Chapter 12: Battle for the Great Valley

"I say kill him." Mr. Threehorn said.

"Mr. Threehorn, we cannot resort to deadly force so readily." Mr. Thicknose countered.

"You want to keep him alive?"

"We can just keep him in a cave and guard him like we did Styracus."

"Yeah, and risk an assault by sharpteeth or Styracus's forces? We were lucky that only sickleclaws and fast-biters attacked and we had a crack team on duty. Even though Blue-Scale, much as I hate to admit it, is a strong fighter, even he cannot deal with multiple sharpteeth." Mr. Threehorn replied, "Besides, Styracus is an important figure, this Egg-Stealer who we captured, thanks to Littlefoot and his squad, is not."

"We'll just leave him tied to tree or something for now." Mr. Thicknose said, nodding to the two dinosaurs who flanked Ozzie.

The two dinosaurs grabbed Ozzie, who was still bound and dragged him off.

Outside the Great Valley, the gathered sharpteeth and their plant-eater allies made some final preparations for the assault.

"Storm-Chaser, you are go!" A thin dark green Fast-Runner shouted, gesturing to a large pitch black flyer. The flyer nodded and flew into the air with a small sickleclaw on his back and a supply of rocks.

"Alert my forces already in the valley!" Styracus ordered.

"At once!" Saber replied. "Styracus's herd! Prepare for the assault!" he shouted in sharptooth.

"This is the last chance to prepare your weapons if you are using any!" Theta shouted. A black male Fast-Runner was sharpening his stone knife as Theta spoke.

Inside the Great Valley, near Mr. Bigmouth's grove, Arcus and a heavily built dark green male Runner heard Saber's signal. "Let's roll!" Arcus said to the Runner. The Runner grabbed two red vines that were hidden inside a shrub; he tied one of the vines to his upper arm and tied the other to Arcus's left foreleg. The Runner also retrieved a wooden spike that was hidden inside another shrub.

Inside the grove, Mr. Bigmouth was preparing some kind of herbal medicine. He was midway through peeling a large grey tuber with a stone knife when Arcus and the Runner burst in.

"May I help you?" Mr. Bigmouth asked, concealing the stone knife behind his back.

"Yes. Give me all your herbal poisons!" the Runner demanded, brandishing the wood spike, "Or my friend here will have a word with you." Arcus pawed the ground menacingly.

"How about, no." Mr. Bigmouth responded.

"Alright then, we'll take them by force. Arcus! Take care of this joker." The Runner ordered.

Arcus charged Mr. Bigmouth, who barely dodged the charge, Arcus's shoulder missing him by inches. The Runner then headed over to a flat rock containing an array of herbal medicines.

Mr. Bigmouth repeated his pattern of dodging and provoking Arcus. He eventually lead Arcus near the fire pit and when he prepared to charge; Mr. Bigmouth seized a calabash of clubtail fruit juice he had been heating moments before and threw it into Arcus's face. Arcus screamed as the hot juice temporarily blinded him.

The Runner turned around to see the source of the screaming and found Arcus in evident pain. "Bastard! You don't fight fair do you?" The Runner said menacingly.

Mr. Bigmouth chuckled. "No." he replied

"Very well, neither do I." The Runner brandished his wooden spike and assumed a fighting stance.

Mr. Bigmouth looked around for a weapon, until he realized he was still holding his stone knife. He hurled the knife at the Runner but his aim was off and it only nicked the Runner's arm.

The Runner then charged Mr. Bigmouth and attempted to stab him with the wood spike. For several tense seconds, Mr. Bigmouth used his arms and tail to try and block the Runner's ferocious assault; he even got in a right jab to the Runner's jaw but the Runner simply shook it off and continued attacking. Mr. Bigmouth was soon able to gain the upper hand when the Runner inadvertently stepped on a sharp rock. He wasted no time in seizing the Runner and wrestling him to the ground. Though Mr. Bigmouth was not the strongest of dinosaurs he was still able to subdue the Runner solely through his size and weight, compared to the Runner.

After Mr. Bigmouth left the Runner writhing in pain, thanks to a well placed knee; he decided to alert the valley that the invasion has begun.

But Mr. Bigmouth's grove was not the only place where Styracus's forces were engaging the Great Valley dinosaurs in battle.

"What is going on here!?" a light green female Fast-Runner demanded. She had a dark green female Fast-Runner, wearing a red vine on her upper arm, in a chokehold. The captive Fast-Runner started struggling and the light green Fast-Runner responded by tightening her chokehold until the captive Fast-Runner was still.

Moments before, she and two of her companions were relaxing in the Hot Springs when they were set upon by a Fast-Runner and a dinosaur of Mutt's kind. Both of the attackers had red vines on their arms.

"I don't know. I think it's Styracus's doing!" a dark blue male Swimmer shouted. He leapt out of the way of a tree branch that the dinosaur threw at him. Before the dinosaur could snap off another tree branch to throw, the Swimmer tackled him, placed him in a chokehold and snapped his neck. He then released the dead dinosaur.

"Let's get out of here before other dinosaurs ambush us!" the Fast-Runner shouted. She released her captive who was now either unconscious or dead.

