My Own World- Part 9

My Own World- Part 13

For the next few hours, all I felt inside me is loss. The loss of your friend can be so painful you wouldn't feel anything else. And in some way, you feel so happy for them that they finally got what they wanted. Although you know they were gonna kill themselves tonight and you wouldn't tell anyone because it's a secret. There is nothing else in the world that is more beautiful than friendship and true love. It's all about it…and without it, were nothing but humans…

"Sakura-chan! Are you ready?"

"Yeah I'll be right there!" I was getting ready for my birthday party, and in for some reason, I didn't feel like going. I just wanted to watch Tomoyo profiling her dream out there. She's all I think about right now. I was wearing a beautiful pink nightgown…it was so long it could touch the floor…and my hair was down and some hairclips were on it. I put on a pink lipstick and some lip-gloss for shine. Some pink blush but not too much. I looked so beautiful I couldn't believe it was me. A 13 year old Sakura Kinomoto is finally growing up. From a girl, to a woman…

I was getting down the stairs and Touya had a video camera in his hands. He was filming this moment for memory. He's so sweet…

"And here is our birthday girl!"

"That's me!" I said smiling.

"Who's ready for her party?"


"I'm ready too, and if you'll excuse me, I got a date!" He picked up his coat because it was pretty chilly outside. Someone rang the bell. Touya opened the door and here he was…Syaoran. Wearing a black suit and roses in his hands. Oh he's so sweet! OH Syaoran…..

Touya went to his car and went to pick up whosever he's dating tonight. And the only people left in this house were me and Syaoran…

"Hi." Syaoran said smiling.

"Hi." I said smiling back.

"Are you ready for your party, miss?"

"I sure am."

"May I precede you to your limo?"



I went outside and saw a long black Limo waiting outside. The limo driver held a birthday box in his hands. I think it would be the first gift I've gotten from Syaoran.

"OH MY GOSH. SYAORAN IT'S BEAUTIFUL!" I wasn't screaming I was just a bit loud cause of shocking.

"Not as beautiful as you."

"Oh you're so sweet."

"Not as sweet as you."

"Well you're handsome."

"Not as attractive as you…"


"All right fine not as generous as you too."

"I love you."

"Happy 13th birthday, my sweet cherry." He handed me the roses and a kiss on the lips. The kiss first felt soft but then it turned to a passionate kiss. So sweet and warm, I felt this night would never end…

"May I?" He gave me his hand and I let my hand touch his. He walked me to the limo and we both sat in that last seat. It was so awesome my first time in a limo!

"Syaoran this night couldn't get any better!"

"Oh really?" He got the remote and turned on the music. A romantic French song and flowers all over the place. A small disco ball hanging there and a Champaign for 2.

"Syaoran you know we can't drink." I said seriously.

"Oh it's not for us it's for the lovely married couples that are gonna borrow this Limo from us tomorrow night. And everyone just wanted it to be ready. Are you mad?"

I touched his cheek with my hand and said, "No I am not. Don't worry. I understand."

"Great." He had a smirk in his face while he put his arm around my waist and still smirked at me.

"Syaoran we have to get going to the party. We can't do this right now!"

"And why not?" He made a sad puppy face. Got I hate that look!

"Because were gonna be late!"

"Actually the party starts at 7 and its 6 right now. It takes only 5 minutes to get there so-"

"You planned this didn't you?! Didn't you?!" I held his shirt with my hand. Pretending to be mad.

"So what if I did?" He took my hand so I won't hurt him anymore. He can get really shy sometimes. Oh he's so cute…Kawaiiii!

Me blushing. Him starring. Were not moving. Music still playing. His arms around my waist. He's not willing to move away. Me not wanting him to go. His hand touching my cheek. His lips touching mine. Our tongues brushing against each one. Our hearts are warmer and warmer after each beat. We keep making out. Not willing to stop. Not wanting to stop. Lots of time to kill. And every second seemed like forever. Not caring about the time. Not wanting to pull away. His hand moving up my shoulder. Taking down the strap of my dress and then touching the strap of my white bra. He was quite surprised that I was actually wearing one. And how come! Does he think I'm flat chested?! That moron!

" What is this?"

"What is what?"

