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Chapter One

A long time ago in the village called Domino there lived people who were very friendly and easy going and everyone knew each other. It was a quiet village until one day four men came to town and they said "We want to meet with the leaders of this so called village." Solomon, Gozaburo and Dartz all walked out and they said "Why have you come to our village?"

The tallest of the men said "We have come here because we need mates to continue our race and if no one comes forth and volunteers then we will take four people by force."

Solomon the oldest and wisest of the men asked "What is your name?"

The man said "My name is Seto Kaiba and these are my brothers. This one here is called Yami, the next one is Bakura and the last one is called Marik."

Dartz then asked "Why come here when there are other towns you can go to?"

Yami then said "We've been to those towns and there isn't anyone who pleases us and so we've come here."

Gozaburo then asked "How long before we have to decide if we're going to help you or not?"

Seto then closed his eyes as did his brothers and they were talking to each other through their minds and then Seto said "You have three days and then we come back and see if this place has four suitable mates for us." Then as mysteriously they came they disappeared.

The people of Domino were all terrified because no one wanted to become mates to those men and they all voiced their worries and Solomon raised his hand and he said "Silence, we will go to the center and there we will decide what we are going to do."

As the three men left some of the villagers stood around and argued that no one had the right to say what will or won't happen to them and then one young teenager stood up and he said "Listen to what you are saying, you are talking about having a revolt against our elders and all of you know that it won't happen so why don't all of you just go home."

Joey was the young teenager and he was joined by his three friends Yugi, Ryou and Malik and they all went to the edge of the forest and as they sat down they all talked about what had just happened and Joey said "I for one won't be taken by force and if I decide to do this it will be to keep our village safe, but the others have to promise that nothing will happen to the village if I decide to go with them willingly."

Yugi then stood up and he said "Joey want do we know about being mates to anyone, hell we're just youngsters."

Joey smiled at his friend and he said "I don't know Yug; all I know is that it has to be better then living without a home and having to find food where ever I can. I'm tired of living this way."

Malik then said "Joey's right, Yugi you have a home and someone who gives you food and a place to live where Ryou, Joey and I are all alone without anyone to take care of us and even though we don't know what a mate is, it can't be any worse then having no place to call home. So I'm with Joey and I know that Ryou is too so what do you say, are you going to join us?"

Yugi thought for a second and then he said "Alright I'm with you and when those men come back we will stand up and tell everyone that we volunteer to go with them, but only if they leave the village alone."

Three days had passed and the men were back and Seto said "Have you thought about what I said?"

The three elders walked out and then Solomon said "We will not give you four of our villagers so that you can take them a mate with them that is just barbaric."

All of a sudden four young teenagers come running out of the crowd and Joey says "We volunteer to go with you only if you can promise that our village will be left alone and everyone will be safe."

Seto walked over to this young teenager and he told him "Your village will be left alone if you agree to come with us."

Gozaburo stood there and he went to grab for Joey but he young man was faster and he said "Why do you care now what happens to me when before no one gave a damn if I lived or died?"

The man was livid and he said "You will not talk to your elder this way."

Seto then held out his hand and Joey went to him and then Seto said "He has made his choice so back off or die."

Then Ryou, Malik and Yugi all walked over the other men and Yugi said "We come to you of our own free will." Solomon shouted "Yugi you will come back this second."

Yami then said "You heard them, they came to us of their own free will and there isn't a damn thing any of you can do to stop it from happening."

Then the four men took hold of the ones who came to them and then just like them appeared out of nowhere they disappeared the same way.

All of the villagers were screaming and crying and begging the elders to bring the young men back, but they couldn't and Dartz said "Everyone go home and pray that they are going to be alright now that they have all decided to leave our village and go who knows where with those barbaric heathens."

Solomon, Gozaburo and Dartz looked at each other and they knew that they had failed their people and they went deep into the center to ask for forgiveness from their Spiritual Leader Pegasus, who at this time was hibernating and wouldn't be awake for another three weeks.

As the three stood there Solomon said "How do we know where to look for the four when we don't even know where they were taken to." They then sat down to wait for Pegasus to awaken and hopefully he would have the answers they seek.

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Chapter Two Coming Up...Where were the four young men taken to????