Chapter five: Crybaby Matsu's Breakdown!

The group arrived at a somewhat tall, red tower with the Japanese kanji for fire written on a sign on the front

The group arrived at a somewhat tall, red tower with the Japanese kanji for fire written on a sign on the front. When they entered they left Orochimaru in a room where he could rest, though he was still unconscious, after that they entered an office where Tsunade took a seat behind the desk. She then said, "First of all, Kakashi, Lee, what has happened and we are about to discuss is above an S-class secret. Understood?"

Both Kakashi and Lee nodded in understanding. However they didn't realize how complicated things would be.

"Okay. A little information about what just happened. It would appear that Orochimaru, the man you just faced, had been possessed by Pandemonium. But the problem is that we don't know exactly how long it has been, all we know is that it was sometime before his betrayal and- probably- his experiments." said Tsunade. She paused- thinking- then she continued, "Things might get more dangerous from here on."

Matsu stood there, absorbing everything that happened. He was shocked and overwhelmed by all of it. His eyes began to tear up as he said, "No. I don't want to deal with this at all;" his hands balled into fists, "I just want to be as normal as I can be. I don't want to deal with having to protect those emeralds or fight possessed people or monsters. I can't deal with it!" He turned and ran out of the office, tears racing down his face.

Kakashi and Lee were about to follow him when Tsunade said, "Let him be." She smirked then said, "I was the same way, at first that is?"

Matsu ran out of the tower and through the streets of Konoha. He ran through a gate with a sign beside it saying "Forest of Death gate 2". As he neared a clearing with a stump and some small, moss-covered boulders he slowed to a walk and then-when he was near the boulders- fell to his knees still crying.

"I can't believe this is all happening. Just yesterday we were all just living normal lives. I just wish all of this never happened, that we could live our normal lives." He said. After another five minutes he wiped his tears and stood up. All he could see around him was dense forest as far as the eye could see. He decided to search for a way out, as began walking out of the clearing a wild, ferocious tiger leapt at him. He screamed with fright and kicked the beast away. He then turned and sprinted in the opposite direction. Less than a mile into the forest a gigantic snake leapt at him. He jumped out of the way and continued to run. As he sprinted he engaged his ESP link and said, "Jinkyou, I need help!" he then dodged a ferocious, man-eating plant and continued, "I'm in a huge forest with all of these plants and animals that are attacking me! Please, I need you guys to save me!"

In the Hokage Tower

The group was waiting for Matsu to return when Jinkyou's eyes started glowing a lavender hue. He heard, "Jinkyou, I need help! I'm in a huge forest with all of these creatures that are attacking me! Please, I need you guys to save me!" His eyes then had a shocked look on his face.

Hibana saw what happened and said, "What did Matsu say?"

"He's in trouble, and I mean danger trouble." replied Jinkyou, he then turned to Tsunade and said, "Is there a forest with overly-aggressive animals and plants?"

"Just one, the Forest of Death." said Tsunade in a worried tone. She paused for a bit then said, "Gaara, Lee, Temari, Kakashi, Go search the forest and rescue him, the rest of us will be checking on Orochimaru."

"I'll go with them." said Jinkyou, "I can keep in touch with Matsu via our twin ESP link."

"Very well, you go with them. Now go, we don't have time to loose."

With that they left to find, and rescue Matsu.

Matsu kept running, not daring to look back to see what was behind him. He knew that there were a multitude of animals chasing him. He suddenly tripped on a root and fell, his ankle twisted-if not sprained. He looked up in time to see a tiger pounce, only to be blocked by a barrier of pure sand. Matsu looked around to see who had saved him. His eyes eventually fell upon Jinkyou- his twin brother- Gaara, Lee, Kakashi, and Temari. As soon as he saw them, his eyes lit up with joyful relief.

"Everyone, thank you for rescuing me!" he said as he stood up. When he got onto the injured foot he winced and yelped with pain.

Jinkyou rushed over to his brother and helped support him. Kakashi took one look at Matsu's ankle and said, "It looks bad, we should get back quickly."

As the six of them were going back to the tower Matsu caught something out of the corner of his eye. "Hey, what's that?" he said. He then hobbled over to what he saw and stooped down. He inspected the area and saw a green gem glowing with energy. He picked the gem up and quietly said, "I think we should let Tikal and the others take a look at this." He then pushed it into his subspace pocket

When they arrived at the tower Hibana tore into Matsu saying, "Matsu, what do you think you were doing?! Running out of here, causing most of us to worry almost half to death! What if that Pandemonium creep attacked? What if one of those creatures actually killed you?" she then sighed and then said, "But I'm glad you're safe."

Orochimaru began to stir and grunted. He sat up and said, "What happened, the last thing I remember are this dark, sinister-looking man hitting me with an orb and then the nightmare that followed." He paused and then began to describe his nightmare. First, he talked about the experiments he preformed and how he betrayed Konoha. Then he began to speak of joining and leaving the Akatsuki and how he founded the village hidden in the sound. He sighed as he finished his tale of destruction and betrayal.

Setsuna sighed then said, "That wasn't a nightmare, all of it was real. That man possessed you."

Orochimaru's eyes widened with shock. They then narrowed as he asked, "How can I help you defeat him?"

"We need to collect the seven Chaos Emeralds. That somebody decided to scatter throughout several dimensions." said Chaos.

"Hey! It was either that or let Pandemonium get his hands on them!" replied Tikal.

Matsu remembered what he found in the forest and asked, "Is this one of them?" He pulled the gem from earlier from his pocket.

"Yes!" answered Tikal. She inspected the emerald and then said. Where should we go next?"

"I say Sunahama, we could even use it as a home base of sorts." said Hibana.

"How so?" asked a curious Tsunade.

Hibana said, "Gaara, Temari, Tikal, Chaos, Ginga, and Lee could pose as students at Sunahama University," she saw the skeptical looks she received and said, "There are younger students. And then Tsunade, Setsuna, Orochimaru, and Kakashi could pose as teachers."

Tsunade shrugged and said, "If everyone else agrees."

Ginga, Kakashi, Setsuna, Orochimaru and Gaara merely nodded their heads.

"It is acceptable." said Lee.

"Fine by us." said Matsu and Jinkyou.

"It's not a half-bad idea." said Temari and Itaria.

"We agree." said Tikal and Chaos.

Yuki smiled and nodded.

"Then it's settled, we'll go with Hibana's plan." Setsuna said, "I will set everything up at the Gates of Time. Just so you know what the arrangements are: Gaara, Temari, Tikal, Chaos, Ginga, and Lee; you all will be listed as transfer students. Gaara, Lee, and Chaos; you all will be sharing a dormitory in the same building as Matsu, Jinkyou, and their two brothers; Temari, Tikal, Ginga; you all will be sharing a dormitory in the same building as Hibana and Itaria. Everyone else I will tell you what you shall be teaching later."

After that TIkal opened a portal to Sunahama and all but Setsuna entered. When the portal closed Setsuna opened up a doorawy to the Gates of Time, but first she left a note from Tsunade to her niece, Shizune, that explained what had just happened and heavily emphasized the secrecy of the events.

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