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More swearing...


Two days later Mick calls Logan's cell.

"Hey, this is Mick."


"Look I was wondering if Beth and I could come down and visit you and Veronica tomorrow."

"I'm guessing you already know the new address. Are you bringing anyone else?" Logan really wants to talk to his double.

"Yes another friend you briefly met the other night and an electronics expert. He seems to think it will take about an hour or two to go over the whole house and grounds, if that's ok?"

"No problem. I'd rather someone did it anyway. It kind of creeps me out thinking the feds might be listening in. I told Veronica and she won't even let me kiss her in the house until she's sure it's clean. She thinks she can find the easy ones but I know she'd feel better if someone looked it over that was an expert. No problem, believe me. I'll tell her to wait and let your guy do it."

"We'll be there about 8 tomorrow night if that works for you guys."

"What ever you want. We'll be ready. I really want to talk to your friend and V is so curious. The girl has no shame. She will ask anything that comes to mind." Mick thinks of Beth asking him how sex works with vampires and humans. "Believe me I'm use to it. You forget I'm living with a reporter."

Logan laughs. "Yea, I'm not sure which one would be worse."


Josef shows up at the door at four in the next afternoon. Beth is sitting at her laptop getting some work done and Mick is still asleep. Beth goes to the door and Josef is standing there with his hands in his pockets, rocking back and forth heel to toe. Beth tries to smoother a smile. Beth can see that Josef is a bundle of energy. "So, your only about two hours early."

"Can't help it. Is Mick up yet?"

"No, he's sleeping. He was out doing surveillance late this morning. He'll probably sleep for at least another hour. You might as well come on in. Although I don't know what I'm going to do to keep you occupied for a couple hours. Where's Ryder? I thought he was coming along to debug the house?"

"We'll swing by the office and pick him up. He's cranky. He told me to leave him alone so he could check his equipment. He said he would be ready in a couple hours and for me to go away. I've never heard him quite so cranky. Hey, do you think should have worn jeans or is this ok?"

Beth looks Josef over. He's wearing black tailored pants a dark red shirt and black suspenders. "Josef I think you look very nice. That's one of my favorite shirts. You look like you just stepped out of GQ."

"But do you think it presents the right……?"

"Josef, you have to be who you are. He'll like you more if you do that than if you pretend to be something your not. This is what you normally wear. It's who you are."

He nods and starts to wonder the room.

"Josef how come your not off making money. It might give you something to do to keep you occupied."

"I dropped 10 million this morning, I'm to distracted. I don't like losing money. It makes me antsy."

Beth smiles and tries to think of something she can do to keep Josef busy until it's time to get going.

Mick suddenly wakes up. At first he can't figure out what has jolted him awake. He's afraid that Beth is in trouble and then he realizes that there is an over extended Josef down stairs and he's got so much energy rolling off him that it will be impossible to sleep while he's around. Josef is going to make every vampire who's near him prickly until he calms down. Mick can't think of anything that would hit him hard enough to do the job, except maybe an elephant tranquilizer. He decides he might as well get up. He is sure that Beth has her hands full down stairs with Josef.

Mick goes in and takes a shower, gets ready and comes down stairs. Beth and Josef turn as he comes down the stair. Beth watches Mick. His hair is wet and tousled. He's wearing black jeans and a dark button down shirt. Beth breathes deeply trying to get the scent of him across the room. Mick zips across the room to her and takes her in his arms and kisses her good morning.

"Jeeze you guys. Get a room." Josef complains.

"We'd have one if someone hadn't shown up two hours early."

Josef looks at his feet and doesn't say anything.

"Couldn't help it." Josef says softly.

"I know but we really can't leave for awhile. Sit, Josef and have a drink."


"Veronica they aren't going to be here for at least four more hours. It's only four and Mick said they would be here about eight. Why don't you take a nap? This could take awhile. You may need a nap to stay up all night."

"Do I look like I could take a nap?" she snaps at him.

He knows she hasn't been sleeping much since the night at the Sack n Pack. The first night they stayed up to keep an eye on Wallace. After that she woke him up a couple times each night. He could tell she was having some really bad nightmares and she's not ready to tell him about them. She still thinks she can banish the ghosts on her own.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you." She sighs. "Ok, lets go get comfortable on the couch. I'll try and relax. I just need some answers, you know?"

"It's ok. You know that. Come here V."

They snuggle together on the couch and before they know it both of them are asleep. Veronica hears her alarm on her phone and nudges Logan. "Time to get up sleepy head. They should be here in an hour and a half or so." Logan groans at her. This is the first good sleep either of them has had in the last couple days.