"What are you wearing underneath your dress?"

"What do you think I'm wearing underneath my dress? Money?!"

"No…I've realized you're wearing a bra. And I'm asking you why?"

"Why what?"

"Why are you wearing a bra?!"

"Hello! Hello!" I touched my chest to show its size.

"All right fine! Just because you're turning 13 doesn't mean you have to wear one. Your chest is not that big either!"

My mouth purred open to show an O between my lips. God I was mad at him!



"Hay it's not funny!"

"I know it's not so stop yelling!"

"Not until you'll apologize!"

"For what?!"

"For saying that I'm flat chested!"

"I never said anything like that!"

"But you made it sound like it!"

"Well you said my orgasm is not that big! It hurt my feelings!"

"Well you hurt mine!"

We then stopped yelling and looked at each other carefully shocked. Starting making out hard and wet. We broke away a second later.

"I hate you!" He said.

"I hate you more!" I said.

Starting to make out again for another 3 seconds. Then broke away again.

"I love you!" He confessed.

"I love you more!" I confessed.

Making out again. But this time we kept making out while we laid on each other on our seats in the limo. We just laid there. It felt so comfortable and passionate at the same time. It felt so incredible…

Now he pulled down both of the straps of my dress. Including my bra. My shoulders were finally shown. And I didn't care. I wanted more…

Now he pulled my dress up to my knees. They were finally shown too. I then took off his black jacket and made it fall next to us. I opened his shirt and let his muscle abs show. Although he was just starting to be a man. He already looked like one.

I touched his stomach and moved my hands up his chest. Then his neck and let my shoulders rest around it. Still making out not willing to break away. Ever.

He then touched my left thigh…Spreading it open. And pulled it so my leg would rest on his back and hip. It felt so amazing I can't even explain it. I can't even tell you how awesome it was for us to be against each other for so long. And the time now was 6:15. We still had a long way to go. And no one even saw us. Not even the Limo driver. Thank god…I wouldn't want anyone to interrupt us and then be so embarrassed. Were just trying to enjoy our last minutes with each other. Today's the last day, I think.

His hand still touching my thigh. Moving down my leg and the up again to my thigh. I finally decided to take his shirt off. He didn't complain. In fact, he was really enjoying this moment. That pervert! Him smiling as we kiss and he couldn't take it anymore and broke away and laughed so hard. Me being so shocked and not understanding what is going on. And still is in the mood of kissing, and some more…

I just laid there. Half naked, half embarrassed. What is going on?

"Syaoran what's wrong?"

"Nothing it's just so…so…I can't explain it. I imagined us spending this moment since the first time I saw you. I prayed and prayed that you would fall for me and that we would share our hearts together forever. And imagining us like this. Not actually doing this, but at least showing how we love each other. Without the nasty stuff, not that it's nasty but-"

"Were just too young." I said.

"I know. And to tell you the truth it's a dream come true. I never though a beautiful girl like you would ever fall for a spoiled rich boy."

He touched my heart! "First, you are rich but not spoiled. And second, I never though a successful guy like you would ever even think about dating me. Not in a million years."

I now touched his heart. We sure do know how to treat each other well. I was right. We ARE soul mates. And nothing will ever change that. Ever.

We started kissing again but his time we respected each other. Slowly, but yet warm and passionate. We didn't pull away anymore. Didn't want to. Didn't have to.

The time now was 6:30 and still having more time with each other! Yes! The time was passing by real slowly! Yes!

I now touched his hand and let it rest on my waist…He them moved his hand on my stomach. And then moving upward and upward. Now his hand was on my left breast. Touching it, squeezing it. Feeling it. It felt so good. It felt so real. He liked it and I accepted him. I then decided to move my left hand on his back. Then moving downward and downward. Now my hand was on his butt. He accepted it and actually enjoyed it. We enjoyed everything we did to each other. Accepting everything. Accepting each other. I don't think there ever was anything more beautiful than this moment. Tomoyo was right. When you really do it with someone you love. It's more than just sex. But me and Syaoran didn't have sex at the moment. He would have to do much more than just laying on me and squeezing my breast cause it hurts a little, but not much not really. Kawaiii!

