With a deep breath his chest rose, inhaling the fresh morning air, the sunlight glowed about him, filtered through the shades of the window over his head. His eyes slowly adjusted to the dim golden glow and his sense began returning to him.

The faint scent of cherries lingered once more in the air but it was mixed for the first time with strawberries. Naruto began to try and shift himself up from his comfortable position but, to no avail as the weight upon his torso kept him pinned.

It was a soft weight that anchored him to his bed and when he glanced down to see what that weight was, he was greeted by the plush of medium length pink locks, the child that contained them was no older than 6 or 7 her, small tender frame clutched onto him for dear life.

He found his fingers tracing the locks, gently stroking them as the scent of strawberries rose to a new level. This child he knew from the moment he saw her, the moment that his hands graced her smooth silky like hair was not Haruno Sakura.

When the faint smell of steam filled the air and a door to his right side creaked open. The emerging figure dressed in only a towel seemed to reconfirm it as she walked into the room a small smile on her lips as her hands used another towel to dry out her short pink locks in a messy manor.

The way her lips curled into a smile, the sparkle in her crystal like jade eyes. The slenderness of her shoulders, smoothness of her skin and radiance of health seemed to captivate him more than anything. more than the fact she was only clad in a towel. As the transparent image of the frail, pale, haunting image of what she looked like on the hospital bed seemed to overlap.

She just looked so amazing, so healthy and happy in those few moments his mind just completely looked past the memory. She seemed to quietly toss him a smile, while quietly walked forward her hips swaying from side to side, threaten to shake the towel off her body. She bent down and placed a small kiss on his lips.

His body flashed with warmth, his heart soared into his throat rendering him unable to speak as Sakura proceeded to continue stroking the little girls hair she bent in lower, giving Naruto ample view of her perk, firm breast tucked underneath the towel she whispered in his ear.

"You two look so cute together. Once you finish Kushina ninjutsu training dear, perhaps we can have a little bedroom training you and I." Her lips curled into a smirk a she pulled back and turned her back to him.

She deliberately put an extra sway in her step, each stride showing off her graciously tight, firm behind. her hands went to the draw, teasing him as she filtered through her underwear and pulled out a small tiny red thong.

She raised her leg with ever careful seduction and slipped one leg inside, She glanced at him again insuring he watched as her leg descended to the floor she slipped in her other, only providing him a momentary heartbeat of a flash at her smooth skin underneath the towel.

Naruto heart skipped again as she pulled her underwear up and continued with the slow seductive tease.

Naruto knew he couldn't chase, even as she dropped away the towel reviling those beautiful, ample C cup breast to his view. His eyes stared at the firm pink areola. His tongue licked his lips as she slipped on her red lace bra and tucked them away from view.

Each piece of clothing, each article she attached to her body sent his heart rate pulsing threw the roof. yet he could not bring himself to leap off the bed. For like a carefully crafted illusion in water that did not stop till he watched her behind swaying back and forth out the door.

Naruto took another deep breath as he calmed himself, calmed his body which groaned at him in agonizing torture, It took many long moments before he could calm himself enough to stop the tremble to his hands and chest.

He looked down at the sleeping bundle and knew just as he had once before. "Kushina" He recited over and over in his head. That was the name of his beloved daughter. All thoughts of Sakura torture cleared away from his head as he traced the outlines of her face, his daughters face.

It was soft and smooth, just like her mother's but many of his features also lined in her face. the shape of her nose, the curve of her cheeks, Naruto was sure as his fingers stroked the delicate smoothness of her cheeks he could feel the bumps and ripples of the same whisker markings he had upon his face.

But hers were much softer much lighter than his, barely noticeable in the sunlight. he wondered if she perhaps had inherited his birth right. His hands drive down over her shoulders, he could tell even at her young age the strong taught shinobi muscles she packed, were clearly of her mother's design. His hands lifted the small of the shirt just enough to trace the outline of her stomach with a bit of chakra.

No seal glowed or revealed itself, and a deep wave of relief washed over his body.

Then a small innocent giggle washed over the dry air. "mmm daddy that tickles." she giggled out as those beautiful eyes Naruto had been so curious about began opening.

It was like a super nova in his chest as he gazed into those crystal clear sapphire eyes. He could see the whole world, the whole of his entire existence in the shimmering iris of that little girl. His world his existence and life just seemed to explode into nothing but her. His breath caught in his throat. His heart swallowed whole; his soul shimmered inside her.