The three dinosaurs ran out of the Bubbling Muds and headed for the Thundering Falls Lake. When they arrived, there was a group of dinosaurs already present. The air was thick with the sound of chatter.

"Quiet." Grandpa Longneck ordered. Immediately the dinosaurs became silent, "As I'm sure you are aware we have been attacked by Styracus's forces. We need to prep…" a flyer landed on his head and said something to him.

"We have an emergency. There are sharpteeth gathered outside the valley and they are mobilizing." Grandpa Longneck said with eerie calm.

The dinosaurs gave a collective gasp.

"We will not stand for this! We will keep this valley! We will not allow these sharpteeth to win! We shall fight!" Mr. Threehorn shouted.

His rousing words had the intended effect; the gathered dinosaurs almost immediately formed into various squads and headed off to engage the invading sharpteeth. Although the dinosaurs did not make much noise, the tension in the air was palpable.

"Squad One, assemble!" Littlefoot shouted. He was at the Thundering Falls Lake with his friends. Ducky, Hyp, Cera, Nod, Ali, Mutt and Petrie immediately rushed to Littlefoot's side. Hyp, Mutt and Ducky were all armed with tree branches.

Squad One headed to the Great Rock Pass. Deimos, Raptix and Strut were already present. Strut had his hollow reed and a leaf pouch of poison darts at the ready. Deimos had three stone tipped spears at his feet and had a fourth in his hand. Strut and Deimos were crouched behind a small boulder. The other dinosaurs were standing near Deimos and Strut.

"Where did you get those?" Ducky asked.

"I'll tell you how to make them later. For now, let's focus on the upcoming battle." Deimos replied.

"I can smell them coming." Raptix said. His suspicions were confirmed when an earsplitting roar was heard coming from the path.

Nine dinosaurs, all wearing red vines: five sickleclaws, two fast-biters and two Fast-Runners entered through the Great Rock Pass. Behind them, even more dinosaurs were visible and some appeared to be armed; they all wore the same red vines. The enemy dinosaurs were about fifteen feet away from the gathered dinosaurs.

As the enemy dinosaurs advanced, Deimos stuck his head over the rock and hurled his stone tipped spear; at the same time Strut stood up and fired a dart. Both projectiles hit home, the spear striking a sickleclaw in the chest and downing it, the dart striking a fast-biter. Strut ducked back down, dodging a rock that a sickleclaw threw at him. He reached inside the pouch and reloaded his hollow reed while Deimos grabbed another spear and hurled it, this one missing and embedding itself in the gravelly ground.

Strut fired another dart striking the same fast-biter he shot moments before; this shot was fatal, the fast-biter slumped to the ground. One of the enemy sickleclaws pulled the spear out of his dead companion and hurled it back at Deimos. Deimos ducked behind the rock and heard the spear shatter as it struck the rock. Two other stone tipped spears flew from the ranks of the enemy dinosaurs; both arced over the rock and grazed Deimos and embedded themselves, point first into the ground.

"Be careful, we now know they are armed!" Littlefoot shouted.

Deimos said nothing, instead pulling out one of the spears stuck in the ground and throwing it into the ranks of the advancing dinosaurs; a cry of pain let him know that he hit a target. Before Deimos could get the other spear, Strut seized it and hurled directly at a sickleclaw's chest. The sickleclaw went down with a spear sticking out of its chest. A Fast-Runner seized the spear that was embedded in the gravelly ground and wielded it. Deimos grabbed another spear and offered it to Hyp, who hurled his tree branch at a Fast-Runner who ducked.

Deimos gave an ear-splitting war cry. He picked up his remaining spear and charged, Squad One following.

Littlefoot and Ali singled out one of the Fast-Runners. They charged the Fast-Runner. The Fast-Runner pulled out a stone knife from a pouch he strapped onto his right leg and slashed Ali across the face, leaving a thin red line. She flinched and before the Fast-Runner could stab her, Littlefoot knocked the Fast-Runner down with a brutal charge that was finished with powerful sweeping tail whip. As the Fast-Runner fell, he dropped his stone knife which the other Fast-Runner accidently kicked out of his reach. The Fast-Runner rolled out of the way as Ali reared and prepared to bring her entire weight on to his head. The Fast-Runner grabbed a heavy rock, staggered to his feet and swung the rock into the nearest target, which happened to be Littlefoot's head. Littlefoot slumped to the ground.

"Nod! Get Littlefoot to safety! Petrie! Get reinforcements!" Ali shouted. The command was barely heard over the din of battle. Nod grabbed Littlefoot's tail and dragged him behind the rock they previously used for cover. Petrie leapt into the air, dodging a tree branch thrown at him. He took off with great speed towards the Thundering Falls Lake.

Raptix leapt onto a sickleclaw and started to viciously bite and claw his opponent. The ferocious attack stained Raptix's feathers with blood and would have been fatal if another sickleclaw hadn't stopped the attack by grabbing Raptix and throwing him to the ground. Raptix rolled out of the way when that same sickleclaw who grabbed him tried to stomp him. Raptix then ran back behind the rock and the severely injured sickleclaw tried to limp out the entrance to the Great Valley but was felled with a well aimed rock thrown by Strut.

