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Most people can agree that there is some sort of supernatural power out there of which we have little to no understanding. Whether they believe it to be the hand of God, magic, the force, or something else, it has always played a major part in our lives and histories. The two alternate realities involved in this story each has knowledge of this power, and many from each world even have the ability to manipulate and use this power for their own purposes.

In the first world it is known as magic. Those (humans) with the ability to mould and use magic are known as witches and wizards. Those without the ability (so-called 'normal' people since they far outnumber magic-wielders) are referred to as muggles. A few centuries ago, wizards and witches created their own separate society devoid of muggles; they have their own government, medical centres and educational facilities. They even go so far as erasing the knowledge of magic from the minds of the muggles, making their little society a secret hidden one.

The second world calls the mysterious power chakra. Those with the ability to use it train and become shinobi (if they are male) and kunoichi (if female), otherwise known as ninja. Even though the majority of people with the ability to mould chakra train to become ninja, some don't and just live the same as regular people; though they do usually live longer and are generally faster and stronger than other regular people. Unlike the wizards and witches they don't completely separate themselves from everyone else; they became the world's military forces and allow themselves to be hired by regular people for their unique abilities to complete various jobs or assignments.

Another thing both worlds have in common is that neither one knows about the other. While it's true that those from both worlds have hypothesized that other universes exist, no attempts to cross over or to contact another world have ever been successful.

Until now.


October 10th, 1981
Department of Mysteries, London, England

"What do you think you're doing?"

The sudden question cut through the silent atmosphere between the only two people in the room. The man who asked the question looked to be in his late thirties or early forties, with mocha skin and dark chestnut hair that was almost black. By his tone it was obvious that he already knew the answer to his own question.

The blond-haired woman he was addressing continued working, giving no inclination that she'd even heard him.

"The chances of your experiment working are slim to none. Due to the complex natures of rituals, they only have a 76.4 success rate, and that's when all requirements such as rune placement, artifacts needed, what time of year is necessary and whatever other influencing factors are known. You're flying completely blind! You don't know any of those. You're working on a theoretical ritual, with hypothetical factors, based on the possibility that something we have no proof of exists!"

That caused the woman to pause in her work. But only for a moment before she steeled her resolve and determinedly ignored his presence once again.

Inesh Balan sighed before trying once again to get his subordinate to see reason.

"Diana, think about the baby. You're due in a few weeks and you need rest. Go home. The experiment can wait until you get back from your maternity leave."

Once again Diana Lovegood paused in her actions. Inesh took this as a good sign and hoped that one of his best unspeakables would give up for now, for the baby's sake at least. But once again she stubbornly picked up her equipment and continued drawing out runes.

"I'm sorry Inesh, but now is the best time to do it. My husband told me that magic levels were particularly high and agitated today. Those conditions would heighten the chance of success by a large amount."

Diana Lovegood's husband was well known to the magical public at large as someone who wasn't quite all there. He ran the magical equivalent of a muggle (non-magical) tabloid. His articles were always far-out and implausible for the majority of witches and wizards. But what most didn't know was that all his articles had a basis of truth. You see, Xenophilius Lovegood had a special ability. He could 'sense' magic. He could feel where magic pooled and concentrated, when magic flowed smoothly and steadily or jerkily and restlessly. But since he didn't know why magic acted the way it did in certain areas/situations, he made up his own theories and printed them up as truth in his paper, 'The Quibbler'.

For example, when he and his wife were honeymooning in France and he noticed the fact that magic seemed to gather in a certain house nearby in the town, he assumed that some creatures (which he named asthurcs) were attracted to the yellow-green colour of the house and made their home in their basement, where the magic was most concentrated. And since the magic was more active and lively after a thunderstorm, obviously their mating season occurred only after violent thunderstorms.

In simpler terms, when Mr. Lovegood heard hooves, he thought of Pegasus' instead of horses.

