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Baal looked over the wall down at the courtyard. The Proeliators had just assembled to welcome the return of their leader, Alastor. A hundred men stood at attention in a three rank file. Every single one of them could face thirty armed Jaffa with nothing but their bare hands and still come out victorious. Of course, that scenario would involve stealing a weapon and then using it, but the result was the same. Creating them had been his crowning achievement up until now. Baal continued to watch as Alastor walked out into the courtyard with the Instructor, the man assigned to training new recruits in the combat style the Proeliators strived for.

Proeliators were the elite fighting force he'd created. They'd been designed to be able to outclass any soldier that had ever been seen on the battlefield. Four of them could be as powerful as a phalanx of Jaffa (though that tactic had gone out of use hundreds of years ago). They were his most powerful soldiers and not one of them had been born to a human mother.

Such power couldn't be born and then trained. It had to be manufactured, like staff weapon. Baal had his scientists create artificial bodies with every gene feasible to make them the best soldiers possible. They'd slaved for months to perfect the design before they found their super-soldier. The final product had a prime amount of muscle mass, not too much and not too little, ideal bone structure, stronger joints, faster reflexes, better senses; nothing was left out. In the end, he had one hundred brain-dead super-soldier bodies without anything to run them. Then he'd given them life, sparked with an Ancient device. In the process he downloaded a fighting style perfected by a primordial sword master a hundred years ago. They had strategy and tactics implanted in their brains, as well as a genetic loyalty to Baal and triggers to make them follow orders. He also gave them false memories to create a living, breathing person, rather than a husk that could fight. It had been his crowning achievement, until Alastor had come along.

Baal had noticed when one of the Tauri warships assaulted a border planet of his. He'd been eager to test some of the new weapons technology he'd developed and flew his new Talon fighter to the battlefield himself. There, he engaged with the Admiral of the Fleet Harry Potter in a dogfight over the planet's surface. It had been thanks to a blunder on the human ship's part that allowed Baal to win and subsequently capture Harry. He'd then taken the man to a fortress world for 'safe-keeping'. From there, everything had changed. There was a chance that would never appear again.

It had taken quite a bit of doing on his part, but Baal had managed to subdue the last living Ancient. He knew of Harry's Phase Jump ability, the usage of which had saved him from death at Baal's hands once before. After a lot of thought, Baal realized that it would be rather hard to concentrate with 10,000 volts of electricity flowing through you.

It wasn't possible to eliminate Harry's extrasensory powers, not that he knew of. Such powers were ingrained inside of his brain, an evolution of humanity that no one could understand. However, those abilities required concentration to execute. So, he had devised a plan to eliminate Harry's Jump capability without him even realizing it. As soon as he'd been captured, Baal had a powerful energy source pouring electricity into his body, completely ruining his concentration, but not in any noticeable physical way. After that, he'd simply had to create a metal disk that he claimed was stopping Harry's powers. The Ancient wouldn't be able to concentrate enough to test it anyway. Then, it was a simple manner of torturing him.

He'd enjoyed the torture part.

Baal had crucified him. He'd stabbed stakes through his hands and electrocuted him into near insanity. Harry, he'd found, had an unbelievable tolerance for pain, something that very few others could match. He'd lasted for three days of torture, more than any other man alive or dead. Of course, three days doesn't sound like a lot of time. However, those torture sessions involved a constant 10,000 volt electrical charge being fed into your body from stakes stabbed through your hands for a half an hour, less if it seems like the person is going to die. That kind of pain is something that no one can handle. Less had driven people into insanity. A normal human would die after about fifteen minutes, ten of which would be required to make them insane. A strong human could last for thirty minutes, or a trained SF soldier perhaps an hour. Harry's torture had been 15,000 volt electrocutions for three hours straight, then a fifteen minute rest/questioning, and then repeat. So, added all together, that's 6 hours of rest and 66 hours of constant electrocution. And remember, fifteen minutes will kill a person.

Quite frankly, Harry didn't break all that easily. He'd screamed until he couldn't scream anymore. But instead of going insane, something else happened. He lost his memory. During one of the fifteen minute breaks, he'd expressed a constant confusion. He didn't know where he was or why he was being tortured. He didn't remember anything. That had sparked an idea in him; Harry no longer hated him. They were no longer arch enemies because on of those two no longer existed. Baal found that it would rather fun to manipulate the young man into becoming his second in command, as that would be extremely ego-gratifying. Of course, he had to rebuild his empire from scratch to do it.

He'd already created new weapons which had already been issued to his troops. He'd already renovated the army from the slow, cumbersome Jaffa ranks to an actual Armed Force. He'd done away with the ceremonial armor, replaced with strong battle armor that could take a staff blast straight up and resist armor piercing rounds. He'd implemented tactics into their fighting style. That part was all easy. The tough part was removing himself as a god and replacing himself as a king.

Baal knew that deep down inside, Harry was still there. He also knew that Harry Potter hated godhood. That was why he hated the Goa'uld so much. So, even if Harry had lost his memories, Alastor would still not agree with the God's empire. It hadn't taken much on a personal level, since Baal didn't actually view himself as a god. But he'd had to make some serious changes to his people so that they wouldn't see him as a god, but more as a king. It hadn't been all the difficult, actually, as the people who couldn't make the transition easily came to view him as a god-king. They'd be the overzealous in his empire.

The entire process had taken two months, with the new Alastor being kept in a coma for that amount of time. That was more than enough time to formulate a back story for the young man. During that time, the same fighting style his Proeliators used would be laced in his reflexes, creating a newborn super-soldier. Still, his forces had lost ground against the Tauri assault, but the advent of new technology would soon turn the tide. And now, Alastor would lead his armies against a Coalition he created. Baal loved the irony of it all. However, originally he'd planned on killing Alastor when he was of no further use to him. However, after seeing the newfound young man inside, Baal would eventually come to have trouble killing the man, especially after he became his friend.

(End Chapter)

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