Veronica gets up. "I'm going to go take a quick shower. By the way, what did you do to get rid of Dick?"

"I got him a hooker."

Veronica wrinkles her nose at him. "A pretty one I hope."

"One would hope."


"No, I'm kidding. I found someone that would actually go out on a date with him, a real girl, not a bright one but a real girl."

"Obviously she doesn't know him."



At eight o'clock a green vintage Mercedes Benz and a brand new red Ferrari and a black Charger all pull up out front. Ryder managed to get Josef to agree to let him drive the Charger back and forth to LA in exchange for debugging the house.

Mick knocks and Logan comes to the door. Mick holds his finger up to his lips and motioned for Ryder to do his thing. Ryder goes into the living room and unpacks his equipment. He smiles at them and goes to work.

They all sit in the living room waiting for the all clear sign. Josef and Logan keep studying each other but trying to do it so it isn't conspicuous. Veronica just stares at Josef out right. She'd study him for a bit and then she looks at Logan trying to compare them. Josef thinks it is disconcerting having this small blond stare at him like he was a curiosity but he doesn't let his irritation show.

Finally Ryder comes in with a small box with what Veronica recognizes as bugs. "I've deactivated them. You can talk now. I need to do the pool area and the grounds but your fine in here. Oh and I believe these are yours." Ryder hands Veronica six small bugs. "Oh, crap. Forgot about those. Yea those are mine. How'd you know?"

"Traced the serial numbers."

Mick looks at the bugs in her hand curiously. "How come you've got this place bugged?"

Veronica looks questioningly at Logan and he shrugs back at her.

"One of the boys who lived her asked me to find out who was sleeping with, Kendall, his stepmother so they could get rid of her without paying out the big bucks, at least that's what he told me."

"Did you?"

Veronica looks at Logan out of the corner of her eye. "Yea." And she sees him turn a little red. Serves him right she thinks.

If Veronica had looked at Josef she'd of seen a familiar smirk.


Now that they can talk it seems as though no one knows what to say or where to start. Finally Beth looks across at Logan. "Tell me exactly what happened the other night."

Logan looks back at her "Didn't Mick tell you?"

Beth smiles "Yes but I get the abbreviated version to keep me from worrying."

Logan clears his throat. "We went to get something to drink on the way home. Wallace was just about to close and we scooted in at the last minute. He's a good friend of Veronica's so he let us in so we could just jet in and out. Just as he was about to lock the door Liam and three of his buddies are at the door with guns. Wallace had to let them in then Liam hit Wallace and he hit his head when he went down and one of them drug him to the back." Beth is doing her reporter thing and getting him to talk. She realizes that if they haven't been able to talk about this or relate it to anyone but each other that having it bottled up inside is not very good. Logan continues. "Somehow through Liam's strung out haze he remembered that I had pointed a gun at him a year or so ago. He must have checked out who I was after that because he knew I had money. He kept babbling about getting a big ransom for me."

Logan looks down and Veronica. "I had my phone in my pocket so I called Weevil and left the line open. Liam was babbling about getting money for Logan and where we were and Weevil got the message." Beth can hear Veronica's voice breaking.

Veronica looks up at Logan. "The next thing we know, Mick and…..his friend come out of the back of the store and it's all over in a second." Logan is staring at Josef again.

Before we go any farther. "Veronica, Logan this is Josef." Josef smiles but doesn't say anything. "Now please keep going. Tell me what you saw."

Logan gets up. "I need a beer before we go any farther. We've got some scotch and beer and pop and water. Can I get anyone anything?"

Logan heads for the kitchen and brings a beer for himself and Veronica. He brings a couple glasses and a bottle of scotch for Mick and Josef. Beth takes a coke. Josef looks down at the bottle and smiles. Kids got good taste in scotch anyway.

Everyone gets settled again and Beth prompts Logan to continue. Josef sees what she's doing and knows they need this. He can almost taste the anxiety coming from the pair. They really need to let this out. He watches them as they talk. Mick is right; they are very protective of each other. They may have their problems at times but it's not from lack of caring for each other. Josef tries to size up Veronica other than she's beautiful he just doesn't know enough about her. He continues to watch them.

