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Chapter Seven

Seto and Yami traveled to several other dimensions till they finally found one that would be perfect to raise their children in. This place had several different life forms and they all seemed to be living together peacefully.

Seto and Yami went to talk to the elders of this place and as they told them "that they'd love to bring their mates and children and live here would it be alright with them?"

The elders talked among themselves and then they asked Seto "Who was your Spiritual Leader in your other place?"

Yami then said "Her name is Ishizu, do you know of her?"

The one elder stood up and he said "Yes, and she is a very good Leader. Will you and your mates be having your own Spiritual Leader when you live here?"

Seto then told them "Yes, will this be a problem?"

One of the elders a man called Caleb then said "We have several different types of creatures living here and some have leaders and some don't, all we want to know is that you don't try to push your beliefs onto anyone else living here and we'll all be just fine."

Seto then said "Our Spiritual Leader is the one that heals us should we need healing and she will make sure that our mates and children are safe from harm that is all she does."

Caleb then said "We welcome you to our world and may you and your mates and children flourish and live here for the rest of your lives." Seto and Yami bowed and thanked them and then they went back to tell the others and to let Ishizu know that they found a place to live.

When they returned they found out that there had been some trouble but nothing that Bakura or Marik couldn't handle and when they told them about finding a world where they could live in peace with the others living there, they all wanted to go right then and there, but as Seto told them "We have to go talk to Ishizu and let her know."

So Seto and Yami went to talk to Ishizu and she was happy for them and when they mentioned the one elder's name, Ishizu smiled and said "He is a very good elder and now go before anything else happens. May the winds be at your backs and take you to your new home and may all of you be happy and raise many more babies."

Seto and Yami then bowed to her and they left and when they got back they packed all that they could and then using their magical powers they transported everyone to their new world and they found a very nice cave to live in and that is where they lived till they all grew very old and died. Their children are still living there with their mates and their children.

THE END………..

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