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Chapter 10

Andy stirred from his spot on the recliner as a noise reached his ears. He frowned to himself as he checked his watch. Who in god's name was up at this ugly hour? He looked around. None of the others were awake, Vinnie snoring away. But the sight of an empty hammock swaying made him pause. An engine revved softly, and the man rose quickly to see who was up. He headed down to the small garage the boys had built to house their beloved bikes, not surprised to see Charley standing near them.

She swayed a bit on her feet, still not completely recovered from the gas. Lil' Hoss beeped worriedly at her, the other two bikes echoing the sentiment. They rolled close to her, rubbing their front fenders against her in affection. She gave each bike a loving pat, leaning against Throttle's as a dizzy spell nearly toppled her over. "Hey, girls, you all okay?"

They gave soft chirps and beeps of acknowledgment, the overall tone turning to a worried sound for her. She smiled, "I'll be alright, just not too steady on my feet. So I need a favor. Can someone take me to the garage?"

Lil' Hoss's beep sounded like a question.

"I just need to get there. I need to see how bad the damage is. I..." she sighed. "It's my home, girls. I need to go home."

Throttle's bike revved. Charley gripped the handle bars as she sat on the brown leather seat, leaning forward to run a hand along the black crank case. "Thanks, hon. Remind me to get you a new coat of wax later, okay?" It beeped happily at her as it rolled out onto the road. Lil' Hoss and Vinnie's racer almost looked like they were exchanging glances as the tail lights faded away.

"What is she doing?"

Andy clutched his chest as Throttle spoke, swatting the mouse on the arm. "Damn it, boy, don't do that to me!"

"Sorry. But any idea where she's going?"

"Home," the man said. "Where else would she go?"

Throttle shook his head, taking the stairs down to the bikes. "I'll get her; you go on back to sleep."

"Alright then. Take care, son," Andy called.

Throttle didn't show it, but he nearly stumbled at the man's words. "I-I will, sir." He glanced back as Andy left for bed. He knew the human considered Charley as family, but it sounded like he was willing to think of Throttle as kin too. That honestly surprised him. Just how exactly do human families work? Is it really so easy to accept someone as clan? He put the thought away as he approached the other two bikes. "Anyone mind giving me a ride?"

Both bikes revved.


The ruins of the Last Chance Garage

Throttle pulled up beside his bike, wincing a bit at the sight of the familiar home laying in ruins. He knew far too well what it was like to see your home destroyed. The mouse quietly walked through the ruined garage doors, bits of glass and brick crunching under his boots. He found her in the upstairs rooms, the clear night sky showing through the partially collapsed roof. She stood completely still in the middle of her bedroom, a piece of concrete clenched in her hand.


She slowly turned to face him, scrubbing any remaining tears off with the back of her hand. She forced a smile. "Hey, gold and fuzzy, what brings you out here tonight?"

"Oh, just checking the scenery. And you?"

"Just checking the scenery," she said. Her grip on the stone got tighter.

Throttle walked up behind her, putting his arms around her waist and pulling her close. "I know it'll take some time, but we can rebuild"---

"How do you do it?" She interrupted.


"How do you do it?" She asked, her voice tightening in the effort to not cry again. She didn't want to look weak to him, not now. Damn it. "How do you stand to see homes destroyed and not just burn up with anger? How can you still smile? Still laugh? H-How"-she stopped, unable to keep talking. Her grip was now tight enough to force the rock to cut into her hand.

Throttle turned her in his arms so that she faced him. He took her hand, uncurled her fingers from the stone, and pressed her close. "You smile to prove they haven't beaten you. You laugh to prove they haven't broken you." He tilted her chin up so that she looked him in the eyes. "You let the anger go, or you drown in it. And then you go out and bring down the Tower for stress relief."

She couldn't help her burst of laughter. "Stress relief?"

"Exactly. See, I told you I worked through anger management."

She kept laughing as she returned his embrace. "I'll have to try that as soon as the new Tower gets built. I call dibs, okay?"

"I'll let Vinnie and Modo know," he said with a smile. The remains of tears still shone in her eyes. He couldn't stand to see her hurting like that. He kissed her deeply, enough so that both of them were dizzy. He had to catch his breath before he could talk again. "We can rebuild, Charley-girl. Me and the bros will make this place good as new."

She nodded. "I know we will. It'll almost break the bank on me but we can do it."

He frowned. "Let me see if I'm not owed some back pay on Mars."

"I can't take your money!"

