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Sango let out a scream as she fell to the cafeteria floor. She pushed her tray out before she could land on it but it caused her food to go flying everywhere. The lunch room was silent for a minute before the kids began hollering in laughter. She would have run away to cry in the rest room she would have went to her friends for comfort but she didn't. She was use to this type of abuse. It wasn't the whole school that treated her this way it was just one boy. She turned around to look at the cause of her pain.


He smirked at her as he placed his leg under the table. She hated him! Every since they were little the boy had it out for her. She didn't even do anything to him. When they were younger he bullied everyone but he was special to her. For her he planned and wasted time just to get at her. His ice blue eyes looked right through her and they always did. It was like he looked right passed her and that only made her hate him more. When his mom began to date her dad the bullying only seemed to get worse.

He was chewing on a straw (straws for drinks you know) but it didn't hide the smirk he was still sending her. She stood up and watched as something sparked in his eyes. She glared down at him. He was so cocky and arrogant it just raided off him in waves it was sickening. He sat silently waiting for her response. He always did.

"You are so immature," she growled. He just shrugged which infuriated her even more.

"It's not my fault you didn't see my foot sticking out," he said around the straw in his mouth. She clenched her fists. He did everything on purpose his foot wasn't sticking out when she was making her way passed him.

"Your foot wasn't there when I was coming this way it just happened to appear there when I was making my way by," she growled.

"Well it's not my fault that you're so stupid. You should know better than to walk passed me because you should know that I got something for you," he said as if he was telling a little kid to stop placing his hand on the hot stove after the kid does it over and over again. She let out a loud screech which had some kids looking at her again. She hated him so much. Why couldn't he just leave her alone?

She stomped to her table and sat down next to Ayame. A crossed from Ayame was Kikyo next to Kikyo was Kikyo's little sister Kagome. They were her best friends. She didn't like Kagome very much though. She was always talking about HER boy troubles and HER life and HERSELF. It was always me, me, me with the girl it was so annoying but she was Kikyo's little sister so she had to be in there little group.

"He got you again didn't he?" asked Kikyo. Sango sighed a 'yes'.

"We should get him back," said Ayame as she slid her tray of half eaten food to Sango who gratefully took it.

"He's so cute though I would be happy if his attention was always on me," said Kagome. All the girls looked at her before Sango turned back to glare at Bankotsu. He was laughing and joking around with his friends. She turned back around.

"I would be happy if his attention was on me in a positive way but I hate him so much his looks don't even matter to me," she said as she continued to eat the rest of Ayame's food. Kagome rolled her eyes.

"Whatever. How about this I'll get his attention and he'll be so caught up in me he'll completely forget about you?" she asked once again the 3 girls looked at her this time Kikyo was glaring. She couldn't remember when her sister had become such a slut but she didn't like it.

"Do what you want," said Sango. Kagome grinned shooting up from the table she made her way towards Bankotsu. The 3 girls watched her leave. Ayame gave Kikyo a thoughtful look.

"I don't know Kikyo but I think your sister is an under cover whore," she said. Sango laughed but Kikyo just smiled and rolled her eyes.

"Shut up Ayame,"

Kagome leaned on Bankotsu's table with much force. If he hadn't seen her coming towards them then he would have jumped. She smiled as she looked around the table at his friends before her brown eyes landed on him. Her smile widened and her cheeks got a little rosy. He thought she was quite cute and she always got his attention. She seemed like the type of girl that would give him what he wanted when he wanted it. He smirked at her. He had expected she was like Kikyo well mannered and mature but he didn't sense that coming from her at all.

"Hey Bankotsu," she said flirtatiously curling some of her black hair in between her fingers. Some of his boys hooted and hit him in his arm, congratulating him for getting the attention of such a babe. He eyed her she had a better body than Kikyo but lacked her beauty.

"Kikyo's little sister right?" he asked he watched her make a face that looked like disgust. He could tell she didn't like being compared to her older sister.

"Yeah," she said frowning slightly. His smirk only widened.

"She's hot," he said more to his friends than to her, his boys nodded in agreement. She placed her hands on her hips. He could sense she was beginning to get an attitude. He turned towards her opening his legs letting them get the space they've been wanting. He heard his knees crack. They were too long to be bent under a small table for a half an hour.

