Chapter 4: Alex Russo?

"Why do you have to live here?" Phineas asked.

I rolled my eyes, this was a daily thing, and Phin hated me for some reason. I was about to give him a reply when October ran over.

"Kayla! Kayla! Guess what, I'll tell you my mom said I get to go to your concert tonight!" She said in her high pitched annoying voice.

This was terrible, that brat would be running everywhere back stage. Annoying not only me but my concert mates the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana.

"You don't wanna go Tober, its boring back there." I tried to convince the little girl.

I heard Phin scoff. "She just doesn't want you to go October." Before I could say anything, October's eyes got huge and she ran off in tears.

I glared at Phineas. "What did you say that?"

"Because Mikayla, I sure as hell don't want that brat here, and now mom will make you let her go." He replied "And in three two one…."

"Mikayla Elizabeth!" Margo screamed.

Phineas laughed. "Too bad yours died in that fire, huh?"

I walked out of the room and down to Margo and still crying October.

"Yes?" I asked

"Do you have no respect? I give you a home, a career, food, clothing…" She went on with the classic cliché of 'guilt trips'

"Margo, I am very grateful for all you have done"

"Well you have a very lousy way of showing it," She scolded, "And October is going with us tonight."

-Concert- Justin and Max

"Okay I swear to, these are real backstage passes!" Justin told the guard.

The guy looked at the passes. "You on the list?"

"Course we are!" Max replied.

Justin glared "Before I hit this big guy with my little fist, put out names on that list!" he mumbled quickly.

"What are the names?"

"Justin and Max Russo."

"Okay go on."


Hannah shoved her way passed me, closely followed by her guard dog Lola something. I rolled my eyes and walked on, followed by my own puppy, October.

"I wanna go on stage!" October cried for the millionth time.

"NO! October, you can't go on stage, it's only for the singers!" I yelled

Hannah pranced over. "Yelling at little kids? What kind of person are you?" She asked, as she bent down to October's level. "What do you want sweetie"

Togo on the stage…" That brat replied innocently.

Hannah laughed. "Sorry sweetie, but I can't let you do that. It's only for the singers."

October glared. "No wonder my mommy hates you! You can't do nothin'"

She stomped off to cry to her mother. Hannah stood and looked at me.

"Sorry" She said

"For what?" I snapped a little too harshly, I swear she flinched.

"For saying you were mean to little kids?"

"It's fine, that's Margo's daughter, October, just be happy you don't have to meet her son Phineas."

"That's right; you live with Margo, right?"

I just nodded.

"I'm sorry about your parents."

"Yeah me too, but they are gone forever."

"I lost my mom too, so I kinda know what you're going through."

I never thought that me and Hannah Montana would be talking to one another like this. I defiantly never pictured that we could relate to one another.

Suddenly two voices made us both turn.

"ALEX!" Two oddly familiar boys screamed as they ran down the halls backstage. "ALEX RUSSO!"

One spotted me and Hannah and ran over.

"LOOK LOOK! Justin!" the younger on cried. "Alex!"

The two ran to us. "Look, we don't know any Alex Russo." Hannah said in a snobby voice.

"She DOES," they said pointing at me, "Excuse us?"

"Whatever" Hannah said walking off.

"I don't know an Alex either guys." I couldn't get the familiarity of these two and that name out of my head.

"Your Alex!" The younger one burst out.

I had to laugh. "Well umm…no, I actually Mikayla Rodriguez, who is Alex?"

"Our sister, she disappeared on November 2, 2007."

My mouth dropped, that was the same day as my house fire.

"She, well we, live in New York, on Waverly Place, you have to know Alex"

My head hurt from trying to remember. "I'm Mikayla, no Alex." I whispered.

"You ARE Alex," the little on cried.

"I'm not!" I was getting very dizzy.


"Max stop, she can't remember," That was the last thing I remember as darkness engulfed me.

I awoke in a hospital bed with Margo pacing in front of my bed, yelling on her cell phone. I moved to sit up and she looked at me.

"Got to go Mark, she is awake." She clicked her phone shut.

"So how is Mark?" I asked innocently. He was her ex husband and Phin and October's real dad. Margo claimed to hate him.

Margo glared. "What happened Mikayla? You were set to go on in five minutes."

"There were these boys, asking for someone named Alex, I kept trying to remember her but I got dizzy and well you know."

She snorted "There were no boys around."

"Their names were, umm, Justin and Max Russo."

"Whatever you say Kayla, just get better, you have a show tomorrow." She stormed out.

I was left to wonder. Could I really be this Alex Russo girl? Who were these boys? My real brothers? Was everything everyone had been telling me all a lie? Or something more sinister. Were my parents alive?

End Chapter 4!!!

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