This is a story that I tried to make a oneshot, but due to popular demand, I've decided to go through their whole week. Anyway, this is a ByakuyaxRenji story, set probably around the Arrancar arc, definitely post Soul Society. Enjoy:)

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Renji dreaded this most of all. Upon returning from the mortal realm, his captain insisted on a debriefing of significant occurrences during his leave. Usually this consisted of grading his timely mission reports, description of hollows; namely size, shape, and color, any events that took place during real time situations – leisurely or mission related (it made no difference), and social behavior of humans. Significant apparently meant any event.

The fukutaicho sighed loudly. Each step that led him closer to his captain's chamber came slower and more resistant.

Normally the event wouldn't be so traumatic; however Renji's stay in the mortal realm lasted several months.

That means he would be reciting for hours.

It wasn't bad enough he had to give daily reports during his leave, but he had to summarize after he came home. All he wanted to do right now is relax.

Yet here he was, just inches away from the door of Kuchiki Byakuya: He could feel the intimidating reiatsu emanating from within, a palpable presence snaking its way up his spine and into the hairs on his neck, prickling with a sensation of dread as he reached to knock on the frame.

His hand froze before reaching the wood when he heard a nonchalant tone.

"Enter, Abarai Renji. You are forever tardy upon your arrivals."

Renji gulped. It had been well over six months since he heard the icy smooth voice of Kuchiki Taicho. It was a familiar, yet unpleasant sound. Not that his taicho had a bad sounding voice at all – just the pure cut and dry way he executed it made him feel he was in the clutches of Hyourinmaru, the dragon clutching the nape of his neck.

"Hai, Kuchiki Taicho." Renji responded as he slid the door open, he winced at the loud crack it made on the frame and the irritated scowl that Byakuya shot at him.

This was the first time in months he gazed upon his superior officer. Kuchiki Taicho was a splendor to behold; the kenseikan masterfully twisted in his hair, the silk scarf delicately draped on his shoulders. Even the way he sat dictated noble presence. Heavy lashes on twilight eyes emotionlessly settled on the fukutaicho, causing Renji instant anxiety; he quickly apologized for the door, being late – pretty much his entire entity.

Renji would rather be drowning himself in a bottle of sake to save him from this feeling of stupidity.

"Gomen, Kuchiki Taicho –"

"Abarai, please begin your debriefing." Setting the quill down, Byakuya slid the paperwork he had currently been preparing further away on his desk. Patiently, he threaded his fingers together and focused on his fukutaicho.

"Hai, Taicho." Renji cleared his throat and began reciting from the group of papers in his hand.

203 hollows, 31 menos, and 2 arrancar later, Renji's scratchy throat was starting to best him. He paused and tried to clear the gravely sound stuck in his voice.

"Abarai," the captain interrupted, gesturing to a flask resting on the corner of the desk.

"Arigato Taicho." The vice captain poured and swigged the drink graciously, trying to keep his manners in front of the ever-strict noble.

Kuchiki only gazed at the red head drinking, making no move to comment. His listless stare hadn't changed much since the report began.

"According to this," Byakuya reached over to a stack of papers and plucked a packet from the top "You are almost completed with your briefing."

Renji nodded, staving his parched throat from a response. The thought that Byakuya already read his reports yet made him suffer through an oral presentation irritated him. A dull flame rose in his gut as agitation spread to his temples.

"Then I exonerate you from the rest of this meeting, under one circumstance."

Renji blinked. 'Huh?' would have tumbled from his mouth had he not realize who he was talking to. Instead he jumped at the invitation. "Hai, taicho – what circumstance?"

"I would like you to inform me on your social interactions in Karakura."

This time the redhead could not stop himself as his jaw dropped. "What?"

Byakuya's eyes rolled. There was nothing the captain hated more than repeating himself.

Renji stuttered quickly. "Uh, I mean – why?"

Placing the document back neatly on the pile, the captain hesitated momentarily. Renji began to wonder if he had somehow unwittingly irritated his taicho. He started to prepare for the worst when Byakuya's voice startled him.

"Ukitake Taicho recommended that the Gotei Thirteen become more acquainted with current trends in the human world as preparation for Aizen's inevitable war. He explained that we may have to live among mortals as a preemptive measure against a Soul Society invasion. That would indicate that we should understand customs and correct procedure, therefore promoting a desired cover among human beings." Byakuya seemed satisfied with his explanation.

Renji blinked again. Thinking back, he never remembered Byakuya traveling to the human world before apprehending Rukia. Had he ever been in the mortal realm?

"Kuchiki Taicho," Renji began, picking his words carefully. "Have you ever been to Karakura in a gigai?"

Byakuya's eyes shifted away, though his pose did not change. "No." his voice was static as usual, yet carried a hint of something else. Agitation?

"So how does this concern me, Taicho?" Renji smirked.

Byakuya's dark gaze bore into the fukutaicho and leached the emotion out of the redhead.