Nothing could explain, could describe his existence. Which was all wrought home by her words. "Daddy, Hurry up, you promised to teach me how to uses kyuu-chan powers today." She jumped out of the bed like a bolt of lightning so full of energy that she grabbed his hand that had been frozen at his side and jumped up and down tugging and pulling on the limb as if it was some pull string that would magically made him activate.

Naruto nodded his head and rose from the bed still in his pajama's he groaned at the increasing pain in his arm. "Alright, Alright, but first you need to go get changed." he said with a small amount of relief as she let go of his arm and flew off like a little pink angel.

Naruto was left staring at his hand, the very hand she had been squeezing and pulling on.

Her words vibrated over and over in his skull. "Kyuu-chan powers" to Naruto it made no sense.

If he was still the jinchuuriki how could his daughter be also a wielder of the kyuubi power and have no seal upon her. It was a question Naruto knew he could spend a life time trying to figure out and one that was better left to the expert of the power.

"Kyuubi? What she mean." He asked silently in his mind as he too began to change into his wardrobe.

"That, Is because she is OUR child." Responded the ancient fox.

"What, How can she be OURS? Is she not mine and Sakura?" even upon asking the sentence seemed naive in its asking and it was responded by a snort from the noble demon fox.

"My chakra, is inside Sakura, I am as much part of you as I am a part of her that united once again inside her making her my child as well." They kyuubi seemed to speak his words almost uncomfortably, as if letting them reverberate back at him. He chewed them again in his mouth and letting them fall out once more "My child" he repeated.

Naruto broke off connection as he looked around for his orange jacket only to find the hokage robe blazed with the number seventh on the back. He placed the jacket on overtop of his uniform. His heart glowed as he stepped out of the bedroom to see the young little girl before him dressed in the same traditional red dress Sakura had always worn in her youth

In the back of Naruto's mind he knew this dream, was nothing more than an illusion, he knew none of this was real and yet no matter how much he willed and told himself he needed to return to reality the little girls grip upon his hand swept away anything thought.

"LETS GO DADDY!" She shouted with the same energy Naruto had when he was little.


Beep, Beep, Beep. The rhythmic heart monitor chimed threw the room as; the fierce and determined eagle eyes of Tsunade stared down at the two figures side by side on the hospital bed around her laid the various instruments she'd need for her medical procedure. She stared at two figures with her unwavering eyes her old and wrinkled cheeks sucked in a breath of air as she hovered over them with all her authority as hokage and head medical chief. She released her breath and tucked back her white hair.

The sight of her son and daughter laying in their comatose state made her blood boil. How could he have been so foolish to stop her jutsu. But her anger did not matter right now only the sole purpose of her procedure mattered, she cleared her throat and with voice of command she spoke. "Let us begin, Yamanaka!"

"I am ready Hokage-sama" Spoke the eerily calm and serious voice of Yamanka Ino.

The blonde haired princess of purple stepped forward those blue eyes shimmered with a fieriness and determination as she walked to the side of her best friend the one girl that had been there from the very first dark cloud in her life.

Haruno Sakura was like a lover to Ino, even if neither admitted their true feelings face to face or even if they denied to their very souls. Ino knew from the bottom of her heart Sakura had a special bond that no one dare came close to touching. She also held the most heaviest and unforgiving scare upon her heart. The one betrayal, the one failure Ino had tried so many times to take her life over. This was her small chance at healing the wound.

Ino hands flew together as her heart raced performing every seal by memory by heart. She raced faster and faster than she had in her whole life. Flashing her chakra she bit back her emotions and slammed together the final seal. "Shintenshin no Jutsu" She released her jutsu. In her fleeting moments she spoke her mind. "I'll repay you even if it cost me my life." A teardrop slipped from her eyes as she collapsed backwards.

Tsunade caught Ino body as Haruno Sakura opened her eyes, "Transfer complete." Ino spoke from within Sakura.

Tsunade nodded her head and turned to her left. "Nurse"

Tayuya stepped forward taking her queue from Tsunade as she grabbed the special chakra laced gloves and placed her hand upon the engorged stomach of Haruno Sakura she looked into the green eyes at Ino. "Ready."

Ino took a deep breath. "Hai." she responded as Tayuya pushed her glowing hand down.

