the Asgard High Council to capture you and bring you to Othala. Considering that you are conscious gives you a choice. Should I send you back to your home?"

"No!" Harry said quickly and a little louder than necessary. "Please don't send me back there!"

"Then you shall accompany me to Othala," Loki said. Harry felt a sudden pull and almost fell over as the ship jumped into hyperspace.

"What do you want with me?" Harry asked Loki a minute or so after the jump to hyperspace. He had moved to a window and was now looking out at the purplish blue and black of hyperspace.

"I am simply acting on orders," Loki said from where he was standing over a pedestal in front of a large screen. The screen depicted a large triangular ship with two spires in the back between the engines running along a blue path between two green dots. "The Council didn't tell me what you're wanted for just to go and get you."

"I can tell that you really don't want to do this," Harry said. Loki cursed in Asgard.

Harry watched as the representation of the ship approached one of the green dots. As the representation came close, he felt the ship come out of hyperspace and watched out of the window at the stars and now at the new planet that had just appeared. It was covered in an enormous city.

"There, now that you're here, you can get off my ship," Loki said. No sooner said than it was done and Harry vanished in a flash of bright white light.

Harry reappeared in the center of a council room. He stood in a circle while there were several raised stands in a semicircle about ten feet from where he stood. More seats stood raised above the already raised stands in a semicircle on the other side of Harry, presumably for public seating.

In the raised council seats, six Asgard sat with one Asgard in a higher backed chair than the others. This Asgard spoke first. "Welcome, Harry Potter, to Othala, Home World to the Asgard. I am Thor, Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet."

"What do you want with me?" Harry asked, still quite scared.

"I presume that that was a question as to the reason you were brought here," Thor said. Harry nodded. "We have been monitoring you for a very long time, Harry Potter."

"Why would you want to do that?" Harry asked simply.

"We believe that you are one of the last true remaining descendants of the Ancients," Thor said.

"I'm sorry, but I don't know what that means," Harry said, cringing slightly as if expecting an attack.

"Yes, I realize that you are still a young child among your people and a mere speck of existence compared to us. I must start from the beginning then.

"Ten thousand years ago, there was a great alliance of four great races," Thor began. "These races were the Asgard, the Nox, the Furlings and the Ancients. Ten thousand years ago, a great plague ravaged the Milky Way Galaxy where the Ancients had chosen to be their home. To escape the plague, the Ancients took everything they could to another galaxy. Until now, we have discovered that the Ancients did in fact return to the Milky Way galaxy and to Earth but we have not met any that are still alive."

"I still don't know what this has to do with me," Harry said.

"We believe that you are a direct descendant of the Ancient Janus," Thor said.

"Please continue," Harry said politely.

"As an Ancient, you would have access to all of their knowledge and you could possibly tell us where they are now," Thor explained.

Harry was confused as any eleven years old would be in this situation. "Even if I am an Ancient, I can't remember. Actually, I can't remember anything past a year ago."

"We believe that your knowledge is simply locked away," Thor said. "Do you feel safe here?"

"Yes, I do as a matter of fact," Harry said. For some odd reason, this place screamed of peace and calm.

"Will you let us try to unlock the memories inside of you?"

Harry stood there in thought for a moment. "I'll let you do whatever it is you need to do as long as you don't make me go back there." Thor nodded before both of them disappeared in a flash of light.

Harry and Thor reappeared in what appeared to be a science lab. It had a few machines and several pedestals similar to the ones on Loki's ship. The coolest thing in Harry's mind was the window. Outside of the room was a truly enormous city. Skyscrapers, buildings and ships all made of some composite metal stretched out as far as the eye could see.

Thor motioned for Harry to stand next to him. Harry moved over to the three foot tall alien who now had a strange device in his hand. When Harry stopped, Thor took the device and placed it at Harry's head. The next thing that Harry knew, he was violently reliving several memories that he never knew before.

He saw a tall brown haired man holding a sleeping baby in his arms. Harry watched as the man gave the baby to another man with a long white beard and moon shaped spectacles. The man then walked out of whatever room they were in and disappeared in a flash of white light.