"Charley, we've been living off your money for almost three years! Let us pay for something for once in our lives," he said in exasperation. "I know it won't be much, but I'm pretty sure we can find a way to change it to Earth currency."

She gave him a pout. "I'd be fine, you know."

The mouse nodded to placate her. She would be beyond broke if she tried to repair the garage on her savings alone. He'd seen her account books. "Yeah, but it'd make Vinnie and Modo feel better."

"And if you think I actually buy that, I've got this pretty fountain down in Florida I could sell you," she said with a smile. She suddenly became serious, her voice going soft. "Thank you."

"For what?" He asked.

She nuzzled into his fur, not wanting to answer his question. "I love you."

"Love you too," he said. They held each other for a long moment, a little bit of peace finding them again. "Ready to go back to the board?"

"Sure," she said, taking his hand as they walked. His hand was so warm. He's not leaving, she found herself thinking. Jack left, but her mouse was still here, willing to help her rebuild. Suddenly it wasn't so bad, everything that had happened. She could get through this. "Home is where the heart is, right? So let's go."

*&*&*&*&At the Scoreboard*&*&*&*

Modo smiled from his place on the bed as he curled around his mate. His golden girl, his beautiful Auri. Her head lay on his chest, her side pressed to his with their legs and tails entwined. She snuggled closer to him in her sleep, making a tiny noise of contentment. The grey mouse felt his heart swell until he thought it might burst with love. He never thought he'd have her with him again in this lifetime.

Modo nuzzled his jaw against her head, a quiet hum of joy sounding in his throat. They were together, and nothing was going to come between him and his girl again. He would make sure of it.

It had been so long since he'd held her in his arms. His arms. He sent a worried look to his metal arm. She had seemed to accept it, but he still worried. As far as he was concerned, it still reeked of Karbunkle somehow, despite all these years. He didn't want to touch his girl with something so tainted. He tried to shift so that she wouldn't be near it, unintentionally waking her.

Amber eyes slowly blinked open as she stirred. Auri smiled at her blushing mate as he swiftly made his apologies. "I'm sorry, darlin', didn't mean to wake ya. Go on back to sleep, honey."

She caught his motion of trying to unobtrusively move his metal arm, giving him a curious look. "Its nothin', really." She reached out and took his metal hand in her own, a sterner look on her face now. She knew, just knew, that he was trying to keep his arm from her. It was ridiculous. This arm, flesh or not, was part of him. And she loved him, not just the pretty parts, but all of him.

He looked away from her, not able to meet her eyes as she held the cybernetic limb. If he thought it was ugly, she would surely think it was hideous. "I know its not the best lookin' part of me. I'm sorry you had to come back to freak of a mate."

Auri's jaw dropped in surprise at the tone of his voice. It was filled with shame, even self-loathing. She cupped his cheek with her other hand, kissing him softly. Gods, what she wouldn't give to have her voice back. As soon as she was able, she would hurry to learn and teach Modo that sign language Silva had talked about. She needed to talk to her mate. For now, she would have to use actions to say what she needed to say.

She sat up in the bed, brushing the sheets aside as she pulled him up with her. Modo looked at her with a frown of concern. "What is it, darlin'?" She just smiled and leaned forward, kissing the side of his neck. He felt an embarrassed smile spread across his face as he tilted his head to allow her greater access. But when she moved to his right side, her kisses dropping lower, he almost moved to stop her. Her mouth brushed against the last bit of fur on his shoulder, and to his total surprise, moved down to kiss the cold metal of his arm.

"Auri?" he said in confusion. "Wha--what are you doin'?"

She continued on, kissing the square metal plating, lifting up his limb to kiss the joint of his elbow. His arm shook a bit as she left licks and presses of her lips on the spot of his cannons, turning his arm over to the inside of the wrist joint. Modo had no feeling in his cybernetic arm whatsoever, but for a minute there he would have sworn he could feel her breath against the metal. He stared in wonder as she kissed the wires and steel, from the wrist to the palm, to the very tips of his fingers.

It suddenly hit him what she was really doing, what she was trying to say. He felt tears build behind his eye. "I love you," he said softly, emotion making his voice thick. He cupped her cheek in his flesh hand, reveling in the feel of her silken fur. "My golden girl, my darlin' one. Thank you."

She moved closer to him, so that she could tuck her head over his heart. Her smile brought one of his own. The bed creaked as he made to pull her further up--

"For the love of the gods, you two, will ya cut out the mush and let the rest of us get some sleep?!" came a voice from the vicinity of Vinnie's hammock.