Ino screamed at the top of Sakura lungs as the clock ticked its start. The room began to spin in a blur, Tsunade and Tayuya worked at a frantic pace. encouraging Ino to use more of Sakura weakened muscle to push harder.

Ino screamed louder at the top of her lungs giving everything thing she had into the delivery. Pushing with every ounce of strength she felt a coldness begin to overtake her, she maintained her energy pushing even harder in defiance as she focused her mind on Tsunade words.


The hauntingly cold night air filled the Hokage office as Tsunade stood with her back to the multiple teams of shinobi behind her those golden eagle eyes staring out long into the distance.

"Let me be frank." She said clasping her hands behind her back and spinning around as the first rays of the rising sun peeked the event horizon illuminating her outline. "You are here because you are the foremost experts of your field, None of you would be here if I did not think you qualified for the mission."

Her lips pursed together tightly as she glared each of them down making sure her point came across strongly. "As you are well aware, I am unable to perform medical chakra." The solemn tone of her voice spoke the truth, the evidence was of her aged state spoke as loudly as her words.

"This will be my last mission as acting Hokage." There seemed to linger a bitterness in her tone. "This is a mission that will not be sanction, Nor a mission that will gain you any fame or money." She clenched her fist behind her back to keep her resolve.

"In 3 hours Konoha will come under attack by a force of some of the most dangerous shinobi this world has faced." She straighten her back and eyed each shinobi. "They will seek to annihilate Konoha before the day is out."

Many of the shinobi's stiffed before her, All eyes directed squarely at her presents. "At the same time. Haruno Sakura weakened body will begin entering labor." There was a dead silence as each figure before her stood each registering the words and choices she laid before them.

Defend Konoha, or Defend Sakura.

For many it was not a choice, it was an obligation a duty and a calling higher than being a shinobi.

Those few step forward from the crowd wadding past the others that seemed to begin muttering a whisper. Hatake Kakashi was the foremost of the pack, kneeling down on one knee. "How may we serve you Hokage-sama."

Tsunade nodded to Kakashi and looked to those that did not step forward. "Everyone else, take up your post and prepare yourself, your family and your friends. Dismissed."

She turned her gaze back onto Kakashi, of course he would be the first to volunteer. "Hatake, Thank you." she watched as many others close and dear to both Sakura and Naruto took a knee beside him. "Thank you all." She repeated once more before she steeled her voice. "The target of this raid will not only be Konoha, but Naruto as well. I will need all non medical trained personal to hold them back no matter the cost till we can retreat with them and the child safely."

The sun peeked it crest lighting the room in a glow of light as Tsunade took the time to study, and commit each face to memory. These where true shinobi, true leaf warriors who understood the meaning of loyalty and honor, for this selfish act she asked of them would strip each one of all there worth before the eyes of the village. "Those with medical expertise will be needed to help deliver the child." She took a deep breath. "We will not be able to cut the child free like a normal Caesarean section , The embryonic sack is filled with the fox die and kyuubi chakra to perforate it would be fatal to the staff and the child." Her eyes fell upon Yamanka Ino who knelt with a tremble, She already knew the Hokage demand of her without even needing to be asked. "That is why you Yamanka Ino will be charged with her delivery from within her body." Ino responded with a "Hai"

Tsunade then turned her gaze to Tayuya. "You will be charged with providing chakra to the necessary muscles to enhance them giving them enough strength to push out the child."

Tsunade ran the gauntlet of task to each medical staff tasking them with supplies, important life preserving checks. Blood fusions and any possible surgeries that might be needed.

Once she had finished her list to both medical and non medical shinobi she placed her hand on Ino. "Everyone is to report to the hospital immediately. We have no time to waste."

Ino lingered under Tsunade hand as the woman knelt down to an even level, the first time a hokage had ever bowed to a shinobi in lower ranking but Tsunade did so with a look of melancholy in her eyes. It had become just her and Ino alone in the room.

"Ino." she spoke closely every part of Tsunade strong hokage command crumbed in the sound of her voice, instead was the voice of an old woman on the verge of tears. "No matter what happens, you must not give up. Must not give this child up. For Sakura sake. I know with every bit of my heart Naruto will bring her back to us. We are charged with protecting this child and you alone, You who have spent your whole life with them around them. Are the only one that I can trust to deliver. I am putting all my faith not as a Hokage, or a friend. But as a woman who sees Sakura as her only daughter. Do not fail Sakura."