Harry came out of the memory falling to his knees. "What did you see?" Thor asked. Harry told him exactly what he saw. "I am sure that this man was Janus. This is something that we did not account for. It would appear that Janus is in fact your father."

"That can't be right," Harry said. "My parents died in a car crash…" Even as he finished, he realized that it would probably be easier to believe the three foot tall gray alien in front of him rather than his abusive family.

"I can only assume that your so called parents were not your actual parents," Thor said. "Is there anything else you remember?"

"No, there's just nothing," Harry said. "I don't have anymore memories or drawings or anything. There's just… nothing."

"Perhaps your memories require a trigger of sorts," Thor said. "Perhaps, more shall make itself apparent in time."

"Yeah, you may be right. Well now what do we do?" Harry asked.

"It is your choice to make," Thor said. "What do you hope to find?"

"I don't know if there is anything that I can find," Harry said. "I've never had an actual life before so I don't have any goals. There's nothing that's drawing me in a certain direction."

"Then what do you want to do?" Thor asked.

"I would rather fight a god than go back to my relatives," Harry said. "Can I stay here?"

"I'm sure that it can be arranged."

July 31, 1991: Milky Way; Earth; Number 4 Privet Drive

Albus Dumbledore walked up the front lawn of Number Four. He was here to pick up his new student, Harry Potter for schooling at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As he rang the doorbell, a large rotund man answered the door.

"What do you want, freak?" the man asked with a scowl.

"I'm here for Harry," Dumbledore said. "Where is he?"

"Gone," Vernon said. "He disappeared in a flash of white light a month ago. I'd assumed your kind had taken him."

"There are anti-apparation wards all around this house," Dumbledore muttered. "He shouldn't have been able to get away." Silently, Dumbledore strode into the house much to the rage of Vernon. He searched the house ignoring the shouts coming from its inhabitants. When he was almost certain that Harry wasn't there, he found Vernon pointing a shotgun in his face.

"Get out of my house, freak!"

"Shut it, you despicable excuse for a man," Dumbledore said. "I am far above you." This angered Vernon and he pulled the trigger. The shell stopped an inch from Dumbledore's face. "That was the wrong move." He whipped out his wand. "Avada Kadavera." As Vernon fell to the ground, dead, Dumbledore went through the rest of the house casting the same spell on the man's wife and son. No one would ever know he was here.

August 10, 1996: Milky Way; Starship Beliskner; High Earth Orbit

"What are we doing back here, Thor?" Harry asked looking out from the bridge of the Beliskner. He had filed out into a handsome sixteen years old with tone muscles and had grown to five feet, seven inches tall. He no longer required glasses thanks to visual implants from the Asgard which increased his sight ten fold. He had had the Asgard change his hair color as well. Now it was a darker shade of brown about a quarter of the way to black. This way it was much less noticeable. In his line of work, you had to blend in with a crowd and black hair was too uncommon. His stunning green eyes remained, however.

"Our sensors have shown that Earth has activated its Stargate again," Thor said. "We have to make sure that they know what they're getting into."

"Humans never know what they're doing until they're five feet under," Harry said as they pulled into North American geosynchronous orbit. "What am I doing again?"

"We've located the Stargate already. It is in a facility known as Creek Mountain. When they activate the Stargate again, you will go down under cloak and go through with whomever they send through it. Try to find out what they're doing."

"If I have to show myself on the other side, I may need to use the Asgard weaponry. Shouldn't I get a Tauri weapon or something?" As soon as he'd finished speaking, Thor beamed a few things up from the planet and onto a nearby table. Harry walked over to it.

On the table was a set of clothes and a few weapons. There were brown cargo pants that allowed a lot of maneuverability. They were thick and didn't transfer energy easily. There was a red undershirt as well as a brown jacket. The jacket zipped up and had a black collar. Several pockets were on the jacket. Four were on the outside and two on the inside. Both the pants and the jacket were slightly darker brown than his hair color. A belt was set aside from the rest. It had a side pouch and a holster for a handgun.

An assault rifle was on the table next to the clothes. It was an SA80 British service rifle with a thirty round magazine and an automatic fire rate of six hundred rounds a minute. In Harry's hands, it was the prefect weapon. Along with the rifle were ten magazines of ammunition. Two fragmentation grenades were next to rifle.