Due to his rare ability (and the fact that no one would believe him anyway), Xenophilius was the only one outside of the department who had any idea about what happened within the department of mysteries. In fact, if Inesh had his way then Xenophilius would have already been an unspeakable. His ability coupled with his wife's amazing mind that could make sense of the most complicated problems (even if said mind understands things in such round-about ways and with such large leaps in logic that no one else could possibly hope to keep up) and Inesh could bet that most of the 'mysteries' they study would be explained and/or solved by the time those two retired. Unfortunately, Xenophilius loved his paper and would never willingly give it up.

"I seriously doubt that today will be the only day that the magic levels necessary for your experiment will occur. Don't make me suspend you and go home." The director of the Space Time Continuum Division tried to reason.

"Can't you see that I have to do it today! It could be years before the wild magic is at the right levels again and I can't wait that long. My baby is due soon and I need to know that I've done everything in my power to ensure she has a happy and peaceful life. You know that the Dark Lord is targeting Unspeakables to learn of and gain more power. And Xeno was always a target because of his paper. I need to do everything to ensure my baby will be safe."

Inesh knew that Diana would not cede on this matter. And if truth be told he was dying to see if her experiment worked as well. Manually he shut and bolted the door, ensuring that the experiment wouldn't be disturbed and that no other magic than that in the room would mix in with the ritual. "Tell me how I can be of assistance."


October 10th


Those lucky enough to react managed to avoid the falling concrete which used to belong to the apartment complex right beside them. Those who weren't fast enough added to mortality rate which has been exponentially increasing since Kyuubi, the nine-tailed demon fox, had first began attacking the hidden village.

No one knew why Kyuubi had began attacking, just that it's been a 24/7 massacre since then. The Hokage was quick to usher all civilians as far from the fight as possible at the first sign of the fox's approach and direct all those willing to fight against the nine-tailed demon.

Though the majority of the Kanoha shinobi were confronting the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the Takahashi Clan was not. The reason was because they were busy doing a little known ritual. The Takahashi Clan was a fairly small clan, and were only known to be average ninja; generally they lacked in the physical energies and strength compared to others (and therefore had weak taijutsu skills) but excelled in spiritual energies and therefore were usually above average in genjutsu and ninjutsu. That is, if they trained hard enough (which they usually didn't). What the Takahashi Clan was really known for was their minds; they loved to read and debate about everything. Therefore those of the Takahashi Clan were known to be highly intelligent, open-minded and curious. It's been said that there has always been a Takahashi as one of the Hokage's advisors and as a member of the council since the founding of Konoha.

Because of their love of lore, they had many legendary jutsus – not legendary because of their power or skill, but because it was all based on hypothetical work and legends and haven't ever been tested before. Currently, they were trying one such jutsu which, if worked properly, would contact another world.

The Takahashi's were a practical family. They knew realistically the village had next to no chance against the king of the biiju. Even with over 90 of the force of the most powerful hidden village they were lucky that they had managed to hold off the Kyuubi for the two and a half hours that they had. Therefore when news of the fox's approach reached them, they knew that they would be of more use using their brains than joining the fight. They knew that they would do no good against the Kyuubi, but hopefully another world could supply the power and/or resources necessary to stop the nine-tailed demon from completely destroying the village.

With those thoughts in mind the Takahashi's used every bit of their power to ensure that their summons succeeded.


The nature of magic/chakra is a mystery, even to those blessed enough to wield it. Is it essentially good? Evil? Or is it just pure power that depends on the users intentions to categorize it as good or bad, light or dark?

The answer lies in all of the above. Within a person power is amoral, dependent on the user to give it shape whether to do good or bad. But in nature where magic/chakra pools to an unimaginable degree it develops a life of its own – literally. It gains its own personality and traits, creating an area where all that enter are given a sense of calm and contentment, or it can become a violent and wild storm. An example is the Hogwarts castle which developed a motherly but mischievous personality; always watching for the well-being of her occupants yet not above playing with them by switching around rooms and stairs.

It was the wild powerful magic/chakra that responded to Diana Lovegood's ritual and the Takahashi Clan's jutsu. Both powers, for whatever reason, decided to help the rituals along. They created a link between the worlds, which would only be temporary. To ensure that the link would last for much longer, one person from each world would be chosen to maintain the link. Now they just had to find candidates.