"You're pretty cute too," he said licking his lips. He watched as her whole attitude changed. She was grinning again and laced her fingers behind her back.

"You think so?" she asked. Now she was playing the innocent act which was very cute. He nodded.

"What's your name?" he asked. She suddenly sat on his lap which kind of threw him off. She was a fast one wasn't she? She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling herself closer to him. He heard his friends cheering for him again. He wasn't one for public affection so if she tried to kiss him he was going to be forced to push her right onto the floor. It made him a little uncomfortable when she scooted closer to his groin but he remained calm.

"I'm Kagome," she said. He nodded again.

"Kagome huh?" he asked this time she nodded. Then all of a sudden she was ripped off his lap. He looked up to find a very angry Kikyo holding Kagome by the arm. Kikyo looked furious glaring at her little sister while firmly holding her arm. She looked pretty sexy too.

"What are you doing?" she growled he had to admit he was attracted to Kikyo but was even more attracted to her when she was angry. He was attracted to all girls when they were angry. It just turned him on.

"I'm talking to Bankotsu," hissed Kagome. He could see Kikyo's teeth clench.

"No your being a little ho," growled Kikyo. Bankotsu stood up. As much as he wanted to see them fight he couldn't let them. He didn't like it when sisters fought and he didn't want to see there pretty faces get messed up. He gently grabbed Kikyo's wrist pulling it from Kagome's arm. He cupped her chin.

"Calm down Kikyo me and your sister were just doing some harmless flirting it wasn't like we were talking about when I was going to take her virginity," he said. She roughly pulled out of his grasp and glared at Kagome.

"We'll talk about this when we get home," she hissed. Kagome rolled her eyes and stepped towards Bankotsu.

"Who said I was coming home?" she asked. Kikyo took a threatening step towards her but Bankotsu stepped in front of Kagome blocking Kikyo's path. She glared up at him but he didn't stand down it did send a shiver down his spine. She took a few steps back.

"Chill Kikyo," he said

"If she doesn't come home tonight I'm coming after you," she growled. He visibly shivered giving her a wicked grin. His eyes gleamed with something dangerous. He leaned towards her.

"Please do," he growled seductively. She rolled her eyes and left without even a glance back to her sister. Bankotsu watched her leave before turning to Kagome. He wrapped his arm around Kagome's shoulders as the bell rang. He heard her giggle but paid no attention to her instead he looked over his shoulder. He wasn't surprised to see Kikyo, Ayame, and Sango glaring at him. He winked at Kikyo but his eyes were on Sango as he rounded the corner with his new arm candy.

Sango sighed as she entered 6th period. Out of all her classes she hated this one the most because in this class she had to deal with 4 out of 5 School Kings. The School Kings consist of:

Koga: He is loud, cocky, and just thinks he can have anything he wants. She doesn't hate him as much as she hates Bankotsu though because for one he doesn't bully her and for 2 Ayame has a huge crush on him. She couldn't hate someone her best friend loved.

Inuyasha: He is just as cocky as Koga and just as arrogant as Bankotsu but she didn't hate him at all he has been friends with her every since she had become best friends with Kikyo which was back in the 2nd grade. He had a little crush on Kikyo and you can tell he still does she just don't see it. He's a stubborn guy. He's the only one that sticks up for Sango when Bankotsu bullies her. He fights with Bankotsu a lot because there personalizes are so much like there is only enough for one of them in the school. They stick up for each other though.

Sesshomaru: He's just too cool. He doesn't talk a lot only when it's needed. He's Inuyasha's older half brother but they don't get along very well either.

Naraku: He's the most hated of the rulers at the school. He's a deceiving, ugly, hateful lair. He's also very scary which is why he's a King. He knows everything about every one. If he wants something he gets it. If he wants someone gone…there gone. He has people in check and not just students. He has people in high places and can easily get you expelled. He's a guy the girls steer clear of. Luckily he wasn't in this class.

Bankotsu: He is cocky and arrogant and stubborn and seductive and, and just everything that Sango hates. Unfortunately, for her he's in a lot of her classes AND his mom is going out with her dad like it couldn't get any worse. He seemed to have some type of spell on the girls in the school it's so unnerving.