Harry smiled and took the clothes. They fit easily on over his grey skin suit that the Asgard had given him. He zipped up the jacket and placed the magazines in his pockets. He tucked an Asgard cloaking device that was always wrapped around his left wrist underneath the sleeves. It was basically a small wrist warmer with a single button on it.

Harry grabbed his personal Browning Hi-Power handgun from the table. It had been taken by an Asgard for study a dozen years ago. When it was determined that it was extremely weak, they upgraded it. In place of a magazine was a small Asgard power source. The firing mechanism was taken out and replaced by an energy weapon. When fired, red energy shot out. If the weapon's safety was on, it fired stun shots. If the safety was off, it fired kill shots that could take the life of almost any bio signature. He placed the weapon in his belt holster with the safety on. Lastly, Harry put on a brown baseball cap that he'd made using the Asgard beaming technology.

"Well, I'm ready to go whenever they are," Harry said. At first, Harry had been sitting there waiting to be beamed out any second. Seconds turned to minutes and minutes turned to hours. Finally after three hours, he was beamed down into the Creek Mountain facility.

Harry arrived stealthily with his cloaking device on. The usual white flash did not occur as it was a stealth setting. While it couldn't go nearly as far and didn't look cool, it was a necessity on stealth missions. His cloaking device would last for twenty minutes at the most. Harry watched as a team of military personnel walked through the Gate. Just before it shut down, Harry hurled himself through the event horizon.

Harry came out on the other side. All of the military guys were frozen from the molecular reconstruction. Harry wasn't because he was used to it. He quickly moved behind one of the pillars in the pyramid they had arrived in.

Throughout the rest of the day, Harry watched from the shadows and from his cloak as the military guys personally led the people of the planet, Abydos, in a revolution against the false god Ra. Only once did Harry fight and that was when he was snuck up on by a group of Jaffa. They had quickly fallen to his SA80.

Harry watched as Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson used a nuclear weapon to destroy Ra. He smiled a few times when he saw the goodbye between the soldiers and the doctor, especially when he saw the Vulcan Salute that Louis Ferreti gave Daniel Jackson. He followed the three surviving military members back through the Stargate leaving Abydos behind. As soon as he stepped through the Gate again, Thor beamed him back up to the Beliskner.

"You were gone longer than I expected," Thor said. "What happened?"

"The United States went to a nearby planet called Abydos. There they fought against Ra and actually blew him up."

"The humans killed a Goa'uld System Lord?" Thor asked disbelievingly.

"Bingo," Harry said. "Fortunately they think that there are only two Stargates and aren't going to try any more stunts like that again." Thor nodded and the Beliskner left Earth orbit for Othala. Harry took a seat next to Thor's 'throne' for the journey.

"What do you plan to do?" Thor asked him.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked looking up at his mentor.

"I have watched you for a long time," Thor said. "I can tell that you want to get away from us for a while. And so I ask, what do you plan to do?"

Harry sighed. Thor always saw right through him. "I don't know, Thor. My memories have been calling me back that planet for years now. I want to go back there but I know that I can't; not without a tank at least. I'm tired of doing little recon missions against the Replicators. I want to actually make a difference."

"I understand that," Thor said. "You are like a son to me, Harry," he said. The Beliskner began to change course heading for a planet in the Milky Way galaxy. They came out around a planet that was shrouded in darkness.

"Where are we?" Harry asked.

"This is an Ancient planet that few know about anymore. It is mostly destroyed but there are ships down there that you can use. We cannot because we do not have the Ancient gene. You do."

"You're really going to let me use an Ancient ship?" Harry asked skeptically. They were both beamed down to the planet.

Harry raised his rifle in alarm. That wasn't what he was expecting. The planet had a dark cloud cover all around it but there were a few platforms in the sky that provided light making it a somewhat grey landscape. Thor and Harry stood on a floating platform looking out across a plain where several dozen ships were in dry-dock.

"Whoa," Harry said. "I can really use one of these things?"

"There larger ships are Aurora Class vessels," Thor said. "They would require twenty Neutrino Ion Generators to power it up half way. We cannot spare more than four to power your ship."

