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Chapter: The Very 1st!

Title: Rescue Me

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Sun. Clear sky. Fresh air. The day seemed to be perfect; just what Ichigo had been hoping for. There wasn't a better way to start summer vacation, especially now that he had finally made it through school. Soul Society had cut him some slack, allowing him to finish up his life in the living world. Though, he had been forced to live with the goddess of seduction; the temptress herself Yoruichi Shihouin.

It wasn't as bad as he had initially thought it would be.

She wasn't a bad cook.

Definitely not bad looking.

She just...had issues controlling herself. Not that he blamed her; he could barely control himself either. However, he kept denying her, torturing them both. He couldn't just give in, could he? He is, or at least was, after all, just a boy.

"Its a nice day, wouldn't you say Ichigo?" Jumping at least ten feet in the air, Ichigo felt his heart drop.

"Don't do that!" He shouted once he feet had made contact with the ground once more. Yoruichi stood before him, wearing nothing but a belly tank and jeans. Each and every day she grew more irresistable to him. He smiled; lifting his school case over his shoulder as he turned to start walking once more. He was almost home.


The place he shared with Yoruichi. They'd been living together for a little over a year now, and somehow he'd manage to maintain his virginity. It was tough, but she had eventually gone easy on him, only coming onto him one a week. It was progress for her.

"So, today was your last day, huh?" The goddess smiled, walking beside him. Their eyes never met, however, as they kept their gazes elsewhere.

"Yeah. Didn't think I'd make it this far, but I guess I was wrong." Ichigo smiled, glancing down to her. What would happen now? He didn't quite know. "What happens now Yoruichi?"

"Its your choice."

"But I thought-" The two stopped as Yoruichi placed a finger over his lips. She turned to him, taking a step towards him as she smiled.

"I won't force you to do anything you don't want to do. Go back if you want, or you can stay here..." Her eyes glistened in the sun, giving her a very sexy look. "...with me."

Ichigo smiled, taking her hand in his as he nodded. He wanted to take their 'relationship' to the next level, but was at a loss onto. He knew he had feelings for her; knew that what he felt was something more than your average crush. He also knew she had a thing for him. Why else would she stay with him? She hadn't left his side for more than a few days. And that right there told him something.

She liked living with him. Liked him.

"I think I'll take the second option."

A small, subtle breeze blew by, accentuating the moment even more. Yoruichi's breath hitched slightly at his answer; she wasn't quite expecting it after all. With a small nod, Yoruichi drew closer to him. The orange haired man blushed.

"And now that you don't have school..." The goddess whispered, backing him up into a tree as she slyly slid her hands down his chest. "...We'll have more time together."

"Yoruichi... What are you doing?" Ichigo blushed an even darker shade of red when he felt her press against him. God, she was going to kill him with her body!

Ichigo suddenly felt his heart pound in fear. The wind had changed from calm, to vigorous. The sky darkening as lightning spidered the sky. Just what was going on? Yoruichi immediately pulled away from Ichigo, the two sensing a rather high spiritual pressure.

"What is this?" Taking a step back, Yoruichi narrowed her eyes, scanning the area as Ichigo gazed at the sky. "Yoruichi, whats going- YORUICHI!"

Everything went black. Yoruichi didn't know what had happened. She'd just been standing a few moments ago... The goddess of flash gasped when she turned to see Ichigo face down in a pool of blood. Her heart nearly stopped as she sprang up and knelt beside him, shaking him violently.

"Ichigo! Ichigo! ICHIGO!" She shouted repeatedly, unaware of the hollow behind her. Ichigo's eyes snapped open, widening as he stared behind her. Flash stepping, Yoruichi just happened to get them both out of the way in time before the hollow slashed down. "You." Yoruichi muttered, powering up her shunko as she hurled a blast of her power at him. The hollow dispersed with a shrilling cry. The goddess immediately returned to her orange haired reaper; lifting him over her shoulder as she flashed to Urahara's shoten.

Everything was a blurr as Ichigo awoke, glancing around as he groaned. His head had been bandaged, as well as his torso. He hadn't remembered what happened. Sitting up, he felt a hand on his chest, turning to see an attractive dark skinned girl. The girl smiled to him, and then he realized she were speaking.

"Ichigo, I've been so worried, I-"

"Who are you?"

Yoruichi felt a pang inside her as she stared at him, her eyes widened.