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Some Brotherly Advice

Bill poured the steaming tea into Ginny's cup and then into his own. He watched as Ginny added milk and sugar to her liking.

"So," Bill broke the silence and Ginny looked up from stirring her tea. "What is it that you wanted to talk about Gin?"

"Well it's kind of important Bill and I needed to talk to a guy about it," she replied hastily.

"And you couldn't talk to Harry because?"

"Well that's the thing it's kind of Harry's problem too, he doesn't even know I'm here actually."

Ginny looked at Bill uncertainly.

"Merlin, you're not pregnant are you? I'll kill him if…"

"Bill, relax I'm not pregnant."

"Oh right ok, well carry on."

"Well it's just Harry and I have been talking about having children but when we went to…"

"Ok ok, stop there."


"Do we really have to have this conversation?"

"You didn't even let me finish."

"I know but I can guess where it's going and I don't like it."

"Oh come on Bill, we're both grown ups now. Are you seriously telling me that we can't talk about sex?"

Bill cringed as Ginny said the word.

"Ok first of all Ginny, you may be a grown up now but I will always be your older brother…"


"Your dumb over-protective older brother." Bill said talking over her.

"So that means we can never have a grown up discussion? Just because you're my brother?"

"That's exactly what it means and the best advice I can give you is don't have sex, ever!"

Ginny rolled her eyes.

"So you think no matter how much I love someone I shouldn't have sex until I'm married?"

"That's not what I said; I said you shouldn't have sex ever."

"Well that's just stupid."


"Because you're telling me not to have sex ever but you can."

"I never said that I had sex."

"Bill, you have two children. Am I supposed to believe that it was an immaculate conception?"

Bill laughed a little.

"Nope just magic sis!" he said winking.

Ginny groaned.

"You're not being very helpful you know."

"That's because I'm not going to help my only sister with something like that."

"You're so mean, I thought I could talk to you about anything," Ginny said looking at Bill with her best cute little sister look.

"Sorry Gin. Can't you talk to Hermione?"

"No, I said I need to talk to a guy about this. Hermione doesn't have a pe…"

"Ok ok I get it."

"Please Bill, can I just ask you one thing?"

"Nope, sorry sis."

Ginny glared at him.

"Hey don't look at me like that. You have five more brothers you know."

"Yeah but I don't know if they have had…"

"They have."

"All of them?"

Bill laughed.

"Yeah, did you really think I was the only one?"

"Well no but you were the only one I was sure of. Wait how do you know they have?"

"I'm a genius."

Ginny raised her eyebrows at him.

"They told me obviously."

"They actually told you?"

"Yeah why is that so hard to believe?"

"I don't know. I would expect Charlie to tell you obviously and Fred and George but Percy and Ron?"

Bill laughed again.

"Guys like to brag Ginny."

"Except you."

"Well I'm not going to go off bragging to my little sister now am I?"

"No but it would be nice to get some information off you."

"Like what?"

"Well what age where you when you first did it?"

"I'm not telling you."

"Ok fine then, how many girls have you…"

"I'm definitely not going to tell you that."

"Does that mean it's a lot?"

"No it means I'm not telling you."

"Ok then tell me how many times you…"

"Ginny, I'm not going to tell you anything."

"Ah come on Bill. If you don't tell me anything then how am I supposed to find out?"

"You're not supposed to find out, you're still too young."

"I am not."

"Are too."

"You're so childish! How does Fleur put up with you?"

"Maybe I'm just good in the sack!"

"Oh so you will make jokes about it but you won't give me a single straight answer?"

"Yeah pretty much."

Ginny finished her tea and stood up.

"Well seen as you weren't much of a help to me, I guess I have to go visit Charlie."

Bill stood up and hugged Ginny.

"Sorry I couldn't help out sis, maybe you will have better luck with Charlie."

"Yeah and if not maybe I can at least ask him a few questions about your mysterious

love life!"

"If he tells you anything about me I'll kill him."

"Why don't you want me to know anything?"

"Because I still have this image of you as my innocent little sister and I would like to keep it that way."

"I have to grow up eventually you know."

"I know. Hey can I ask you a question before you go?"

"Ok but don't expect me to answer, seen as you wouldn't answer any of mine."

"I just have one simple yes or no question. Are you still a virgin?"

"Well I wouldn't want to ruin your perfect image of me by answering that question so…"

"Oh come on Gin just answer it, please."

Ginny sighed.


"Thanks sis." Bill said smiling and pulling her into another hug.

"Ok well I have to go now. Thanks for the tea; I'll talk to you soon."

"Anytime. Bye Gin."

Ginny walked out the back door and Bill heard a 'pop' noise as she disapparated. Bill went to over to the kitchen counter and grabbed a piece of parchment and a quill. He wrote two words on the parchment and then tied it to the leg of his owl and sent it to his brother Charlie.