"Fifteen years ago, I broke up with Ron Weasley after dating for three years.Those three years plague my dreams, they haunt my day, they envelop me within their dark arms, they-" I chanted

"Ok ok enough with the melodrama!! I know you saw him at work, but you've seen the guy about a million times since you broke up, and I've heard that little chant if you will, about a million and a one times and trust me on this, I'm sick of it!!" my oh-so-friendly roomie chasted.

Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Hermione Granger, I'm 23 years old and I work as a medi-witch. The previously mentioned Ron Weasley was my best friend and ex-boyfriend back at Hogwarts.However, the war changed me, and I couldn't handle the petty dramas that surrounded Ron Weasley and Harry Potter(who also used to be a best friend) so we went our own ways. Me and my roomate, Rachel Purus, a best friend and confidante met during the hardships of the war, and upon meeting quickly became best friends.

Chuckling I went up to my room, preparing for the ball that was being held at the Department of Ministries. My dress robe, which was a royal blue one, was done by none other than the infamous Ella ( that's Rach's nickname, she hates it!) who dabbles in all sorts of things nowadays, to keep her occupied. The previously mentioned dress, hung on my every curve, and comlimented my tone skin perfectly. The bodice, which was very tight, had me gasping for breathe. ' Beauty is pain ' is Ella's motto. Now, scrunitising myself in the mirror, I agree. If I may say so myself, I look a pretty darn good sight. Clad in the flowing dress that reached the ground, my hair flowing in beautiful curls, and my face wearing the right make-up, enough to make me look beautiful without looking like a 1-knut-worth-hooker-in-Knockturn-Alley. I made my way downstairs and Ella and I apparated to the Department of Ministries.