I then opened his zipper downward and started pulling down his pants a little. Just a little. He accepted, I accepted as well. He now was touching my right breast. Deciding to feel both of them. His hands were on my chest and they were not willing to pull away.

I touched his back and felt it. He was so warm and real. I wasn't even nervous at all. He wasn't nervous either! We just laid there. I was still wearing my dress. Were not stupid we still remember about the party. We always come prepared. It was now 6:40 and we decided to finally pull away and breathe again. But we just broke the make-out session. Not it was just feeling the way we kiss each other. Just the feeling of his lips against mine. We rested and took a short nap. Still laying there!

It was now 6:50 and in 5 minutes we were on our way to the party. We then finally decided to get ready for it. Syaoran putting on his shirt and jacket. Zipping and pulling up his pants. Me pulling down my dress and letting my straps fall on my shoulders again. Just cleaning up a bit and getting ready for the biggest most amazing party of the year. All the people we knew were invited. Not any strangers. Not any strangers at all!

"Hay Sakura?"

"What is it?" I smiled.

"Thanks." He smiled back.

"For what?" I laughed a bit.

"For letting me squeeze your breasts."



The Limo finally started moving. It seemed like it was a long way. But no it was a short way.

"Look we did what we wanted to. And you're happy with that right?"

"Well yeah but-"

"And you unzipped my pants and actually pulled them down and getting my shirt off. I only pulled your dress up your knees. You're the one who's perverted!"

"Hay! I wasn't the one was surprised about my chest size!"

"No I always though they're big. Even for your age. However I didn't imagine them to be that big! They're like two coconuts!"

"Are you making fun of them?!"


"I'm gonna be the one breast feeding our babies! That's why they're big enough just for that!"

"But I wanted to see what they really look like without your dress on. And without your bra on…"

"Well I wanted to see you balls!"

"Hay that's too embarrassing to sex talk!"

"OH yeah!"

"Yeah!" I looked outside the window. He looked outside his window. We weren't mad at each other. That's how we fall for each other more and more. We laughed we joke we fight jokily! That's what we do. Syaoran was now smirking and I smirked too. We then pulled ourselves against each other again to just feel those lips…We made out again the whole time on the way to the party. And before we knew it, we were there.

"Well were finally here!" Syaoran said happily. "Oh and cover you eyes. It's a surprise."

"Okay!" I did as I was told and covered my eyes. He led me outside the limo. And still said not to open them. I was confused. I felt he disappeared into the darkness. It was quite chilly but nice outside.


"All right Sakura open your eyes!" I heard him say from far away??

I opened my eyes and then with such a Shock I heard,


All the people I loved and known were standing there. Near a huge Ship! There were many servants and maids all over! Balloons and presents! The ship was the biggest most beautiful Ship I've ever seen. It was so big I almost thought it was a spaceship!

The Li Clan name was printed there in huge words. Many flowers and cherry blossoms were all over the place. It didn't' look like a birthday party! It looked like a ball!

Everyone ran up to me and hugged me and kissed me all over and wished me happy birthday! Touya and his date were there, my friends, the Li Clan, Syaoran's family, Syaoran, some of my relatives, and all the people I've loved!"

It was like a dream come true! I never had this huge party before in my entire life. I just can't believe I'm that lucky! All my life I was the loser one. And now I figure I'm actually the lucky one! I just didn't realize it back then I guess. Oh well…

"First we dance!" Chihiro said.

"No! First we eat duh!" I said.

Everyone laughed and were so happy. Some of them ate and some of them played games or danced on the disco floor! It was the most amazing party! And it wasn't over yet.

I was sitting with my friends and relatives in a huge table, in a restaurant at the ship. We were eating such delicious meals and talked so much! We had such a good time and kept eating! The desert was a chocolate cake! My favorite. Although I haven't seen Syaoran since the limo…Maybe his planning another surprise. Don't know, oh well.

"So, since you're moving to Tokyo, we finally decided how to arrange our visits throughout the year. We think you'll like it…" My friends said. We were talking and talking and talking, and oh yeah! Did I mention we were talking?

"Hay there!" Syaoran showed up from nowhere and sat in one of the chair in the table.

"Oh hay were have you been I was looking all over for you sweet face!" All my friends were blushing and smiling. The loved the fact I had a boyfriend.

