By DXM Junkie

Summary: A virus has rampaged Europe and two top detectives find themselves stuck amongst the aftermath. Suspicions are raised and concluded, emotions are tested. Whoever said death was supposed to be easy? LXLight YAOI

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Chapter Thirty Two: Game Over

In the end going on like nothing had changed was far easier than L had originally anticipated. L had been trained for most of his life to behave and think in a certain way, after all, so lying to Light and the other investigation team members was amazingly simple. L had stopped sleeping once again, a fact that Light wished he could change but Watari currently had them under copious amounts of video surveillance. Light also wasn't allowed any more freebie breaks to the outside world. After L's risqué behavior, Watari had put his fist down so to speak, and informed L that if he was going to have any outside relationships with his main suspect he better fucking do it after Light's redeemed of all his crimes.

L had scoffed and pouted, but they weren't allowed to be handcuffed anymore or even allowed to sleep by each other. Light instead was taken to a holding cell every night to get four to six hours of sleep, and he was always videotaped by Watari who reviewed the tapes every day for any suspicious behavior.

Lying was easy, but the stress of being separated was taking its toll on L's nerves.

He found it incredibly ridiculous that not being around someone would cause him stress. L had always been a recluse, he hated people normally. Very few people (basically Watari) were ever in his presence for any specific amount of time. But now he missed Light, even when the boy was sitting right beside him during the long hours of the investigation. They were rarely able to touch anymore, not even holding hands or a slight brush of fingers. It irritated L that Watari was acting so irrational, but when it got down to it everything about this situation was out of character for the detective. He was probably maintaining a bad sense of judgment and endangering himself. He was harboring and adoring a mass murderer, and lying to the person he trusted most in the entire world about it.

But L didn't feel too bad about the latter fact much because Watari was pissing him off a lot recently.

L could tell that Light was stressed too, and that the 'carefree' days of the Infection were far behind them. Though what they had gone through was difficult they both found it even harder to keep living. News was streaming in daily about the damage the Rage Virus had inflicted and the death toll was only rising. Only authorized soldiers were now allowed access to the island and even then there were strict rules they had to follow through with. L was overseeing some of it but Watari had shouldered much of the burden, telling L that he should finish the Kira Investigation before he took on other matters.

This was easier said than done. Because, in essence, the Kira Investigation was completed in L's mind and the murderer was gone with. L had personally taken the Death Note and locked it with his files that only he was allowed to touch, making sure to have more than twelve different passwords on it. He had reviewed the notebook countless times and he was burning with curiosity about how Light had gone about his killings (such as when he was under video surveillance) but L also knew it would be a grave mistake to reacquaint Light with the Note. Because Light obviously would remember and know what L had done, and he would find it unforgivable.

L had yet to see another Shinigami, but he figured it was only a matter of time.

The female Shinigami, Rem had been her name, had mentioned something about Ryuk and another note. L didn't know much about the laws of that other realm, but the Note had said that its owner had to be attached with a Death God. L wasn't sure how he would eventually contact this Shinigami, because obviously a person had to touch a note before they could see the God, but he was sure that Ryuk would come.

L also had another factor to worry about; Misa.

Rem had informed him of Light's imminent death if Misa was convicted. So now L had the task of not only trying to prove the innocence of one guilty mass murderer, but two. And Misa was far stupider about it, too. L let out a sigh, reaching over and taking a slow sip of his sugar saturated coffee. It was only about midnight, still early by his watch, but he was feeling tired and worn out. Light was sitting next to him, scanning through files that L knew didn't contain any information, looking haggard.


Light looked up and side glanced over to L, "Hmm?" He asked softly, his voice sounding too loud for the quiet room.

"I am sick of this."

Light cracked a smile and turned his attention away from the screen, whirling his chair around and scooting closer to L. He reached out under the table after side glancing towards the cameras. L let their fingers twine together and in a bolder move he dropped his head on Light's shoulder. Light's free hand came up and started petting L's hair slowly in a comforting manner, untangling the knotted strands and massaging his scalp.

"You look so worn, I'm worried. Is everything alright?" Light asked after a long moment.

L sighed again, shaking his head, "A lot on my mind, Raito-kun."

Light murmured his agreement, "Anything I can do?"

