Alice POV

I bared my teeth in a silent snarl. My eyes never left him as he circled us. There was no way in hell he was going to get her. I would die the most painful death possible to save her. I would protect her up to my last breath, and forever after words.

" Tell me, why do you protect the human girl? She is simply food, nothing more." He asked calmly.

" If she is so simple and worthless," I snarled. " Why do you want to kill her so bad?" He laughed.

" Touche." he smiled at me, amused. How dare he! How dare he smile while thinking o killing my little sister! How dare he joke around like this is just a game. But that was it. To him, it WAS just a game. A sick, sick game. Just like James, before Bella became one of us. And he was going to end just like James to.

Three months before

Ashley POV

I took a deep breath, my eyes scanning the airport. After my parents died, I was being sent to live with the Cullen family. One of the adopted children was somehow related to me.

" Hey, are you Ashley?" a loud, deeper voice boomed behind me. I turned around to see a really big guy, who looked kinda like a bear in size.

" Um...yeah, thats me." I was unsure if I should answer this guy. He was kinda scarey!

" I am Emmett Cullen." He flashed me a huge grin, and gave me a bone crushing bear hug.

" Emmett, we are supposed to pick her up from the airport, I am pretty sure they want her alive, not strangled to death." a soft voice came from behind Emmetts bulk.

" Jasper, don't be like that!" said Emmett, smiling. A tall blond walked up to me, and he was smiling kindly.

" I am Jasper Hale, and Bella is on her way."

" No, Bella is here!" a soft music like voice came out. A beautiful girl came out toward us.

" As you must know, I am Bella." she leaned down and whispered in my ear. " Emmett is a big teddy bear, so don't mind him." she grinned, and I giggled.

" Bella." said Emmett.

" Yeah Em?" Bella made her eyes wide and innocent. She winked at me when she saw me trying not to laugh.

" Don't whisper, it scares me, and so does that look in your eye!" I burst out laughing then. Emmett grinned and picked up my bags, while jasper just smiled and shook his head smiling. Bella grabed my hand, and pulled me close.

" Want to take my car? We can make the guys go in Emmetts monster jeep." she offered.

" Sure." this was going to be fun. Bella grinned, grabbed my hand and pulled me away, while yelling over her shoulder.

" Meet you at home boys!"

We stopped in front of a really nice red sports car. I don't know what kind, but it was cool! Bella walked over to the drivers seat after I got in the passenger side.

" So, Ashley, do you think your going t like living with our family?" asked Bella a we got on the road.

" Yeah, I think I will. Can you fil me in a little though?"

" Ok, so there is me, and my husband Edward, Emmett and his wife Rosalie, Jasper and his wife Alice, then our parents Carlisle and Esme. And now there's you."

" Wait, you are all together? How does that work?" I was confused. Bella heisted.

" When we get home, I will explain." she promised. She turned on the radio, and we spent the rest of the ride singing to the songs.

"Ashley? Ashley, wake up or I will go get Emmett!" my eyes opened to see Bella waking me up.

" We here!" I looked up to see a huge white house.

" Wow! I get to live here?!" Bella nodded. Lets go inside There is something important we need to tell you." she frowned, then added in a whisper " I hope you don't judge us for it." I followed Bella into the house. We stepped into a room with two couches and some chairs, were the rest of the family was.

I sat while everyone introduced themselves. Carlisle was the oldest male person, Esme was the oldest woman. They are the parents. Rose looks like a super model, and Alice is a short pixie girl. And Edward was like a god! I mean, wow! I would so date him, if he weren't my brother and all, and married.

" Ashley we need to tell you something." said Jasper. " Ok, who wants to tell her?"

" Oh, I do, I do!" shouted Emmett. Carlisle sighed.

" No, Emmett, I am going to do it." he turned to me. " Ashley, do you believe in vampires?"

" Um...well, it IS possible that they are real." I was beyond confused.

" Ashley, what would you do if I told you that our family are all vampires?" I froze as it sunk in. I felt all eyes on me.

" You guys are vampires?" I asked. They all nodded. " That is! Oh my god, that is awesome!" I grinned so wide it hurt my face. Everyone but Bella and Alice looked shocked.

" Wait, but I thought you can only go out in the night?" They all burst out laughing.

" We can go out in the day time! We can even go out in the sun...just not in front of humans. I will show you sometime!" said Alice. We spend the next few hours talking about vampires. Then Alice made me go to bed.

" We have school tommrow! You are a human you need your sleep!" She told me. I knew she was right, but come on!

I laid in bed thinking or a while. Alice was related to me...she was like, my great grandma! Or something like that. Kinda funny, she only looks a little older then me. Alice and Bella and Emmett were all going as freshmen, so that they could be with me in some of my classes all through highschool. Then something else triggered in my mind. I had to go to school tommrow! NO!

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