Summary: Lovers Quarrel sequel. Naruto and Sakura had broken up after 6 months. But both seem to be unhappy. Mimuru, determined that they still love each other, tries to get them together with the help of two mysterious friends.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto but I do own Mimuru, she is not related to the Mimuru in Hack sign or any other anime, she is my character.

Notes: Umm I know I said I would do this a long time ago, but I didn't know what to do. But after a huge inspiration blow to me, I finally decided to do it and knew what to do. There will be 10 chapters and this chapter is in Mimuru's POV at the beginning. She is talking about what happened after Lovers Quarrel. It is recommended to read the first one and I must apologize for the horrible spelling and grammar of that one. This one is a year after, so I have improved as a writer, I think. I have Open Office and it has stupid problems, it doesn't fix the spelling.

Inspiration: A picture I coloured today with a pose from xxxHolic, and exams being over with 5 days off from school.


Lovers Quarrel

Lost Love

'It's been about six months after Naruto and Sakura confessed their love to each other. The first three months, they had fun in each others' company but something began to change Sakura and suddenly they were forcing their smiles to each other. Eventually they both broke it off, but not the engagement. No one discussed the engagement, no one decided if they will stay together or not. Our parents stopped bothering them, because they thought maybe it wasn't worth it and they really didn't like each other.

But I don't believe that, I mean they seemed so much happier together than they are right now. Sakura never leaves her room, worried she may have to see Naruto. Naruto always stares at a picture frame with their picture of their first date. I am positive that they still harbor feelings for each other but are too stubborn to admit it. If only I knew why Sakura didn't want to date Naruto after those three months. It was strange, he was trying to kiss her one day, and she completely backed away. She did that with any kind of personal affection after that day.

Naruto is really popular at school, he is almost as popular as Sasuke. He has got his own fan club and there is a lot of pretty girls that like him, but he still hasn't moved on. He rejects everyone of those girls and he hasn't asked anyone out yet.

Tenten-chan had feelings for him for a while, and she even asked him what he felt for her, they were really good friends, best friends in fact. He still told her he only liked her as a friend. I mean, this is Tenten-chan were talking about. Naruto was completely in love with her when he first came to the school and she is loved by everyone. I mean who says no to her!? He must have not moved on, I know it, that definitely has to be the reason.

Something is wrong with those two, I just know it. If only I could think of something to get them back together, to make them confess.'

As Mimuru laid on her bed, wondering what was going with her twin brother and his "wife" or her "sister – in law." a knock was heard at her door.

Startled, she tried to get up and tripped on the teddy bear Mr. Snuckles which was on the floor. Falling face first onto the ground with a loud thud, she groaned as she held her spinning head and opened the door to see the face of her brother, who seemed very annoyed.

"Come have breakfast already, before your cereal gets soggy again." He more demanded then told.

Afraid of the sudden overwhelming presence of her brother, that seemed ready to go mud-wrestling with a lion. She quickly jolted downstairs to the kitchen. Naruto took his sweet time downstairs, almost took too long to come. She saw Sakura at the kitchen table, eating away at her Fruit Loops and watching Tom and Jerry. 'Is that why he doesn't want to come down just yet?'

She grabbed the milk and poured it into her cereal while grabbing a seat next to Sakura. Sakura's flowing pink hair had made its way onto her cereal and Mimuru shrieked at the fact hair was in her food. Sakura coolly turned around, wondering what moron was disturbing her while she was watching Jerry put Tom's tail into a mousetrap.

Seeing Mimuru pointing at her hair and screaming about the most grossest things to happen to her this morning. Sakura flicked her hair out of the cereal and placed it onto her shoulder. Her emerald piercing glare met with Mimuru's mortified sapphire eyes.

Mimuru awkwardly chuckled and began to devour her food. Naruto finally made it into the kitchen and began to make some eggs for his breakfast. The three were used to living together, also to the other's morning rituals as well. Naruto always was last, he never ate until Mimuru was there and Sakura was always first in the kitchen. They seemed to have made a schedule on how to avoid each other so there will be no amount of conversation exchanged between the two.

"Can someone pass the salt over here?" Naruto asked with his back turned toward the girls.

Sakura searched for the salt to find it closer to her than Mimuru, swearing at the fact she needs to deal with seeing him and being nice, she slowly poked his shoulder and waited for him to turn. He turned and was met with the salt shaker right at his face. He turned his head slightly to see a very bored looking Sakura holding it up. He carefully reached out to grab the salt shaker and grabbed her hand at the same time. At this, Sakura and Naruto ended up making eye contact and both of them stood stunned, not moving their hands away, which were slightly tensed at the moment.

Mimuru coughed to bring them down back to Earth. At the cough, they both jumped and ended up dropping the salt shaker to the ground. Luckily it didn't open up. Naruto bent down and retrieved the troublesome item and went on his way eating. Sakura immediately got up and headed toward her room.

Mimuru sighed, 'These two seriously have problems, touching hands freak them both out! And man, my plan of hanging out together with them both since we got no school failed. Sakura just has to lock herself in her room. But I gotta admit, they both held each others hand for a loooong time. I guess they still do have a bit of feelings.'