Ducky, Hyp and Mutt were simultaneously fighting two other sickleclaws. Ducky simultaneously deflected a sickleclaw's kick with her tree branch and elbowed another sickleclaw in the face. Hyp rammed his spear into a sickleclaw's stomach, the sickleclaw screamed in pain and Hyp tried to pull the spear back out, to no avail. He left the spear in the sickleclaw and pushed it down. After he killed the sickleclaw, he focused on the sickleclaw whom Ducky elbowed. Hyp, Mutt and Ducky simultaneously attacked the other sickleclaw, beating it to the ground and stomping it to death. After a few moments the sickleclaw lay dead and the three dinosaurs were looking for other targets.

Deimos, Strut, Cera and Ali were fighting against a mass of various dinosaurs.

"When…do… reinforcements…arrive?" Cera panted. She slammed her horn into a fast-biter, killing it. She ignored the blood running down her face. She then tripped a Fast-Runner who was armed with a wooden spear and stepped on his throat, killing him. The gurgling of the fatally injured Fast-Runner was barely heard over the clamor of battle.

"I hope it's soon. I don't know how much longer I can hold out." Strut said. He had now switched to using his hollow reed as a quarterstaff. He thrust one end into a Runner's groin and quickly spun the hollow reed around to deliver a fatal blow to the Runner's temple. A sickleclaw grabbed his hollow reed, but Strut delivered a kick to the sickleclaw's knee forcing it to drop the reed. As he prepared to deliver a fatal swing to the sickleclaw's temple, a powerful tail whip from a Fast-Runner snapped the reed in half, the other half falling with a hollow thud. Strut gulped as the sickleclaw approached him. In desperation, he jammed the broken fragment of the reed into the sickleclaw's chest, driving it into the heart. He ran as the sickleclaw he stabbed bled to death, covering the ground in blood.

Even Deimos was starting to grow fatigued. "Come…on. I can…take it!" he panted. Despite his words, he was obviously fatiguing. His attacks with his spear were clumsier than before. He was also covered in slashes and even a few stab wounds; caused either by spears, stone knives or claws. He thrust his spear at a Fast Runner, who dodged the thrust and grabbed the spear. The Fast-Runner gave the spear a tug and it slipped from Deimos's bloody hands. Deimos assumed a fighting stance and targeted a rock-wielding Runner; he knew it was too dangerous to fight the spear-wielding Fast-Runner. Deimos grappled with the Runner but the Runner swung his rock into Deimos's jaw, stunning him. Deimos grabbed a nearby rock and attempted to retaliate but dazed from the blow, he threw the rock in the wrong direction. The Runner swung his rock into Deimos's jaw once more, knocking him to the ground. The Runner grinned and stood over Deimos in preparation for the fatal blow when he suddenly gave a gasp and dropped the rock. Hyp struck the Runner in the chest with a well-thrown stone knife he picked off a dead dinosaur. Deimos took advantage of the distraction and staggered to his feet and fled.

"Where are those damn reinforcements?!" Hyp shouted over the din of battle.

Ali saw Deimos and Strut running away. "Retreat!" she shouted. Squad One quickly regrouped and ran from the battle.

As they were fleeing, Petrie landed on Nod's back. "Me get…help." he panted out, "On way." Petrie then collapsed from exhaustion.

As Squad One retreated, they encountered Squad Seven, composed of three medium sized Clubtails, two Fast-Runners armed with stone knives, and three large Spike-Tails. Squad Seven was heading towards the battle at the Great Rock Pass. A contingent of the Great Valley Air Corps was also accompanying Squad Seven.

As Ali looked back, she saw Squad Seven and the contingent immediately engage the invaders.

Over in the Feeding Grounds a battle was also taking place. However, the Great Valley dinosaurs were all armed and only a few enemy plant eaters were fighting with the sharpteeth.

A large green male Fast-Runner and a gold female Spike-Tail were fighting a group of fast-biters. A fast-biter leapt onto the Spike-Tail; the Fast-Runner grabbed it and snapped its neck before it could injure his ally. He then used the fast-biter's carcass to beat another fast-biter to death. He then threw the mutilated fast-biter at another fast-biter, knocking it down. The Spike-Tail had used her spiked tail to deadly effect as the blood running down her spikes showed. She tail whipped a cluster of three fast-biters, knocking two of them down and impaling the third on her spiked tail. She ignored the shrieks of agony that the dying fast-biter gave off and continued battering her enemies with her tail and body.

