I've not written much about this…my favorite anime couple that never was…because I don't want to spoil the story. But…I've just heard that in volume 18 and 19 Kyohei has confessed! Don't know if this is true but I can't wait if it is. This is meant to tide me over until then. I hope you enjoy.

xxx Sunako's POV xxx

Aaa I love my room. The darkness, the evilness, the spookiness…it all serves as a refuge for me, a sanctuary that heals me from the horror of those creatures of the light. Yeah! I can enjoy this a bit longer before I have to make dinner.

"Nakahara Sunako! " Echoed a harsh voice. My door flew open and I was immediately blinded by the light.

"Aaah! Mabushii!" I screamed as I quickly scampered back into the darkness.

In barged a shirtless Kyohei carrying a big bottle of antiseptic and cotton balls. Takenaga had bought that bottle a week ago at a price save club rationalizing that with the two of us around we go through it quickly…so far we were half way through it.

"Shut-up! It's your fault this happened, you have to take responsibility." He demanded as he shoved the bottle and bag of cotton balls in my face. He then turned his back to me and plopped down. I looked at his back and immediately felt a twinge of guilt. It was covered with cuts and bruises. I dutifully picked up the cotton balls and dabbed it in the antiseptic before thinking back to what had happened about half an hour earlier.

We were walking home and as usual I kept myself several steps behind. I had tried to flee early, even skipping out on cleaning duty so as not to have to walk near this dazzling creature. Yet his long legs allowed him to catch up to me quickly just outside the school. I remember he was going on about what he wanted me to make for dinner and periodically looking back as I walked with my head down, my eyes tracing the familiar path home. Suddenly he cried out, simultaneously spinning me around and pulling me into him. A sound of shattering glass was followed immediately by a cacophony of high pitched screams. Keeping me close he looked at me briefly before looking back and raising his arm up in anger. That's when I noticed the blood. At first I thought it was mine given his proximity, but when I realized it wasn't I squealed in delight and reached out to touch it. It was then that I processed the meaning behind the screams. "Waaah it hit Kyohei-sama! It was meant for that scary girl. How dare she get so close to our Kyohei!"

Glass bottles, that was what caused these wounds before me. I slowly began to dab the wounds and he periodically stiffened at the contact with the antiseptic.

After he had given them a tongue lashing and they had all run away in tears, he placed his arm around me and ushered me silently home. I looked up once and recognized his boiling fury and irritation. Honestly I was somewhat in shock at the events. His fan girls had never deliberately attempted to physically harm me before. I mean why would they? I had certainly made it clear EVERY chance I got that it was intolerable for me to be anywhere near this creature. Plus, I wasn't even pretty like Noi or a perfect lady like Tamao…I wasn't competition, I wasn't a threat. Why didn't those girls understand that the reason Kyohei was close to me was that very fact. In his eyes, I wasn't a girl, I was a roommate, a sparring partner, a cook.

Shaking me out of my thoughts, he silently quipped "I'm sorry." He seemed less tense now, and thankfully he was currently avoiding all eye contact.

"It wasn't your fault." I stated.

"Well, whatever…" he replied, wincing again upon application of the antiseptic. "Maybe we should report those girls to the police. That really was taking things too far."

"After what happened, they probably won't do it again." I stated matter-of-factly, before cackling. "Plus it doesn't matter if they try again…I would love to meet Death."

He turned grabbing my wrist. "Don't say that! Woman, why would you say that!" His face carried a peculiar expression. What was that? A mixture of anger, and … fear? Turning his body to fully face me he placed his hands on my shoulders and continued to scold. "Do you still have so little regard for yourself? "

"Aack, let me go!" I yelled before jerking away. "My life is insignificant, who would care if something happened?"

He raised his hand before me and I closed my eyes, in anticipation of the slap. When it didn't come I peeked and saw he had dropped his hand and was now looking away. "You stupid girl! How can you still think like that…even after everything." He whispered. I sat there before him wide eyed, unsure of what to do or say. After several minutes, he slowly turned his face to me, blinking away what looked like tears he pleaded, "What do I have to do?"