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Chapter One

A girl with long red curly locks rested in her bed sleeping soundly. The sunlight peering through the curtains into her room, causing her face to glow. Her eyes lids slowly fluttered opened, revealing her chocolate brown eyes. She yawned and stretching turning over so she laid on her back as she stared at the ceiling. Another day. Another morning for Rose Annabelle Weasley. Rose slowly rose up from the bed and pulled the covers off herself. She got up from the bed and neatly made it back up and retreated to the bathroom.

As she walked out her room to the bathroom she saw her little brother Hugo rush into the bathroom before she could. Rose sighed impatiently and started knocking on the door.

"You saw that I was going to get to the bathroom before you Hugo," she shouted at the door irritably. "Rude is what you are!"

Hugo poked his head out the door. He might have been her "little" brother but he was not little anymore. He was now about 6' foot and stronger and unlike the nice red hair he had the long ruffle of red hair which one strand fell in front his eyes. Hugo, also taking much features from his mother's was a very handsome and attractive boy to any girl who was not related to him.

"Next time be a little quicker with your feet," he said giving her his crooked grin and he closed the door. Rose stumped her foot and folded her arms. She turned and her mother was walking down the hall in her usual dark purple robe and slippers. Her hair was in a mess of curls. Hermione Granger-Weasley for the exception of her hair was a beautiful woman, her hair being more able to tame now that she was a bit older.

"Rosie I just finished up in my bathroom, you're welcomed to use it," Hermione said giving her daughter a warm smile.

"Thanks mum," Rose smiled and gave her mother a light hug and rushed off to the bathroom.

Scorpius Malfoy was asleep in his bed, laying on his stomach in nothing but his boxers and his covers and sheets rustled all over his bed. The door to his dark room opened slowly and he had all the curtains closed so no sunlight could interrupt him from his slumber. A smiling black haired woman with decent features walked over to his window and opened the curtains quickly. Scorpius groaned as the light hit his face making him more annoyed then he already was. His blonde hair all over his head but still handsome and he pulled some of it back.

"Mother, give me thirty more minutes," he groaned into his pillow, trying to hide his face. His mother, Pansy Parkinson-Malfoy smiled at her son and walked over to his bed.

"Now what kind of mother would I be if I let you stay in bed all morning," she asked with her hands on her hips. Scorpius let out another irritated groaned and shot up his head distinctively.

"A real good one," he stated matter-of-factly putting his head back into his pillow. Pansy sighed and shook her head.

"No we have to go do some shopping in Diagon Alley today for your school supplies," she said hitting him on the head with her hand lightly and walking out the room. Scorpius got out of bed groggily. He had a massive headache from the previous night. He had spent his night yesterday with his Hogwarts friends Vince Crabbe, Damien Goyle and Oleysa Zabini. They had partied with some other fellow Slytherins from Hogwarts and had way too much fire whiskey the previous night.

He freshened up in the bathroom and bathed and put on some of his muggle clothing, which he quite liked even though he did not like muggle-borns or muggles or the blood traitors. He went down to breakfast and sat at the table in the grand dining room in the Malfoy manor. The house elves were bringing in the delicious breakfast that he enjoyed having every morning. Even though, the house elves were servants he made best friends with one named Chester. He was his greatest friend while he was away from Hogwarts and to be honest he didn't like the way his father treated any of the house elves, but Scorpius chose to respect them as beings.

Chester entered the dining room and sat down a tray and smiled at Scorpius. (A/N: For you all to know he is a teenage house elf. Remember that…TEENAGE house elf.)

"Good morning master," he said walking over to Scorpius.

"Good morning Chester," Scorpius smiled back at the house elf. "I told you once before don't call me master, call me Scorpius."

"But like I once told you once before, I am a house elf y'know," Chester shrugged and Scorpius looked at his plate.

"So want to play some wizarding chess later when I get back from Diagon Alley," Scorpius grinned as the house elf nodded.