"Since you have just returned from Karakura, I believe that your knowledge of current events far surpasses others; you are also my fukutaicho, and I am your superior officer. Hence, it would be in my best interest to usurp any real world skills you possess." Azure eyes were fixed and lifeless as he spoke.

Renji's heart sunk in his chest. It sounded as though Byakuya intended on extracting information from him like Kurosutchi Taicho would: his skin crawled from the image conjured in his mind. The last thing that the redhead wanted to do was spend more time with his brooding, latently menacing captain. He also realized that even though Byakuya said this was a proposition, mentioning rank and superiority meant that he really didn't have much of a choice.

"Uh, sure, Taicho." Renji shifted slightly. Somehow he felt that nothing good would come of this situation.

Preparations were made to schedule an extended leave for Kuchiki Taicho and his fukutaicho. It was not a regular occurrence for a captain to be in the human realm at all, so the best calculations in regards to temporary Sixth Division leadership were decided in the next Gotei captain's meeting. Since Ukitake was the one suggesting the feat, he felt responsible for directing the squad in Byakuya's stead – however the captain suffered bouts of incurable weakness from his illness, rendering him incompetent for the task. Instead, the Kuchiki appointed Hisagi Shuuhei as official 'go to' on behalf of the division for any immediate problems. Any minor issues Ukitake would then be able to handle.

It then came time for Renji and Byakuya to depart. Neither of them needed to bring anything, since current accommodations between Soul Society and the Urahara Shoten existed – mainly because of the immediate threat of Aizen and his army.

The large doors opened slowly, the human world materializing on the other side of the gate. Two black butterflies fluttered through before the shinigami, entering the mortal realm first.

As Renji slid past the soul barrier, the last thought he had consisted of what he had just gotten himself into.

Urahara had two gigai prepared for the visiting shinigami. They lay on adjoining futons, covered with a light yukata. A chime at the door sounded as a fan waved lazily across his face.

"I've been expecting you." The green striped hat tilted so a grey eye could gaze intently on the arriving party. A smirk outlined his face as the man bowed before the captain.

Renji noticed the abnormal tension from the usually exuberant man. Renji walked forward and slapped him on the shoulder.

"Ossan! Long time no see!" All of his teeth seemed to show through.

"Ah freeloader-san! A pleasure to have you back so soon. Don't forget, dinner's at eight!" Though his voice seemed more usual and carefree, his stare did not leave Byakuya.

"Arigato, Urahara-san. Your lodging, though small, will adequately suffice our short term stay." Byakuya bowed slightly to the man, midnight eyes fixed on the darkened visage of the man in green.

Renji may be slow to pick up on things, but there was definitely a mutual tension between the two men. The enlightenment was surprising; he had never seen Urahara act so outwardly negative toward anyone.

After assuming the gigai, Byakuya wasted no time in training. Clothes obviously became the first endeavor, the wide variety of materials and combinations making for a lengthy topic of discussion. Renji had enough experience to at least be able to tell Byakuya what not to wear.

The Kuchiki seemed to be innately coordinate, picking an outfit that went easily together. He disappeared into an adjoining room.

"Let me know if you need help with anything." Renji shouted, sifting through articles of clothing.

"I do not need assistance in dressing myself; I have been doing so for centuries." Was the pertinent response. Several minutes passed, and another sound emerged from the dressing room.

"I may need some…advising." Byakuya stated, sounding almost defeated.

Renji smiled, yet wiped the look away quickly upon entering the chamber. The last thing he wanted to see was the look on his captain's face for making fun of his predicament. Still, the event was amusing and had only a shred of grin left when he slid into the opening.

The sight he beheld changed the look entirely.

There, standing next to a full length mirror, was the semi-nude form of Kuchiki Byakuya. The buttoned shirt was open, exposing the white porcelain skin of his captain, Renji's gaze lingering at the black limiter tattoo of sixth division against his skin. It was then he realized that his captain hadn't even got as far as fastening his jeans; he was fiddling with something on his wrist.

The redhead managed to tear his eyes away from the unzipped portion of jeans before his taicho turned his head. The kenseikan was nowhere to be found, his raven hair falling into his eyes as his attention turned back to whatever it was on his wrist.

"I…cannot fasten this." Byakuya plainly stated.

Renji came closer to inspect what his captain was occupied with. Looking over his shoulder, he could see that the dark haired man was wrestling with what looked like a cufflink in his hand.

His eyes widened when he realized that his taller body gave him a vantage of the open zipper on Byakuya's jeans. The material kitted together just above his groin, outlining the well defined muscles, the pale skin rolling smoothly over toned abdomen. Renji's mouth dried at the sight.

"Are you sure these clothes are…appropriate?" Byakuya spoke around a frown. Though he couldn't see it, the slight annoyance in his voice was evident.