Ino nodded her head stood up. "I will not fail you, I will not fail Sakura. I promise, I promise on my life." In her words Ino grind the bottom of her foot against her sole. Letting each scar vibrate to her words. "I will not fail you Sakura even if I die." Each scar upon Ino foot was and always had been a reminder of each time she had not listened to Sakura plea as a child. To each abuse, each lashing the girl's father had given to her.

Ino had inflicted each upon her feet it had been her secret from Sakura just as her father had become a secret from Ino but the bond between the two young kunoichi had kept each one fully aware of the others actions and secrets.

The only thing that had stopped the silence and pain between the two girls had been there love and friendship for one another. It had become so strong for Ino that her father Inoichi had started to forbid Sakura from coming around because of Ino depression. The haunting look in Sakura eyes the night Inoichi had told her she was not welcome.

It flashed back into Ino head like a ghost staring from the grave. That was the night Ino had tried to take her own life; she had stolen some poison pills and ran off into the woods.

Sakura had somehow sensed Ino emotions that night and deep in the forest where Ino had laid her head down for her final rest. Sakura had appeared as she fell unconscious and started screaming at the top of her lungs; beating upon Ino chest and stomach.

Ino closed her eyes to the memory. To this day she does not know how Sakura managed to counter the active poison in her blood stream. She knows nothing of moments after she laid her head down. Only waking and looking up at her crying face. She realized in those moments of her attempt. She had caused more pain, more harm, more suffering that Sakura father had ever caused.

Those haunting green eyes so full of tears, She swore she'd never forgive herself, never let Sakura down ever again.

It was the next day that Ino decided to hide her affections for Sakura from everyone by declaring her love for Sasuke. Her announcement had brought a rivalry between them but it had also confirmed for Ino that Sakura had the same feelings when the girl had declared her own affections for the boy.

The two of them battled bitterly, but each time at the end of the day they would smile and Sakura would sneak over to Ino house in declaration of her challenge to Sasuke's love.


"I will not fail you Sakura" Ino screamed from inside her confines. She would repay Sakura for saving her life, repay the pain she caused and she wasn't about to fail.

With a scream and a push she felt Sakura hip bone break under the pressure of child birth but her determination and strength were not about to let her give up. as she grunted another push, Tayuya hand along with Shizune carefully massaged and flexed the abdominal muscles for another round of pushing.

Then finally a loud, fresh cry broke into the air.

Ino felt everything drain out of her as she looked threw Sakura eyes at the small infant that had been passed to her. The bubble gum pink hair and sapphire blue eyes were still a mess of blood but the baby girl still smiled and cooed gripping Ino hand with a vice.

"You can release when you're ready Yamanka." Tsunade said as she grabbed a warm wet blanket to bath the baby clean in.

Ino only huffed a tired nod and looked at the baby. "I'm sorry Hokage-sama." She said as she felt herself drain away. "I cannot anymore."


"Rasengan!" Roared the young Kushina as a red ball of chakra came spiraling towards Naruto face who managed to swat away. His hand hooked to her slowly with an uppercut.

Due to the slowness of his move she managed to catch it and flip away. The girl was as skilled if not more skilled than Naruto at his young age. It was a marvel to him as he watched her perform his ninjutsu mixing them in with Sakura enhanced super strength and chakra control.

It left her with fearsome shadow clones that combated his own. The memories brought back a bit of a painful memory of him and Sasuke sparing it out against one another.

She had all of Naruto vigor and energy and here he stood, cool and stoked. Blindly and recklessly she charged at him much as the same way he had done when he was young. And he in return much as Sasuke had done stood there analytical and calm. Deflecting and deterring all of her attacks waiting until just the right moment to strike.

It wasn't long though that she tried out and admitted to a defeat.

"Daddy I'm done." She said with a exhausted tone as she laid back in the grass.

Naruto nodded as he took a seat beside her. His jacket noisily flapping in the wind. A gust of wind that blew violently hard. That was suddenly like a wall of noise that fell silent for a moment.

"I will not fail you Sakura" screamed out a very familiar female voice. Naruto for the life of him could not place who it was, he could not place anything anymore as his memories grew fussy he then felt a tug on his arm.

"Daddy can I go have lunch with Itachi-kun" Spoke the young girl who pointed at a small raven haired boy that was waving from the distance.