"I'll be going you and the mistress on your school supplies shopping," Chester smiled and Scorpius started on breakfast just as his father came into the dining room.

Diagon Alley was bustling with all the families of wizards and witches purchasing school supplies and getting robes for their children who attended Hogwarts. Ron and Hermione Weasley were exiting Flourish and Blotts when they ran into Harry and Ginny Potter.

"Ginny, I knew we'd see you here," Hermione smiled at her best friend and sister-in-law. "Where are the children?"

"Oh well Albus and James are at the quiddich shop and Lily went to the Owl Emporium," Ginny smiled and hugged Hermione and then Ron.

Ron smiled at his sister and then at Harry. "So how you been mate," Ron asked as Harry grinned back. "Things have been fine," Harry said.

Hermione and Ginny looked at their husbands raising their eyebrows.

"What," they both asked in unison.

"Aren't you two going to wonder off and go discuss quiddich," Ginny asked as Harry and Ron both walked off immediately, making Hermione laugh softly.

"What are we ever going to do with those two," Hermione said smiling as her and Ginny went into the bookstore.

Meanwhile, Rose was in Madam Malkin's getting her new robes for her final year at Hogwarts. She was standing on a stool as one of the tailors was fitting them on her.

"Would you like anything extra," she asked as she finished her measurements. Rose looked around and a long silk suede pink robe had caught her eye. She was after all a teenage girl and teenage girls loved to shop and when something caught their eye they had to have it.

"That robe is beautiful," Rose said as she stepped off the stool to the rack of robes. The tailor smiled as she followed behind her.

"We have that in your size too," she smiled as Rose ran her fingers along the fabric.

"How much is it," Rose asked still gazing at the robes.

"About fifty galleons, eight sickles and one knut," the tailor said. Rose looked up disappointedly at the tailor. The tailor eyed her confusingly.

"I'm guessing you don't have enough money for that, am I right," the tailor asked as Rose nodded slowly. Just then, the door dinged and in walked Scorpius Malfoy. The tailor looked up and hurried over to him.

"Nice to see you Mister Malfoy," the tailor greeted as Scorpius forced a small smile, more like a frown. Rose peered over and sighed as she walked over to the tailor.

"I'll just buy the robes I already had in mind," Rose said as the tailor looked to Scorpius and rushed over to the register. Scorpius walked behind Rose and she went over and purchased her robes.

"I'm surprised you had enough money to even get more than one robe Weasley," he smiled devilishly and made Rose give him a look that looked like it could burn holes in his head.

"Malfoy go bother someone else," Rose said as she took the robes and headed for the doors. Scorpius watched her leave and grinned, happy that he had gotten to her.

"It was also rude of you to interrupt me when I was talking to the tailor," he shouted back as she walked out the door and not looking back. Scorpius scoffed and shooked his head as he turned to the tailor.

"That damned girl is irritating, I wouldn't even allow her sorts into this place or anywhere else for that matter," he said as the tailor ignored that comment and they carried on with getting him fitted for his new robes.

Rose walked down the long street, looking around for her brother and she decided on going into the quiddich shop to look for him. They had guys and young boys practically everywhere, and her. Rose might have been a girl but she enjoyed watching quiddich games but she never at anytime tried to try out to be on the team at school.

She looked around and over by one of the brooms stood her brother Hugo with Albus and James, her cousins. Albus was tall but a little shorter than Hugo, but he was older and his red hair was just identical as Hugo's. Some people had mistaken them for twins when they hung out. James, a little younger than Albus and Hugo has messy black hair like his father, Harry Potter, but the bright green eyes of his mother. Rose smiled and joined the boys; they were looking at one of the new brooms that had just came out. The Phoenix Flight 4000th. It was make with phoenix hair and all sorts of strong bound magical combinations. Rose opened her mouth in awe. Albus and James saw her and rushed over and hugged her tightly.

"Oh boy! Lots of love I see," Rose laughed as her cousins were hugging her like they haven't seen her in ages.

"We missed you that's all," James said still hugging her.

