Forgotten Family, a Wizards of Waverly Place Story.

Chapter One: Memoriam Begonium

As usual the three Russo children were in trouble, most in part to Alex and Max. They had 'accidentally' used their magic in front of none other than Alex's best friend Harper, who freaked out.

"How could you?" their father, Jerry, asked.

Alex and Max looked at the floor in shame.

"Do you know how bad this might be?" their mom, Theresa, put in angrily. "Harper could tell someone!"

"Mom! Harper wouldn't do that!" Alex jumped out of her seat in the magic lair and ran to her parents.

Suddenly two men in suits popped in.

"Jerry and Theresa Russo?" The goblin man asked, he had a severe and very gaunt face, that scared Alex and her brothers.

The husband and wife nodded, they knew what was coming.

"You are hereby under wizard's arrest for the misuse of magic in front of a human." The other, but same level of severe ness, said.

Max jumped up "We did magic! Not them." He didn't want his parents punished for something he and Alex did.

The men looked at one another. "We will be back, and don't think of running." They disappeared.

"Max honey no," cried Theresa as she pulled her youngest two children into a hug.

"What's wrong mom? They aren't taking you?" Alex asked, clearly confused.

"If you would have just let them take us, we would have gone to prison for month or two then stripped of magic. But since they now know that you two did the magic, they will take you away, forever." Jerry explained.

"What, we can just find you again." Alex replied hopefully.

Theresa tried to give her little girl a watery smile. "No baby, they will erase your memory and then just stick you with normal people."

"But why take us away from you?" Alex's voice broke as she hugged her mom.

Theresa held back a sob. "It shows that we are unable to control our children."

The only Russo daughter broke out in heart breaking sobs. "Mommy, Justin and Max didn't do magic, just me."

Max was about to offer an objection when the men came back. But this time they had a shorter, older one with them.

"Sirs, I did magic, just take me, my brothers tried to stop me but I wouldn't."

The men all looked at one another. None where used to any kind of outburst like this one. Finally the short man spoke.

"Alexandria Selena Russo, you are herby removed from the family and your memories erased."

Alex felt hot tears going down her face. "I love you guys" she whispered.

"Memoriam Begonium" The man said. Alex fell to the floor unconscious.

Justin tried to run forward but Jerry stopped him.

"She is going to be okay son. I love you Aly."

One of the men picked her up gently and they disappeared. Theresa burst into sobs and just clung to Jerry.

"How come we can still remember her?" Max asked

Justin grabbed the phone and punched in Harper's number.


"Hi Harper, its Justin, Justin Russo, have you seen Alex?"

"Oh my gosh! Hi Justin what's up?"

"Harper, Alex?"

"Who? I don't know an Alex."

Justin hung up the phone, tears were in his eyes. "She doesn't remember her best friend."

"Why do we all still remember her, huh mom?" Max asked.

"Everyone forgets, but the wizard's family, its like a punishment to always remember someone but never have them again." Jerry interrupted.

"What are they going to do with her dad? How will someone not know?"

Theresa stepped forward. "They will alter memories, she will be a cousin or some family member whose lost her parents in some tragedy in which she was also injured and lost her memories. Then everything will all fit in together."

Justin shook his head. "That is not right! It was just a little magic! Why couldn't they just change Harper's memory?"

"So many wizards would just keep using the magic because they knew it could be fixed." Jerry went on. "So they made the law."

The family sadly went on with their lives. Theresa spent three weeks in bed, crying for her little girl. Jerry consumed himself in the sandwich shop and completely gave up magic lesions. Justin and Max just moped around their grades slipped but they just didn't care anymore. All of them wondered if they would ever see Alex again.


The elders of the Wizard's Council tried to figure out the best place to put the Russo girl. They took special care with her case. Why? Because she had done something few do anymore. She lied to save her brothers. The council knew they both had done a little magic as well. She gave up everything just so they could be together with their parents.

"Maybe she should be famous, I mean she will still have her old personality and it would fit right in."

The others nodded and began weaving together the girl's false past.

"She will be very happy now"

-End of Chapter One!-

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