Another group was also fighting alongside the Spike-Tail and the Fast-Runner. This group, composed of a Runner armed with a hollow reed he used as a staff and a Swimmer armed with a wooden spike, was fighting a group composed of two sickleclaws and an enemy Runner. The Swimmer was grappling with a sickleclaw. With a groan, he pushed his opponent down and aimed a kick right at the sickleclaw's groin. The sickleclaw rolled out of the way, leapt back onto his feet and kicked the Swimmer in the stomach. The Swimmer bent his body to try and dodge the kick but the toe claw of the sickleclaw made a glancing impact, causing the Swimmer to flinch. The sickleclaw took advantage of the brief pause and seized the wooden spike. The Swimmer tried to hold on but the sickleclaw kneed the Swimmer in the stomach, forcing him to let go of the spike. The sickleclaw grinned and raised the spike for the final blow, but the Swimmer quickly grabbed a handful of dirt and hurled it into the sickleclaw's face. The sickleclaw cursed in anger and clutched his right eye, forcing him to drop the wooden spike. The Swimmer seized the spike and buried it into the sickleclaw's throat, killing him. He rushed to help his Runner ally who was fighting off another sickleclaw and an enemy Runner.

The Runner placed one end of his staff into the ground and used it to help support himself as he leapt into the air and used both feet to kick the opposing Runner. The kick connected with an audible thud as it sent the Runner sliding back a few feet. He then lowered himself to the ground, pulled his staff out of the ground and with his staff delivered a swift blow to the sickleclaw's knee, breaking it with an audible crack. He then delivered a powerful two-handed swing to the sickleclaw's temple, killing it. He saw his ally coming over and gestured towards the Runner, who had picked himself up and grabbed a large rock.

The Swimmer charged the Runner, leaping out of the way of the thrown rock. He tackled the Runner but the Runner somehow escaped. The Runner fled and the Swimmer gave chase but the Runner was too fast for him to catch.

The two dinosaurs rushed over to where the Spike-Tail and the Fast-Runner were busy fighting a mass of Fast-Biters. The mass had substantially thinned and there were the dead bodies of the fast-biters surrounding the Spike-Tail and Fast-Runner. In short order, the rest of the fast-biters lay dead.

"There's a fast-biter stuck on your tail." The Fast-Runner said.

"Get it off! I don't want a rotting fast-biter on me!" The Spike-Tail said.

The Runner grabbed the fast-biter. He screamed as the Fast-Biter twitched. "Damn it! It's still alive!"

The Fast-Runner grabbed the fast-biter and pulled it off the spike on the Spike-Tail's tail. He then snapped the fast-biter's neck to make sure it was dead and threw near the other dead fast-biters.

Over by the entrance to Two Boulder Pass, Grandpa Longneck, Grandma Longneck, Mr. Clubtail and Blue-Scale were holding off some large sharpteeth. One of the large sharpteeth glared at Blue-Scale. He glared back and tail whipped the sharptooth, knocking a few teeth out. He then slammed his shoulder into the sharptooth, stunning it and allowing Mr. Clubtail to shatter its leg with a powerful tail whip. As the sharptooth fell, Blue-Scale stomped on the sharptooth's neck, breaking it with an audible crunch that was heard over the din of battle. Grandpa and Grandma Longneck linked their tails and tripped several sharpteeth by running the linked tails into them. Mr. Clubtail lumbered to the fallen sharpteeth in succession and used his tail club to break whatever body part was the most convenient. After a few intense moments all the sharpteeth lay on the ground, crippled or dead. An ear piercing roar was heard and several large sharpteeth accompanied by a few enemy Threehorns and Longnecks and even a Clubtail appeared in the distance and headed towards them.

"Great, they got through Squad Nine." Mr. Clubtail said.

Blue-Scale said nothing but instead reached over to a small sapling and uprooted it to use as a club.

"Now, we have to fight against some of the toughest dinosaurs." Blue-Scale said.

Suddenly, as if by a freakish coincidence, Chomper's parents, and two other Clubtails ambled up to the gathered group. "I figured you needed some help." Chomper's father said in Sharptooth.

"Do we ever! We have some pretty tough plant-eaters who are going to attack us." Blue-Scale replied in Sharptooth.

Chomper's parents nodded and prepared for the battle.

Outside the Great Valley the carnage going on inside the valley seemed distant. Styracus was talking with Red-Eye.

"Do you think we will be victorious?" Styracus asked.

"We should be." Red-Eye responded, "We have superior forces."

"But remember these dinosaurs are defending their home, they will fight much harder."

"True but we have greater forces."

Hasta suddenly galloped up to Styracus. "Anybody seen Theta?" he asked.

"He should be with you. You are both responsible for coordinating one part of yellow team" Styracus said.

"He said was going to get a snack. Oh damn it! I think he snuck into the valley looking for some action!"

Styracus sighed. "Theta, always seeking thrills and action. I specifically ordered him not to leave you, Hasta. But then again, if he is fighting, he would make a perfect adjunct to a team."

"So what should I do?" Hasta asked.

"Follow the orders I assigned you previously." Styracus responded.

Over in the sleeping grounds, Bron, Ducky's mother and two Clubtails, a Fast-Runner and a Runner fought off a horde of sickleclaws and enemy plant eaters. By this time the skies had darkened and the drizzle that started when the enemy dinosaurs first invaded three hours ago turned into heavy rain.