Naruto chuckled if undeniably he knew who's child it belonged too and motioned her away. "What a strange place this is." He said with a smile and laid back into the grass.

As he gazed up at the clear blue sky he swore for a moment, just a half a second he saw the world flash a fading purple. but what did it matter, He would soon go grab Sakura from the hospital.


The clash of steel against steel rang threw the hallway as it was suddenly interrupted by the sound of flesh being ripped apart and blood splattering upon the wall.

The bloody and exhausted Hatake Kakashi knelt to Tsunade. "Hokage-sama we cannot hold out much longer." He said his sharingan eye already exhausted he could hear the sounds of another dying comrade ring out.

Tsunade clutched the bundle in her hand. "Alright, we are ready to evacuate Hatake, please hold them as long as you can we'll try to provide as much distance as we can."

Kakashi took in a deep breath and flicked open the center pouch of his jacket and unsheathed his sword. "Hai, With my life Hokage-sama." he said disappearing into the hallway for the one last time.

A torrential storm blasted out from the hallway like a thousand typhoons. The sound was then rounded out by the sound of a thousand birds taking flight.

Tsunade passed the child over to Tayuya. "Get her out of here, get them both out NOW!" She ordered as she grabbed her gloves and turned to Shizune. "Get ready They will be coming through that door any moment now."


Her flesh grinded against his, There scents filled the room as he pressed with all his strength into her core. Her fist dug into his chest and shoulders, teeth biting their way across his firm taunt skin.

His hands roamed every curve every shape of her body, squeezing at her succulent ass as he grunted with a force and in one full motion flipped her underneath him, thrusting and bucking his hips into her core. feeling how tightly and smoothly she wrapped around his member. the way her inner walls seemed to milk and coaxes his pleasure.

She fought back lifting her body against his using his neck and shoulder as she rode and plunged with every ounce of her body. Flipping him back onto the bed and pinning his hands above his head she rode down slamming him deep within her she bucked and bounced her whole body heaved on top of his in a sweaty mess.

Naruto growled shoving his head up at hers and capturing her lip in a desperate kiss to deprive her of oxygen sapping her of her strength he pulled free and engulfed her within his arms. Rolling once more till she was underneath him again he shoved his whole body down into her core forcing her to writher and moan under his pleasures.

Their tongues battled it out in there eternal conquest of dominances only to be broken apart by the moans and screams, the raspy grasps of air that filled the room with noise.

Sakura towered down once again above her lover, her pink lock hanging like a curtain around him as she looked down into those strong masculine eyes she felt her body tremble and spasm as another wave washed over her and her body sapped itself in a flooding orgasm.

Naruto took the opening flipping her back underneath him with another thrust, pushing her legs around him he dug his member deep inside her, grinding and shoving with all of his dexterity and skill. His gaze never leaving those beautiful green eyes as he felt himself stiffen, his essences spilling out to coat her walls. "Sakura-chan" He called out once more and locked his lips with hers.

She flipped them once again, her momentary recovery providing her with another about of strength her hands racked across his chest, tracing, forever remembering the sculpt of his pecks, the outline of his abs and the glisten of his skin; as she felt his heartbeat pulsing beneath her fingertips. Her body shuttered in another wave. "Naruto-kun" She cried out once more.

He flipped her again this time thrusting harder fueled on by the cries of her heart as he kept his gaze into those angelic eyes. His lips capturing her lips, pushing deeper and farther into her core he stroked her hair out of her face and traced the smallness of her neck, the slender curve of her shoulders.

His hands memorized the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed. the rhythm of her heartbeat as he drove into her. His body released itself once more and he found himself recovering once more underneath her wings.

Her hands traced his back and shoulders as she poured her essence her being and love into her motions furiously and passionately climbing and falling on top of him as she traced his sculpted shoulders and broad back. She casted ever muscle, ever scar and ever dip of his skin into her memory finding herself withered under his body once more. "I love you Naruto."

Naruto kissed her back his hands tracing, sculpting those wonderful, amazing hips with his fingers. Squeezing firmly to her lush skin. "I love you too Sakura-chan." he called back giving her a firm taught smack as he gazed down at her being.

She was a woman of amazing strength, amazing courage and amazing love, she was his and solely his devoted to his being and his being devoted to her. In those moments of passion, those moments of blissful pleasure the world outside did not exist the world was perfect. She was his heart and he was hers.

