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Xxx Takenaga xxx

The house was quiet again. The three of us sat there waiting and wondering what could have caused Sunako to freak out like that. With her it could have been anything. Ranmaru had ushered his "visitor" out a while ago and was now channel surfing. Yuki was pacing back and forth between the stairs and the couch. What was taking Noi so long?

About an hour later Noi emerged. She smiled brightly at us and informed us that we were not to disturb Sunako for the rest of the evening and that she was going to prepare dinner. Thankfully she had started taking cooking lessons from Sunako a few months ago, Currently she was the best cook in the room.

I stopped her en route to the kitchen with a firm, "Noi-chi."

Before stepping through the door she happily responded, "Please don't ask…Takenaga-kun. You will know in time." Her humming compelled Yuki to follow her into the kitchen.

Ranmaru and I glanced at each other. "100,000 yen this has something to do with Kyohei." he said.

"That's not a fair bet. 95 of the time, it has something to do with Kyohei. Where is that bastard anyway?" I asked.

"Dunno, I haven't seen him since school." The redhead replied. " He's not in his room either, I checked before coming downstairs."

Our heads turned swiftly at the sound of the door opening. "Kyohei!" We said in unison. Without stopping, he turned towards us, narrowed his eyes then bee-lined it to his room.

"Definitely it has something to do with Kyohei." We chimed together.

Xxx Kyohei xxx

I didn't feel like making small talk, so I headed quickly to my room. I was hungry, but didn't want to bother with any of them. I could sneak downstairs after dinner. She always put away leftovers for me. Sunako…aargh, that walk hadn't improved my mood at all. I opened the bottle that I had tucked into my hoodie and took a swig . I really want to get drunk tonight. A soft rap at the door. "Go away!" I warned.

My heart skipped a beat, when she said "It's me." In a flash I was at the door and upon opening it pulled her into my room and into my arms.

Xxx Sunako xxx

I never before realized how at home I felt in his arms. He had held me innumerable times before, but I never let myself really feel him. We stood, his arms tightly around me while mine hung limply by my side. "I need time." I said, my voice shaking. "I don't remember what it's like to be in…you know…that word…so I don't know how to answer you yet." I continued. At those words, his shoulders slumped and his grip loosened.

A sudden anxiety began to well up as I he started pulling away and I blurted, "Bu..but…I do know that when you're not here something is missing. I know that when we do spend time together I always have a lot of fun…even when we are doing …embarrassing things. I know somehow when you're happy, it makes me happy too." I looked down with the next set of words. " I know I can trust you with my life...I just don't know yet if I can trust you with my heart…I don't even know if I can trust my own heart. Please, I need time."

He released me, trailed his hand down my arm and intertwined his fingers with mine. "I understand. I'm not a patient man, but for you I'll wait." He slowly leaned forward and placed his forehead on mine. "You need to know that I would never hurt you. Trust me."

He tilted my face upwards and looked at me intently. My cheeks warmed and my heart began to race. "You need to know even if you say no, I'm not going to give up." He started firmly. As a similarly rose colored tone arose in his face, he suddenly looked away. "Aaah, the mood is too serious, let's have some fun now."

With his eyes twinkling he boasted, " Look what I got for roughing up some punks that were bothering the ossan who owns the market." He held up the most glorious sight ever. A large bottle of Godiva chocolate liquor. I squealed in delight and anticipation!

"Ossan gave me a choice, so I picked chocolate." He said with a big grin. "Lets play caps!"

xxx Yuki xxx

I stood before the entrance to hell and took in a big breath. Be brave Yuki, be brave. Knocking, I called out, "Sunako chan, are you ok? Are you going to school today? Sunako chan?" Carefully opening the door I peeped in. "Sunako chan?" Where was she? Forcing myself to walk over to the window, I opened the curtains to let in some light. Wha…no Sunako chan?

Running down the hall, my vision somewhat obscured by tears, I called out "Takenaga, Takenaga, Sunako's gone missing again."

He opened the door rather abruptly and stated. "Let's check Kyohei's room." We threw Kyohei's door open and flipped on the lights. Nothing, there was nothing except the usual messy bed. Ranmaru joined us at the doorway.

"Where could they have gone?" I inquired tightly clinging to the sleeve of Takenaga's pyjamas.

Ranmaru answered dramatically as he threw his arms around Takenaga and I, "Probably he took her to a love hotel. Or maybe they're doing H things in the basement."

Takenaga answered him with a smack on the back of the head. He walked into Kyohei's room and peered over the bed.

A few blinks before..."EEEHHHH?" Takenaga cried out and fell back in shock. Ranmaru and I looked at each other and were at his side in a second straining over the bed to see what he had observed.

There was a shirtless Kyohei on the ground …his left arm sprawled out and a bottle of liqueur lying nearby…his right arm had dragged the bed blanket down and was cradling something…."EEEEEEHHHHHHHH!!!!"

Xxx Kyohei xxx

Argh, my head was pounding. Why were those idiots yelling? I growled before yelling back "URUSEI!" I attempted to roll and pull the blanket over my head when I realized something warm was lying next to me. Looking down I blinked a few times as the innocent (They played caps and did shots till they both passed out) events of the previous evening fuzzily unfolded in my mind. She was still asleep so I glared at the guys and wrapped her up a bit tighter with the blanket. Whispering I informed "Go away, we're not going to school today." The trio stared blankly back at me mouths agape. Ranmaru was the first to stir, he stepped forward with an evil grin, but as soon as he opened his mouth he was backhanded by Takenaga and pulled out of the room by his shirt collar. Yuki followed and softly closed the door.

I looked down again and smiled before repositioning so her head rested on my chest while my arms wrapped tightly around her. Hmm, if she wakes up like this she'll probably be really pissed. Oh well, it can't be helped, I smirked as I drifted back off to sleep.