L thought about it and knew the conclusion. Light could have just killed him, than L wouldn't have had to go through this. But that was a ridiculous thought too, L didn't want to die. Maybe he just wanted to be freed from this situation- from this case. He wanted to take the youth and disappear to someplace else and never have to look back. L could see them working on cases together, making love in exotic places, having debates and interesting conversations. But the reality of the situation wasn't so pleasant, they were stuck in a murder case with death and destroyed families all around them. They weren't allowed to act on their feelings anymore for fear of Watari exploiting them to Light's family. L didn't care much if Light's family knew, but Light didn't want to disappoint them.

He had been raised to act better, and L knew this. Light had been raised with high expectations and that was probably part of the reason that he had such a god complex. Or had a god complex. The Light that L was nuzzling into was probably more down to earth than himself. L lifted his head after a long moment and squeezed at Light's fingers. Light let his fingers sift through L's raven tresses before dropping his hand back into his lap.

"There hasn't been any information coming in about the Kira case whatsoever." Light pointed out.

L nodded, "I wish that I could work on the Quarantine more, but Watari is incessant."

"I understand where he is coming from, though. It would be best to finish one case before you started on another. Have you worked on multiple cases more than once?"

"On occasion, but they were mostly smaller cases. On average I refuse to work any case with a death toll under ten people."

"Because it's not worth it?"

"Because there are unintellegent people who could be solving those cases .It's what their paid for." The cynicism in L's voice was prevalent.

Light smiled again, "You so arrogant." It wasn't an insult.

L nodded, "I have reason to be, Raito-kun."

"Have you been keeping tabs on Corey and Rachel?" Light asked, leaning back and resting his feet while idly rubbing his thumb over the back of L's hand.

"Yes, but apparently Miss Rachel isn't taking too well at Whammy's."

Light nodded, "I figured as much. She still bruiting it up with Mello?"

"Mello has a very loud personality, and so does Miss Rachel. They were bound to clash, Raito-kun."

"And Corey?"

"She is making friends better than Miss Rachel. Apparently she also dislikes Mello, but more because of his religion than his personality. Roger tells me that she's seen playing video games from time to time with Matt also, but prefers to be found in the musical wing of the orphanage."

"How long have your heirs been at Whammy's?"

L thought about it after a minute. He had only met his heirs a limited number of times since he found out about them. He usually only met them after he learned that they had beaten one another on IQ testing scores. He would go and evaluate them, and keep checking in on their progress and personality defects. L was usually far too busy to go back to the original Whammy's more than two times a year though whenever he did manage he was revered like a god by the young children. That did nothing to smother L's already prevalent ego. L realized Light was waiting for him to answer and glanced back over at him.

"Matt has been at Whammy's since a young child, Near when he was an adolescent, and Mello when he was a teenager."

Light nodded, immediately accepting the vague answers. He knew that L's heirs were still top secret and that just disclosing such a small amount of information could put them in possible risk. L was still showing an amazing amount of trust in Light, something that Light took a lot of pride in. He knew that Watari loathed him now, Watari feared he would endanger L. And for the most part Light was sure that it was the truth. Light had already endangered L, as unintentional as it had been at the time. He'd gotten sick and the slender man had been forced to leave the mall to retrieve a cure. Not just then, but it had been Light who had been so insistent that he go with L to Europe in the first place. And the entire reason they had been stuck in the mall - Light couldn't forget about that. L had been letting him sleep, trying to actually be kind because he knew that Light was under a considerable amount of emotional strain.

L's life was in danger because of Light for other reasons that Light couldn't place, and he found it odd but dismissed those thoughts as unnecessary.

Recently he'd been getting headaches when he found himself thinking about certain things, sometimes regarding Kira and sometimes not, and when he thought back some of his memories seemed a little blurred. Like the prior week, when he'd been allowed outside, he couldn't really recall why he didn't go get L's treat and he didn't remember the conversation that the detective insisted they had had. Light sighed, blowing his hair out of his eyes and glancing over at the detective.

"The others are getting restless for information."

L nodded, "I know this, unfortunately there are no leads, you and I can attest to this Raito-kun."

Light leaned forward absent mindedly, twining his fingers underneath his chin. He stared into his reflection on the computer monitor for a long moment. He vaguely wondered why he felt so guilty right then, he really had no reason to be. Yet Light couldn't push the feeling of uneasiness away from him. Perhaps it was because of some random information that he had just looked over. Maybe it was because they weren't getting anywhere in the case when just two months prior evidence had been so abundant.