Ducky's mother, armed with two heavy sticks fought off Theta, who was armed with a stone knife, and a sickleclaw. She parried a short thrust from Theta's knife and used the other stick to deal him a sharp blow on the neck. He flinched but quickly recovered and feinted to the right, then attempted a direct stab at her stomach but the muddy ground offered little traction. He slipped but managed to regain his balance. Theta rolled away from a stomp that was aimed at his stomach and quickly got back onto his feet.

The sickleclaw, who by now was bored, ignored Ducky's mother and joined in the melee that the Runner and the Fast-Runner were in.

Theta again attempted to stab her. She swung one of her sticks, striking Theta's knife hand. He shook his hand in pain and dropped his weapon. She then closed in on Theta and smashed the butt of the stick in her right hand into Theta's right shoulder joint, disabling his arm. She then feints an attack to his face but surprised him with a sweeping tail whip that knocked him to the ground. She quickly ran over and kicked Theta square in the groin, hard.

While Theta was doubled over in complete and utter pain, Ducky's mother focused on a sickleclaw, who seemingly appeared out of the rain. It seized Theta's dropped weapon and charged her. She parried a kick from the sickleclaw with one stick and retaliated with a strong blow to the sickleclaw's weapon arm with the other stick. The crunch of the sickleclaw's arm breaking was clearly audible but was overshadowed by the sickleclaw's scream of pain. The sickleclaw glared at Ducky's mother and charged her. But she was prepared; she jabbed the sickleclaw in the stomach with one stick and caught the sickleclaw's head between the sticks and snapped its neck, using the sticks for leverage.

The Fast-Runner, armed with a stick was riding atop one of the Clubtails. The Clubtail charged into a mass of sickleclaws, trampling some of them underfoot while the Fast-Runner was swinging his stick, beating as many sickleclaws as he could reach.

Over in the airfield, the ground crew and the Great Valley Air Corps were fighting against Stormwing's and Sierra's squadron and a small force of Styracus's plant-eaters.

Long-Wing and Chomper along with Grey-Wing and a smaller blue male Runner were engaged in combat with two of Stormwing's flyers. Chomper threw a rock at one of the enemy flyers but the intense rain made it hard for him to aim and he missed. Suddenly, Chomper heard a loud thump. He turned around and saw that Grey-Wing was missing his dinosaur. Chomper looked down and saw the broken body of the Runner, one hundred feet below him, on one of the targets.

Ptyrax, Ovius and Ruby and Coatal were strafing some of the enemy plant eaters. Chomper took one last look as a large rock thrown by Ruby killed an enemy Fast-Runner. He then turned his gaze to the dark brown flyer who was chasing Grey-Wing. Grey-Wing now had no way to retaliate against the rock throwing sickleclaw on the enemy flyer's back except ramming. He then hovered briefly for a moment and charged at the sickleclaw who ducked and threw a rock at Grey-Wing, who abruptly dropped in altitude and tried to uppercut the flyer, the sickleclaw hissed something and the flyer flew forward, Grey-Wing hitting empty air. The sickleclaw then threw a wood spike at Grey-Wing, tearing a hole in his left wing. He grimaced in pain and glided down to the landing zone. As soon as he landed, three ground crew dinosaurs ran to him and proceeded to treat his injuries despite the pouring rain. Chomper glared at the sickleclaw. A look of pure hatred formed on his face.

"You die now." Chomper hissed as he picked up a rock and gestured to Long-Wing to chase the flyer. Long-Wing obeyed and chased the flyer. The sickleclaw hurled multiple rocks at Long-Wing and Chomper but a combination of Long-Wing's flying skills, his agility and the visibility decreasing effects of the pouring rain let him dodge the rocks. Chomper then threw multiple rocks at the sickleclaw, a few of which struck the sickleclaw, dazing it.

"Now!" Chomper shouted to Long-Wing. Long-Wing then charged the dazed sickleclaw at great speed and knocked it off its flyer. Chomper threw rocks at the enemy flyer to dissuade it from trying to catch the sickleclaw. Long-Wing ignored the sickleclaw's screaming as it fell nearly one hundred feet to its death. He looked down and saw the sickleclaw's body had landed on an enemy Fast-Runner and killed it. He grinned in perverse pleasure.

"Hold on!" Long-Wing said. Chomper obeyed and held on tight as Long-Wing chased down the enemy flyer. In a few short moments he caught up to the flyer and grabbed it, his claws enabling him to keep a firm grip even though both flyers were drenched from the rain.

"Time to die." Long-Wing said in a voice laced with venom. Long-Wing then plummeted into a high speed dive towards the ground. He aimed toward towards a rock and at the last moment released his captive and pulled up from the ground. He heard but did not see the fatal impact of the enemy flyer as it struck the rock. He and Chomper then turned their attention to an enemy flyer and the Runner on its back, who was strafing the ground crew dinosaurs who were treating Grey-Wing. Two of the ground crew dinosaurs grabbed Grey-Wing and moved him under a large tree.

"Leave them alone!" Chomper shouted, as he threw rocks at the pursuing flyers. He looked down at Long-Wing's back. "Long-Wing ! I need to land!"

Long-Wing nodded and landed near the rock storage area. In a few seconds, five Fast-Runners rushed to Long-Wing and loaded several rocks on him. The lead Fast-Runner nodded to Long-Wing and cleared a short runway for him to take off.

