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Pamela Isley woke up at exactly 8:00 AM every morning. She would get out of bed and make her way to the living room where she'd pull back the curtains on her terrace doors and step outside to admire the park from her apartment's balcony. She then made breakfast and flipped through the Gotham Times. At 9:30 Ivy jumped into the shower and then got dressed. But today was different.

At 7:43 AM, Ivy awoke to the sound of frantic pounding on her apartment door. Ivy shot up and stumbled out of bed. She made her way to the door knocking into a table which held one of her favorite creations, a mini flytrap she enhanced a couple of months ago. Ivy unlocked the door and opened it as far as the chain would allow.

"Mornin', Red!" Harley beamed from the hallway.

Ivy sighed, undid the chain, and let Harley in.

She bounced through the door, tossed her bags on the floor and plopped onto the couch.

"Harley, its 7:46 in the morning. You and Joker couldn't have had a fight already," Ivy grumbled as she opened the curtains and started a pot of coffee.

"Ya'd think so but here I am," Harley replied sadly.

Ivy rubbed her temples and groaned. AS much as she dreaded it, she had to ask. "So what happened?"

"Well…it technically wasn't a fight," Harley began, "I actually left him."

Poison Ivy dropped the coffee cup she was holding and it smashed on the floor. "You did what?" she asked in disbelief.

"What? I'm capable of leaving him!" she argued.

Ivy gave her the raised eyebrow.

"So he gets up this morning and starts plotting his latest caper. I go over to his desk to tell him good morning and get in a little morning sugar and he brushes me off. Typical morning."

Ivy rolled her eyes.

"So I go back to bed and he cracks a joke but I miss it. I don't laugh, he gets mad, we argue, he gives me a push; I pack my stuff and take off. I think we just need a little break ya know?" Harley continued.

Ivy picked up the last few pieces of ceramic and tossed them in the trash. She walked over to the couch where Harley sat. She placed her hand on her hip and pinched the bridge of her nose with the other. "How long are you staying?" she asked.

"Until I can find a place of my own or until we patch things up," Harley replied.

Ivy snorted.

"Oh please Red! I swear you won't even know I'm here," she pleaded.

"Fine. But seriously Harl, find your own place. Be independent. Don't go back to him," she groaned.

Harley jumped up and threw her arms around Ivy. "Thanks Red!" She grabbed her bags and headed down the hallway to one of Ivy's spare rooms.

Ivy dropped onto the sofa. She liked having Harley but she knew in a couple of weeks Harley would be right back in the Joker's arms. She glanced at the clock. "8:00 already huh?" she asked herself. She drummed her fingers on the cushion next to her.

"Hey Red, you hungry?" Harley called down the hallway.

"I suppose," she replied.

"Great! I'll make waffles!" she exclaimed as she bounded down the hall and into the kitchen.


Harley shuffled around the kitchen looking for all her waffle needs. Ivy closed her eyes and tried to tune out the sound of her pots and pans clanging together. She was about to crack.

Cause tonight is the night when 2 become 1. I need some love like I never needed love before. Wanna make love to you baby. I had a little love now I'm back for more

Ivy looked at the coffee table where her cell phone was laid, playing Spice Girls music.

"If that's Mistah J, I'm not here," Harley said matter-of-factly.

"Course not. You're shacked up with Edward Nigma or bunking with Selina Kyle," Ivy muttered. She picked up the phone and sighed. "Hello."

"Mornin' Pammy," Harvey replied.

Ivy glanced back at Harley. She was still bumbling around the kitchen.

"Ya there Pammy?" he asked.

"Yeah. Yes," she said in a little more than a whisper.

"You ok?"

"I'm fine," she assured him.

"Someone there?" he asked.

"Just Harley."

"So we're whispering because…" he trailed.

"Hold on." Ivy got up off the couch and walked into her bedroom. She closed the door and bounced onto the bed. "There. Happy?" she asked sarcastically.

"So you don't want her to know I'm calling?"

"She just split with the Joker again. Last thing I need is her getting all emotional," she explained.

"So I'm guessing we're off for tonight?" he asked knowing the answer already.

"I'm sorry."

"Pammy," Harvey groaned in frustration.

"She's my friend Harv and she needs me," she explained.

"You haven't even told her have you?" he questioned.

"Well it really hasn't, I mean we haven't really…"

"Pamela!" Twoface growled.

She recognized the switch immediately. "I'll tell her when I'm ready!" She was angry now.

"You embarrassed by me?"

"You? Yes! Harvey? No!" she yelled.

"Fuck you!" Twoface yelled back.

"All that without a coin toss?" she screamed.

Ivy flipped the phone closed and hurled it at the wall. It smashed into pretty plastic pieces.

"Great! Now I need a new phone!" She threw her arms up in frustration.

She stomped out of her room and into the kitchen where Harley had finally managed the waffles.

"Waffle?" Harley asked holding a plate out to Ivy.

"You heard that huh?" she asked taking the plate and sitting down at the table.

"Yeah," she replied. "Harvey?"

"How'd you guess?"

"The 2 Become 1 ring tone was a dead give away."


"How long's that been going on?" Harley asked.

"A few weeks," Ivy admitted guiltily. "We didn't tell anybody. It was kind of a fluke."

Harley sat down across from Ivy. "I think it's kind of nice."

Ivy took a bite of waffle and sighed. "You need anything from the store?" she asked.


"You want to go with me anyway? I have to go get a new cell phone." She turned a little pink as she said it. Her anger was a bit embarrassing.