Light watched his pupils flicker on the screen.

Or maybe, it was something else.


Three more weeks passed in slow monotony.

L had told most of the investigators, even Soichiro, that reporting to work would be futile until they came up with a lead to investigate. Crime was still happening of course, though at a percent now that was miniscule in comparison to the prior ten years. The news media were blaming Kira some of the time, but the truth rang pristine amongst those who learned from word of mouth. People truly feared another virus coming, or even worse, the Rage Virus reaching their countries.

Every single hour that passed caused more and more information to leak from the Quarantine Zone. Images after images were being broadcasted- pictures of destruction. Children's corpses littered newspapers and the few survivors that had managed to escape were dying from malnutrition. The world was blaming L of course, he was an easy scapegoat. Both Light and the investigation team were trying to ignore the scathing headlines about L, though the man himself was apathetic about the accusations.

L was now being proclaimed as a mass murderer. He had a bounty upon his head and was being hunted.

Not that L would ever be found, of course. Not only did the different countries top politicians agree with L on his original decision for a quarantine, they also had no choice. L had helped them out extensively throughout the years; no major police officer or government head could forget that little tidbit. Horrible people who had committed a vast array of crimes were either put away because of L, or killed because of Kira. The public's opinion of L may have been shot, but those who knew how many he'd already protected were faithfully siding with him.

Light was growing more worried about how uncaring L had become in the Kira investigation.

He seemed so disinterested to even take a glance at data anymore, instead he spent the majority of his time hacking into different computers to monitor and destroy some of the newsfeed about the Quarantine. 'Damage control,' he called it. Light tried as hard as he could to get L re-involved in solving the case, but Light could tell that L already considered the case closed. This puzzled him though; L was always the sort to only finalize a case after a clear convict and numerous different types of evidence. Yet as of that moment, Kira's true identity seemed to have been lost with the Yotsuba Corporation.

Light was correct in being suspicious of L's easy dismissal of the Kira investigation, after all.

On September 16th of that year, the Kira case closed officially.

L cited the true identity of Kira as being 'strictly confidential' to the public, and pawned one of the Yotsuba Employee's, Higuchi Kyosuke, as Kira. Watari had been furious with L, but had no say in the matter. Light had been a little disappointed, but he also knew that L would keep tabs and an eye out for any new information regarding the case. At this point though if Kira did start killing again that would be the final taint on L's reputation, and he would never be respected in the world again. (Not that L had to worry about this either, he could always just switch to another alias.)

On September 17th, L formally apologized to Soichiro Yagami for causing him so much stress, and he informed the father that his son had been wrongfully accused and imprisoned because of false leads.

This probably would have gone over a hell of a lot better if L hadn't added that he was going to be taking Light with him from now on, and that the chances Soichiro had of seeing his son again were next to nothing.

Light realized that day that though L had gotten slightly better with speaking normallly, he still needed to work on his people skills.

Because L had officially freed Light of any suspicion at being Kira, they were no longer videotaped. It had been almost a month and a half since either man had really even been allowed to touch each other, and when Watari grudgingly told them they wouldn't be videotaped constantly, Light had been so relieved he wanted to cry. Not only did he miss sexual activities with the elder detective, but he more dearly missed sleeping in a bed that wasn't in a cell. Knowing that he couldn't even relieve himself without Watari staring at him had been a little creepy for a while. Once modesty was tossed aside he managed somewhat, but to know that he wouldn't be videotaped and monitored anymore… that was a load off his shoulders.

It was probably because everything became busy all of the sudden, that Light didn't notice L acting differently. He assumed that L wouldn't act the same way he had while they had been truly alone in the mall, and maybe because of this he dismissed those haunted looks the detective would sometimes give him.

In reality, it was because L felt immensely guilty.

His sense of justice had been what maintained his effort in cases throughout the years. To know that he was righteous and true to the ideals had been his pride. Perhaps it didn't show on his face, but to see his favorite (and more importantly; first) alias atop a television monitor with the words 'Murderer' next to it… that stung. He knew that he should be apathetic about such things, but he didn't want the children at Whammy's to doubt their eventual inheritance. He wanted them to continue to strive to be the best, and if aspiring to be L one day was their goal then they would work harder for that goal. But that also wasn't the half of it. L knew that Watari wouldn't be able to hold Light's verdict over his head for too long, especially since the Kira case was closed.