"Well there were a few more things I needed to take care of so…Sorry I made you wait." He looked sad.

"It's okay." I said smiling. Now he smiled, and was gonna say something.

"So, I was wondering, would you like to dance with me?" Oh yes yes yes yes!!

"I'd love to." I touched his hand and he walked me to the dance floor and then a new song started playing. There were many people out there and we were the youngest of course.

The song was beautiful. Kind yet romantic. So calming and relaxing. And you really have the urge to dance once you heard it.

We started dancing. It was ballroom dancing. 2 people, 2 souls. My right hand touched his left shoulder. And my left hand touched his right hand. His right hand was touching my left hand. And his left hand was touching my waist. Just like we were supposed to. Although we were closer than anyone else in the party. We weren't supposed to be that close but we wanted to. The dance was unbelievable. IT was so much fun. Syaoran was such a good dancer! But once accidentally he stepped on my foot. Ouch!

I don't know why but I kept thinking about Tomoyo. Who knew than in just 4 hours she would die. I know I kept my promise. But I just can't let her go away I just can't. I remember exactly what she said. "You have more power in you than you think…"

I trust Tomoyo. She's my best friend. She made a lot of mistakes but it doesn't mean she needs to kill herself! But I guess she has no other choice…NO.

She has chances and one of them is definitely not killing herself. I know she cares about her baby but doesn't mean not letting it live! I can help her. With all the money and all the love I can take, I can provide her security, food, shelter, and love. I will not let her die. I WILL NOT!



"Are you tired?"

"A little but why?"

"I have to tell you something but I can't tell you."

"Well now that you brought it up I can't wait to hear it. Is it good or bad?"

"Bad." We stopped dancing. He was scared. I continued,

"It's about Tomoyo." He was relieved.

"Oh thank god it's not about you."

"Yeah." I smiled.

"So what is it?"

"Not here. Let's go somewhere else to talk its private I don't want people to hear us." I whispered.

"Okay! Even better!" He was smirking.

We got by the end of the ship. Just like Titanic. We stood there and watched the sunset.

I told him everything. Everything that happened inside that room. Everything she told me. Everything that is gonna happen.

"Oh my god…" He was so confused.

"What are we gonna do?"

"We have to get help. We need a plan."

"I got one." So we talked about the plan and then got a boat to get to the place were the limo was. The Limo driver drove us to that place. We found Tomoyo on the roof sitting there with her husband, Eriol.

"Sakura..!" Tomoyo said surprised. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to stop you why else would I be here?"

Tomoyo was sad and surprised at the same time. My god she was that stupid…

"Sakura I've already made my choic-"


She couldn't say a word. So couldn't Eriol.

"Syaoran, you're here too?" Eriol asked.

"Of course I am! Any friend of Sakura's is a friend of mine. I will not let her lose a friend tonight! Especially not on her birthday how could you do it Tomoyo! You're so selfish. And I also bet everything you said to Sakura was a complete lie!" My eyes widened. A lie? Are you sure? But I thought. What?

"A lie?" I asked.

"That's right. Sakura. Listen to me very clearly because I'm only gonna say this once. If Tomoyo was really you're friend, would she kill herself on your birthday?"

"No…" I said.

"And if she knew she was gonna have a baby with her husband, Would she give up on it and not even let it live?"

My head bent down. "No…"

And would she smile and think she'll live in heaven with your mother?!"


"Syaoran that's enough get out of here!" Tomoyo said.

"Too late I already called the cubs and everyone. They're on their way."

Tomoyo turned to me. "I thought we had a deal Sakura, how could you tell him you bitch!" Surprised, shocked, sad…and to think that for just a moment I thought she was my friend again. I just can't believe it. Oh my god…Tears started falling on my face. Poor and shiny. They turned to ice one they fell on the top of the roof. Rain came falling down from the sky. It was dark and cold. My worst and best birthday ever. I'll never forget this moment. Ever…

Syaoran saw my tears. He was so mad and so sad. He thought about crying too. He couldn't believe someone could really hurt my like this. He cared for me, he loved me. He needs me; he'll never let anyone hurt me. I mean it!

