A Brief Summary to the events of Season 1.

After it's formation in the late 19th century, the League was inducted into British Intelligence. A few years later, the League suffered major loses following the Martian invasion, when Skinner disappeared, Jekyll was killed in combat and Nemo left the league due to moral reasons.

The League continued, with the remaining members being joined by others and continuing operating for the crown. Both the League's numbers and scope of operations continued to grow, and it kept growing apart form MI6. Eventually, it was separated in 1944 under a directive from Winston Churchill. Two decades later, the League became separate from The British Government itself, as it became an Intelligence powerhouse notably flourishing during the cold war, with it's Headquarters in London, as well as seven main Branches, in Gotham City, New York City, Seoul, Cairo, Paris, Berlin and Caracas. As well as dozens of much smaller stations in most countries, not to mention research installations and secret prisons.

But as it so happens, power corrupts, and the more power and sway the League gained, the more self serving their goals turned and the more their methods veered morally. And so as we find ourselves in modern times, the League controls the world; it has squashed rebellions aimed to overthrow oppressive regimes, protected the corrupt and inflicted disease and suffering on mankind to attain more power through maintaining the status quo, holding mankind back and allow life of earth to remain mediocre.

But for every force, there is a counter-force, equal in power and opposite on the universal spectrum. And for the League with all its might and ruthlessness, there exists the opposition.

A coalition of like minded individuals bent on toppling the League, crippling it beyond restoration and relinquishing its tight grip of the human spirit, branded as terrorist by the League. Headed by four individuals the likes of whom the world has scarce known; Captain Nemo, still alive after a diabolical pact made early in the 20th century, one of the greatest mind in all three centuries he's lived during. Captain Barbossa; the world's last remaining old school pirate, who has lived, died and lived again, a man so wicked that hell itself has spat out. Captain Mason; the secret agent who knows about the world's secrets more than any man, who escaped from the prison thought to be insurmountable and survived what a dozen men half his age couldn't. Captain Raimus; courageous naval commander.

These four oversee a large number of Agents scattered around the world, monitoring the League and striking against them using guerilla warfare, Agents who are used to be spies, criminals, cutthroats, assassins and others.

But with all their resolve and determination, the opposition knows only little of Project Phoenix, the League's best kept secret, a Project so massive that it could mean the end of the world. And so, Captain Nemo hired two of the deadliest and most cunning people he could find to find the only man who can tell them what Phoenix really is.

But once he was found, the opposition was struck by the League, ostensibly in an operation orchestrated by Mina Jekyll herself, proving long standing suspicion of there being a traitor in their midst, wiping out entire cells of Agents as well as the League's intelligence gathering staff, perhaps crippling the opposition for good.

However, that remain to be seen as Nemo and the rest of the opposition are about to learn what Phoenix really is.

A Timeline to Events of Note

1558: British Intelligence established by Sir Jack Wilton.

1700s: The Priests, a traveling troop of impoverished vampire highwaymen arrive in the Highlands of Scotland and start gathering land, wealth and power

1780: Judas Priest leaves the Highlands one day and never returns. He travels the world for the next 130 Years.

1899: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is founded by Professor James Moriarty. It is all a ruse and he builds several copies of the Nautilus.

1900: The League is inducted into British Intelligence by Campion Bond. Their new M is Mycroft Holmes.

1902: Henry Jekyll and Mine Harker are married.

1904: Tom Sawyer and Mina Jekyll start having an illicit affair.

1904: The year of the Martian invasion. To thwart the advancing Martian forces, South London is bombarded by a Bio-weapon manufactured by Dr. Moreau, incurring the wrath of Captain Nemo who promptly resigns. Rodney Skinner disappears and is presumed dead and possibly a traitor. Jekyll and Hyde perish to prevent the Martians from crossing London Bridge.

1905: The 2nd Generation of the League is assembled, comprised of; Mina Jekyll, Tom Sawyer, Thomas Carnaki, Anthony John Raffles and Lady Orlando.

1906: Captain Nemo sells his soul to the Devil for a protracted lifespan.

1912: The Titanic's maiden voyage is met with disaster. Judas Priest, a passenger, is among the survivors and he arrives in New York. Priest would call the country home for the majority of the century to follow.

1917: The 2nd Generation League is disbanded and a 3rd is created. Mina Jekyll's identity is erased, though she continues to work for the League.

1925: Jenny Diver, a former prostitute and a maid in a sea-side hotel is whisked away by Hector Barbossa aboard his black freighter, the Black Pearl.