Now Light wasn't being monitored visually, he would probably expect L to be sexually intimate again. L wasn't quite sure how he was going to do that, nor how he was going to explain his actions resulting. The memories and knowledge he now carried with him had crippled him slightly. Though he knew that he loved Light and could trust him, it was now on his mind constantly that this had been a true mass murderer. When Light would smile or lean over to touch him, he would feel detached and melancholy and even a tad sickened.

L would force himself recall that Light had been willing to die, and this was L's punishment.

L was going to bare both of their sins, after all.

But when it finally came down to it, when they had finally been alone again for the first time since Light's confession, L had pushed Light away.

Light had been honestly confused, but he hadn't been angry. Even if L's actions had been interpreted as uncaring, harsh, and selfish during the last few months, Light knew that L was harder to read than face value. Even if L had refused to kiss him that time, Light had known that it wasn't because of him persay, but rather because of something L was struggling with.

L had been reaching conclusions steadily and four days after Light's innocence he announced that he would be leaving for Russia. Alone.

Light had been understandably pissy about the whole matter.

"You said that we would work together from now on," Light told him, voice sounding oddly hurt while feigning detachment.

"Raito-kun, I understand we agreed to that. But I shall be taking a short trip which is top secret even from Watari. It will only take me four days at most, and when I return we can begin our next case. You can stay at your parent's residence for the time being, or if you'd prefer you may go with Watari back to Whammy's to see Miss Rachel and Corey-hime." L stated evenly, trying to keep his voice as level as possible.

Light crossed his arms and sighed, "I guess you'll do what you want to, either way."

L looked over at him curiously, "Is Raito-kun upset because he is being excluded?"

"Not upset… It's just," Light paused, "…I don't like that I've been suddenly declared innocent."

L gave an over-exaggerated gesture of shock, "Oh? I would have thought Raito-kun was happy to have proven me wrong."

"I didn't prove anything to you, and you damn well know it." Light retorted harshly, "I know that you dismissed the Investigation and pawned a Kira, I just don't know why. That's completely against your style, L." Light uncrossed his arms again and gave a slight glare.

"I'm surprised you would be so familiar with 'my style' when you've only known me a limited amount of time," L told him softly, keeping his face blank.

Light bit his lip in thought and turned around so that his back was facing L, "I guess I'll stay with my parents then. I know that you're keeping something from me, L. I'm not stupid. And I also know that it has nothing to do with this trip to Russia." Light sighed and turned around a little to peer at the detective. L looked back at him plainly, undisturbed. Their eyes locked, and for the first time since before the quarantine there was no warmth in either sets. Both were guarded, distant.

"I guess I'll see you when I see you," Light told him finally after a long silence.

And when he closed the door behind him, L couldn't help but feel relieved. With Light gone, he would be able to do what he had been planning all along. Learn more about the Death Note.


Light was silent as he sat in the back of the limo that was transporting him to his parents house. He supposed that he should be feeling a hell of a lot of different emotions at that particular time, but he didn't really feel anything. He was a free man (was it really freedom?) and he was in love (though his lover seemed to care less) and he was heading back to his family (who didn't know half the truth). How was one supposed to feel at a time like this?

So much had happened and he could understand why perhaps L needed to be alone. Light also felt stunted, or rather stupid in his reasoning.

Why was Light so presumptuous as to assume that things would return to how they had been during the Quarantine? L may have been acting strange, but Light realized that he was writing a lot of those types of incidents off. When had it started? Light stared down at his lap intensely, flexing his hands without watching them. He didn't even realize when the car stopped to let him out until the driver had already opened the door for him.

Bowing politely he walked past the cement gate outside his house and down the stone path like he had done so many times before. His mother greeted him with and open hug, and his father gave him such a proud smile that it made Light uneasy. They had a quiet dinner together, Sayu took up most of the conversations with her chatter about the Student Council elections, and finally Light retreated to his room. The last time he'd slept there he'd still been handcuffed to L. They'd made love on his bed and even forgot to shut the door. Light had been relieved that his mother hadn't woken them up the next morning, but rather his watch had gone off.

Walking idly to his desk he sank in the revolving seat and leaned over, clicking his older model computer on without a second thought. He felt idle, and disheartened. It had been so long since he'd had nothing to work on, nothing to plan. He'd always been doing school work, or working on the Kira investigation. Even after that, when he'd been in the mall, he'd been preoccupied with drawing. Blinking, he reached over to his printer and took a sheet of blank paper out. Reaching into his pen cup he picked out a mechanical pencil and clicked it into use.