Logan glances at Veronica and he continues. "We were standing by the cash registers and Mick and Josef came out of nowhere. Mick gets the gun away from the one guy but the guy still manages to stick a knife in his shoulder…then…then Mick's eyes get bluish white and he has fangs and he picks the guy up by the throat with one hand and snaps his neck. Then the he pulls the knife out of his shoulder and tosses the knife away. While all this is happening Josef has Liam by the throat and tosses him like a rag doll at the wall He hit the wall hard enough to leave a dent. Then the last guy turns to shoot at us. I thought we were done and Josef stands between us and takes two bullets and still manages to snap the guy's neck. Then Josef falls to the floor."

"Josef had bluish white eyes and fangs too." Veronica adds.

Josef notes that she isn't scared but seems awed by the vision of them in vamp mode.

"After it was over they told us to take Wallace and get out of there and go home and asked that we not tell anyone what we saw. We didn't, tell anyone I mean."

"Wallace was ok?" Mick asks Veronica

"Yea, we did like you said and watched him all night. Luckily he didn't have to work the next day. He's fine."

Beth smiles at them. Now that the retelling is over they both seem a little calmer. "So any guesses what you saw?"

Veronica looks a little embarrassed "Well, I thought maybe vampires?"

Beth smiles. "Yes, that's right." And she lets it sink in.

Veronica stares at the three people across from her and Logan. "Riggghhhhtttt My understanding of the world is you know, there are no such thing as Vampires. Next you'll be telling us there are werewolves."

"Not since the 1700s." Josef says. "They hunted them all down in Romania. Although for the record they could change at will it didn't really take a full moon. One of the most beautiful women I've ever met was a Russian Wolfhound."

Everyone in the room turns and looks at him. Josef has an impish smile that looks all too familiar.

Logan and Veronica look at each other. Logan looks over at Josef. "Werewolves and Vampires, really?"

Josef smiles again. "Well, vampires anyway."

Mick flashes his fangs at them. "Really."

Veronica's eyes are getting wide and Logan senses along with Mick and Josef that she's starting to get a little freaked. "Beth, are you…a Vampire?"

Logan finds the whole conversation pretty bazaar but he just feels like it will be ok. He feels comfortable with them. He isn't really even sure why.

"No, I'm human, for now." She hears a low growl from Mick. "Oh, get over it." She nudges him and he just smiles.

Veronica's eyes get a little bigger "So, you want to be a Vampire, like them?"

"Yes, when I'm ready. There is a lot to give up when you do something like that so I want to wait until I'm completely sure I'm ready." Beth smiles and looks at Mick. " Then I just have to convince Mick that it's what's best, he's somewhat hesitant. Although I suppose I could ask Josef to do it for me."

Mick growls and Josef laughs "Don't drag me into this. You want to be turned you make him do it."

Beth smiles at Mick. "Oh I will."

The mood in the room is appreciably better with the quick banter between the three.

Veronica is starting to feel calmer. She realizes that these three are close friends. It comforts her.

All this time Logan and Josef have been watching each other. Finally Logan can't stand it any longer. "Why…. why do we look so much alike. Who are you?"

Beth looks at Josef and gives him a nudge. He smiles. "You'll have to bear with me. Beth has convinced me to do something I…. Mick and I don't usually do…I'm going to answer any question you have. I'll tell you the truth. Because of what we are we spend most of out lives hiding the truth from humans but in this case…. Beth has convinced me that it's the best way to go. In return you have to tell me if there is something you don't understand. Now do you still want to know why we look so much alike?"

Logan nods. Josef tosses his drink down and pours himself another. He leans forward watching Logan. "About 10 months ago your mother came to me to ask me for a favor. In the process of asking for the favor she decided after 18 years to tell me I had a son. That's why we look so much alike. I'm your father." Josef shakes his head trying to clear it. "It's not suppose to be able to happen…a human and a vampire with a child. I've live a long time and I've never heard of this happening. I didn't believe her at first. It was too incredible. She brought me pictures and blood samples told me to have the DNA test done. I did. I mean I knew it had to be. It was the only explanation for why you and I look alike but it was just so amazing."

Logan just stares at Josef. He had known what he was going to say. He just needed confirmation. Like Josef said, it was the only explanation.

Josef sees acceptance of what they both already knew.

"You know….he…Aaron…use to tell me I wasn't his son…I thought he was just trying to make me feel worse….maybe he knew and that's why………….."

Logan sits back on the couch and lays his head back, closing his eyes. He hears a growl coming from across the room. Then he hears Mick "Josef. Stop it."

Logan looks up at Josef bluish white eyes and fangs again. Josef sees Logan and immediately the fangs and eye color return to normal. "I'm sorry…when I think that you could blame yourself for any of what happened it makes me…really pissed off and an really pissed vampire is not a good thing."

