Adam (Edge)'s POV

"Tell me again why we all had to be here for a RAW meeting?" I ask Randy as we stand around waiting for Vince to show up.

"I don't know man, the only time this happens is before pay-per-views." He answers. I got a call from Vince two days ago telling me to be in Birmingham for a meeting before RAW starts. Smackdown wrestlers only take part in meetings before pay-per-views.

"I'm the only guy here from Smackdown." I say, looking around at the RAW stars.

"Who knows man, it's Vince, he comes up with ideas every hour for us." Randy tells me.

"There's Hunter, maybe he knows something." I say, then walk over next to Hunter who was talking to John Cena.

"Adam, hey. What are you doing here?" So much for asking Hunter why I'm here.

"I don't know Hunter, that's why I came over here, to see if you knew."

"Looks like we are about to find out. Here comes Vince." We all take our seats as Vince approaches the table. Every Monday before Raw, there is a meeting with the writers and the wrestlers, and Vince.

"First off, let's thank Jeff for showing up on time." Vince jokes towards the younger Hardy brother. We all laugh as Jeff stands up and takes a bow before sitting back down.

"Alright, first things first. With John recovering early, there has been a change in storylines. Ken, your going into a program with Ric. Shawn is entering the elimination chamber, and Hunter is going into a program with Randy and John. We'll get to the little details later." I sit and listen to everything Vince says for the next half hour, so far nothing that will concern me at all.

"Before we go, I want to inform you all that I hired two new wrestlers. Both from TNA." Vince says with a smug look on his face. You can tell he is proud he took away two more of TNA's guys. Just a few weeks he signed Chris Harris and Ron Killings, I wonder who he got this time?

"Well actually, one we have had here before, and the other is one hell of a flier." Vince continues. I silently hope that it isn't Kurt we got back. I don't watch a lot of TNA, so I have no idea who the other guy could be.

"Adam, that's where you come into play." Vince says looking at me.

"Tomorrow at the Smackdown tapings, you are dropping your title to the Undertaker." He informs me, making my jaw drop to the floor.

"I thought we were going into Wrestlemania together?" I ask him.

"That was the original plan, but with these two new guys, we have a new storyline for you." He tells me.

"Your coming back to Raw next week, your going to cut promos about how theres two TNA guys jumping over, and how they will never be as good as you, and you don't care who they are." He tells me. So far, it doesn't sound to bad. I don't see why I'm the one who has to do this though, theres other guys who are doing nothing on all three rosters who could be doing this.

"Why am I the one doing this?" I ask him over the other guys who are talking amongst their selves.

"History." Was all he says. Who on TNA do I have history with?

"What?" I ask confused.

"Who are the two guys you signed Vince?" Hunter speaks up before Vince could answer me.

"AJ Styles."

"Damn, he is good. How did you manage that one Vince." Jericho asks interrupting Vince before he says the second guy.

"Money can buy anything." Vince answers him. I never even met AJ, so the history obviously isn't with him. I bet it's Angle. I had a few matches with him, and we were against each other for some time.

"Whose the other one?" Jeff asks.

"Jason Reso." Vince says, a grin on his face.

"Whose that?" Cody asks.

"Christian." I mumble, loud enough for people to hear me.

"Exactly, Jay is coming back. Adam, after a two weeks of your promos, Jay is going to cut you off at some point. You guys are going to feud into Summerslam, before ultimately getting back together. We are putting the Hardy's back together for awhile, and believe you four guys can put one some good matches like you used to." If you anyone else hearing this, it would sound like a hell of a good idea. But to me it isn't, I have talked to Jay in over two years. I don't think Chris has either. Jay lives in between us, and neither of has spoken to him.

"AJ is going to start traveling with us for the upcoming weeks to get used to the schedule. He is going to debut at Wrestlemania in the Money in the Bank match. Jay is also going to be traveling with us from now on, to get back in the swing of things." That's just great. I watch as he motions towards the door, and a second or so later, in walk our two new co-workers.

"One more thing, then you all are free to go. If any of this gets onto spoiler sites you all are fired." Vince says then walks out the door, leaving Jay standing there looking awkward and AJ with a big grin on his face. I wonder if Amy or Trish knew he was coming back?

Jay's POV

I watch Vince leave before turning around and facing the other guys. My eyes land on Adam and I can see the different emotions on them.

"Good to have you back Jay." I turn my head and look at Hunter. I smile and shake his hand, already feeling a little bit better about this. I look at AJ who is just starring at Hunter.

"Do you know who you are?" AJ asks him.

"God damn AJ, your a wrestler, not a fan." I tell him. I can't believe he just asked that. I look at Hunter surprised when he lets out a laugh.

"Come on kid, let's walk and talk." He says to AJ, who looks like a kid on Christmas morning. I turn around when I feel someone tap me on the shoulder.

"Hey Jeff." I smile at him.

"I'm glad you decided to come back." He says and gives me a quick hug. Jeff has been one of the only ones I have kept in contact with over the past two years.

"Do you know where..."I begin to ask.

"Amy is in catering." Jeff says, before I can even ask.

"Thanks Jeff. I'll catch up to you later." I tell him. On my way out of the room in search of Amy, I run into someone around the corner. The first thing I think is I hope it isn't Adam. I look up, relieved that it isn't

"I see you decided to come back." Chris says to me.

"I just thought it was time." I tell him.

"So you decided to bring a little friend with you." He states, or asks, I'm not sure which.

"Actually AJ got an offer before I did. So technically he decided to bring me with him." I tell him.

"Same difference. You really think he is going to fit in around here?"

"What's your deal Chris? Are you afraid he is going to be better than you?"


"Then what the hell is your problem?"

"You left Jay." He yells at me.

"So did you Chris, a month before I did. You just came back four months ago." I yell back at him.

"You didn't tell anyone. You just disappeared, I turn on TNA one night and there you were."

"I know. I'm sorry."I don't really want to tell him about Denise, because I'm going to get a "I told you so" from him.

"Sorry doesn't cut it man. What was it? Weren't we good enough for you anymore?" He asks, his voice raising again.

"That wasn't it at all."

"Do you know what you put us all through? We had no idea what happened to you. Adam went nuts for months." He screams at me.

"Guys stop, that's enough." We both jerk our heads up to look at the voice. Amy. I have talked to her a few times over the past two years, but this is the first time I have seen her.

"I haven't talked to you in two years Jay. Now that your back, it's going to be another two years." Chris say. He gives me a disgusted look before walking away. I turn around to say something to him, when I see Adam standing against the doorway behind me. He gives me a cold look before following Chris.

"Just give them time Jay, they will both come around." Amy says, putting a hand on my shoulder.

"I'm not so sure about that."