In this class she had Koga, Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, and Bankotsu. They acted like little kids. Yelling, throwing paper, and spitting spit balls. Well except for Sesshomaru who seemed to just watch with mild interest.

When she entered the class she wasn't surprised to see everyone acting like fools. The Kings were all at Sesshomaru's desk laughing and acting like they were in the 7th grade. HELLO this is high school. When were they going to grow up? She only had respect for Sesshomaru and even though she loved Inuyasha like a brother she didn't have to respect him. She didn't even respect her own little brother who lived with there mother.

She sat down at her desk lucky not catching Bankotsu's eye. The teacher walked in a few moments later. She slammed a ruler against her desk causing most of the kids to jump and get quite all except the clowns in the corner who continued to laugh and joke around.

"That's enough return to your seats! It's time for class," she yelled. The 'kings' stopped laughing and calmly returned to there seats still kind of snickering. Only a few minutes into class and someone knocked on her door the person poked there head in before Ms. Yohko could reply. It was Mr. Lin from down the hall.

"Sorry to interrupt your class. Can I see you for a moment Ms. Yohko?" he asked. There's been a rumor going around about the two having an affair but Sango didn't believe it after all he was married would he really want to risk his job and marriage just to fool around with a teacher? I didn't think so. Not even a minute passed before the class was out of control again. Since she didn't have anyone to talk to she continued to work going ahead in the algebra book.

Suddenly some one sat on her desk covering her book. She didn't have to look up to know that it was Bankotsu. She stared down at her paper until he took her pencil.

"Your such a nerd y'know that?" he asked. She glared up at him. He was smirking as he twirled her pencil between his fingers. He looked down at her amusement in his blue eyes.

"Give me my pencil," she growled. His smirk widened as he leaned down slightly.

"You'll do what if I don't?" he asked his breath smelt like the winter fresh he was chewing. He always had something in his mouth… Sango thought for a moment before her eyes landed on the spot between his legs.

"I'll hit you in your private," she said. He leaned up.

"You don't have the…equipment," he said. She balled her hand into a fist she brought it up to come crashing down into his groin but he caught her by her wrist right before it touched him.

"You were just itching to touch me there weren't you?" he asked before grabbing her by her pony tail and banging her head on the desk.

"OWWW" she yelped both hands going to rub the sore spot on her forehead. She felt tears swelling in her eyes but she quickly shut her eyes not letting them fall. She wasn't going to cry in front of him. Her shout had made the whole class stop what they were doing to look at her and see what was going on. Inuyasha stood up.

"Get away from her Bankotsu!" he yelled from a cross the room. Bankotsu glared at him.

"And what are you going to do if I don't?" he asked. Inuyasha balled up his fist and began walking towards him. The room was silent everyone watching intensely not wanting to miss one of the kings fight especially when it was amongst themselves.

"I'm gonna—,"he started when he got to them but was interrupted by Sango.

"Say you're sorry," she mumbled her head was bowed her hands still on her forehead. Some kids snickered like it was a joke to tell Bankotsu to say sorry. Bankotsu arched an eye brow like she was crazy. Her head snapped up and he jumped slightly from the tears shining in her brown eyes.

"Say you're sorry," she growled again. Bankotsu sighed. Grabbing her by the wrist he pulled her hands away from her forehead. Leaning down he gently kissed the forming bruise. She gasped along with most of the kids in the class. Inuyasha growled he didn't want Bankotsu near Sango whether he was bullying her or not.

"Sorry," he said smirking as he let her wrist go. Ms. Yohko chose then to come in.

"In your seats!!" she yelled. Bankotsu stood up slowly.

"Don't think anything of that," he said ruffling her hair as he walked by. It was the first time he had showed affection to her in years. She let out a small growl as she fixed her hair. She looked up to find Inuyasha still standing over her.

"You ok?" he asked. She smiled

"Yeah I' m fine," she said. He nodded before walking away. She was so glad he had her back. The rest of her day went smoothly until she got home. She entered her house only to find her dad making out with Mizuho Bankotsu's mom. She dropped her heavy book bag which caused the couple to jump and pull apart.

