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Chaos Guardians

It was a sunny afternoon, and the school day had just ended and a small group of students was walking out of the school gates to a park across the street. When they settled down they began to talk about their plans for the evening.

"So what should we do this evening?" asked a girl. She was tan and short with bright pink hair that came down to just past her shoulders.

"Sorry, Majime," said a taller girl with straight, sandy-blonde hair, "Kajou and I have-"

"Who's the sit-down with, Itaria?" asked a boy with short, brown hair.

Another boy, with short, fiery-red hair yelled, "Never interrupt my sister, Jinkyou!" His eyes were burning with fury.

"Sorry!" exclaimed Jinkyou as he leapt in fright.

Itaria chuckled, then said, "Don't worry about it. The sit-down's with the Sunahama police chief."

"Why is it with him?" asked a boy with short, deep-green hair.

"Yeah, Matsu's right, why would you have a sit-down with the chief of police?" asked a girl with dark skin and black hair with yellow streaks.

"We still have some things to work out with him, Hibana." said Itaria.

"Oh, well have fun with that." said Majime, "Matsu-anki what about you and Hibana?"

Matsu and Hibana glanced at each other and said, "We're having dinner with Onee-sama, Jinkyou, and Kingin at five."

At this Majime moaned then asked, "Why, why is everybody busy."

"You're welcome to join us, if you'd like." said Jinkyou.

"Really!" said a starry-eyed Majime

"Really." replied Jinkyou

"You're the coolest!" squealed Majime as she hugged Jinkyou.

"Hey! What's up?" said a voice from behind the group.

Everyone turned to see who was talking. They saw a girl with crystal-blue eyes and brown hair with icy-blue streaks in it. She was wearing a school uniform like the rest of the students.

"Not much, Yuki, we're going to go for dinner later, want to come." said Majime

"Sorry, I have a bunch of homework; but I hope to see you all later." replied Yuki. With that she walked away towards the building her dorm was in.

Itaria looked at her watch and shouted, "Shit, It's almost 4:30!" she turned towards the rest of the group and said, "Sorry, but we have to hurry. The sit-down's in half an hour." With that Itaria and Kajou ran towards the subway.

"Frick!" exclaimed Hibana. She then turned towards Matsu and said, " Matsu, our reservations are for five."

Matsu leapt up in shock then said, "We had better go get ready, the restaurant is a bit dressy." With that they all ran towards their dorms.


Meanwhile, in another dimension, on a road between Sunagakure and Konoha.

"Gaara, I still don't know why you came with me to visit Konoha." said a girl with blond hair in four, messy pony-tails.

"I just have this feeling, Temari." said a boy with semi-messy, red hair that was cut short. This was Gaara, and he was not entirely telling the truth. This was because of a conversation he had earlier with the Shukaku.


"Listen up, Gaara, you need to go with your sister to Konoha tomorrow; and you have to sleep tomorrow night." said a demonic, badger-like being that seemed to be made of sand.

"No, she's one of my precious ones. If I go to sleep, then you might harm her!" retorted Gaara.

The Shukaku sighed then calmly said, "Any other night I would, but that night I am sworn to protect her. You shall meet who gave me the duty in your dream."

Gaara gave the Shukaku a scrutinizing gaze, but eventually felt the Shukaku was telling the truth. As Gaara turned to leave the Shukaku said, "A word of advice, don't irritate the girl who will appear in your dream. She is pacifistic but she can out-punch Tsunade, without using chakra."


After several hours of traveling Gaara and Temari came to what would be their camp ground.

"Alright, we should stop here for tonight," said Temari as she unrolled her sleeping bag, "I'll see you in the morning." After she said that she fell asleep.

"Good night." said Gaara as he, for the first time, truly fell asleep.


Later that evening with Matsu and his friends.

"Oh, I think I ate too much." said a girl with long, silver hair in a medium-high ponytail with saphire streaks.

"Don't eat so much cake then, Tsuki." stated another girl with wavy, silver-colored hair that went down to the middle of her back.

"I can't help it, Kingin." moaned Tsuki, then her tone and gaze hardened as she said, "You, Matsu, and Hibana should know that!"

"True, but you need to control your appetite." responded Matsu.

"So, I don't see you showing restraint at the table?!" retorted an angry Tsuki.

" Matsu's right, you need to watch what you eat." added Hibana.

"Let's just drop it, okay. We need to get to our dorms and go to bed; we do, after all, have a major test tomorrow." interjected Majime.

"You're right." laughed Kingin, Tsuki, Matsu, and Hibana.

"We should get some sleep." added Tsuki.

With that the large group split into several smaller groups. When everyone entered their dorms they went straight to bed.

Gaara/Temari/Hibana/Yuki/Matsu/Jinkyou/Itaria's Dream

It was a dark room with only a door and an opening high on the ceiling. Then a bright ball of orange light began to float gracefully through the opening towards the ground. As it drew close it took the form of a young, human-like echidna girl with peach-colored hair and a tribal looking skirt and a white top.

"Hello, my name is Tikal. I have called you here because you were destined to help protect all the worlds. Through that door is my world and your destiny." said the girl. As she finished the door swung open and a blinding light shone.

End Dream

Matsu slowly opened his eyes to see several of his friends and two other people laying there.

"Where, where am I?" whispered Matsu as he began to sit up. As he sat up he saw that the marron-haired boy was injured and decided that he should help him. As he approached, he spotted some herbs that would help disinfect the wound and ease the pain as well as a pair of rocks to grind them up. After he gathered them up he began to tend the boys wounds. As he was tending the wounds the boy awoke and said, "Who are you?"

"My name's Matsu. What's yours?" Matsu cheerfully replied.

"Gaara." he replied.

When Matsu finished he said, "There you go, Gaara, I hope that feels better." As Matsu looked into Gaara's eyes he could see an odd mixture of sadness, pain, hate, and joy. "Why don't you tell me about your self?" he cheerfully asked.

"You'd be better of not knowing me, I am hated where I come from." said Gaara in an attempt to distance himself.

"That can't be true, do many of the people there know you?" he asked.

"Yes, they view me as both a leader and a monster." said Gaara.

"What!?" shouted Matsu in confusion, "Why is that?"

Gaara hesitated to respond and thought to himself, "Should I tell him?" However something about Matsu made Gaara feel he could trust him, which rarely happened.

"I have this demon sealed inside of me called Ichibi No Shukaku, it was my father sealed him." said Gaara.

"That's awful," said Matsu shocked, "they should have seen past that, instead of treating you like a monster. After all, your you, not that demon."

"We feel the same way." said a pair of voices from behind.

Matsu and Gaara turned towards the sound and saw Temari and Hibana standing behind the two of them.

"Hello Hibana," Matsu said cheerfully, "this is Gaara."

"Hello Hibana, Temari." said Gaara.

"Where the hell are we?!" came Itaria's voice from behind.

"You all are at Altar Emerald," said Tikal from the top of multiple steps that lead up to a gigantic green emerald that was surrounded by seven smaller emeralds, "and as soon as the other two awaken I shall tell you all why I summoned you here." As she said this she gestured towards Jinkyou and Yuki.

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