Both lovers blushed bright red, having completely forgotten where they were. "Um, sorry?"

"Yeah, yeah, shut up." The sound of body rolling over to go back to sleep was all they heard after that.

*&*&**&The Garage, late the next afternoon*&*&&**&

Charlene Davidson smiled as she regarded her newest creation, wiping away some sweat from her forehead and leaving a small smudge of dirt. Andy had donated his trailer to helping them get to Las Vegas, but a serious overhaul had been needed. So Charley had gotten to work. Taking parts from the ship that had brought her bros to earth, the Thunderpipe, she had made a brand new battle cruiser for them.

The Airstream trailer had been reinforced with some of the Thunderpipe's exterior paneling for armor and refinished to look seamless. And in honor of the Thunderpipe, her tragically short life, and generous donation to the cause, Charley had painted the traditionally silver Airstream a deep cherry red. Andy was now in the process of adding his own touch to his beloved trailer.

The regular door had been replaced with the ship's, including the sophisticated lock system. Salvaged turret lasers from Limburger's previous towers were discreetly tucked away on the roof and remote controlled from the dashboard of the tow truck. The framework had been triple reinforced and completely rewired.

The interior had been redone as well. The traditional cab had been extended by ten feet to give their large group extra room. Three extra bunks had been put in, since it was still too cold for proper camping, bringing the total to five. A bigger 'fridge had been put in, fully stocked for the trip. It was as ready as she and her conscripted pit crew (Silva and the boys) could manage in 18 hours. The mechanic couldn't help her pleased expression as she looked at it.

Her expression twitched as she heard Vinnie and Modo arguing in the remains of her kitchen. The white mouse had been campaigning loudly for a side-trip (or five), almost out-right begging for the chance to go to Jellystone Park. Not Yellowstone, but Jellystone, home of Yogi Bear. Modo was currently trying to convince him that there was no such place despite the brochures.

It didn't matter anyway. Throttle had the entire route planned out with help from Charley and Andy. If they drove in shifts, they could be there in less than forty hours. It would take them through five states, but it was the most direct route.

Silva and Auri had refused to be left behind, and were eager to help drive and explore more of Earth than any Martian had ever seen before. Silva was actually looking forward to firing some of the trailer's lasers. Auri had signed to the lady that they were all hers. Charley had checked out some books from the city library to teach the group how to sign. Auri had been eagerly practicing along with Modo, their first real conversation in six years.

The repairs to the garage would have to wait. While most of the rubble had been cleared out, the most they had time to do was to cover the worst holes with tarp. Everything would be on hold until they got back. Throttle had put in a call to the mayor to be sure that Limburger couldn't declare it condemned. The mayor had agreed, promising that he would keep a regular patrol in the area to keep thieves and such away from it. The mouse didn't put too much stock in that, despite the man's good intentions. So he called on Manuelo and Four-by to make a regular check-up of the garage. The two had agreed, promising to do what they could in the meantime to help with the repairs.

All in all, things were going well to prepare for a trip into possible disaster. If the government caught wind of the Martians at all, it could be a complete nightmare. Charley felt herself go cold at the thought of any scientist getting their hands on her mice. The girl tried to reassure herself. They had faced mutants, monsters, hunters, and war criminals. They had gone up against the Scum of the Universe, for pete's sake! It would be positively embarrassing if some men in black caught them now.

A sudden ruckus of argument and laughter distracted her from her thoughts and made her move over to the other side of the ship. Her jaw dropped at what Andy had painted in lovely scroll-work on the side of his trailer. Silva and Vinnie were laughing, Modo looked completely dumbfounded at the pure audacity of the human, and Throttle was arguing vehemently for the man to change it.

"For the love of the gods, Chef Andy, you cannot paint 'The Mothership' on our battle cruiser!"

Five hours after the mice had rolled out with the Mothership not far behind, (Throttle was still fuming), a call came in for the garage. Since no one was home, it was switched over to the answering machine. The caller ID listed long distance, a private line from Las Vegas.

"Hi, Miss Charley? Can you leave a message for Uncle Modo for me? Um, we kind of 'ported in to Earth, Las Vegas actually, and we did something...not specifically good. I can explain everything, so he really needs to stop Uncle Throttle from killing me. Because we're gonna need their help. We ran into the local Plutarkians, and things are going to hell real quick. Our address is"--(BEEP)

The machine was out of message space.

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