Soon after Long-Wing landed, Pterano, who was carrying Hyp's father, landed.

"Mr. Runner, I'll be chasing Sierra. You can't be with me at this time. It's too dangerous." Pterano said.

Hyp's father dismounted, grabbed a large stick and headed over to the tree where Grey-Wing was being treated and where his rescuers were fighting off some sickleclaws.

Pterano then took to the skies and scanned the sky for Sierra. He eventually spotted Sierra hovering near the peaks of the Great Rock Wall. He immediately veered towards Sierra.

Sierra, who was carrying a small sickleclaw, was hovering over a nest. The sickleclaw was bombarding the nest with rocks, destroying many of the eggs and killing some of the hatchlings.

"Hey bastard! Come down and fight!" a voice shouted from the ground. The speaker was unidentifiable thanks to the height Sierra was at.

"He's right, come on and fight." A voice said.

"Who's there?" Sierra shouted, "Show yourself!"

Almost immediately, Pterano charged Sierra from a thick veil of raindrops and knocked the sickleclaw off his back and to its death.

"Pterano!" Sierra spat, turning around to face Pterano. "I should have known."

"So you do remember me?" Pterano said icily.

Sierra chuckled. "Yes."

Pterano and Sierra squared off in the driving rain for several tense moments.

"I see you paired up with the sharpteeth and those evil plant-eaters." Pterano said.

"Yes." Sierra said, icily grinning.

"But you will not win; you will not take this valley!"

"Cocky as ever, eh? Let's see if you fight as good as you talk!"

"Bring it!" Pterano shouted. He then charged Sierra, feinted low and caught him with a slash to the face that drew blood.

Sierra was undeterred; he flew high into the sky, taking advantage of the rain and the clouds. He soon vanished.

"Sierra, you coward! Come back and fight!" Pterano shouted. His shout went unanswered, save for the distant noise of battle, hundreds of feet below him and the sound of rain.

Pterano then flew to one of the high clearings in the Great Rock Wall. Suddenly, a brown streak flew from the clouds and rammed Pterano in the back, driving him to the rocky ground.

"Sierra! I should have known you'd pull that off." Pterano shouted, looking at Sierra.

Sierra said nothing but assumed a fighting stance and squared off against Pterano. Pterano assumed the same stance.

Suddenly and without warning, Pterano charged Sierra and punched him in the jaw. Sierra cursed and retaliated with a knee to the stomach. Pterano doubled over in pain and Sierra grabbed Pterano and kneed him in the face. Pterano managed to reach over and tear a large hole in Sierra's left wing. Sierra screamed and kneed Pterano in the groin. Pterano somehow managed to remain standing despite the amount of pain he was in, he then charged Sierra and clawed him, gashing his stomach. Sierra then grabbed Pterano and slammed him to the ground he then kneeled on top of Pterano and clawed him, causing several gashes, including several to his wings, until Pterano managed to stick one of his clawed fingers into Sierra's eye.

Sierra screamed and released Pterano and clutched his left eye. "You blinded me, you bastard!"

"Come now, I didn't push that hard!" Pterano said.

Sierra then leapt into the air and flew off, his flight somewhat jerky thanks to the large gash in his wing, with Pterano giving chase.

It was not too soon that Pterano lost sight of Sierra. He heard something behind him but it was too late, Sierra snuck behind him and delivered a brutal two-handed hammerfist that forced Pterano into a deadly spin. Sierra then flew off to the small clearing outside the Great Valley that Saber and Red-Eye had designated the landing strip.

Luckily, Pterano was able to regain control of his flight and he glided to a clearing where Mr. Bigmouth and Petrie's mother and some other dinosaurs were treating the Great Valley's injured dinosaurs. Mr. Threehorn and several of the Far-Walker Longnecks guarded the area.

"Nice to see you." Strut said. He was covered in scratches and bruises but was otherwise uninjured.

"Uncle Pterano!" Petrie said excitedly.

"Ms. Flyer! Head over to the fire and get the cleaning juice I prepared! Raptix! Prepare some sickleclaw paste!" Mr. Bigmouth ordered. Unlike before, Mr. Bigmouth was armed; there was a large stick strapped to his back with vines.

Petrie's mother headed over to a crude fireplace made from stacked up rocks sheltering a small fire where several calabashes of a thick clear liquid were boiling. She used a leaf to grab one of the calabashes and used another leaf to protect the liquid from the rain. She also threw some more wood into the fire and headed over to Mr. Bigmouth for further orders.

Raptix, his feathers returned to its normal purple-blue hue thanks to the rain, picked up two small rocks, a flat one and a round one and headed over to his workspace which was sheltered from the rain thanks to some large overhanging leaves. He grabbed the necessary ingredients for the sickleclaw paste and quickly made it. He then handed a leaf bag containing the paste to a light green male Fast-Runner who was inspecting a deep stab wound on a Swimmer.

"When will the sky-water stop?" Raptix asked. He tried to shake himself dry to no avail as within a few short seconds he was drenched again.