Renji barely heard the comment, occupied with the steady breathing rising and falling on Byakuya's chest. The new limiter poked out from under the shirt, shining against fair skin; it hadn't yet adhered to the gigai, the black etching on white a stark contrast on the captain's body.

It was not rare for men to view each other naked in Seireitei. It was commonplace for same genders to shower or bathe together. Viewing Byakuya's unclothed torso should have been uneventful, however for some reason it felt strange.

Renji chalked it up to nerves. Being in such close quarters with a very intimidating captain may have had something to do with it. Pausing to think about it, Byakuya himself never visited the community baths; maybe there was some merit to his nervousness.

Snapping to attention when his taicho's head turned to face him, he cleared his throat. "Yeah. Everyone wears stuff like this, especially where we're going."

An eyebrow arched upward. "We are going somewhere?" the dark haired man enquired.

"Yeah." Renji scratched his forehead with his thumb. "I meant to tell you. It's the best way to learn how to socially interact – you can't do that cooped up in the Shoten."

Byakuya seemed unimpressed. "If that is your advice, then I shall heed it. I may not enjoy the selection of clothing, however."

"Well, eventually you can choose your own style. I just had Urahara pick up some things that I thought you would look good in." Renji scooped up the cufflink and Byakuya's wrist, deftly rolling the metal clip through the sewn holes in the material. It took him a good bit of three weeks to get that method down himself, and he knew it was easier when someone else did it.

The sixth division captain did not answer, attending to the second cuff link. Fittingly the silver clip contained the etching of a sakura blossom, the petals shining like Senbonsakura in its primal form. Upon finishing, he absentmindedly ran his fingers through the raven locks falling into his eyes.

"Yeah. I have to apologize; they don't exactly have an equivalent for your hair thingy here." Renji waived his finger in the general direction where the noble's crown would be.

Byakuya's eyes pierced the redhead's. "Kenseikan, Abarai. It is a symbol of heritage."

"Sure." Renji commented, waltzing over to a chair in the corner of the room. There wasn't much else in the small chamber, save for one other chair and the mirror. Before reaching the destination he froze: The fukutaicho turned a bit paler when he seen the pair of boxers he gave his captain still draped over the back.

"Uh, Taicho…" he started, reluctant to finish his line of thought.

Apparently the captain did not hear the comment, involved in buttoning his shirt.

"Here, let me," the vice captain stated, swallowing the awkward emotion. Whipping away from the imposing garment strewn carelessly in the open, he attended to fastening buttons. Straightening the collar and smoothing the points down, his hands trailed along the buttons, aligning the holes.

Byakuya was quiet through the endeavor. He only fidgeted with the edge of his cuff.

"There – perfect!" Renji grinned, admiring his handiwork.

"This works similarly, I take it." The captain surmised, turning attention to his belt line.

The fukutaicho grimaced. He averted his eyes to prevent following Byakuya's line of sight to the lower regions of his captain's body. "About that…You're supposed to wear those." Pointing to the bundle of cloth resting on the chair backing.

"What is the point of a loose article of clothing such as this? It does not adorn the pants, correct?"

"Hai, Taicho."

"Then I see no point in baggy underclothes being covered by tighter fitting apparel." To accentuate his point, a zipping sound audibly echoed in the small space.

Embarrassment threatened to creep across his face with the casual mention of such matters. This was his captain, for pete's sake! Shrugging while running a hand along the back of his neck, he managed to play off the feeling of discomfort. "That's… a matter of personal preference. I'm not going to coerce you." The redhead turned to exit, casting one last glance at his captain fidgeting in the mirror.

So prissy concerning his image, Renji thought. Take Byakuya out of Soul Society, but he's still the same stuffy Kuchiki.

"Let me know when you're finished so we can leave." Renji's parting words floated back as the partition closed. "I'm going to get ready myself."

Kuchiki Byakuya stared at the unkempt hair dampening his sight. Normally the feeling of strands didn't bother him; however it felt wrong. Everything felt wrong; he blamed it on the new gigai he currently inhabited.

Why else would his pulse quicken as his fukutaicho invaded his personal space? It wasn't like they hadn't been that close before – battling in bankai form during the ryoka disturbance was a testimonial to that.

Granted he was nervous. The sixth division captain was in uncharted territory and out of his element, leaving his faith with a man he wouldn't trust to find the back of his own hand.

By the reports, however, Renji had definitely proved himself worthy of this social excursion. He had to trust his fukutaicho.

That was why he promoted him to vice captain level in the first place. The fiery determination that Abarai possessed to succeed was enough evidence in that. Renji showed the most promise to become a captain himself someday.

Dismissing the random thoughts occupying his mind, his hands went to straightening the clothes that Renji himself had touched. Despite their outrageous appearance, he found himself enjoying the way they looked on him, exotic and different. A part of him wondered what Abarai would look like as well, outside of the traditional black shinigami uniform.

Not long after the Kuchiki emerged, exuding his natural superior presence. Despite the urban clothing, the air of dignity remained, unwavering in his appearance.