"Oh Sango," said Mizuho getting off her father's lap. Sango smiled innocently. It disgusted her to see them making out. Weren't they a little old to be getting hot and heavy?

"It's about time. What took ya so long?" asked a voice as it came from her kitchen. Sango was horrified to see Bankotsu leaning against the kitchen door frame with a bowl of HER ice cream.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?" she yelled pointing an accusing finger at him. He calmly pointed to his mother.

"She told me to come here" he said with a shrug. Her father suddenly shot up and walked to her. He cupped her chin examining her face. Sango knew he was looking at the bruise on her forehead.

"Sango what happened to your forehead?" he asked. Sango glared at Bankotsu her accusing finger pointing back at him.

"He did it," she growled. He father whose name is Kouji turned and glared at the younger boy. Mizuho jumped off the couch and punched him hard in his arm. Bankotsu winced holding his bowl in his sore arm he rubbed the sore spot with his free hand.

"How did you do that?" growled his mother. Bankotsu looked down and mumbled something under his breath. Sango placed her hands on her hips fed up with him beating around the bush.

"What was that? We didn't hear you," she growled. His head snapped up and he glared at her.

"I hit her head off the desk," he growled loud and clear. This time his mom punched him hard in his chest. He winced again and rubbed his chest.

"I think it's time we leave," said Mizuho as she hugged Kouji and Sango. Bankotsu got rid off his ice cream before he grabbed his things. He glared at Sango.

"Snitch now I'm probably gonna get grounded," he growled as he walked pasted her to the door. There parents were saying goodbye out side.

"Serves you right," she growled back. He flicked her off over his shoulder. She stuck her tongue out at him even though he couldn't see it and watched as his braid swung lazily behind him.

Sango sighed as she sank into her seat. School all over again. She didn't know if Bankotsu was grounded or not. She kind of hoped he wasn't because if he was he was going to take it out on her. Instead of wearing her bangs in a part like she usually did she brushed it down trying to cover the bruise. It didn't work very well but it was better than nothing. She would have put make up on it but some times make up made her break out.

Since it was so early in the morning the class wasn't every hyper. The teacher didn't usually come in until 10 after 8 giving the kids 10 minutes to themselves. The class all off a sudden went dead silent causing Sango to look up from her history homework which was due next period.

Bankotsu was in the door way looking as deadly as ever. When he was in this mood it was good just to stay clear of him. Sango didn't even snap back at him when he looked like this. What scared her though was that he wasn't in this class meaning he was looking for someone which was probably her. His ice cold deadly eyes wondered the class until they landed on her. She sank even further into her seat. He clenched his fists and made his way to her.

He kicked her desk away causing it to make a loud screeching noise and ram into the next desk causing it to fall over. Sango had luckily pulled her legs from under the desk just in time. He stood in front of her placing his hands on the back of her chair blocking her in. Sango was guessing he was grounded but grounded or not he shouldn't be acting this violent. She turned her face away not willing to look at him.

"Do you wanna know what my mom told me this morning?" he hissed in a low voice so that the class couldn't hear. She didn't say anything just stared down at the ground. She really wished Inuyasha or some one was there because she couldn't beat him on her own.

"DO YOU WANNA KNOW?" he growled shaking her chair. She jumped.

"What?" she breathed out. He leaned in close to her… too close. The kids were leaning in closer to hear.

"She's engaged," he growled so low that she thought she heard him wrong. Her head snapped to his her nose brushing against his. His blue eyes were blazing like a blue fire and she could tell he wasn't joking around. She shot up from her chair causing him to take a few steps back.

"NOO!" she screamed.

"YESS!" he yelled.

"NOO!" she screamed again. He glared at her tilting his head slightly to the side.

"I ain't gonna say it again," he snapped. They began pacing back and forward.

"THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!" yelled Sango. Just then the teacher walked in. She looked at the desks then the two pacing teens. She gave Bankotsu a questioning look. Wondering why her room was a mess and why the young boy was pacing with one of her students. They stopped suddenly at the same time and looked at her.

"Can I go to the consoler?!" they asked at the same time.

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