Deimos was, for once, not standing. He was sitting down eating some kind of fish that a Swimmer had caught and gave to him. He tried to shut out the groans of pain from the injured dinosaurs. He looked to his right and saw a fatally injured Fast-Runner who had been stabbed multiple times with a stone weapon, either a spear or a knife. The Fast-Runner was barely alive. Deimos sighed; he didn't mind killing so long as it was for a good reason, such as for food or in defense of his new home, the Great Valley.

Over in the Gravel Fields, devoid of dinosaurs save for Saber who was a large dull green male sickleclaw and commander of the division two of green team and a large black Fast-Runner. Both dinosaurs wore red vines around their upper arms.

"This is the place?" the Fast-Runner asked, entering through the breach in the Great Rock Wall.

"According to our scouts, yes." Saber replied, following the Fast-Runner.

"Good, let's get Ozzie and get out of here! I can't wait for some action."

"Remember, we want to be stealthy."

Saber and the Fast-Runner then followed a trail of Egg-Stealer footprints leading to a small cave. The pouring rain obliterated most of the footprints but Saber was able to track them

They soon arrived at a small cave near the Gravel Fields. Two Fast-Runners both armed with wood staffs made from tree branches guarded the cave and a small flyer was at a small cliff on the top of the cave. Saber and his companion were crouched behind a large rock.

"Now." Saber whispered.

The Fast-Runner nodded and removed one of the three stone knives from the leaf pouch he strapped onto his left upper arm. He then stood up and threw the knife at the flyer but he missed and the knife shattered as it hit the rock cliff. The two guards turned in his direction but he ducked behind the rock.

"Damn." he muttered. He pulled a second knife from the holster and threw it again at the flyer, this time he hit. The flyer tumbled to the ground with a stone knife sticking out of its chest. He pulled the final stone knife from its holster and gently ran a finger down its edge.

Saber nodded at his companion. Almost simultaneously Saber and the Fast-Runner leapt from behind the rock and attacked the two guards.

Saber grappled for the staff with one of the guards. He managed to disarm his opponent by grabbing the staff with both hands, pushing his opponent against the cliff and delivering a swift knee to the groin that he quickly followed with an eye gouge. The blinded Fast-Runner screamed in rage and agony and charged Saber. Saber grinned and tripped the Fast-Runner; he then leapt on top of the fallen Fast-Runner and proceeded to repeatedly bite the Fast-Runner about the face and throat. So fierce was the attack that Saber nearly decapitated his opponent.

Saber's companion, on the other hand, crept behind the other guard, seized him and slashed his throat. He then left the dying Fast-Runner in a pool of his own blood and went over to Saber, who was bent over a Fast-Runner carcass.

"Oh damn it! That's nasty!" the Fast-Runner said as he watched Saber consuming the Fast-Runner guard who had nearly been decapitated.

"What?" Saber replied in between mouthfuls of Fast-Runner flesh. "I'm," he swallowed, "making use of a nearby food source. Besides, you just simply slit another dinosaur's throat and leave a good food source to rot."

"Yeah. I really don't eat dinosaur meat." the Fast-Runner replied, trying his hardest not to vomit.

"Well, I'm done." Saber said, wiping his bloody mouth with the back of his hand.

"I'm glad too."

Saber and his companion both walked into the cave and found Ozzie bound to a large stalagmite. He appeared to be unconscious.

"Is he ok?" Saber asked.

"We'll find out soon enough." The Fast-Runner replied. He then gently jabbed Ozzie several times with his stone knife, leaving some bloody imprints on Ozzie's skin.

Ozzie then groaned and opened his eyes. The Fast-Runner then used his stone knife to cut the vines binding Ozzie, who collapsed on the floor.

"Ozzie! Are you all right?" Saber asked.

"Ugh. Where am I? And why am I so hungry" Ozzie asked.

"You are being rescued by two members of the invading force, meaning Claw Valley."

"I don't feel so good."

"Take him outside the Great Valley and see if Styracus or Red-Eye has any dinosaurs who can treat him." Saber said to the Fast-Runner.

The Fast-Runner left the cave and returned a few moments later with one of the staffs that the guards were armed with and handed it to Ozzie. Ozzie gratefully took it and with the assistance of the staff and the Fast-Runner, he staggered to his feet. Soon, both Ozzie and the Fast-Runner disappeared in the rain, heading towards the nearest exit of the Great Valley. By now, dusk was starting to fall and the rain had not let up.

Soon after Ozzie's rescue, Styracus greeted the Fast-Runner.

"Excellent. Take Ozzie over to the airfield and have him treated." Styracus said.

"Styracus! The Great Valley dinosaurs appear to be tiring! Victory may be at hand!" Rinkus said, landing in front of Styracus.

"Good." Styracus, replied, "Storm-Chaser, fly to the previous meeting point and alert the reinforcements."

Storm-Chaser nodded and took off into the pouring rain. In a few moments, he vanished from sight.

Unbeknownst to the two dinosaurs Petrie had overheard them. He flew back to the airfield.

"Me overhear enemy flyer get reinforcements." Petrie said.