Josef takes a deep breath. "Next question."

"Soooo I'm like half vampire or what? I mean do you know if I'm like you anyway besides the looks?"

Josef understands what he's asking. "When I had the DNA tests done my people let me know that there are some anomalies in your DNA. It's not exactly like a regular human but they don't know what that means either. I have a separate research group working on it. If you don't have trouble with the sunlight and you're not drinking, blood then I would say you're like me physically on the outside and that's probably as far as it goes." Josef doesn't tell Logan that one of the researchers think that Logan may turn into a vampire automatically if he were to die. He also doesn't want the theory tested out.

"Is my mother alive?"

"Yes. But I promised her that no one would ever find her. She's safe. I would rather not talk about your mother right now. I'm still pretty angry with her for not telling me about you sooner and for not protecting you from that son of a bitch. I didn't know until after she'd left what had happened while you were growing up."

Quietly Josef hears. "She did the best she could."

Privately Josef thinks that's bullshit but he understands Logan's need to hang on to at least something from his childhood that he can paint as good. At least she didn't beat him. Big Fucking Deal, at least she didn't beat him. Hell of a sentiment. He starts to get pissed again and has to push the anger down so he doesn't lose control again.

Veronica interrupts "We saw her go off the bridge. I mean we saw the video. No one could survive that."

"Yes, well. Someone who was already dead could survive it. You couldn't see Lynn's face could you? Because it wasn't her, it was a vampire that I know that owed me a favor. She took the leap and then just swam off so no body. Lynn said she thought Logan would know she was alive somewhere because she left her fathers lighter for him."

Logan looks pleased. His was right. He looks at Josef again.

Veronica looks at Logan. "Those are the biggies, yes?"

"Almost, I have one more question. You don't happen to surf?"

Josef looks at Mick and Beth who are practically giggling. "Logan you are going to ruin my reputation. Yes, I surf. It's been a while but I was actually pretty good at it at one time. For obvious reasons I like to surf at night."

Josef is glad to see that Logan looks pleased. He glances at Mick and Beth. He knows he's never going to hear the end of this.

Logan nods at Veronica and smiles. He knows she's dying to get a turn. "Now you get a turn."

Veronica turns to Mick. "How old are you? How long will you live? Do you bite people? How come you've been out during the day? What else can you do besides move really fast and be really strong? How do you get to be a vampire?"

Mick laughs and finally holds up his hand. "Let me give you the basics and then we can go from there. How's that?"

"That works."

"I'm 85. I was 30 when I was turned. I will live until someone sets me on fire or cuts off my head. It's the only way we die and I will look like this forever. I don't bite people to feed." Mick gives Beth a sideways glance and a smile. Veronica notices this and turns red. The lust in his eyes is pretty evident even in that glance.

"Some vampires live feed from very willing volunteers." Mick thinks that freshie has always sounded a little condescending and doesn't want the kids to get the wrong idea since that is the way Josef almost always feeds. "And some vampires hunt their prey and in this day and age it's dangerous for all of us. Too much of that and someone steps in to stop it. We try and police our own."

Mick watches the two try to absorb it all. Shyly Veronica asks if the can see the fangs again. Mick smiles and lets his vampire lose, fangs and icy blue eyes in full view. Neither of them looks particularly spooked, more intensely curious than anything. Mick thinks it's a brand new world from the one he grew up in. He can't imagine what Josef has seen in 400 years. Mick slowly stifles the vampire and returns to his human look.

"Lets see our sight is much better, especially at night. Smell is enhanced. You've seen us heal and our hearing is much better. For instance I can hear….I can hear…." Mick stops and looks at Josef. Josef cocks his head listens intently for a minute and smiles at Mick. Silently Josef nods. They are hearing the same thing. Mick turns to Beth and takes her hands. "Hey, is there something you want to tell me?" Beth looks at him confused. Not understanding what he's getting at. Josef glances at Logan and Veronica as they watch the scene unfold before them. "Beth…you can't think of something you need to tell me?" She shrugs her shoulders. She's at a complete lose at what it is that he's getting at. "Beth, Josef and I are both picking up one extra fluttering of a heartbeat and it's coming from you.." She sits and stares at him confusion finally clearing, as her eyes get big. "Are you…are you saying that I'm pregnant and you can hear the baby's heartbeat?"

"Yes, my love, that's what I'm saying."

She smiles at him shyly. "I'm a little late but…until Logan…we never thought, never dreamed, I guess I stopped worrying about it."

