This one is depressing, actually it's more melodramatic. Don't expect most of my writing to be like this, because it usually not. Unless you guys like it, then I may write a little more…. Also, it's my first time trying to write third person, so bear with me. I hope you like it.

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A pair of eyes fluttered open, and widened in shock. Isabella Marie Swan had never seen this room before, or, at least she didn't remember being here when she fell asleep. The last thing she remembered was falling asleep and trying not to scream as Edward's venom slowly took over her body.

Here, now, she was still human, and covered in a hospital gown. The sheets around her were tangled in a mess, while a cold sweat broke over her slightly shaking body.

"JESUS CHRIST! THANK GOD! SHE'S AWAKE! SHE'S AWAKE!" Renee Dwyer's ear piercing scream shot through the air as nurses and doctors rushed into the room. They shot looks at Bella with disbelief. She was pronounced a lost cause, a sinking ship without any hope. She was going to be taken off life support in a matter of hours, how she suddenly survived was a miracle that only god could understand.

"I- I- I don't believe it! That's impossible! She should be dead!" One of the doctors whispered to one of his colleagues. They all seemed to be working in an odd state, one of shock.

The girl in the bed turned to look at here mother, who was sitting in a chair with a huge grin spread across her face.


"Bella, you have no idea as to how happy I am right now."

"That's great mom, I just need to see Edward for a second." Thoughts raced through Bella's mind. Was there some complication during her transformation? Was she being hospitalized because she just wasn't able to be a vampire like her husband…?

"Edward? Whose Edward honey?"

"Haha, mom. Very funny. Is he outside or something? I have a few questions for him right now. Do you think you could go get him for me?"

"Bells, I am not kidding, I honestly no clue what you are talking about."

"Edward, my husband? The love of my life? Ring any bells?"

"Bella, this is starting to get annoying. What are you talking about?"

"Mom, where have you been for the past three years?"

"Right here with you, in Phoenix General."

"You're kidding right? Really, you were even at the wedding."

"Bella, there was no wedding, there is no Edward. You slipped and fell getting into the plane that was going to take you to Forks. You have been in a coma for the past three years."

Bella's eyes widened, her breath caught in her throat, and her heart froze over: realization sinking in. It…It…her whole life, the important parts anyway, never even happened. It was all a lie. Alice, Carlisle, Jake, Emmett, Mike, her truck, the Volturi, James, Victoria, the Volvo and Edward. Edward... Edward…she had never met him, they never fell in love, her vampire lover probably didn't even exist.

That's all it took, the thought of him not being there, to end her. She had been without him before, even if it was only a sick dream. And she knew she could never do it again. She finally let her last breath go, with it the words "Edward I will always love you."

She closed her eyes for the final time. And forever let go of the life that would bring her no happiness, no peace. And with that she moved on…moved on to her love, her life, the reason for her existence…her Edward.