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Summery: Compliant through book 5, AU as of book 6. Lucias Malfoy has an older son (I won't give away what happens to him.) Harry Potter is abused by Dursleys. Dudley has a change of heart after his run in with the dementors and helps Harry run away. Harry meets up with the unknown Malfoy by a series of coincidences. Eventual slashy goodness. All of which leads to a very different 6th year. Add in manipulative headmaster take away horicruxes...

WARNINGS: slash (boy/boy pairings), child abuse, language, violence, teenage hormones, underage sex? in later chapters, also: decent!Malfoys, possible alive!sirius, and backstabbing!Ron and/or Hermione

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Lucias Malfoy watched horrified as the "light" witch lifted his sleeping four year old from the bed. He struggled uselessly with the Aurors holding him.

"Stop! I'm innocent! Don't touch my son!"

The child stirred, but a sleep charm kept him from waking. The witch ignored him lifting her wand and caressing the boy's cheek.

"We should go. Our orders were to pick him up. Nothin' about messin' with no kid." One of the Aurors threw in uneasily.

"Just a little present." She murmured in a sticky sweet voice. Before anyone could respond the witch flipped her wand in a figure 8 over the boy's heart, chanting "May you be tied to the light, heart and soul forevermore." A blue glow faded into the child's skin and the witch watched as Lucias sagged between the Aurors, a smug expression on her face and her eyes glimmering fanaticly.

"Briar! – What did you do Bitch! He's a baby! What did you do?!?" The Malfoy patriarch was furious and terrified.


"You killed my mother! I know it was you, you bastard! I was only insuring your brat didn't turn out the same!"

"Becka stop! What – never mind it doesn't matter. You can turn yourself in when we get to Headquarters. Damn you girl! You should have taken yourself off this assignment!" one of the Aurors not holding the distraught blond shouted moving forward and snatching the boy from the crazed witch and laying him in his crib.

"Briar!" the shout or plea was ignored as Lucias was hauled out of the room and towards the floo.


The head representative of the Wizengamot looked down at the patriarch of one of the wealthiest families in all of Europe.

"Of course we shalln't need Veritaserum. This is a clear case of Imperius. Vote? Yes well, case dismissed." The old wizard waved off the crowd's protests. "Lord Malfoy? My condolences to you and your wife. I hope you found the young Auror's punishment appropriate?"

"He is not dead yet. You will be hearing from me soon." The 27 year old pureblood stormed out of the courtroom and slammed the door leaving behind a very pale Wizengamot.

"Next case" a trembling voice began "Lestrange…"


"Where is he?"

"Really, Lucias that is no way to greet your wife after a long absence! Even if we are alone proper decorum -"

"Where is my son Narcissa?"

"Draco is sleeping dear. What is the rush? Is something wrong?"

"Not Draco, Briar! Honestly! The last I saw that cunt-"

"Language Lucias!

"Where. Is. BRIAR!!" His voice was now deadly.

"I got rid of him. The healers couldn't fix him; I even had an Unspeakable here! Can you imagine the talk-"

"Our son is dead?" Lucias asked in a desperate whisper, regretting his choice of words not two hours ago.

"I should hope so. We left the boy in a dangerous enough place. Can you imagine? A light wizard as our heir?"

"You WHAT?" he shouted snapping from his thoughts.

"Don't worry. I handled the situation Darling. I even took a blood vow so I couldn't reveal my actions even under Veritaserum."

"Where is he?"

"You can't want him back? Cursed to be a light wizard, with unknown side effects. He's a wildcard! Don't worry, Bella was captured and she agreed to go down for kidnapping as well. She was always loyal to our Lord. She understands what it could cost our side if the ministry were to confiscate-"

"Shut Up! You tell me you just abandon our son and are worried about the Dark Lord's Funding?!?"

"Perhaps you need a bit of a rest Lucias. Stupefy!" she smirked, he never saw it coming.

A house elf popped in suddenly carrying a crying baby. "Dobby is sorry Mistress!"

"Hush Draconis. You! See to it that my husband is comfortable, and that he doesn't wake for another two days! Then go punish yourself for incompetence; you vile creature! There, there, Draco. Mummy's here."