Upon entering the larger partition, Byakuya realized that his fukutaicho was absent from the room. The man could feel the familiar reiatsu emanating from another source, more than likely the adjoining chamber. He was about to enter when he heard voices echoing from the doorway.

"We have a…difficult past." A male voice firmly, yet quietly stated.

"Gomen, Urahara-san… I didn't mean to offend by staying here – should we find another place to –"

"It's alright, Renji. It was a long time ago – I doubt either one of us remember how it actually started, or why for that matter. Probably time to let bygones be bygones, as it were."

"All right Urahara-san, we'll stay for tonight; however, I'll find other accommodations, since we had planned to be in Karakura for at least one week. Don't worry, I'll come by to sweep the Shoten." There was a slight chuckle and the sound of a slap of hand on fabric as Renji spoke. His voice suddenly became louder, the sound quickening Byakuya's heart in his chest. "Oi! Taicho! You ready in there?"

Letting his pulse resume normal levels, the captain let a few seconds pass before entering the room. It was bad enough that Renji's voice made him jump, let alone the fact that he of all people had been eavesdropping on their conversation.

Byakuya stepped in, eying the two men adjacent. One wore a green and white striped hat, along with a summer yukata and cloak. There was a handsome figure next to him, immediately drawing his attention from the grey eyes that pierced his own.

The sixth division captain had to double take before realizing that the tall redhead was his own fukutaicho. Could clothing make that much of a difference?

Byakuya took the moment to size up his vice captain. The tall shinigami now wore a red and white top, the white sleeves ending at the elbow, revealing the red underneath. There was a hood attached to the collar, though the material seemed thinner than a sweater. Long, black pants fit loosely on the vice captain, adorned with several different pockets that Byakuya could hardly guess their use. Dark shades rested easily at the redhead's hair line, the red and purple sheen reflecting from the visor of the glasses. Instead of tied upward, the redhead's tresses were braided down, a few loose strands falling into his eyes.

Clothes definitely made a difference in this realm.

"Abarai, your culture assimilation shows."

Renji blinked. Though the captain's stone visage had not changed, he believed that his captain had just gave him a compliment. Of sorts.

"Uh…Hai, Taicho. Arigato."

Glancing over to where Urahara had been, he noticed that the man had excused himself without saying anything. Shrugging helplessly, the fukutaicho turned to his captain.

"The place I had in mind isn't far; we can walk." Renji explained.

Byakuya nodded slightly. Venturing to an establishment on foot would be acceptable; observation along the way provided ample enrichment.

"The place is called a 'club'. Most people socialize here for environmental reasons; it provides a stimulating situation for social interactions." Renji explained the best he could to his formal taicho; though it was easier to show rather than to tell, he thought it best to ease the stuffy Kuchiki before immersing him in the culture.

The heavy lidded response from Byakuya showed hardly any interest. It seemed that the captain was on a routine hollow excursion from the look of boredom creeping into his features.

"Well, then let's go." Renji sighed, making way for the 'overzealous' captain. He believed that if Byakuya had shown any emotion, he would spontaneously combust from the overload.

Despite his taicho's sincere lack of interest, Renji found himself explaining all sorts of things on the way; Byakuya absorbing the fukutaicho's words in with an intense gaze.

A moment had passed between subjects where they walked in silence, the clack of shoes ringing out from the pavement. The sun had started to set, the light beaming across their field of vision while painting the sky in bright colors. Byakuya squinted slightly; perhaps Renji's glasses, though outrageously expensive, did have a practical use. He noted the dark frames, impossible to detect his eyes behind the spectrum of purple and red.

Speaking up suddenly, he decided to get this out of the way while they were alone together.

"During this Karakura excursion, Abarai – and only during this time – we may refer to each other on a common familiar first name basis."

"Huh?" Renji's jaw dropped. He never thought of calling his captain by any other name besides 'Kuchiki Taicho'. He didn't think it would be physically possible for his mouth to produce the name 'Byakuya'. He had thought it most definitely, but that was usually followed by some derogatory comment never to be spoken aloud. His mind tried to wrap around the context of a friendly relationship with his captain. It failed miserably.

The captain rolled his eyes again, seeming to search the landscape around him.

"I will try Taicho. It feels – awkward."

"In my experience, it would be more natural to refer to each other casually. As much as the situation does not appeal to me, it would be more convincing on a human level."

"Hai, Tai – er – sir." Renji mumbled. It would take a little time to attempt that one.

Upon entering the establishment, Byakuya was assaulted by many loud sounds; music, laughter, talking, all mashed together in between four walls that couldn't possibly support so many people. Somehow they mingled and slid their way through groups of people to booths in the corner, claming one as their own.

Saying that the place was loud was an understatement; some nameless band played along another corner, a large bar lay adjacent that many people seemed to cling to, and there were scads of groups all talking loudly over the pulse of the music. Smoke drifted through the air that hung as thick as fog; Byakuya coughed slightly.