Beth gives a squeal of glee and wraps her arms around Mick. Josef motions to the kids to go with him and they follow him into the kitchen. He thinks his friends need some privacy to enjoy this discovery alone together."

Beth and Mick sit in the living room and he holds her.

In the kitchen the three of them sit at the breakfast bar. Josef smiles "We have very good hearing."

He can tell by the look on Veronica's face that the whole scene just blew her away. She smiles at Josef. "I think your information on human/vampire children needs to be updated."

Josef decides he likes this small blond human. He laughs softly. "You think? They will be extraordinary parents. Mick has wanted this for so long. It's the last piece of the puzzle for him. This is another reason why you can never tell anyone about us. If it got out about Mick he would have to leave Beth and their child, never to be there for all the important things." Softly Josef continues. "It's a terrible feeling. Don't do that to them."

Veronica thinks of what would have happened if she had been forced to grow up without her own father. She shakes her head. "No one will ever hear it from me."

Logan shakes his head. "Me either."

Logan looks at Josef who is sitting in the middle. "You didn't answer the question about how old you are."

"Didn't anyone tell you it's not polite to ask how old someone is?"

"Come on Josef."

Josef doesn't want to spook them. They are doing remarkably well and he doesn't want them to think he's some how something awful. 400 years is a lot to grasp. "I'll tell you but you have to keep an open mind. I mean…I just…you seem to understand so well…I…" he trails off.

Logan looks at him "Your really old aren't you?"

Josef nods "I'm 400 years old. I was turned when I was 25." He looks from one to the other. Both are staring at him in awe. He looks down and for the first time Josef worries about the thoughts of humans.

Josef clears his throat. "We have another problem. If we are going to be, I mean, if you and I are going to get to know each other?"

Logan sees how hard this is for Josef. "Hey, I want to get to know you. I don't know about the dad thing." Logan shows a sad smile. "I haven't had the best luck in the parent department but I would like us to be friends. So there is a problem?"

"Yes, and I'm not sure how to get around it. After 400 years you could say I have more than one enemy and we have to find a way to make sure that no one thinks they can get to me through either of you." Mick and I need to talk this over. There are things that can be done as far as security in the house and such but what it boils down to is you are both going to have to learn to defend yourselves from our kind. I don't want to frighten you and most of my enemies know that doing something like this would be a death sentence but I don't want to take any chances. It won't take much thinking for a vamp to realize that we look to much alike to be anything but what we are since they will know you can't possibly be my brother, which is what I think we should use as cover for the rest of the world. If any one asks we could just explain that I was given up for adoption and we just found each other That explanation will do fine for the next 5 or 6 years until you start to look older than I do and hopefully by them we will have thought of something. How's that?"

"Yea, that works for me. Actually older brother is a little easier for me to digest at this point anyway. I know you're my dad but it's going to take awhile…you know?"

Josef nods. "I understand the adjustment, believe me. I've had an extra 10 months to think about it."

Veronica wants to lighten the mood. "You know I just realized that we know Mick is a P.I. and Beth is a reporter. What do you do in the real world? It must be something profitable judging by the clothes."

Just then the three look up as they hear the front door. "Hey, Logan"

Veronica looks at Logan "Well, that didn't take long. She dumped him in record time. Apparently she wasn't as dumb as you thought."

Logan laughs "Damn, should have gone with the hooker."

The three file back into the living room. Beth and Mick are sitting on the couch. Mick has his arms around her. They look so happy. Josef idly wonders how long it will take Mick to propose if he hasn't already. Josef smiles thinking of the bachelor party that he will throw for his friend.

Dick sees Logan and then sees Josef. "Hey who's Ferrari is that out there?"

"That would be mine." Josef says.

Logan turns to Josef "You drive a Ferrari? What exactly do you do?"

Josef smiles "I'm a hedge fund trader and I'm good at it, real good at it."

"Dude, how come there are two of you and how come one of them drives a red Ferrari?"

Logan shrugs this is as good a time as any. "Dick this is my brother Josef. Josef this is Dick." They shake hands.

Dick nods…"So that's your Ferrari…. Wow dude nice car."

Logan realizes that is what he likes about Dick. He just takes it all in stride and keeps going in his very uncomplicated way. "Hey, I'm going upstairs. Nice meeting you all." And off he goes.

Josef sits back down in the living room and feels really calm for the first time in a long time. He'll be back in trader mode tomorrow but for right now it seems like all is right with the world. Between Beth and Logan he's not sure how it can get any better."



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