Yeah. I have too many thoughts in my head. So... Eh. I think this might be a good one.

Warnings: Shonen-ai (Deathshipping, specifically. Others:?), AU, and characters randomly being related.

While Immortality challenges Time to a game of chance, Death quits his job.

"You can't quit! You're Death!" Malik Ishtar raged at his brother, who watched him coldly.

"I just did, Einstein," Marik retorted, picking up a magazine and flipping through it idly. "I'm sick of being unappreciated in my work."

"What will Atemu say? And Bakura's going to throw a hissy fit! If you don't act as Death, the world will be immortal! And Immortality is Bakura's job, and he won't be able to pick and choose his little pets if no one dies!"

"Not my problem anymore." He flipped a page idly. "If it's that important, you do it."

"I can't! It's your job!"

"And I quit."

Malik stared, shaking his head. While two or three week strikes were common for Marik, he'd never outright quit before. If they didn't convince him to resume working... There'd be trouble. He could just feel it.


Bakura motioned to the board before him. "Shall we play a game?" he asked, even as Atemu pulled up a chair.

"You know you're going to lose. You always do."

"Not this time, dear brother. I have a secret weapon now."

"You've only won four times and each win was because humans went extinct and there was no one left to measure time. And then they rose again and you lost another game."

Bakura only smiled. "They're reaching the end again, Atemu. Now, let's play."


"I don't see why you're quitting," Malik insisted, intent on convincing his brother not to quit. "All the ladies think you're hot."

"Yeah. Then they realize I'm Death and there to take them across. Then they beg and cry. And when that fails, they they curse me to Hell and kick and scream all across the river. I'm such a ladies man."

"But people write poems about you. They like you!"

"Emos, goths, and Edgar Allan Poe wanna be's. And half of them think I'm a woman."

"Yes well-"


"You don't even know what I was gonna say!"

"You were going to drum up more pointless reasons for me to keep my job. No."

Malik sighed. "I'll drag Ryou into this."

"And I'll make him forget what he was going to say before he can blink."

"You'd go back to work if he kissed you."

"I'd go back to work if he got laid. Oh wait. We already used that one last time and I called off the strike. Ryou's no virgin, oops there went my motivation."



Defeated, Malik stomped off again. He was getting nowhere with this. And with Bakura and Atemu-the only ones with any real power over Death- locked in another game, no one would be able to convince the stubborn idiot that he couldn't quit.


Pegasus sat down beside Atemu. "May I join? Risk is always more challenging with three."

Bakura paused.

"I assure you, it's only boredom." There was silence, then Bakura nodded.

"And now, we begin."

For reference, because the relations may get a little confusing. All the deities are related, meaning that Atemu and Bakura are brothers, as are Ryou, Malik, Yuugi and Pegasus, and Isis would be their sister, and so on.

As for who controls what aspect of the universe, that will be explained later.