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Chapter 8: Confidential

Buffy and Spike headed down to records room with quick haste. Most of the Wolfram & Hart employees just passed by, a few time stealing a quick glance at the blonde couple, who had been the talk of the office for quite some time. Whether it was because of who they were or the fact that they were trapped here, they never took the time to find out.

They ended up in the deserted hallway and took a few turns as need until they stood in front of the highly secure door. Since Angel took over, he apparently had some improvements in security done to prevent just anyone from heading in. Spike and Buffy could have while they were incorporeal, but it would just be like going through another door as even if they wanted to they couldn't touch any of the files.

Spike smirked and grabbed Buffy's hand and made a dash at the door, slamming his face head first in. "Bloody hell!!"

"SHHHH!" Buffy smacked Spike over the head earning her a glare. "Don't look at me like that. It's your own fault you ran at the door. Wasn't it just five minutes ago that you said you knew the code?"

"Ugh…I forgot." Spike scratched his head as he looked at the door.

She crossed her arms as she stared at Spike. "You forgot that you were solid or you forgot the code!" She heard him think the answer before he even had time to say it to her. "Seriously! Both!? Did your brain stay incorporeal and fall out of your head somewhere…perhaps maybe when you went head first into the door!"

"Hey, watch it." Spike gave her a dirty look before punching code numbers into the key pad. "I have a hundred plus years of information running through my head, you have what twenty-three?"

"Excuse me?" Her anger began to rise and she could feel his doing the same. "What is that supposed to mean?"

Spike turned around from punching numbers and glared at her. "Anyone with a brain could figure that out. Guess yours must have fallen somewhere too!"

Both got closer to each other fists clenching as their anger continued to rise. "You are calling me stupid?"

His expression turned soft. "No love…"Just as quickly as it changed, it turned into a smirk. "I guess the more appropriate word would be…blonde."

Her fist connected with his nose causing him to shout. "For your information, you're blonde too!!"

He swung back at her, connecting with her jaw. "Ah, but I bleach my hair. It's not natural pet." They both had blocked each other's thoughts, leaving their only form of communication to speak out loud. Though their point was to be as stealthy as they could, it changed to being down right loud.

"Ugh! You are the most infuriating person I have ever known!" Buffy through her arms up in the air. "What did I ever see in you?"

Spike tapped his finger on his chin as he pretended to think. "Hmm…maybe because I was the only one who actually gave you and bit of attention pet….no. I wasn't the kind of guy who ran off! Daddy left you, the Poofter left you, that kid that got the in between your knees left you, which I have to say was downright sad. Not even good enough for another go. Oh! And then we have Riley. Ha. Do I even have to say it? Yep. I do. He. Left. You."

"Really Spike? Um, let's see. You were with Drusilla for almost a century and in all that time she never really loved you. Chaos demon, ring a bell? Or my favorite…she chose ANGEL! Even when she was with you she wanted to be with someone else. Then there was Harmony. Ha! That's a joke. Do I really have to go into details? Hell, she shot an arrow at you in the end." Buffy laughed her gaze went to the pissed off vampire to the slow stream of light pink smoke coming from the vent above the door. "Huh?"

Spike got confused and turned to look where Buffy was staring at. "Stupid. Ponce. Vampire." Spike went over and punched his hand through the key code, pulling out some wires. The door slid open and Spike roughly dragged Buffy through it and down the hall.

He stopped when she began to teeter a bit. "What the hell was that?" Buffy took a deep breath and regained focus.

"I saw it in the lab a while ago. I asked a science girl bout it and he said that it cases anger and rage. Hence our little spat."

She rolled her eyes. "Let me guess, you got the code wrong so many times and then we got dose with whatever that was. That didn't help much did it?"

"You caught it early I guess…with so much of that stuff we would 'ave had been at each other's throats. Literally speaking of course."

Buffy started heading down the nearby stair case that lead to the records room. "What is the big deal if a lawyer or one of these employees gets in?" She turned to look at Spike. "What is he trying to hide?"

Spike shrugged. "Something big or something he doesn't want anyone to see. I bet it's about that Connor guy too."

They slowly crept into the main records office and sighed with relief as they saw that the woman who usually sat behind the desk was missing. They didn't want Angel knowing that they were anywhere near the records. Noticing the back room where all the highly confidential records were kept, the couple broke the lock on the door and made their way inside.

Spike and Buffy split up and began sifting through files and cabinets, trying to find anything worthwhile. Buffy turned towards Spike who she saw beaming and could feel his glee through the bond. "Find anything?" She got up from the pile of papers she was sitting in and walked over to him. From over his shoulder, she could see that he was holding some type of order form.

Spike turned to her and kissed her then smiled again with a mischievous look in his eyes. "This," He held up the paper, "is Angel's supply of hair gel order and by the looks of it, it is almost run out."