Staring down at the sheet he began so slowly draw an outline. He began to trace out flowing long hair and a devastated face. A cross necklace and a gothic outfit. She was holding the hand of a darker child who wore a sundress. The child was crying, looking terrified. Palming his cheek in one hand he stared at the image in a daze, lost in thought. He hadn't heard anything about Rachel or Corey in a long time, and he wondered how both girls were doing. Maybe he should have just taken up L's offer, and gone to see them. But, then again, this may be the last time he would ever really get to visit with his family.

A soft knock on the door resonated out and he looked up. Sayu smiled softly at him and he nodded, telling her to come in. Sayu walked in slowly, looking around his room as if it was unfamiliar and new to her. She finally stood a couple feet away from him.

"You know Light, after you left to become a big detective, I asked Okaasan if I could have your old room, since it's bigger." Sayu crossed her arms over her belly and sunk into his bed, "They said 'no' of course. They wanted to keep it here in case you ever did come back."

Light stayed silent.

"Okaasan told me that this was probably going to be one of the last times I'm ever going to see you, but she wouldn't tell me why. I put two and two together, and I figured it's because of L, right?" She looked up at him for conformation, and Light just sighed.

"It's a little more complicated than that, Sayu-chan." He replied after a long pause. Sayu nodded blankly.

"I figured as much. But- Raito-kun?"


"Promise you'll write, or something. I guess it feels like I sort of grew up all alone in the last year, which is true enough… But, you're still my onÏsan, right?" Sayu looked at him, biting her lip. Light gazed over at her for a long moment, before letting out a tentative smile. Standing up he walked the short gap that led to his bed and sat down right beside her. Light felt a little bad because he never really gave his sister much attention, but she was still a good girl. They had never been close growing up, and maybe he was starting to regret that.

"It's a promise." He told her, patting her hand softly. Sayu leaned against his arm. They stayed like that for a long moment before she finally took a big breath. Looking over at her curiously, Light was surprised to see Sayu blushing slightly.

"So… do you love him then?"

Light's face grew pale and his mouth dropped, his mind forming a blank. Sayu looked over at him and blushed even deeper, "Um, well, when you came back home last time… you left your door open… and I came to check on you. Um, but! I-I didn't see anything!!" She finally stammered. Light's cheeks grew flush and realizing too late that he was probably blushing just as fiercely. Finally he snapped his mouth shut.

Frantically searching for a coherent thought, "Do our parents know?" Was the first thing he could think of. Sayu shook her head negative frantically, looking just as frazzled and uncomfortable about the conversation as Light.

"I never told them of course! I accidently… found out, and it's none of their business anyway! But- um, is your," She paused again, "relationship with L making you leave us?"

Light blinked, "Of course not! I'm going with him to become a detective."

Sayu nodded again, "Okay- good to know. Um, how about a swift change of subject and never mentioning this again, hmm?"

Light wholeheartedly agreed.


As it turned out, the next two days were slow and uneventful. Light had nowhere to go, really, so he walked his sister to school each morning and helped his mom out the majority of the afternoon. He tried to keep as busy as possible, to force his mind blank. He delivered lunch to his father (and was given a bunch of handshakes by fellow police officers) and he finally ended up going out to brunch with the most unexpected person one afternoon- Misa.

Misa had found out somehow that he was going to be at home for a few days, so she had basically stalked him back to his house before jumping on him and nearly crashing him into the ground. Light hadn't been too pleased, but he really had no reason to deny the girl her simple request. Since Light had been declared innocent, Misa automatically was as well. She apparently was finishing the fourth season of a television drama now, and living back at her apartment in Harajuku district. She went on and on about a lot of things that Light didn't really listen too, and finally he tried to convince her that he would call her within the week to 'hang out again.' Unfortunately for her, Light had no intention of doing so. He wouldn't even be around after a day or two from then, and he suspected that he would never see Amane Misa again. This gave him a lot of satisfaction, actually. Misa of course was none the wiser, and even after he forced her away when she attempted to kiss him, she still maintained her cheery disposition and her bright smile.