"Cigarettes. Renji stated. "Not much of a smell, but they do taste pleasant." Waving a hand between them.

"I see." The Kuchiki noble only replied, voice almost lost in a sea of sound.

Renji pointed out several types of engagement between groups, though not many made sense to Byakuya. It was a stretch to fathom such base interactions in Seireitei, let alone the seemingly more complex urban ones in the mortal realm. These people spoke in codes.

"Eye dee kay?" Byakuya mouthed a phrase that one of the teenage girls voiced as she walked by. An eyebrow poked upward slightly.

Renji suppressed a smile growing across his face. "A shorthand version of a phrase using only the first letters of the corresponding words. It means 'I don't know'." After spending several years with the captain, he knew Byakuya would understand that.

"Ah." The taicho nodded.

"I know what we need!" the fukutaicho stated, slamming his palms on the table. "I'm gonna get us a drink." The redhead smiled, rising from the bench and pointing a finger to the captain. "Don't go anywhere." He proclaimed, filing his way the counter.

Moments had passed before Renji returned, a pitcher of dark liquid and a couple of tall glasses of ice in his hand. Seeing the fukutaicho again relieved him slightly; the room was slightly intimidating inside a gigai, people walking by noticed him, a trait that eluded him in shinigami form.

He liked not being noticed.

The glass container hit the table in time with the glasses. Ice clinked around inside.

"Here we go," the red haired vice captain chimed. A look crossed his face as the whipped back around. "Sorry, I forgot something!" he bolted across the room, supposedly back to the counter.

Byakuya filled a glass with the brown liquid and took a sip. Noting the taste, he frowned; it figured that his fukutaicho would pick a beverage that he would be best accustomed to. Byakuya was hoping for something more exotic than tea.

By the time Renji had returned to the table, his captain had nearly finished the glass pitcher he had placed on the table earlier. He felt himself blanch at the sight.

He already knew the answer, but he had to ask anyway.

"Uh, tai – er – sir…Did you drink all of that yourself?"

"Of course, Abarai. Leave it to you to pick a drink like tea on a cultural enhancing experience." Byakuya's cheeks were slightly flushed, a pink tinge painted across his face.

Trying not to panic, the redhead put down the bag of pretzels that he had gone to collect. Renji scooted around to the seat, sliding in and grabbing Byakuya's hands quickly. "Sir, I think it best that we –"

"Hey there cutie." A girl in her mid twenties stepped of to the table the two occupied, her interest blatantly on the Kuchiki noble. "How about a dance?"

Byakuya's questioning look and confusion lasted slightly before turning to remark to the young woman. "I have no interest in you, since your family is obviously not –"

Renji slapped a hand across Byakuya's mouth. "My friend just had a bit too much too drink is all – he wouldn't make for good company right now. Heh heh." laughing off the too honest remark of his superior. They needed to get out of here before Byakuya had the chance to embarrass himself. If the sixth division captain realized what he had done after the effects of drink wore off, he would certainly dice him with Senbonzakura.

The girl huffed and walked off, becoming more interested in someone a few tables down.

Byakuya's hand slapped away Renji's forcefully. The blush had crept further, now a reddish tint on the fair skin.

"Remember your place; fukutaicho. I should…Why do I feel dizzy?" the captain cut himself short, running a hand through the raven locks.

"You drank too much."

"Nonsense. All I consumed was this tea you brought over."

"About that – it's called Long Island iced tea."


"No, you don't get it Tai – sir. Long Island iced tea is not tea. It's alcohol. Several different types of it. A lot of it. And you just drank most of it."

Renji heard something against the curtain of sound between them. It sounded a lot like Byakuya giggling.

"Aw shit. We need to go." Renji pulled Byakuya to stand, though he captain's legs gave away almost instantly. Shouldering the man, he quickly escorted themselves from the club and through the side entrance.

"Where are we going, fukutaicho?" Byakuya attempted to stand against the redhead and display some dominance, but collapsed onto the chest of his subordinate. Certainly he did not feel like this while he was sitting; as soon as he stood it felt as though his body was washed away.

Somehow this seemed unmerited. Many times he had partook in sake with others, and he knew he had a tolerance for alcohol – how was this any different?

"Why is this happening, Abarai?" Byakuya questioned, picking the words carefully.

"Gomen, Taicho." dispensing normal formality in their private conversation. "Alcohol effects a gigai ten times more than it does us in our shinigami form – add that to the fact that we haven't eaten anything in these bodies, and you're in for one hell of a ride."

Byakuya only partially heard what his fukutaicho had said. His head was swimming, his mind couldn't focus. He left thinking to watching the road pass by as his body bobbed in time with Renji's.

"Luckily it shouldn't last long, the buzz'll wear off in about a half hour. I hope."