"Which of these ships can run on four?" Harry asked observing the ships.

"That one over there," Thor said, pointing to one ship in the center of a row of ships, "is the most powerful ship that can run on just four Generators."

The ship had two large wings that stretched out and slightly downward from the main structure and began in the back of the ship near the engines. The two wings both had landing bays and weapons on the top and bottom. On the ends of the wings were large energy cannons that stretched forward to about half the total length of the ship. The main structure was rectangular and was about a hundred and fifty yards long in total. There were ten rail guns on the ship and ten missile tubes in the main structure. (Think Behemoth Class Battle Cruisers from Star Craft only downsized.)

"How powerful is that ship?" Harry asked.

"It is slightly more powerful than the Beliskner, but generally it is thanks to the commander that the true power comes from," Thor said.

"I guess I have my ship," Harry said and they were beamed onto the bridge.

Harry looked around the bridge of his new ship. It was situated towards the back of the ship and was in a raised part that was hardly noticeable from the rest of the ribbed body. There was a command chair in the center on a raised pedestal. To the left and right were two more chairs with computers in front of them. Harry knew that the left one was for weapons and the right was for flying. Behind the chairs were several screens that displayed lesser functions of the ship and all had their own station. The entire ship could, however, be controlled from the control chair if need be.

Harry stepped forward and sat down in the padded control chair. It was comfortable and held his weight quite well. There were armrests with small grip bars at the front. Harry placed his hands on the bars and was instantly connected to the ship. In this position, Harry had complete control over everything at once but once his mind was linked to the ship, all he had to do was sit in the command chair to perform most functions.

"This is a cool ship," Harry said scanning the ordinance. The rail guns were energy based and had a near limitless supply of ammunition. There were ten auto loading missile tubes in front of the bridge with twenty missiles each. The rearmost tubes were reserved for nuclear missiles. Drone weapons were stored all around the ship. There were several thousand drones. "It doesn't have a name, though."

"If this is to be your ship then you must name it."

"In that case, from now on this ship shall be known as the Corona," Harry proclaimed proudly.

"I shall return in one hour with the four Generators," Thor said. "I'll also bring your personal effects."

"Right, Thor, see you in an hour," Harry said going into a waking sleep looking over the statistics of the Corona. An hour passed in the blink of an eye for Harry.

"Harry," Thor said standing in front of the control chair.

"Thor?" Harry said. "Why haven't you left yet?"

"I have already returned."

"Huh," Harry said. He had long since gotten over the true technological prowess of the Asgard. "The Generators are in place and the ship can fly," Harry said. "Get back to Beliskner. I'll bring the Corona into orbit." Thor nodded and beamed back up to his ship.

Harry concentrated without using the control handles. The Corona lifted into the air and propelled itself through the thick cloud cover and into low orbit. The Corona didn't stop until it reached high orbit around the planet and had pulled up beside the Beliskner.

"So Thor, if I'm going to be leaving for a while, can you upgrade my SA80 like you did with my Browning?" Harry asked.

"If you come with me back to Othala, I will upgrade it however you wish," Thor said. After receiving the affirmative from Harry, the two ships entered hyperspace, leaving the Ancient shipyard behind.

September 8, 1997: Milky Way; Chulak; City

"Damn," Harry muttered as he dove into the shadows to avoid a Jaffa patrol. His cloaking device was out of power and he was deep inside enemy territory. The patrol didn't notice a thing and kept moving along.

Harry was in Chulak searching for information on Apophis, one of the Goa'uld System Lords. Apparently, he was choosing a host for his queen, Amonet. Rather than run in all gun ho, Harry decided that stealth was key. Right now he was inside Apophis' fortress searching for the prisoners. The Corona was in high orbit under cloak.

Harry crept down the halls. He heard a bass induced voice speaking. "Kill the rest." The voice said. It was quickly followed by screams.

"I can save these people! Help me!" The voice belonged to someone Harry knew but couldn't remember.

"Many have said that," another, deeper voice said. There was a short pause, then: "But you are the first I believed could do it!" Staff weapon blasts started going off. Harry ran towards the fire and found the prisoners. He fired two bursts of bullets from his SA80 into the two guards. They quickly fell. He looked into the cell as Colonel Jack O'Neill used a staff weapon to shoot a hole in the wall.