"If anyone. Anyone out there tries to hurt my Sakura; I'll make sure I'll turn them down and kill them until they'll breathe their last breath! I won't let them live."

"Well then, I won't see the sun tomorrow so bye bye!"

"Not so fast." I finally said. Gaining my braveness and strength.

"What?" Eriol said.

"Tomoyo you told my things. You even swear god you gave me a birthday present! I kept my friendship with you but you didn't! You only thought of yourself through all those years and I don't think anyone this bad in the world exists. I don't know anyone worse than you! And if you want to kill yourself for no good reason go ahead! If you want to gain respects for yourself go ahead! And you know what does gonna happen when you die? You're gonna rot in the ground! And people are gonna keep on living, and they're gonna forget all about you…And do you think it's gonna matter whether you wanted to live or not?! You're dead! And nobody! Nobody is gonna want to remember you because all you left behind in this world is the people you've hurt so much all your life! And never confessed it! Tomoyo Daidoji? Hhhhh, no. Tomoyo disappointment."

Everyone was shocked. Especially Tomoyo. Her mouth was purred open and so was Eriol. He immediately got scared.

"Tomoyo I can't do this."

"What! Honey!-"

"I'm sorry but I want to live and I want that baby to live too! I'm not gonna let you hurt it!"

"The most important person in the world is now leaving me…"

"He's not gonna leave you! He won't let you die! And that's a good thing!" Syaoran said.

"Tomoyo then started crying. More and more rain fell. Tomoyo came out to still be the same jerk k she was. And I saved her. She didn't' even say thank you. Were gonna send her to a place were there are teenage moms just like her. Eriol is gonna finish school and Tomoyo will too.

All the cubs came and took them away to that place. They're gonna arrange everything so it'll be fine. I guess Tomoyo told me this because she couldn't' keep it a secret for so long. I feel sorry for her but I also feel mad about her…

Everything was okay now. Everything's taken care of…Syaoran held me in his arms. We hugged but I was all right…



"I'm sorry I've put you in so much trouble I should have realized earlier she lied to me..."

"No no Sakura it wasn't your fault. You didn't know! Listen, listen to me." He held my cheeks with his hands. "You handled this like a responsible adult. If you let her do this and think she was your friend and live your life thinking she didn't lie to you but she would have killed herself already! I'm so proud of you!" I smiled.


"Really. I love you. I will never let anyone or anything hurt you. NEVER!" He sounded so sure. So right so kind. I loved him so much, I loved him…

I was resting my head in his chest while he held me tight in his arms…We hugged each other for so long and felt everything that was to be felt.

We went back to the party and acted as if nothing happened. Everyone were happy and didn't know anything about it. Oh thank god…

"Here." Syaoran gave me a box wonder what's in there?

I opened it. And there it was. A beautiful white gown that looked almost like a bridal dress! Same dress that Sam Montgomery was wearing in the movie "A Cinderella Story" love that movie. It was exactly like this one. Only this dress was given to me by the only man I love in the world. Of course there is Touya and my dad but Syaoran is my true love…

I changed into it and I looked absolutely marvels…I looked like a princess. Like an angel. Like a women. I couldn't believe it was me…

I went out of the ladies bathroom and everyone saw me. I looked perfect. So perfect. Syaoran's mouth was purred open he thought I was so beautiful he couldn't' believe it was me…

I went up to him and said hi. He said hi back. But then got so shy…

"Have you seen my girlfriend because I think she's still changing-"

"Syaoran!" I poked him in his arm.

"Just kidding." He said jokily. "Would you like to dance with me? Again?"

"Okay." I agreed and smiled a wide smile. We were like a prince and a princess. Although we really were. Syaoran was actually a king of china now and I was gonna be queen. Wow! It's reality it's dream! I just can't believe it!

Everyone saw us and had video cameras and cameras all over the place. It was like we were shooting the movie and we were the romantic couple in the story…Syaoran leaned over. And said these words I would never forget…

"You know what happens after in this kinds of situations were the king dances with the queen?"

"No what?"

"They live happily ever after…"

He leaned down and kissed my lips. It was a tender kiss. So beautiful like the ending of the movie "Sleeping beauty." Dancing and then leaning down and kissing. So romantic. So true. I'll remember his words always.

"They live happily ever after…"