Byakuya wasn't paying attention at all now; he focused on the black stripe poking out from underneath the white collar. He reached to trace the tattoo with his finger – he always wanted to know what that felt like.

Renji gulped, trying not to pay attention to the intoxicated captain's movements. Mentally mapping Karakura in his mind, he ventured toward one of the safe houses that Urahara kept at his disposal. While he was stationed in the human world, the shop keeper stressed the importance of having more than one center of operation. Conveniently, he hid a key at each of the residences in case of an emergency.

This, Renji believed, was one of those emergencies. The vice captain would rather be slaughtered by a plethora of arrancar before dealing with an angry Byakuya.

Renji's breathing quickened when the smooth hand flitted inside the shirt, following the black mark along his chest. His pace quickened.

"Uh, Taicho, we'll head to a house that I know of close by; that way you can lie down and sleep this off." He grabbed the hand that had been straying ever closer to his nipple and slowly removed it from his shirt, holding onto it in case the captain decided to investigate again.

After a few minutes they arrived at the safe house, Renji's long strides making short work of the distance between. Not too soon, since the captain began listing a bit more, in the middle of an alcohol induced lull.

Breathing a 'thank you' to Urahara for the furnishings incorporated into the home, he placed Byakuya onto the couch and rummaged the kitchen for a glass of water. Renji could only guess how much the Shoten made to afford this type of luxury. He didn't feel so bad to work for the guy every now and then.

Not trusting the still swaying captain, he took the glass and placed it to his lips. Managing a small sip, the taicho cleared his throat.

"Arigato, Abarai." The heavy lidded gaze caught Renji's, a soft and unimposing stare to the fukutaicho.

Man, he's got to be wasted. Renji thought, detecting the very abnormal look on his captain's face. "Gomen, Taicho. I should've said something first about the drink."

"Hai, Abarai." Byakuya turned to the red haired man. "I will be sure to discipline your actions - and all that." A slight slur in the words, but he was still grammatically sound.

Byakuya stared at the redhead. It didn't matter about that – his head was spinning too much to care about captain regulations. Renji was beautiful, though he never would admit something like that about another man. Something to do with the beverage he consumed made everything muddy and clear at the same time. A warmth stirred in his lower extremities. That red hair, those black tattoos…suddenly he wanted to see them all, to taste them, to feel it on his own skin. Yet something was telling him that something wasn't right about being with a man – his fukutaicho of all people.

Byakuya never did make good decisions.

Renji noticed the look in his captain's eye change slightly. It became fixated on some specific point on his face. Renji was about to ask what was wrong when his breath was stolen from him by the forceful kiss his captain placed on him.

He pulled away. "Taicho, what has gotten into –" another kiss, this time begging to probe into the redheads mouth.

Renji grabbed the man's shoulders, pulling him a safe distance away. What the hell was his captain thinking? They were men – both had enjoyed the company of women (himself on multiple occasions) – so what was going on in his mind? Unwittingly the kiss had caused another opposite reaction in his mind.

He liked it.

Renji's teeth gritted when he realized his lower regions had become aroused, pressing against the loose garments. Thinking about his captain, the role model that he had always tried to best, was currently making very aggressive advances toward him. It was almost too much to take in.

The Sixth division captain to Renji was a bit stuffy and too cocky, just as anyone thought in Soul Society. When meeting the captain for the first time, he wanted to prove that a Rukongai street rat could best the Kuchiki noble more than anything, and he set all of his goals to attain that outcome. Somehow becoming vice captain had shown him something more to the no-nonsense way Byakuya worked. When did this admiration turn into desire?

Renji cursed. Byakuya was drunk. For him to partake in any of it would be committing suicide after Byakuya realized what happened.

"You need to stop –" Byakuya overpowered the vice captain, effectively pinning his body to the couch cushion. The heat of his mouth over the other stirred more emotion, and though Renji resisted the attack, he felt more prone to return the dominating kiss. A hand made its way to the folds of cloth over his manhood, squeezing just enough to make him moan.

Renji whimpered, slowly opening his mouth to let the captain inside, tongue lavishing over teeth and wrestling the younger man's tongue.

Though he was taller, Renji couldn't gain the upper hand against Byakuya; it felt as though the noble's entire reiatsu was crushing down on him, caressing him in a sea of spirit force.

The captain deftly pulled the zipper down and unbuttoned the pants, Renji made this opportunity to try to reason with him again. "This isn't something you want, it's just the a-hh." Breath ghosted over the erect member, betraying him to the man conquering his body. His cock twitched as Byakuya spoke.

"I did not ask for your advice, Abarai." Coldness had left his voice, but sternness remained. "I believe that you have something to make up to me for inducing this kind of behavior; now you'll have to suffer the consequences." A velvety tongue brushed over the tip, causing chills to prickle the hairs of his body.

He tried not to thrust forward into the touch. Renji didn't want to take advantage of his captain in this state, but for some reason, it seemed that his captain was taking advantage of him. What the hell was going on? He wasn't acting at all like the menacing captain he was known for.