The afternoon before L had said he would be back, Light had received a phone call on his mother's cell. It figured that L would use such abstract means to contact him, and Light had been unsurprised when his mother had handed him her phone while him and Sayu sat on the couch watching television with a startled and confused expression.

"Moshi Moshi?" He asked.

"Hello, Raito-kun." L responded in English.

"So you finally call." Light answered in English also, more to confuse his family than to be speaking in the foreign language (Light had a feeling that he would miss Japanese desperately once he left). Sayu and his mother were watching him and he sighed, shifting around in his seat.

"Of course, did you expect otherwise?"

"…What did you need?"

"Watari shall be at your home at one PM tomorrow afternoon to pick you up. You will be blindfolded and taken aboard a plane for a few hours. Then you will join me at our new safe house to discuss our next case. Is this adequate?"

Light was oddly comforted by L's voice, it was mellow and helped calm him down. It almost made him forget about their argument. He stood up and exited the living room, cradling the phone to his ear while heading up the stairs, "So did you work everything out?"

"Negative, Raito-kun. But I far more amiable now and I shall be speaking with less vituperation, I assure you."

Light let out a short laugh while he closed his door and locked it behind him, "I hardly think that's what you were doing. I understand and all… believe it or not, for all this 'short time that I've known you' I still comprehend your basics."

L was silent on the phone for a long minute, "… I agree, Raito-kun. I apologize for my unreasonable actions towards you, but I did need to be where I am currently for undisclosed reasons."

"Yes, yes, I understand. You're probably busy but I will see you within 48 hours, right?"

"That is correct."

Light nodded though he knew L couldn't see him, "Then it's alright. Just, be safe, alright?"

L snorted audibly over the phone, "As if I would be otherwise."

Light smiled to himself, "Well, what with the flesh eating zombies out creeping the night,"

"I've dealt with them once, and I can do it again."

Light opened his mouth to respond but the line was cut off. Rolling his eyes he snapped the phone shut and stared down at the device blankly, going through different thoughts in his head. L still had his poor social skills, but at least Light felt slightly better now. Walking back out of his room again, he padded his way down to the kitchen where his mother was making some tea. After giving her phone back with an apologetic smile, Light bid them both goodnight and went upstairs.

As he soaked in the bath that night he thought about many different things. Mostly he sorted through his memories from his childhood, reminiscing upon people he had known, and hurt, and people he would never see again. He wondered what sort of case he would be working on soon enough, and how L would act. L had been hot and cold the last few weeks, either touching him or being completely distant. Light would be relieved if they could just find some normalcy. Of course, his definition of normalcy was pretty skewed by comparison, but even if Light could just regain a sense of self he would be complacent. And maybe if Watari would stop glaring daggers at him every single time they saw each other, that would help a bit.

After a long soak and bath he changed and went to his room, reviewing newspaper articles about the Quarantine and searching for any new information on the internet. He was just about to turn of the computer when he felt a cold burst of air whoosh from his window. Looking over at his walk-out he was startled to see that it was open, the curtains flapping in the wind.

The next thing he heard was a Shinigami cackling quietly in the background.


L had gone to his best supernatural resources to attempt to decode the mysteries behind the Death Note, to no avail. He had hired more than eighteen different sources, and given them the most minimal information necessary, but it seemed impossible. The only things that he had learned about the Note were the few things Light had told him after he'd regained his memories, and the things that were written inside the Note itself.

L was unnerved that such an abomination could exist, and he was dripping with curiosity about the Note's origins and it's details. L was still worried about a Shinigami showing up, but he was positive that if one did show up that Light would be unable to see or detect it because technically L was now the owner of the notebook.

L had tested out its capabilities himself on a murderer who was convicted and to be sentenced to die a day from then anyways. He had written the details of death and been startled that the man had carried out his unspoken orders. L was interested in how far the Death Note was able to go, if it was possible to kill people in impossible ways, but he also didn't want to overuse it. He simply tested it that once so that he would become the owner and Light would be unable to take the Note back into his possession.

L bit down on his thumb as he stared at the Note, lost in thought.

Light had gone back to stay with his parents, much to Watari's approval. Watari had been informed of L's eventual plans to let Light stay by his side and take one of his aliases, but that was going to prove a bit more difficult. Because L could no longer use his most popular alias, he only had two others to rely on. This was easier said than done, because even though government alliances would go to L for things regarding the quarantine, he would also be blamed for the deaths. The taint would never leave.