"I love you so very much Sakura-chan." He cried out once more in one final scream as he released himself with so much force that the world spun around him she could hear her calling back in a screaming gasp of air as her back arched off the bed and her legs locked up. "Naruto"

He fell onto the bed beside her, his chest still rising, heaving for breath as she too exhausted from her state climbed on top of his chest. She whispered in hushed breath. "I love you too Naruto, Forever mine, forever yours."

Naruto closed his eyes as his vision faded to the pinkness of her hair. But as he drifted off to sleep he felt a oddness almost like a departing peace of his soul, like something was beginning to disappear from himself, the memory of the faces Kakashi, Tsunade and Shizune seemed flash threw his mind. His eyes shut and he found himself engulfing the blanket driving away the thoughts of their faces to the blissful remembrance of his loving Sakura.


The battle raged all around Umino Tayuya, the red head clutched the bundle tightly to herself as explosions ripped up the earth around her in violent quakes.

She leapt out of the way of a falling tree she ran as fast as her legs could carry her. She felt Iruka Umino give her a fleeting glance. "I'm Sorry Tayuya-chan. take good care of them." he said slowing down with his small group of Anko and Sarutobi. "We'll buy you some more time."

And like that three more of her dear friends, fell back to buy the precious seconds they were using to escape. She glanced to Suzu and Ayame. They were the last of the vanguard left in the fleeing band. All her friends, her family... her lover were now perished. she felt the world crumbling around her.

she looked to the unconscious Naruto on Ayame back. "Why the fuck won't you wake up, We are giving our lives for you and your won't even raise a finger to stop them. WAKE THE FUCK UP SHIT HEAD!." She screamed.

Ayame glanced from behind her black mask. She too could feel her heart breaking into pieces. She understood Tayuya anguish and if she had not been charged by her mother and father in his safe keeping she would have turned back and followed her parents path.

Naruto was more than a jinchuuriki more than a man or a shinobi, more than a future hokage. He was their beacon, their light in the darkness and their spirit. It was almost too painful to watch him in this state he was knowing that his life could be stolen at any moment and he could do nothing. It hurt more than any death by Pein could give her.

She felt the earth rise underneath her and with quick reflexes she placed Naruto onto Suzu body. "Quickly now." She swatted her huge foxes flank and flipped away from the hand that was trying to snag her.

"I'm sorry mother, father." She said as she drew her blade. "I'll be joining you a bit early at the fire."

She charged the emerging figure that threw its hand out to repulse her sending her flying backwards into at tree.

She tried to bite back the emotions that Naruto and Sakura had inspired her and when she could not contain them like all her years of training had brought her she screamed out and fueled herself on by them.

They had returned her family to her life, restored her mother from a shadow. They given her back a father and had returned a unity a peace to her life. She was just getting down the understanding of love and trust. She was learning about a boy called Sai, and she was more than excited to learn more about him but thanks to this creation. she wouldn't get to learn anything more about what love is. She howled in rage. her sharingan flaring.

She charged with her emotions, swinging her blade, cutting in deep and twisting the blade around, She moved as quick as he did, charging and recharging every time he shoved her back. But she was no match as he raised his hands up, a bright light glow engulfed her.


Tayuya felt another explosion rip through the earth. Ayame too had departed away. She choked back a sob and rocked the child in her arms. "Shush it's okay child." She whispered as it cried out once more and she used her chakra to sooth and pacify it to sleep.

She stopped only for a second, only for a moment to catch her breath and slip another chakra pill into her mouth when suddenly, Her world slowed down, a certain cold wetness seemed to fill her and her breathing stop. No matter how much she willed her chest for another breath. She looked down to see a sword piercing out of her chest. No, no that was not right. They have tried to hard ran to far for them to still be keeping up.

This was not fair she told herself as the cloaked figure before her fluttered the world about her. genjutsu... she the master of genjutsu, when, how had she not noticed she was running inside a trap.

Tayuya growled in angry protest using the last of her breath. "You little fuck, you won't take them mother fucker." shoved the sword off her chest and forced her chakra to her lungs for air.

She carefully laid the child down and grabbed the special kunai seal Naruto had once given her as a gift. he promised to come any time she had used it. "Don't you dare let me down you little fucker, A promise is a promise." She said charging forward. She used the kunai slamming it hard into the ground with her chakra she whipped out another and slashed at figure that had stabbed her.