"You haven't been over a lot, and we missed playing two on two in our fabulous quiddich games," Albus smiled nudging her with his arm.

"Well Albus we both know very well you don't want to get beaten again by me and James.

Albus and Hugo both snickered and gave James a playful shove.

"Yeah the little bugger is awesome at quiddich," Albus laughed as James stumbled a little.

"Well excuse me for inheriting all of my rightful talents," James boasted as Albus and Hugo rolled their eyes. Rose looked around and then at James and Albus.

"So where is the adoring Lily," Rose asked looking around for her little cousin.

"It's going to be her third year at Hogwarts but she's still a first year in our eyes," Hugo laughed with Albus and James smiling about it.

"You three are horrible," Rose laughed. "Well I have to go to Flourish and Blotts and I bet you any sickles she's already there."

"True" they all said and they walked off. Rose rolled her eyes smiling, loving the way her brother and cousins were like the best of friends. She left the quiddich shop, but she managed to buy a magazine about the Chudley Canons before leaving and rushed into Flourish and Blotts.

Her mother and her aunt Ginny were over in the sitting area in conversation, probably discussing what mothers usually talk about…their children.

Rose went to the section where the new novels were and found Lily quietly reading one of the titles.

"Hey there Lil," Rose smiled as Lily put down the book and hugged her. Rose didn't have a little sister and suggested that Lily was sort of her sister even though they are related anyway. Rose always taught of Lily as the more prettier ones in the family besides Victoire, her Uncle Bill and Aunt Fleur's daughter who was now in France accompanied by Teddy Lupin, him and Victoire have also been dating since Rose's first year at Hogwarts. But Lily was also a beauty apart from her blonde, French, half-veela cousin Victoire. Lily has beautiful red hair like Rose but her was completely straight and just seemed to flourish more than hers and she had simmering blue eyes which she inherited from someone within the Weasley line. She had small lips, red like cherry blossoms almost but in a cute adorable way. Rose was sometimes a little jealous but she tried to think positive of herself.

"Rose I'm so happy to see you," Lily beamed hugging her tighter than what her brothers managed. "We haven't had much time to hang out this summer but we will at Hogwarts, right?"

"Yes we will and especially now since you'll be able to go to Hogsmeade with us every weekend," Rose smiled.

"I know and can't wait," Rose said excitedly. The day had just flown by for all of them. They had all their school supplies and robes and afterwards they all headed down to the ice cream parlor for some ice cream cones. Scorpius Malfoy, on the other hand was having no fun at all. He just bought his supplies and robes then him and Chester snuck off to Knockturn Alley.

Scorpius was walking down and all the misfits there were eyeing him curiously. Scorpius had to admit things were scary here but he was used to it. He had been here on a lot of occasions since he was three years of age. He just had to bring this weird artifact to one of the shops for his father. Scorpius had no idea what it was but he figured something pertaining to the final war his father had told him about.

Scorpius soon reached a shop called: Dark Antiques. He figured this must be it so he walked in slowly, Chester following behind him and he was a little shaken up being in Knockturn Alley and such.

Scorpius saw a scrawny old scary and filthy man behind a dusty old brown wood counter. The place had no light in it except the candlelight from the corner of the room. The man smiled widely, his rotten and missing teeth making his appearance more appalling. Scorpius walked over slowly.

"I'm guessing you're the Malfoy boy, am I correct," he asked taking his hand out. Scorpius nodded without saying a word and handed the old man the object that was wrapped up in the cloth.

"Thank you," the old man said his smile getting wider as he looked manically at the boy. Scorpius' expression has gotten a little frightening as the man was scaring him…a little. The man hugged it to his chest and sighed.

"Finally," he was breathing as if he had been saved from near death. "Finally things will be right, things are going to change a lot you know!"

Scorpius raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"There's going to be a new Dark Lord arising," he cackled as his manic laugh hit the walls.

Scorpius' eyes widened in surprise.

"A new Dark Lord?"

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