"Damn! We'll never be able to take them. We must evacuate." Coatal said.

"I'll bring this matter to Mr. Longneck, Mr. Thicknose and Blue-Scale." Pterano replied, flying off to the Thundering Falls Lake.

As Pterano flew over the Great Valley on his way to the Thundering Falls Lake, he noticed that the enemy dinosaurs appeared to be fleeing. But he knew that it was just a ruse.

He soon arrived at the Thundering Falls Lake. The ground was wet with both rain and blood. Blue-Scale, Grandpa Longneck and Mr. Thicknose were present but all of them sported various battle injuries.

"Mr. Longneck, Petrie reported that the enemies are planning to get reinforcements and invade again." Pterano said.

"I say we fight it out!" Blue-Scale shouted, clenching his fist.

"It is unwise; we do not know how many additional dinosaurs are coming. Even this battle has resulted in many casualties. If we flee we may be able to trick them into thinking that we have been defeated, so that we can eventually take back the Great Valley." Mr. Thicknose offered.

"I'm still up for fighting it out."

"Blue-Scale, Mr. Thicknose is right, we do not know how large the invading force is. If we decide to fight it out, we may suffer many more casualties." Grandpa Longneck said.

"I never thought of it that way. I guess I let my excitement get in the way of my thinking. I guess fleeing for now is the best choice."

"It is settled." Grandpa Longneck said, "Pterano, order the Great Valley Air Corps to alert everyone to flee. We will all meet by Saurus Rock."

Pterano nodded and flew off to the airfield.

"So what's the verdict?" Ovius asked. He was covered in scratches and had a large bruise on his ribs.

"We flee." Pterano said, "All Great Valley flyers! Disperse and tell all the dinosaurs that we are ready to flee! We meet by Saurus Rock."

The Great Valley flyers immediately took to the air.

Mr. Bigmouth was back in his grove preparing some sickleclaw paste when a flyer landed next to him and relayed the message. Mr. Bigmouth nodded, seized two flints that he used for starting fires and placed them in a leaf pouch he strapped to himself. He then threw all the herbs he had prepared into the fire. He also stripped down as many berries and leaves as he could and also threw them in the fire. He finally ran to the nearest exit, which happened to be the closest to Saurus Rock.

Chomper and his flyer were flying over the Great Valley at a low altitude, looking for dinosaurs to alert. Suddenly, as they flew near the Great Rock Wall, two spears flew from the ground and fatally pierced the flyer. Chomper held on as the flyer tumbled to the ground. He landed roughly and attempted to gain his bearings when a hand seized him and held a stone knife to his throat. "Well, it looks like we got a captive." A voice said. Before he could do anything a rough blow to the back of his head knocked him out.

Ducky and a dinosaur of Mutt's kind were patrolling the area near the Bubbling Muds. Both were armed with tree branches. A flyer landed near them and relayed the message to flee. Both Ducky and her ally ran through the nearest exit. Unfortunately, they ran right into a division of yellow team.

"Drop your weapon!" a thin female dark blue Fast-Runner ordered. She had a scar on her face.

"Take it from me!" Ducky's ally challenged, brandishing his tree branch.

The Fast-Runner grinned and snapped her fingers. Two Fast-Runners and a sickleclaw immediately appeared from the rain and attacked the dinosaur.

The dinosaur attempted to strike the sickleclaw but one of the Fast-Runners seized his weapon arm and twisted it, breaking the dinosaur's shoulder.

Ducky winced as she heard her companion's shoulder being broken, then the sounds of the Fast-Runners and the sickleclaw kicking him to death. The dinosaurs who had just finished killing Ducky's companion turned to Ducky.

"Now would you kindly disarm." The Fast-Runner said, grinning sadistically. She drew a stone knife from a pouch on her leg and brandished it.

Ducky sighed and dropped the tree branch. Three sickleclaws and a Swimmer, all carrying vines appeared from the rain. They quickly bound Ducky and the Fast-Runner marched her at knifepoint over to Styracus.

By the time all the Great Valley dinosaurs were alerted, night had fallen and they were gathered at Saurus Rock.

"Are we all present?" Blue-Scale asked.

A chorus of "yes" came up from the crowd.

"Alright, then, move out!" Grandpa Longneck shouted.

The dinosaurs then began their steady march for a new home. Except for Ducky and Chomper. A lone flyer passed overhead, ignored by all.

Rinkus saw the Great Valley dinosaurs fleeing; he then flew back to where Hasta, Styracus and Red-Eye were camped out.

"Styracus! We just found out the Great Valley dinosaurs are fleeing. It looks like they found an unguarded point or points, rather. The ones that Theta's part of yellow team was supposed to be covering." Rinkus said landing in front of Styracus. "And the reinforcements are arriving."

"Theta, you idiot! You let them get away!" Styracus shouted in rage.

"Well, as a consolation prize, we did get to capture some hostages." Hasta said. He looked over to see the unconscious form of Chomper bound to a rock and Ducky, bound and flanked by two large sickleclaws and a Fast-Runner wielding a stone knife.

"This war ain't over. Take those two to Cloud Island." Red-Eye said.