L had been oddly pleased after talking to Light on the phone. Light had been obviously upset the last time they talked and L had felt guilty. Though he knew it was probably only logical to distance himself from Light, he found that he didn't like not being around the boy. Feeling awkward was worth it if he at least got to see Light as he had been prior- innocent.

L replayed that day in his head over and over again. How Light had come to him, and L's heart had been pounding, and how his eyes had been tinted with malice and deep hurt… and how after that piece of paper had slipped out his grasp, and L had took it away, Light had been back to his old self. He'd been normal again.

A button on his monitor beeped a call, startling L out of his train of thought. He leaned over easily to answer it.


Gaining the memories of a past that you cannot remember was less painful the second time around Light assumed. He'd heard a cackle and the next thing he'd known was scorching hot pain- like his head was exploding. He'd fallen to the floor on his knees, holding his middle, shaking. And then he'd heard that familiar laugh and reality had hit him.

He was breathing very heavy when he finally stood up. His hair covered his eyes as he heard Ryuk talk to him.

"Hey, Raito! It's been a long time, eh?"

Light's eyes finally met Ryuk's unnatural yellow ones and he forced the vomit down. His hand was clutching the Death Note, the second one he'd ever seen. This Death Note was the one that Jealous had originally possessed, the one that Misa had inherited. It did not have the rules written inside, and on the outside was a strange foreign text.

"Yes, Ryuk. It has been a while," Light told him in a flippant manner, like he wasn't trying not to cry. He knew that if he showed any weakness to Ryuk, that Ryuk would deem him boring and kill him. Amber eyes locked with yellow, and the idea struck him that maybe Ryuk taking his life wouldn't be so bad. Light forced those thoughts away right then- the seething red hot anger that would cloud his judgment. The fact that L had taken his memories from him, and tried to hide the truth.

"Thing'sve been busy what with all those souls flooding the gates. The King's in a tizzy. Rem told me that you were coming back though, so I picked up this Note just in case. Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk… It'll be less boring this way."

Light nodded vaguely, "Of course, Ryuk. I promise that I will entertain you, but you need to give me a couple days."

"Oh? You have a plan?" That inhuman smile gave shivers down Light's back.

Light nodded again, turning around and glaring at the floor, "I do have plan."

The wind rustled again and Light heard Ryuk's wings pop out of his back- the sign that Ryuk was leaving. Because Light hadn't taken a life from the Note yet, and Ryuk didn't own that Note in the first place, he was now required to go back to L. Light's eyes widened and he spun around.

"Ryuk- Don't go to the master of your extra Note." He ordered sharply.

"Eh? Why?"

Light considered this for a moment before replying, "Because if you do it'll ruin my plan."

Ryuk stared down at him and then finally nodded, "Two days, Yagami Light. No more, no less."

He flew out of sight without another word. Light let his feet carry him to his small porch, and he stared at the monster as it soared through the black sky. He lost sight of Ryuk easily, and after he knew he was finally alone Light started trembling. He wanted to punch something- anything, so hard that it would break his hand. He let the memories tumble over him, and he replayed the last few months in the context it was supposed to be read in- he was Kira.

He was Kira, and L knew it. He was Kira, yet the investigation was closed now and Light was proclaimed innocent. L was ready to hide his sentence, his disgusting deeds, from the world. From himself. Light knew that it had been L's intention to never allow him near the Note again, to never gain back the incriminating memories.

Light was horrified. He was furious, he was ready to cry.

But most of all, he was ready for payback.

He finally stopped trembling as he clenched his fist, his eyes blazing conviction. Light had lied to Ryuk when he had told him that he'd thought of a plan. That part had been untrue. But, Light had several hours to think of one, and now Light knew L's greatest weakness. It wasn't his true name, or even his heirs… It was Light himself.

Ryuk had once told Light that he would be the one to kill Light one day. He would write Light's name down in his own Note and Light would go to Muh for all eternity. If Light told Ryuk to kill him sooner, L would be forced to live with his sins for eternity. Not that Light felt L was a sinner, but L had betrayed him. Light was a murderer, and he even if he hadn't been ready to die that day it was still what he deserved. So now Light was going to do what he had decided he would do that night L and himself had first made love.

He would protect L- even from himself.

Because L couldn't stop a Shinigami, no matter how incredibly smart he was.

And once Light's name was written in that Note, it would only be forty seconds until game over.