A hot mouth engulfed him, causing Renji to hiss between his teeth. "Fuck…ah, T-taicho, we shouldn't…" Despite his sincere effort to remain neutral, he realized in horror that he had just bucked his hips into the captain's mouth. "Tai - cho, I can't…ah…"

The small seepage was enough to satisfy Byakuya. Licking the slit, he moved toward removing the rest of his fukutaicho's clothing, apparently unwilling to reason.

The abandoned member was left weeping and chilled against the air, until the older man's hips pressed against it. Renji bit his lip, unable to contain himself from rubbing the erection against smooth cloth. He could feel the firm skin of the other man pressing hard into his thigh as his shirt was pulled off of his body with force.

Tongue, hands, and teeth guided along black tattoos, lapping the tanned skin of the fukutaicho. Renji's hands threaded Byakuya's silky hair, delicate strands winding around his fingers as the older man bit his nipple.

Midnight eyes came to rest upon crimson ones, swimming with lust and desire. "Renji…" the man breathed, testing the word on his lips for the first time.

Fuck…he said my name, and it was so goddamn sexy… Renji felt his resolve slipping away, his thoughts tearing himself in two. The normally foreboding captain was quite intimidating, however this passion filled Byakuya was quite…persuasive.

Byakuya rocked into the muscular physique of his fukutaicho. Ever since Renji had come back from Karakura, a disturbing feeling had crept its way into the back of his mind. It was pushed aside and forgotten as only Kuchiki Byakuya could do. The image of his vice captain returned ten fold with this drunken endeavor, and now the noble realized what it was that disturbed him.

He lusted for his fukutaicho.

It had to be the alcohol. There was no way that he wanted his subordinate.

The internal struggle took place only temporarily before ripping through Renji's clothes.

The way he talked, the way he moved…they were irritating to a Kuchiki noble. Somehow, as time passed, Byakuya realized that he liked those awkward traits.

The harder Renji trained – and there was no mystery why – the more appealing he became. Those tattoos were a simple testament to the fact.

Tearing the shirt loose, his hands splayed across those very marks that attested to his strength. How far did they go?

His head swam with thoughts, flowing through his mind like a river and just as fleeting. He couldn't focus long enough on one memory – instead, he found himself simply enjoying the moment, his fukutaicho lying beneath him.

"Taicho, please…" he couldn't tell if Renji was pleading with him to stop, or edging him for more. The vice captain stopped pushing against him, and had grown more willing to return the kisses that he gave. The redhead's legs had curled around his torso and began pulling him closer, pressing tightly against his body.

Byakuya purred into his ear. "What do you want, Renji?"

He said it. Again. Damn it. Growling, Renji crushed his lips into the demanding captain, returning the rough kiss Byakuya gave. To hell with the whole thing, Byakuya was just going to have to kill him when they were done.

Clothes were tossed deftly away, their bodies rubbing uninhibited against skin. It was quite ironic at this point that Renji had access to a bottle of lotion. The words of Urahara echoing in his ears to 'keep the gigai from getting dry skin' made Renji chuckle.

Byakuya reached for the bottle in Renji's hands, but not before gazing into those red orbs again. The vice captain's eyes had somewhat glazed over, peering through half open eyelids at the advancing captain.

Byakuya came to the realization that he wanted to feel this – the alcohol haze was keeping him from experiencing this moment, the unique encounter with his fukutaicho. Without thinking he positioned himself over the redhead, slicking Renji's manhood with the creamy mixture; he was going to make sure he enjoyed this.

The vice captain's eyes went wide. Certainly he did not expect Byakuya to give himself up – being at the mercy of his sempai he assumed that he would be taken. He inadvertently hissed as the older man aligned himself at his entrance.

"Tai…" Renji pleaded one last time. His mind was frazzled from trying to prevent this from happening. What could he possibly say? What could he do? He panicked as he felt the heat, the tightness immersing him slowly. Renji sucked in his breath.

He was in his taicho. The intense feeling was all around him, drawing him into a lull of exotic satisfaction. Byakuya's hips spread, taking him in further, a light hiss escaping from partially open lips.

"You're…so…tight…" Renji murmured, delirious from the overload of emotion. Things in a gigai felt so much more intense than shinigami form. His hips shifted to bury deeper into the captain.

"You are so…hard, Renji…for me? Byakuya whispered into the subordinate's ear, causing another whimper to escape his lips.


Seemingly unwilling to admit such things about his commanding officer, Byakuya thought. Perhaps he had been taught well enough, but that behavior wasn't acceptable right now.

"Say my name, Renji…" Byakuya purred into the tanned lobe, nibbling ever so lightly.

"I - I can't…"

Byakuya trapped Renji's arms beneath his hands, and thrust further down on his shaft, causing them both to moan out loud.

