Just so you all know after all this time.....I am finally updating. I know it seems like a year later. As far as the mishap with the ages of my characters. I know it may not be exactly the same as the book but...oh well. I'm going to leave it the way it is. Anyway, enjoy.


The Greatly Unexpected

Chapter Nine: Amelia and Lilly

Everyone was gathered in the Great Hall working on certain assignments and projects. Hugo took out a glass container of fairy dust. James quickly snatched it up.

"Now what may this be?"

Hugo quickly stood and snatched it back. "This is my assignment, something about small things with big magical purposes. Don't ask."

Rose chuckled and closed her book. "Where did you get fairy dust? Have you been snooping into Professor Wiggleworm's cabinets?"

Hugo rolled his eyes and mimicked her. "First, that man has one mental name. Second, yes I did. Third, mind your business. And what's going on with you and Malfoy?"

"Obviously, nothing that minds you," she said with a smirk and put her nose back into her book. Lilly glanced over at them with a glare. Albus sighed and shook his head as he watched her.

"The nerve of her, treating us all this way. Seriously, she's blowing everything out of proportion!"

James nodded. "We need to talk some sense into her."

Lilly quickly gathered her things and exited the Great Hall. They all watched her leave, except for Rose who pretended she didn't care when she obviously did. Meanwhile, Amelia watched Lilly leave with a smirk playing on her face. Damien watched her expression. If looks could kill she'd definitely get an award for it. Scorpius was poking at his food and sighed. Amelia quickly got up and left the table.

"What's wrong mate," asked Vince.

"I don't know what I'm going to do about her."


"No, Rose. I haven't told my parents and I'm definitely sure she hasn't told hers. My father will go ballistic if he finds out I fell in love with a Weasley," said Scorpius as he sternly stared at his breakfast. Vince glanced at Damien, who kept glancing at the Great Hall doors.

"I'm sure everything will be fine," muttered Damien as his attention was obviously elsewhere.


Amelia found Lilly sitting on the floor by the wall in the corridor. She approached her slyly and grinned.

"Something bothering you?"

Lilly looked up, bewildered.

"Why the heck do you care?"

Amelia sat down next to her. "Oh trust me Potter, I don't. But, you're little cousin Rose needs to back off of Scorpius. Immediately."

"I agree with you. Malfoys have always been nasty and rude to Weasleys and Potters. She's fraternizing with the enemy," said Lilly. "My father said even though Draco Malfoy is no longer a death eater he still has his prejudicious."

"Exactly and Scorpius doesn't need some filthy half blood all over him."

"Hey, watch it. That filthy half blood is my cousin."

"And that handsome guy named Scorpius is claimed by me."

Lilly stared at her. "Do you have a plan?"

"I have much more than that my dear Lilly. I have an expedition," grinned Amelia. "All I need is your help and we can get things back to the way they used to be."

"Deal," said Lilly then they both shook hands. Damien suddenly stepped out of the Great Hall to find Lilly and Amelia sitting on the floor in a whispered, low toned conversation. He awkwardly walked over.


Amelia and Lilly both looked up. Amelia stood up and smiled.

"Yes Damien?"

"What are you doing out here having a civil conversation with Lily Potter?"

Amelia chuckled softly and hugged Damien's arm. She gently pulled him away and they walked back into the Great Hall together. Lilly stood up and avoided the stares of the students that passed. She inhaled then quickly reentered the Great Hall. She approached her cousins and siblings as they all stared at her.

"Have something to say to us," asked James. Lilly nodded and cleared her throat. She averted her gaze to Rose and gave her a small smile. Rose just watched and waited.

"I'm really sorry about the way I reacted. I shouldn't have treated any of you that way. I am especially sorry to Rose," she started. "Your relationships are none of my concern and I wish you the best with him."

They all exchanged glances as they stayed silent. Rose made room next to her for Lilly to sit and gave her a small smile.

"I've already forgiven you," said Rose as Lilly sat down next to her. They hugged each other tightly.

"So glad you could come to your senses," said James. Lilly smiled and stuck out her tongue at him.

Scorpius sighed as he watched from across the Great Hall.

"I guess Lilly has finally got some sense into her head," he muttered as took a bite out of his toast. Damien looked over at Amelia who just looked back at him and smiled happily.

"Amelia, what were you and Lilly talking about in the Great Hall," asked Damien. Amelia smiled innocently.

"She wanted to know about a few classes and at first I wanted to jinx her little mouth shut but Scorpius has inspired me to be polite," she said sweetly then shrugged. "I guess this whole Rose-Scorpius thing is starting to rub off on me."

Scorpius stared at her with a raise eyebrow. "Sure," he said, not believing It for one second. Vince started to immediately stuff his face once everything was silent again.

Later on that day, Rose and Scorpius were patrolling the corridors. The prefects were also walking about as they did their duties. Scorpius paused once he reached the staircases.

"Now I have to wait for the blood staircase to get to me," he sighed as he waited. One the appropriate staircase was in place he moved to another corridor. All was silent and still as he walked down looking and listening for anything.

As he turned a corner he found a sixth year standing next to a second year.

"Hey! Wandering around the school late at night is prohibited. Please return to your appropriate houses," he said loudly as he approached them. The sixth year paused and ran off. The second year looked down in shame.

Scorpius looked down at the second year. "What's wrong? Did he do something to you?"

"He took my...money, he said if I give him my money he won't bully me anymore," the small second year sobbed. Scorpius sighed, not really in the mood for showing the affection to a second year.

"I will handle everything. Just get back to your dormitory," he said politely. The second year nodded slowly and walked off. Amelia suddenly turned around the corner, approaching Scorpius from behind quietly. She quickly stunned him asleep and dragged him off to the Slytherin common room.

"I've got him."

Damien nodded and turned to Vince and Lilly.

"Did you two get the polyjuice potion?"

They nodded. Lilly took out some red hairs.

"This here is from Rose's head. You can use this for the second part of the plan," she said quietly as she looked around.

"Thank you Potter, you may leave now," said Amelia. Lilly quickly left the common room. Amelia took out a few of Scorpius' hairs and put them into a cup of polyjuice potion. She handed it to Vince.

"Drink quickly, we shall tell everyone else that your father dismissed you for tomorrow."

Vince sniffed the cup and scrunched up his nose. Damien smacked him on the back of the head.

"Just drink it already," he said then he looked down at Scorpius. "What shall we do with him?"

"I'll put sleeping powder on him so he doesn't wake until he's supposed to," grinned Amelia. "After all, he shall be with me and only me."