Buffy shook her head and wandered back up to her piles of papers, but saw him pocket the order in his duster. "Spike…"

"What?" He played his most innocent face. "This is important. Why else would it have been in the confidential section of the records? It's custom made!! Maybe Wolfram & Hart made him a deal. If he takes over as Grand Poofter of the company, he gets his own hair gel. Plus, I need this to get back at him for making me be a berk to you outside."

She felt the guilt through the connection and sent a bit his way. She began sifting through more papers and found the jackpot. "Spike, I think I found Connor."

Spike walked over and as he moved, you could see that there was even more papers shoved in his jacket, but at the moment was a bit too unimportant.

"It can't be right." She shook her head and handed the file over to Spike who quickly skimmed the page, his eyes going wide. "Yeah, that is what I looked like too."

Spike grabbed the file and the rest of the papers and stuffed them with the rest of the ones he had stashed in his coat. Being so near to her, Buffy could see that he had a lot more papers stuffed in then what she had originally thought. And what looked like to be a video tape?

"What's the tape of?"

He shrugged his shoulders and had a gleam in his eye. "No clue, but I'm dying to find out. Plus, I found this prophecy thing…um Shanshu. I'm just a naturally curious person. "

Buffy smiled as she took his hand and lead him away from the mess they made of papers, but had to stop and wait as he turned back and grabbed another three folders. She shook her head as they made their way back up stairs.

1 Hour Later:

The gang was assembled in Angel's office as they watched the boss himself pace in front of his desk, his body tense. He stopped and turned to the gang. "Someone broke into the records room and stole some highly confidential files." He shot Cordelia a look that caused Spike to nudge Buffy.

"I wonder why she knows and the other's don't?"

Buffy unconsciously shrugged, but then quickly covered it up with a stretch. "Well, maybe we should have read the file. It could have told us something."

Spike raised an eyebrow at her. "You would have preferred to read rather than have-"He snapped his attention back when Wesley asked a question.

"What exactly was taken?" Everyone turned toward Angel.

"Tons of confidential records. They got the Shanshu prophecy." The gang nodded and some looked worried, all except for Buffy and Spike.

Buffy spoke up, "So, what is this whole thing? Apocalypse or what?"

"It's about me."

Spike raised an eyebrow. "Really, what does it say about you? Imminent death perhaps? Plus, it actually calls you by name?"

Angel stared Spike straight in the eye. "No, not death and yes it refers to me."

Cordy made a face and turned to Angel. "But, it-"She cut off as she looked from Angel to Spike. "Oh…"

Gunn laughed as he tried to bring the attention to himself. "Remember something?"

She laughed, "Yeah, a year in a coma will do that to you. Just remembered something from a few years back that finally made sense. Yep. Anyways, what else was taken?"

"Just a few other files…nothing that any of you should worry about."

Fred scrunched her nose. "Shouldn't we though? I mean someone from inside Wolfram & Hart or someone else came in here and took a bunch of important documents. Shouldn't we be lookin' for some clue as to why they took these specific files…or something?"

Angel tensed a bit, but his face remained completely controlled. "No. I know what was taken and they don't host a threat to any of you or this company. I have a team on it already, so I suggest that you all keep an eye out and lock up anything of importance."

They all nodded as they let, but Cordelia hung behind and waited till the last person left. "Okay, Angel. It's me." She walked closer to him and stared him straight in the eye. "I know they took the folder on Connor and the prophecy, but what else aren't you telling me? And don't give me any bull crap about how it's not important because I damn well know that it is."

Angel sighed as he gave in and told her everything.

3 Hours Later:

Spike opened the door to their room with a very excited smirk on his face. "Everything is taken care of."

Buffy got up from the couch and put the magazine down she had been reading. "Great. Now will you please tell me what you are up to?" She had tried for the last few hours until she gave up when he kept blocking the thoughts from her. "Or better yet, tell me where you put the files."

Spike opened his jacket and took out the thick stack of files and papers. He held up his hand to stop her. "First, you got to see this."

He motioned her down on the couch and took the tape from the stack and put it in the VCR/DVD player. He pressed play and sat back and smiled as he watched Buffy watch the tape. By the end she was crying she was laughing so hard.

As she wiped the tears from her eyes she turned to Spike, "Okay, now please tell me what you are going to do with all of this."

He got up and took the stacks and laid them across the table into seven individual piles. Each of them where marked with a folder with tone of the days from Monday – Sunday on the top of the folder. She slowly took a peak at the contents of each folder and found various documents as well as pictures, while he removed the tape and laid it on the stack mark Tuesday.

Buffy giggled and turned to Spike who smirked as he stared at the stack marked Monday. "In exactly one week begins the week long epic journey to fulfill my duty to bug him for all of eternity."

"Welcome to Hell Week."


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