"Renji…" the captain retaliated, rising and falling again on the hardened member. The rhythm was faster now, grinding hips into each other, pushing the younger shinigami toward climax.

"Bya - ah…" The redhead chimed, falling in time to the merciless pounding into his captain, the friction becoming too much. There wasn't anyway to prevent it; the thoughts and feelings that assaulted him were going to send him over the edge. Watching the lust driven captain as the raven hair feel into his eyes, the sweat roll down his body, the exotic heat that he was immersed in claiming his throbbing member…he couldn't take it any longer.

"Taicho…I'm…gonna…" The redhead tried to control his breathing, but to no avail.

Byakuya took the younger shinigami's mouth and hungrily devoured it, biting and nipping the tongue and lips he came in contact with. His face came dangerously close to his before speaking.

"Come in me, Renji – make me feel it."

That was the single dirtiest phrase he ever heard; from his taicho, of all people. His release was near, he could feel it coiled in his gut – with that phrase muttered, the reaction was instantaneous, Renji grunted as his orgasm ripped through his body, filling his captain with his essence.

"Byakuya!" Renji thrust with abandon, riding out the remaining pulses of his climax as Byakuya reached his own, the reddened pillar sending out its own waves of fluid.

The grip on Renji's wrists loosened, enough for the redhead to pump Byakuya's manhood as jets of hot liquid spilled against his stomach, the older shinigami arching and crying out, the fluctuation in his reiatsu enough to determine how powerful the force was that ripped through the captain.

The raven haired shinigami claimed the inside of the couch, dark strands spilling over his face and onto the broad chest of the fukutaicho. Byakuya noticed how similar they were in color to the black tattoos before falling into a deep sleep.

"Uh…Byakuya?" Renji whispered. "Taicho?"

Apparently the captain had just passed out upon falling onto his chest.

Now what?

"Shit…" the vice captain muttered to himself. That's what he felt like. He took advantage of his captain…no wait – his captain took advantage of him…but he was still drunk…Arg! It all didn't make any sense, and the worst part is he had been sober through the whole thing. He'd at least have an excuse if he were also drunk.

He couldn't help but gaze upon his captain. Awkward emotions washed across his heart: Though he honestly wished none of this had happened, a small part of him was content - and even happy – that it did. He began to thread his fingers through the dark strands, combing them back from Byakuya's face: He paused abruptly as he came to an uncomfortable conclusion.

He was still going to be dead when Byakuya woke up and realized what happened.

Renji suddenly had an idea. Lifting up the intoxicated captain, he began implementing a plan: Kuchiki Taicho would wake up in his own bed, fully clothed - with a hangover.

It may have been a cowardly attempt, but any man who felt the sting of Senbonzakura could sympathize – being eviscerated would be a horrible way to die. What Kuchiki Taicho didn't remember, wouldn't hurt him, Renji thought…or me.

Bathing and dressing the captain proved a tricky predicament, but it seemed a necessary evil to fortify his plan – waking up with scads of lotion and other fluids could put a damper on those well crafted ideas. So the captain's limp body was washed and dried, all while the sleeping Byakuya maintained a constant snore through the whole escapade.

Though the heavy breathing indicated that Byakuya would be asleep for some time, Renji couldn't help but go at his quickest pace; at any moment the noble could awaken, subjected to the disgraceful scene of his fukutaicho washing him. Then there would be vengeance…Renji gulped, and kept his pace.

After the deed was accomplished, Renji set to himself, scrubbing off the evidence. A glance in the cloudy mirror after his shower yielded a decent sized bruise on the side of his neck. It would be difficult to explain to Byakuya how he got a hickey, so his hair would have to stay down for the rest of the week. The red head sighed – he hated keeping his hair out of the tie, it got tangled way too easily.

The brush pulled through the thick red strands as Renji tried to drown out his thoughts. There were several things he attempted to forget and push away into the dark recesses in his mind.

Especially the fact that he had quite possibly had the best sex of his life. With his captain. On a sofa in Karakura.

Renji realized he was left staring blankly in the mirror, loftily holding the brush as his mind raced through memories of what had just transpired. With a huff, he vigorously ran fingers through his hair hoping to purge those traitorous visions of his taicho, sweat beading on his body, azure eyes gazing down on him, raven strands tumbling down his shoulders as his hips rocked against…

Now he was gaping slightly at himself, his reflection indicating quite a bit about how he truly felt about his superior officer. The towel around his waist poked out as his body betrayed him yet again from the strange shape tenting in front. He let his breathing slow, though he never noticed that it had increased in the first place.

Renji groaned at the mix of feelings that assaulted him. Maybe it would be better if Byakuya just…

With a sigh, he pulled on his clothes. Washing two gigai in the same night was a tiring feat; he would try to sleep off the radical encounter with his captain…as well as deal with other pressing matters, he thought, looking down at the bulge in his slacks.

Somehow he knew the rest of the week was not going to be easy.