"Hokage-sama! Hokage-sama! We are losing many men and we won't last much longer. Already the demon has demolished the south-east quadrant of the village! We need you!"

Minato Namikaze, the Village of the Hidden Leaves fourth Hokage, looked to the ANBU member currently speaking to him. He knew that the fellow ninja spoke the truth; there was no way that they could really hope to beat the demon intent on destroying their home. But that wouldn't stop the Kanoha shinobi from trying. He knew that he should've already been on the battlefield, but he had very good reasons for not being there yet. First off, due to the stress on Kyuubi's attack his wife had gone into labour prematurely. Though his baby boy survived the encounter with no health issues (besides being a little underweight), his precious Kushina died. And though Minato would love to fight the one responsible for bringing about his wife's death, without a feasible plan to defeat the demon he could not avenge his wife. With Kushina already dead the least he could for his son was ensure the demon was defeated so he could live.

Looking back to his precious newborn son, the Yondaime responded to the ANBU. "I finally have a plan. Please find the Sandaime and bring him to me as quickly as possible."

With a quick bow the ANBU left with all haste, hope blossoming into his heart with the knowledge that his leader had a plan to defeat the Kyuubi.

Minato mentally went over his plan one more time. He had been working on a seal that would send an enemy to the land of the dead (but at the cost of his own life as well) just in case he found himself in an impossible-to-win situation . He had still been trying to fine-tune it so he wouldn't have to sacrifice himself as well, when news of the Kyuubi's approach reached him. Since then he'd been working tirelessly to adapt his newest jutsu to work for a demon. He had finally worked out the specifics but was still hesitant to go through with it even though he knew he had no other choice.

And up above the wild chakra watched and chose the one who would be bound with the other world.


"The one with the power to defeat the dark lord approaches...born to those that have thrice defied him...born as the seventh month dies..."

The Dark Lord Voldemort was once again musing on the first half of the prophecy which had been spoken almost two years ago. He had already determined that there were only two possibilities for who the prophecy spoke of; either Neville Longbottom or Harry Potter. But which one?

Neville Longbottom was the only son of the Auror Frank Longbottom and the Healer Alice Longbottom. Both parents were well known as competent and gifted within their personal fields and are both from powerful pureblood families and are close to Dumbledore. Frank had been Head Boy and Alice had been a prefect and one of the top of her class.

On the other hand there was Harry Potter, only son of Auror James Potter and newly-instated Charms Mistress Lily Potter. Though James was not as well known within the Auror community as Frank, he was also a newer recruit and still showed great potential. He was also good enough at transfiguration to apply for a mastery and if his last encounter with the messy-haired auror was anything to go by, Voldemort strongly suspected the Potter heir of being an illegal stag animagus. And he's also from a powerful pureblood family. Lily Potter, even though she is a muggle-born, is arguably the most powerful of the four parents and one of the youngest ever to achieve a mastery in charms. It was also reputed that the Department of Mysteries is interested in hiring her. James had been a Head Boy and Lily had been a Head Girl.

So which to go after? The pureblood or the half-blood? The one born July 30th or July 31st? Longbottom or Potter?

Almost as if it were a sign from above, the answer came to him through the great wooden doors.

Voldemort watched as Avery and McNair made their way to his throne dragging a trembling bound man behind them. When they reached him, they sank to their knees and awaited the dark lord's recognition.

"Why are you not with the others eliminating the McKinnons as I had commanded you? I should hope the answer is to my liking or you shall deeply regret it."

"M-my Lord, the McKinnons were subdued when we left. Rosier commanded that we bring you this blood-traitor which we had found in the area. We believe that he is one of the member's of Dumbledore's Order."

Voldemort didn't recognize the snivelling man before him, but he might as well make a quick scan of the man's mind before killing him. What the Dark Lord found was most encouraging; not only was this man a part of the Order, he was good friends with the Potter's and was more than willing to do sell them out with the rest of the Light to save himself. Voldemort felt a cruel smile blossom on his face.

