I am the majority author in the Dragon Drive fanfiction archive with only four fics…that saddens me. It's an awesome anime, and it gets almost no attention.

Anyway, my fic, yet again, stars Hikaru Himuro, the Dragon Drive bishie of doom. In another random humor thing.

Hikaru: Again? I don't do humor.

Alu: 'Karu-kun! glomp

Hikaru: Get off me!

Alu: Sorry…hyper side…I'll stop. Still writing the fic, though.

Hikaru: Damn you and your hyperactive need to write fanfiction, girl!

Alu: Thank you!

Hikaru: sweatdrop Not a compliment, 'Lu.

Alu: Omg he gave me a nickname! XD.

Ignore Him

I will ignore him; I will not scream in mental pain at the sound of this unbearably irritating voice, thought Hikaru Himuro, attempting to not listen to Kouhei Toki speak.

Before meeting the Dragon Drive creator's adopted son, neither Himuro nor Sumishiba had thought it possible for any voice on the planet to be this annoying. Both, within five minutes of meeting this kid, sincerely wished to gnaw their own ears off.

Interestingly, they were both thinking the same thing:

The things I endure to get to Ri-kyuu…

Hikaru resisted the urge to scream and/or beat Toki to death with a chair.

Sumishiba resisted the urge to run shrieking from the room.

And Toki talked incessantly in the most annoying voice on the planet, oblivious to the murder plans percolating in his so-called comrades' heads.

"Ready to go?" he finally asked. The two, held captive by their own ambitions, sighed inwardly and nodded. "Jeez, what's wrong with you two? You'd think I was trying to kill you."

Ignore him, Himuro ordered himself silently, jaw clenched. Ignore him so you don't pick up that crowbar and drive it through the back of his skull…

I wonder if she's cute…thought Sumishiba, focusing on thoughts of Agent L's mysterious little sister in order to block out Toki


Finally in Ri-kyuu, Himuro and Sumishiba left Toki behind whenever possible, desperate to escape the voice that made Himuro play his music at full volume whenever he could, attempting to go deaf. Sumishiba wasn't so lucky, so he had to rely on random daydreams to keep Toki out of his head.

And they couldn't kill him, either, because he was the only one who even vaguely knew where they were, and odd though they were, Himuro and Sumishiba were still men; they would not ask for directions. Stupid Y-chromosome.


Well, Toki had single-handedly won Dragonic Heaven for them. Whoopdee-flipping-doo.

Wait a sec.

That meant…



Hikaru had never been more appreciative of Callops's speed. For one thing, he could go track down Oozora (finally). For another, he was finally rid of that awful voice!

Hades Rush wasn't quite that fast, but Sumishiba didn't really care as long as it got him away from Toki.


I was just talking to my friend Alice yesterday about how annoying Toki's Japanese voice is, and I assumed Hikaru and Sumishiba would find it quite irritating, too. Though I may have exaggerated 'Karu's violent way of thinking.

Hikaru: Not by much.

Alu: Cool! Let's go whack Toki with a stick!

Hikaru: Didn't Shinryuu eat him? Sort of?

Alu: I forget.

Hikaru: You watched the episode like five days ago.

Alu: I have short-term memory loss!

Hikaru: No you don't; you remember practically every line I've ever had.

Alu: You barely talk, 'Karu; it's not that hard. And I don't love Toki. In fact, I kinda hate him. Meaning I don't really care whether evil dragon god o' doom spit him out or not.

Hikaru: Works for me, I guess…