1932: Judas Priest has a liaison with Vivian Lee. He murders Vivian's husband Stagger when Stagger tried to kill them both.

1933: Lord Orlando and Mina Jekyll arrive in New York to help in forming an American secret service version of the League. The other members of this League are Lamont "The Shadow" Cranston, Capt. Joseph "Sky Captain" Sullivan, Dr. Clark "Doc" Savage Jr., Prof. Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr. and Agent Jimmy "Operator No. 5" Christopher.

1937: Both Captains Nemo and Hector Barbossa are hired to aid the British Government in the war effort. Nemo designs weapon and watercrafts, while Barbossa performs search and rescue missions, including being involved in Operation Paperclip.

1943: Judas Priest is press ganged by the Demon's Research Initiative into performing a high-risk, top-secret mission for the US government; retrieving the spear of destiny from the Nazi regime.

1944: Winston Churchill mandates the splitting of the League from MI-6. Establising The League as a separate Agency.

1945: Nemo is betrayed by the League. The Nautilus is destroyed. Nemo washes up on a deserted Island where he will remain alone for several years.

1945: The D.R.I. seconds Judas Priest to the army. He takes part in V-Day. WWII is won by the allies.

1947: Barbossa washes up on the same island as Nemo, after being targeted by the League for breaking orders. The pair start constructing a ship to escape their island from the wreckage of Barbossa's ship, the Black Pearl.

1948: Nemo and Barbossa arrive in Sumatra.

1950s: The D.R.I. seconds Priest to the army again. He fights in the Korean War, where he meets his son Frank, from Vivian Lee, for the very first time.

1950s: Nemo, Barbossa and a legion of Arab mages and European engineers set course to Mongolia where they salvage the Nautilus duplicates for their own use.

Mid 1950s – mid 1960s: The D.R.I. seconds Priest to the C.I.A.. Priest performs several secret missions in Soviet Russia. He works with Bond in one occasion, though both were using aliases at the time.

1963: United States President John Fitzgerald Kennedy is assassinated.

1964: The League severs all connections with the British Government, though maintains an alliance with British Intelligence. M's chief of staff; Bill Tanner acts as a liaison between the two Agencies.

1965: The American League is abolished. The remnants become the American branch of the League.

1966: Judas Priest enters semi-retirement to spend more time with his son Frank.

1967: Frank Lee dies in Eternity, Minnesota in the arms of his father, Judas Priest. Priest comes out of semi-retirement and is sent to Vietnam. He deserts a while later and makes his way back to America.

1969: Bond is married but his wife dies on the day of their wedding. The tragedy takes a serious toll on him.

1969: The Woodstock celebration takes place. The event was actually a cover to a meeting of over a hundred of the world's Immortals. Among the attendees were Lady Orlando, the Vampire Spike, Judas Priest, the Kurgen, Cartaphilus the Wandering Jew and Ra's Al Ghul.

1971: Bond is recruited into the League by Gideon MacGuffin, a former classmate at Eton. They become friends. Gideon intends on including Bond in Phoenix, a League-backed project of his design.

1988: Bond and MacGuffin's relationship has deteriorated; Bond intends to hijack Project Phoenix. With Bond promoted to the position of Deputy Director, MacGuffin realises that his days are numbered. He flees to Florida where he fakes his death and has plastic surgery and disappears for the next 20.

1993: Bond is promoted to Director of the League, making him one of the most powerful men in the World.

1998: The valkyr drug appears in New York City.

1999: Mona Sax is taken under the wing of Nicole Horne who trains her to be an assassin. She paralyses a US Senator on her first assignment.

2001: Mona Sax is shot through the head while working for Nicole Horner, but survives.

2004: Mona falls into a comma following a New York mob war and is sent to Prison for life when she recovers.

2007: September: While in Jordan, Aladdin Sane breaks away from his cell and covertly starts to investigate Project Phoenix.

November: Nemo hires Judas Priest in a bar in Minnesota. They both liberate Mona from Prison.

December: Judas Priest and Mona Sax operate in Gotham to expose Josephine's identity, eventually learning it is that of Mina Harker.

2008: March – April: Mona Sax and Judas Priest track down Gideon MacGuffin to a prison in Jabal Nafus, Qumar, he is liberated by the Cairo cell. The League launches a surprise attack on the opposition, wiping out most of the intelligence wing as well as several cells.

The surviving members of the opposition as well MacGuffin are currently en route to a secret location where all members of the opposition will meet for the first time ever.