To Dream a Little Dream

Part 9.

When you kissed me back all I could think was "Wow you're a good kisser…but how would I know any different. Aw hell I don't care." I enjoyed the kiss.

I'm so comfortable in your presence that I fall asleep and I don't do that easily around just anyone. Yet here I am drifting off to another one of those dreams. I'm conscious enough to realize that but too far in to care.

I gasp as you trail your fingers down my body. It leaves a line of goose bumps in its wake. Your smiling face lowers to mine and you place soft kisses all over. Your hand has reached the waistband of my jeans where you undo the button and zipper with ease. I feel as if I'm going to go up in flames as your hand begins its erotic dance. I'm amazed once more how good it feels to be handled by someone other than myself. Your other hand is now snaking its way under my shirt to tease a nipple to hardness. I scream your name as that relentless hand keeps guiding me to the end. I throw back my head and shout at my release…

Ah! Holy hell…well that was some dream. I wake up panting. Glancing around I see the heap that you made of your clothes, then you in the water. I watch as you float around. The true nature of your heritage can be seen. You're in your element here as much as you are on land or fighting.

Your flame color hair is halo'd around your head. And I can't help but chuckle when you take a mouthful of water and spray it into the air fountain like, much as a child would do.

I need to be in that water too.

Striping and folding my clothes once more I wade in to the icy current. The water feels good against my heated flesh. I duck under to get the full effect of the chill. After the dunking I watch you to gauge where I can meet up with you.

I make sure to be right in front of you when you surface. I wait till you push back your hair and I lean in close, nose to nose.

The sunlight makes the water droplets running down your body sparkle. I poke one with my finger and trail it down your chest.

"Gettin' kinda pushy there aren't you monk?"

"Are you complaining?"

"Nah just sayin'"

"Good you'd better not complain." I mockingly hold my fist up. "It's taken a lot of soul searching to get me to this point I hope you know?"

You grasp my upraised fist and press it to your lips. "Yeah I know." I make a half hearted gesture to pull away, but you draw me in closer until we are pressed together.

I'm waiting for the dream to end abruptly but it never happens.

God this is real. And this is what I've wanted.

"Sanzo?" You lift my face to yours. "Are you one hundred per cent sure about this?"

"Yeah I'm sure."

"Good cause from here, there's no going back."

"I know." I will face this head on. I'm no silly, fainting girl. I've gone up against worse and survived.

Now that I'm in your arms it feels right. Like a part that was missing or out of place just got to were it needed to be.

"Come on Sanzo lets make those dreams real."