Five Times
By: White Rain
Disclaimer: I do not own Storm Hawks
Pairing/Characters: Finn/Junko
Summary: Finn feels safest in Junko's arms and is not ready to examine those feelings just yet. In the meanwhile, he's a bit of an jerk. ♥


"I could kiss you!" Finn said after Junko handed him the record player that he had just repaired.

"It was nothing," Junko said shyly, blushing slightly. "I've always liked fixing things."

"Well then," Finn said, setting his hand on Junko's shoulder and guiding him to his room, "there are many things you could look at for me."

"My birthday was yesterday," Junko said, turning his head to the side and folding his arms.

"Yes, but there was a game I had to see," Finn said exasperatingly, holding out his arms. "So I moved it to tomorrow."

"A game is more important than me," Junko said and sniffed loudly.

"Of course not," Finn said and moved to set his hand gently set his hands on Junko's shoulder and found himself staring at his lips as he continued, "If that was true, I wouldn't have set aside today at all for you. Dinner on you, okay?"

"I get to choose?" Junko said, his voice small and hopeful.

"Of course!" Finn said. "But I should tell you about this great place I heard of before you do - "

"And then he just leaves the room as if it was my fault!" Finn complained.

Piper didn't even look up from the crystal she was examining. "That's because it was your fault."

"You didn't even listen to a word I said," Finn accused.

"I don't need to," Piper said as Junko suddenly stormed into the room, cuddling his teddy bear in his arms.

"See! Even Piper agrees with me."

Finn sighed deeply. "Okay, maybe I was a little bit at fault. We'll talk it over with some of the sandwiches you make us."

"...Okay," Junko said after studying his bear silently for a long moment.

Finn set his hand on the small of Junko's back and led him into the kitchen. For some reason, he made sure that Junko's shoulders were touching his.

"We're going to die!" Finn screamed and jumped into Junko's arms as the monster chased them.

"At least we're together," Junko said through his pants as he ran as fast as he could while Finn buried his face in Junko's neck and whimpered loudly.

"I had a nightmare about the monster," Finn said defensively as he crawled into Junko's bed and under his covers.

"He was really scary," Junko agreed as he wrapped his arms around Finn.

"Glad I can help you through this," Finn said sleepily.