"Tell me Peter, why should I spare an enemy of Lord Voldemort? What are you willing to do to stay alive?"

From above magic watched as Peter Pettigrew revealed all he knew – including the location of the Potters' lastest safe house – to the Dark Lord. It looked like the other candidate was found.


Minato studied his son curiously. Only a few moments ago he had felt a huge surge of chakra centered on his baby boy, but no matter how hard he tried to sense it, he could not find anything that was amiss. His contemplations were interrupted by his predecessor.

"You asked to see me Minato?"

"Yes. As you know I had just completed the Shiki Fujin jutsu. I altered it a bit and I think I'll be able to use it to stop the Kyuubi. Unfortunately the consequences for using it are quite dire, and I want to make sure someone knows my last wishes."

"You have my word, not only as a citizen of Kanoha honouring the last requests of its Hokage, but as a friend who deeply respects you."

The Yondaime let out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding. "The original version of the Shiki Fujin jutsu is not strong enough to take demon with me from the mortal realm. So I had to improvise. In exchange for my life, the Kyuubi will be sealed away. In my son."

The Sandaime looked at his successor in shock. "You can't be serious! That is too big a burden for a baby! Surely something else can be used! I had heard that Suna had trapped the one-tailed demon within a statue!"

"Yes, but that was just the one-tailed demon and it was in a specialized chakra infused statue that was made for the sole purpose of holding a demon. We are dealing with the nine-tailed, the king of the biiju. Unfortunately nothing inanimate will be able to hold the Kyuubi, and if it were sealed within anything besides a newborn their chakra pools and coils could never hope to adapt to the poisonous chakra of a demon. My son is the only one in the village who is but a few hours old and therefore is the only one who has a chakra system that can hope to cope with the Kyuubi. "

"But even if the boy is the only one with a chakra system that isn't completely formed, there is only so much the chakra pools and coils can be stretched. If he doesn't have the potential for a very large chakra system of his own, he will be overwhelmed by the Kyuubi and die even before the sealing was complete!"

The Yondaime forcefully pushed away the knowledge that his son might not survive the sealing. Even though he knew the Sandaime spoke the truth, there wasn't anything he could do about it. There were no other options; even though there were plenty of babies due to the sudden peace after the Iwa war, all of them were at least a month old; too old for the sealing. And they couldn't wait until one of the pregnant mother's gave birth since the village would be destroyed by then. Even if there was another newborn baby Minato doubted it would have the same chakra potential as his son. As much as he hated to do it, it was either he go through with the sealing making his son into a jururichin and an orphan or he let his baby die with the rest of the village fighting fruitlessly against the demon.

"Minato, at least let me take your place. I'm an old man and my children are fully grown. Konoha still needs you as its Hokage and Naruto needs you as his father, especially if he will be the Kyuubi's jailor. I will seal the demon."

Minato looked sorely tempted. "This seal isn't as easy as the original version I had already showed you; this is for sealing a demon not killing a ninja. I will show you how to do it and tell me if you can succeed."

Sarutobi looked over Minato's hurriedly scrawled notes and listened to his instructions. Unfortunately the Yondaime was right; his alterations of the Shiki Fujin jutsu made it far more difficult. While the Sandaime was fairly confident he could perform the original version, he didn't think he had the skill to perform the second. He didn't have quite the same chakra capacity as his successor nor was he a seals master. When they both realized that Minato would have to perform the sealing after all, the Yondaime gave his last instructions.

"Before I go, promise me you will watch over my son. His mother died giving birth to him and I will die stopping the Kyuubi. I want to know at least one person will take care of him. On my command I ask that you remain here for the rest of the battle; Kanoha will need you to resume the post as Hokage after my death. I also ask that you let the village know that my dying request is for Naruto to be seen as the hero that he is, not as the demon he contains. Please, I ask you from one father to another, take care of my baby."

Sarutobi could only solemnly nod and swear to do as the Yondaime asked. Determinedly Minato summoned the giant toad Gamabunta and took his son to confront the demon.

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