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(Sorry to those that understood this.)

Story is still looking for a beta for early chapters -3/25/13

Been a project since 08 and in my mind since 07. that's four to five years, and I thank all that have continued to read and keep reading my story and I would gladly like to work with a beta to clean up the early chapters and make it enjoyable for all readers to come.

Because their will be many chapters

I wish to make one big disclaimer that will claim.

That I do not own Naruto, Naruto Shippuden or Naruto in any fashion; I do not even own some of the material used in this fic I only own my imagination and the credit for coming up with this fan-fic.

Okay people, Time to let you in on a secret that you seem to not read, One the first 1-30 yes 1-30 suck with grammar and spelling, I DID NOT HAVE WORD AT THE TIME!

I am now going back when I get chances to fix such problems, Please if you really can't stand it feel free to skip forward or just plan stop reading till I get it finished,

I'm no English teacher or even passing English, So don't expect my grammar to be great, I have however improved in a year time of writing, So it will be better than before. Those of you that have put up with my horrible mistakes, Thank you.

Now onto fixing the first 30 chapters.

I also like to point out that you people should understand... There is emotion behind each character... So their will be no bunny humping or random crap. And no ones going to up cheat on someone because they feel horny.

Oh and For the Key

"Talking, Hello, How are you today. I'm speaking to you." Sometimes you might see a word Italic in the middle of a speech.. That is just the character being sarcastic or emphasizing... Dam big word... Meaning they are trying to express the meaning of that word more than the others.

"Thinking, What am I going to eat... I wonder if they have ramen... Should I tell her she's really really really really fat? Hee-hee-hee I love my research." These are talks in Italic... Italic means one person only or inside their heads... Only that person can hear it... However this is different when a demon is talking. Note in Demon Voices section to put it bluntly its thought.

"Summons/Demons/Evil voices that can be heard by everyone... PUNNY MORTALS I"M GOING TO FEAST ON YOUR FLESH."

"Summons/Demons/Evil voices/Outside mental voices thoughts. I'm not really going to eat you... Just scare you to kingdom come..." In the case of people that have voicing in their heads... That voice is expressed using bold Italics. Bold representing it is a demon and Italic representing that it is inside the mind only heard by its host. As for the case of Telepathy... Well That borders in Italic and Bold as well because It is an outside voice in the persons mind. I repeat once more. Italic is one person normally in their minds in the case of demons they are sharing a body their for their minds are connected as well.

(Author notes or AN for short: I need to finish this... Hmmm What do you guys think... The writers or beta opinion.)

In the case of Translation it is Bold () Because It is me telling you what it means)

I hope that makes the Key much clearer for you people.

I just was really sick of placing a disclaimer in each chapter and a Key... Now you have it all on one chapter...

The little side story as you can tell has become my main, I will not discontinue the works of my others but... I seem to enjoy the free writing with this fiction.

Please read, Enjoy, Review and post up some idea's.