Naruto sat in the hokage office, admiring the village from the windows. But something kept gnawing at his happiness robbing him of his sleep and peacefulness. Many night he was able to force himself back to sleep with the peacefulness of his wife and daughter. Her expectancy of another brought him so much joy but this night tonight he could not cast himself off to sleep as the face of Tayuya flashed threw his mind.

Her voice. "A promise is a promise." A promise of what, his mind tried to trace back the memory and it robbed him of his sleep. He was a man of his word, his nindo was to never break a promise and yet here he could not find himself even able to remember his promises.

Everything was a hazy red fog in his memory. His fingers pressed against the transparent wall of glass as he rested his forehead against the cool surface. "I'm sorry Tayuya, I'm sorry" He pleaded to the open air his eyes drifting about the town as if desperately trying to remember some long lost sign that lingered.

This world this peace had everything he ever wanted. everything he could ever hope for. Everything he had worked so hard for threw sweat and blood. He was happy, but something kept tearing at this happiness and he didn't know why or who.

His eyes drifted to the shadows, for a moment he thought some of the drifting clouds looked like a fox.

A fox, He had not seen or heard from Naka in years he wondered idly how Juno and the rest of the family was doing. Maybe that would put his troubles to rest.

Naruto left the office searching far and wide. You would think the Hokage's special foxes would be easy to find but no matter where he looked, far and wide he could not find no trace of them. When he asked around no one seemed to speak a word about Juno or Naka. It was as if they didn't exist yet everyone knew who they were.

It made no sense, no sense at all and like a chipping memory they grew fuzz to his mind and he stopped in the middle of the street and even asked himself. "What was I searching for again." he said as he placed his hands back into his pocket.

"A Promise, is a promise." Tayuya voice rang out again and Naruto went in search of her, maybe she directly could answer his question but he could not find her anywhere ether. No matter where he searched. The hospital, her apartment, Ino place. No where could he find her.

"A promise is a promise." Like an whispered carried on the wind constantly reminding him. Reminding him of a promise had forgotten.

"A promise is a promise." The wind spoke again, "a promise is a promise." "a promise is a promise"

Naruto reached for his forehead pulling down his headband he clenched it tightly looking upon the spiraling leaf, his head began to throb a thousand times fold. He squeezed his eyes shut. "A promise is a promise."

he looked at the headband, he flipped it over removing the fabric strap he looked at the mirror blank surface of the back. This was not right. No the surface should not be perfect and smooth this was originally Sasuke headband.

His head roared violently loud, like the roar of the mighty demon fox. "A promise is a promise." He remembered he promised Tayuya whenever she needed him he would be there. He would be there and right now he could not be there because he was in here.

In the spirit world, This was the spirit world.

The moment his mind leapt to the realization the world seemed to blur around him like a thousand cherry blossoms and the Sakura he had been with seemed to flash before him and disappear in the blossoms.

He found himself at the end of his long maze, The doors of the cave back at Mitroshi. he pushed them open with a huge heave of his shoulders.

His eyes gazed down into the depths of the massive cave. Looking at the silvery moonlight that filtered down through the hole in the ceiling of the cave.

He kept walking forward towards the great massive Sakura tree, It peddles in full bloom, blowing about the wind he saw her laying against the tree.

It was the unconscious forum of Sakura. The real sakura still dressed in the hospital grown, her long flowing hair and her pale skin. here she had been hidden. As he neared her the Sakura he had ran across in his travels seemed to come forth from the peddles each one like a visual specter of chakra entered into her body till only one hovered outside. Her outline of cherry blossoms showed her hovering over her body. "You did good Naru" Saku said as she disappeared into Sakura body.

The young pinkette slowly began to open her eyes. "Mmm Naru-kun" she mumbled out rubbing her eyes. "I was having the most amazing dream." She said with a small yawn before opening her eyes all the way.

Naruto nodded his head taking her hand. "Me too Sakura-chan, Me too." he rubbed his cheek against her hand. he did not want to leave it, but had promised to save her to bring her back to reality. "But we must go?"

"Go where?" Sakura responded as she started to collect herself.

"Home" Naruto responded as he tried to remember the way out. But Sakura, merely stroked his hair. "Right, Lets go together" she said as she stroked his hair.

But once more the giggling laugh of a small child rang threw the air as the cave filled with a sense of taint. "Leave this one to me" said a voice from within the cherry blossoms as a young brown haired teen took shape.