"Wait!" Harry said. Jack and a Jaffa turned to look at him.

"Who are you?" Jack asked.

"Tell me how to open the door and I'll tell you," Harry said. The Jaffa, a man named Teal'c, told him what to do and a second later Harry was in the cell with them. "I'm Harry Potter. I'll help you get out of here, Colonel."

"How do you know me?" Jack asked.

Harry mentally cursed. He'd screwed up but covered it quickly. "I've been hiding here for a while and watched you come in. Can we get out of here?"

"Right, let's go," Jack said and they made their way to the hole in the wall where the prisoners had escaped. Teal'c did not come.

"I have no place to go" Teal'c said.

"For this you can stay at my place, now come on," Jack said and Teal'c too came over.

The ragtag group of prisoners, soldiers and Jaffa ran across the country side towards the Stargate. A loud whining sound alerted them to the appearance of Death Gliders. Teal'c and Jack used their Staff Weapons against the fighters but did little damage. Harry knew the capabilities of his SA80 and knew that he wouldn't be able to do a thing so he held his fire. After two passes, the Glider was shot down by a surface to air missile from one Major Kowalski of SG2.

The group ran the last of the way to the Stargate. Jack ordered Daniel to dial the Gate and the soldiers took up defensive positions. Jaffa were coming at them from two directions. Harry took up a position near Jack but far enough away to not get caught in crossfire. As a line of Jaffa came over the ridge, Carter used the claymores, killing the first wave and then the second wave when they came.

As the third wave came over and around the ridge, the Gate activated. Harry started firing his rifle along with the other soldiers. He only carried two clips on him because that was all he needed. The first clip had two hundred thousand rounds in the space of one magazine using Asgard technology to shrink it. Every fifty shots, however, the rifle had to cool down for exactly three seconds before it could be fired again.

The second clip he carried was a power source for a more powerful version of the system found in his Browning. He didn't use this clip because he'd have to show his advanced technology in front of the Tauri.

Harry fired continuously against the Jaffa but there were simply too many. When the last of the prisoners went through the Gate, Jack ordered the rest of the soldiers to go through and that he'd be the last one to go through. Unofficially, Harry would be second to last. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Major Kowalski get attacked by a Goa'uld symbiote. Harry turned his rifle on the small creature and with the accuracy of a sniper; the shot tore the serpent's head off.

"Thanks for that," Kowalski said before diving through the Gate. Harry backed into the event horizon still shooting. He came out in the SGC and stopped shooting immediately. Jack came diving through a second later and the Iris closed. Several loud bumps were heard as the enemy Jaffa impacted the titanium shield.

Harry turned around to see a bald man approach Colonel O'Neill. "Colonel, what happened out there?" he asked.

"Well General, we were captured and thanks to Harry and Teal'c, we escaped and came back home. Did you miss us?" Harry just barely hid behind a mask of impassiveness. This was extremely amusing.

"We'll have a debriefing in one hour," Hammond said. "Young man, I would ask you to come as well."

"Yes sir," Harry said. An hour later, he was happily sitting in the briefing room with his rifle in his lap.

"I would ask you to leave you weapon in the armory," Hammond said.

"I mean no offense, General, but I need to keep everything I own where I can see it otherwise someone might just come in and steal it." Hammond nodded and Jack chuckled before they began the debriefing.

"And so, with Harry and Teal'c, we fought our way through the Stargate," Jack concluded his report.

"And just who are you?" Hammond asked Harry.

"I'm Harry Potter," Harry said. "Please, call me Harry. I hate being called Mr. Potter. I don't even know why I kept the name. My adoptive father is dead."

"What do you plan to do now?" Hammond asked.

"Well," Harry said after a moment of thought. "I've been bored for the past month or so. Is there any chance that I could join an SG Team? I assure you that I have exceptional combat ability and am quite a diplomat. I even know ten other languages and have a few contacts."

"It'll have to be taken up with the president but I don't think that will be problem," Hammond said. "In the meantime, we'll set up a VIP room for you."