Chapter 1: The Dream

Littlefoot's heart raced as he ran through the desolate canyon. Hard grey walls rose from the rocky ground and the skies overhead were filled with threatening thunderheads. Heavy thudding footsteps followed him as he ran through the seemingly infinite canyon. Fear drove his powerful legs even faster; his own footsteps sounding like mere raindrops against the thunderous footsteps of his pursuer.

Behind Littlefoot was his old nemesis, Sharptooth. But Sharptooth no longer looked like an ordinary sharptooth. Instead, he bore an utterly demonic look. Two blue crystalline blades grew atop his hands. Each blade was tipped with a wickedly sharp point that looked like it could punch through a rock with no effort. His eyes had no pupils but yet they emitted a menacing blue-white glow, like the color of a lightning bolt.

Littlefoot turned a corner, hoping to find a way out of this hellish canyon. But instead he found nothing. Nothing but a sheer grey wall of rock.

Sharptooth rounded the corner and roared at Littlefoot.

Littlefoot, overcome by panic and desperation, tried to run past Sharptooth but Sharptooth merely raised one of his arms and the two walls of the canyon slid together allowing his massive body blocked the entire entrance to the canyon.

Sharptooth crept closer, jaw open for the kill and dripping with saliva.

Littlefoot could do nothing but scream, scream in pure terror as his death crept closer.

All of a sudden, he found himself in his nest at the Great Valley, bathed in the cool, white light of the Night Circle. But the peaceful scene belied how Littlefoot felt. He was breathing heavily and his heart felt like he had run from Saurus Rock to the Thundering Falls Lake, multiple times.

In the decades that passed since he and his friends have discovered the Great Valley, Littlefoot has significantly grown. He had grown much larger and more muscular, though still not yet fully grown. His brown eyes carried the powerful aura of one who was in command, yet they still retained some of the old childhood warmth.

"Another bad dream," he muttered. "But why is it always that one?" Littlefoot's voice too, had changed; he had lost the childish tenor and gained a rich, powerful but yet warm voice.

Littlefoot pondered the question for a moment and decided it was not worth it. He then went back to sleep.

As he drifted off to sleep, he missed the twin streaks of blue light passing overhead and two outlines silhouetted against the moon.

On a lush tropical island out on the Big Water, far from the Great Valley, a sharptooth by the name of Chomper awoke from the same terrifying dream. He looked around his nest, seeing nothing but towering trees and the sleeping forms of his parents nearby. He dismissed the dream as that, nothing more and went back to sleep.

Several hours later as dawn approached, Littlefoot awoke for the second time. To his surprise, Petrie, one of his childhood friends, was standing in front of him.

"What?" Littlefoot said groggily.

"Littlefoot, wake up!" Petrie said. He too, had grown in the decades that had passed, his voice deepened and gained a somewhat richer tone but yet a childish aspect still lurked in his voice.

"What is it?"

"Me hear about something at Two Boulder Pass. Cera say others at Two Boulder Pass," Petrie replied. His distinct childhood speech pattern still remained.

"Well, I guess we better check it out," Littlefoot replied.

He then made his way to Two Boulder Pass. As he did so, he noticed that several other dinosaurs were also en route.

"What could be so important?" he asked aloud. He racked his brain for the last time something had attracted the attention of the entire valley. The Swarming Leaf Gobblers and the time the Thundering Falls had dried up came to mind but he quickly dismissed them as he figured the meeting would be at the Thundering Falls Lake. He continued racking his brain but only came up with one other possibility: the Stone of Cold Fire. He dismissed that almost immediately as he figured it was nothing more than a myth.

"Me no know," Petrie replied. He was flying just above Littlefoot's head.

When he finally arrived at Two Boulder Pass, a rather impatient Cera greeted him.

"Took you long enough," she said testily. Unlike Littlefoot and Petrie, Cera had changed significantly in the decades since they first met. Yes, she grew larger but her two other horns had begun to grow out. They had not reached adult size, but they were still impressive. Her light yellow skin had matured to a deep gold color and her sea green eyes had changed into a vivid malachite with a trace of blue around the edges. The only hint that she was still Cera was her somewhat acerbic personality and her surprisingly deep, yet feminine voice.

"Cera, can't you just ease off, I just got up! And what happened?" Littlefoot replied.

"This is important! And see for yourself, you won't believe it if I told you."

Littlefoot grumbled and with Petrie on his back, he pushed his way through the crowd. Gasps were audible from the gathered dinosaurs.

After several minutes of shoving his way through the crowd, Littlefoot and Petrie were able to spot what the cause of the excitement was.

It was a midsized impact crater. The ground around the impact crater was scorched and hardened rock droplets were spattered around the impact site. The object that had caused the impact was right in the middle of the crater, completely undamaged.

Littlefoot gaped as he beheld the object. "It can't be," he whispered in awe.

Petrie also gazed upon the object. He too had heard tales of the Stone of Cold Fire but he too dismissed them as mere myth. "It the real thing," he whispered, with equal astonishment and awe.