Naruto looked several times upon the forum of Kenji. the young man merely gave them a all knowing smile. "Time for you to go back to the real world, Your friends really need you." he said as he placed his fingers on their forehead and forced them out of the spirit world. "We'll meet one more time in life my destined little angel and fox."


Tayuya watched as she prepared for her world to come to its final ending. "You broke your promise Naruto." She said in her final breaths. But just as the so called hand of god came down to strike her down.

Naruto intervened and at current moment he seemed none too happy. "I never break my promise Tayuya-chan." He said as he forced with his chakra the hand of Pein away. His mind caught sight of his special kunai right behind Pein and with a quick flash he reappeared behind him and slammed his kunai threw the false gods neck and ripped upwards cutting threw the bone.

His eyes peered at the others around him his hands summoning up both his mother and fathers blades.

Letting them create and control the wind he remembered his fathers demonstration of how they were truly meant to be used. He pointed at the tree and watched it split apart, sheered by the wind but he was still no were near the legendary Hokage level. but it would be good enough to destroy these bastards.

Naruto quickly reached out for a scroll, His red eyes focusing on the movements that were flawless in perfect unity, they all had to be connected he told himself, watch as each one kept their eyes upon him allowing the other to spot him.

But he was a seal master, if he needed to take them all out at once, then he would take them all out at once.

"Kaiton: Six sides of the Immortal Phoenix." Six phoenixes rose from the earth, with flawless precision and accuracy the soared into the sky, diving at their pray. Naruto then proceeded to summon up his shadow clone sending each to mark out the area.

He waited patiently, Occasionally, He would point his blade sending a gust of wind. Each time the large fat man would intercept, interfere with the phoenix another would rise keeping the other four on there toes.

It only took one slip up, one path of Pein to step over his seal and in an instant Naruto was teleported at his back, his wakazashi piercing the skull cavity of the Pein. He watched as each one slowly fell sub coming to ether an shadow clone, a fire bird or his hirashin. till only one remand. The chakra eater,

Naruto had a special gift for him as he dispersed his phoenixes.

His hands flew together as he began crafting and molding a Rasengan, shaping and making it larger and larger another clone and another clone appeared. "Thousand Odama Rasengan" he cried out as the shadow clones charged after the chakra glutton pelting him in a chakra wave till her burst.

Naruto lingered in the smoldering cloud of residual chakra his eyes glowing red as the sword retreated back into his wrist. He could smell it, he could sense it, feel it the life string that controlled these puppets.

"I'm coming for you Pein, I will make you feel Pein for my friends, my family. My precious people."


Tayuya recovered slowly her chest felt like it was on fire, Then she remembered she had been stabbed. Quiet painfully she might add as she crawled herself upright the area around her had been completely leveled in a wind based ninjutsu but somehow she had managed to keep the little child tucked neatly in her arms it was even sleeping so soundly. She tucked the cover over her a bit more. The child had not even been given a name yet she was contemplating it herself when she felt it better to wait.

But as she was thinking of it she heard the familiar voice of a fellow nin. "Tayuya-san, there you are?" It was her adopted father Iruka. But how? how was he alive? how was she alive?

"But, How?" she voiced her question loudly. Iruka only managed to squat beside her and ruffle her hair. She would have bit his hand or cursed at him but she had a sleeping baby in her arms.

"Naruto of course." Iruka said smiling down at her.

Tayuya growled, sure Naruto was strong and Naruto was Naruto but he wasn't a god. " tou-san I swear." she said grinding her point that the child was restraining her.

Iruka laughed a little and helped her to her feet. "From what I've heard Naruto managed to convince Nagato or Pein of six path to uses his ninjutsu to reverse the deaths of last few hours but that's all I know I swear."

Tayuya gave an O before looking down at the small bundle. "You know they haven't named her yet, no one has. It's must be lonely without a name."

Iruka nodded and tickled its fingers. "Kushina, after Naruto's mother.."

Tayuya angrily glared. "You're not supposed to name their child."

Iruka laughed. "I didn't I didn't it's the name Sakura picked out before she slipped away Tsunade and Kakashi both told me it." he held up his hands playfully. "Careful you don't drop her."

Tayuya didn't uses her hands instead she used her feet, kicking Iruka square in the chest and causing him to fall over. "That's for saying I'd drop her." She rocked the child in her arms. "Kushina, that was a very fitting name to the little girl in her arms."


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