"Naruto, what was that about?"

"What?" Naruto turned to see a smirking Mimuru

"You know, the salt shaker and you guys holding hands for what, like ten minutes."

Naruto's slight blush didn't go unnoticed instead it was dug into Mimuru's memory so she can use it as blackmail later.

Quickly spinning his head back, he responded, "I don't know what you're talking about. We didn't hold hands and anyway it's not like I liked it." He seemed to have stopped his sentence, questioning himself if he should go on. Before the choice was made, Mimuru got up and left her bowl in the dishwasher and made her way upstairs.

"DING DONG." The doorbell echoed throughout the house.

Mimuru stopped before going to her room, wondering who was at the door. Out of no where, Sakura came jogging excitedly down and opened the door, revealing a tall broad young man with brown short hair.

"Hi, Kiba-san." She smiled at her friend.

"Hello, Haruno-san. Here is your mail and I think that you have a package, let me see." Kiba, the mailman went fumbling through his huge bag of mail.

Naruto watching this, became aggravated at the mailman's slow search and decided that if the mailman was going to flirt with Sakura, that he would have to do it when he's not there.

Naruto made his way to door and placed his hand on the door and the other hand held his plate. Chewing with his mouth open, he said, "Yo, do you mind hurrying up here? It's kind of cold you know."

Kiba, a little stunned at seeing Naruto, finally found the package and smiled weakly to Sakura who he handed the package to. Sakura sent a weak smile back to him and waved goodbye to him. Naruto smirked as he waved to Kiba and closed the door. As he began his way back to the kitchen, he fell right into his plate of eggs that met the floor. He picked his face up to see Sakura above him glaring at him. She walked away from the mess that laid on the floor (include Naruto into the "mess") and smiled at the package and skipped to her room.

A grumbling Naruto cleaned the floor and ate the eggs which was on his face. Giving up on the idea of a peaceful breakfast, he decided he needed a walk and some fresh air to clear his head and get away from the house.

He grabbed some clean clothes that was on his bedroom floor and his orange jacket and made his way outside. He breathed in the cold crisp air and walked toward his best friend's house, knowing she'll at least be able to calm himself down.

Back with Mimuru, who was now back at the spot in her room ,where she thought of her useless brother and cranky "sister -in law."

'Christmas went by so fast, and what an awful Christmas that was. Naruto and Sakura got forced to buy each other something by our parents. Naruto's gift ended up being a small snow globe that looked as if it was a dollar. Sakura's present was a hideous fluorescent pink turtle neck. I remember her face, she seemed so disappointed and somewhat expecting it. But I got to say New Years was the worst. The party that was at Sasuke's house was so awesome, but those two just stood in two corners. Naruto with his fan club and Sasuke. Sakura was with Temari, who seemed to have had two over protective brothers stopping her from grinding with any of the guys or having any fun.

And with all these holidays happening and each of them not being romantic for each other, I can't think of any reason why Valentines Day will be any different. Knowing Naruto, he will be ambushed by his fans with chocolates and cards and Sakura will try to burn every romantic thing that comes her way. Oh God, why did you give me such twisted family and maybe soon to be family members? Did you want to torture me because of my past life. Is it because I started a World War. I was Hitler, wasn't I? I knew my odd love for the German country was because of that, and my evilness came from a past life.


Calming herself down, Mimuru decided thinking how Hitler and she are alike will not help her with her dilemma about the other two. Slowly closing her eyes, she drifted to sleep, instead of thinking of a plan.

Two hours later, she heard the front door and woke up and went to see who it was. Seems Sakura had the same idea and so those two was standing in the hallway to see a snow covered Naruto taking his jacket off. They all stared at each other for a while in an awkward silence until Mimuru broke it "Where you have been, bro?"

"At Tenten's, thought I could cool my head for a bit."

Mimuru nodded her head, understanding only Tenten could calm Naruto. She looked to see Sakura's expression and was shocked to see her a little mad. Sakura was gripping her shirt and her face was disappointed. If Mimuru didn't know better, she would even say Sakura seemed slightly jealous. Mimuru shook the thought out of her head and went back to her room.

Even though the thought was shook out of her head, it kept returning. 'Something seemed so familiar with this whole process. Where have I seen this, when did Sakura ever get jealous of Naruto with Tenten...' She blinked when it finally hit her, before Sakura admitted her feelings towards Naruto, she was always jealous of Tenten.

'That's it! Those two's weakness! I finally got it! Both of them may not say they still like each other, they may not want to talk to each other, but when they make contact they are so mesmerized they can't stop staring at each other. But the real weakness is if the one of them is with someone else, the other gets jealous. You don't get jealous unless you kind of still like the person, right?'

With that theory set it mind, Mimuru decided it was time for her to make a plan and set it into motion. Though she may need some help with it if she wants to make those two jealous. Now all she needed was two people to help her out, and she knew the perfect person for making Sakura green with envy.

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