Summary: Naruto Namekaze is a normal freshmen with a not-so-normal secret life. She leads a double like as a famous singer by the name of Kistune Uzumaki. Kistune is also pretending she's dating the younger Uchiha, Sasuke. Naruto attends Suna High with her brother Kyuubi, and her friends Gaara and Temari. The Namekaze's end up moving from Suna to Konoha. Everythings fine until the Uchiha brothers randomly appear at Konoha High. Now what will Naruto do?
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Chapter One: Dating and Moving

A sixteen year old blonde female ran through the hallways of Suna High. The magazine in her hand plopped around as she ran through each hallway and passed each door. She reached the cafeteria, and ran up to a table where three others sat. The blonde female named Temari Sabaku, took a seat beside her blonde haired, bestfriend, sixteen year old male, Kyuubi Namekaze. Across from him sat his younger, blonde, fourteen year old sister, Naruto Namekaze. Then across from Temari, beside Naruto, sat Temari's fouteen year old, red headed, brother, Gaara Sabaku. Temari handed Kyuubi the maganize and said, "Page sixty-three." Kyuubi gave Temari a confussing glance, bt opened the magazine. Kyuubi smirked. "Read it allowed." Temari persisted.

"Okay, Okay. 'Fourteen year old, pop sinsation, Kitsune Uzumaki, is currently dating Sasuke Uchiha, the youngest of the Uchiha brothers. Sasuke has just recently began modeling, following in his brother's footsteps. How long will the Uchiha-Uzumaki relationship last?' I wonder too. Naru, what do you say?" Kyuubi asked looking to his little sister, who just pouted, and turned away.

"So Naru-chan's really dating that Uchiha-bastard?" Temari asked looking between both the Namekaze siblings.

"It's not like I want to..." Naruto whispered looking back at the three. "Ruka says it's better for both our publicity." She rolled her eyes.

"I think dating the Uchiha is going a bit far..." Gaara said glaring at the picture on the page where Kyuubi read from. It was a picture of Sasuke Uchiha with his arm around Kistune Uzumaki's waist. "That bastard doesn't deserve you..." He hissed. Naruto put her arm around Gaara's shoulder.

"I deserve a real man, like you Gaara!" Naruto said wrapping her other hand around his neck, connecting both her hands. She leaned in and kissed Gaara's cheek. He gently pushed the girl away, while the older two blondes chuckled and 'aw'ed at the sight. Naruto grinned. "I'm gonna miss you Gaara..." She said with a small frown. "You too Tem..."

"Aww... Naru-chan!" Temari shouted jumping across the table, and hugging the girl. "Gaara and I will visit, and you'll send us tickets to attend each concert, right?" She winked. Naruto nodded and replied with an, 'of course'.

After school, Naruto and Kyuubi gave Gaara and Temari one last hug good bye, they were off in Kyuubi's red sports car. Naruto had her arm bent, her albow out the window, and her hand holding her head up. The blonde sighed as she got one last sight of Suna High and of her old life. Now she's be starting her new life. "Don't be so down in the dump." Kyuubi said glancing at Naruto through his rear-view mirror. "We'll still see Gaara and Temari on weekends when they come over, and at concerts!" Kyuubi said flashing his 'not-to-worry' grin. Naruto couldn't help but smile at that. She sighed once again shutting her eyes, letting the cool wind blow though her hair as Kyuubi got onto the highway.

"So we're just meeting dad at the new house?" She asked keeping her eyes shut.

"Yup. He'll be there unpacking by the time we get there." Kyuubi explained to his little sister. "Konoha's two hours away from Suna." Naruto opened her eyes and glanced at Kyuubi.

"Great... Just great." Naruto said rolling her eyes. She didn't want to move, leave everyone, everything. Even if what she had there was small, it was her life... and she was leaving it.

Two dreadful and long hours later, the Namekaze siblings arrived in Konoha. When they foudn their new house, they gaped. The house wasn't huge, yet big to them. The three Namekaze's lived in a one story, two bedroom house, and this new house was two stories plus a basement. The house was a pale blue with dark ocean blue shutters. The front door was paint the same color as the shutters. From outside the house, you couldn't tell it even had a basement, but one inside the living room, there was a stair case you could go down into the basement. The house had four bedrooms, which was more than enough. There was one bathroom on the basment, three bathrooms on the first floor, and two more on the second floor.

On the first floor was the living room, kitchen, dinning room, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms. The first bedroom is the bedroom Minato was moving into into. It was a king-sized room with it's own bathroom. The other room was a small single sized bedroom, they were going to use as a guest bedroom.

On the second floor was Kyuubi and Naruto's room. Kyuubi's room was across the hallway from Naruto's. Each has there own bathroom, walk-in-closet, and queen sized bed. Also on the second floor was an entertainment room, where Kyuubi would be spending most of his time, and a quiet study room.

The basement had a bunch of arcade games down in it. There were three couches down in the basement, facing each other almost forming a square. From the basement, you could get out into the back yard, which was cut off by a tall picket wood fince. The back yard was huge though. There was a swing set with three swings, a pool, and a hot tub. One outside in the back yard, you could take the back steps to go to the first, second floor, or back into the basement.

In the court the Namekaze's were now living on, there were only four other houses. The Namekaze houes is located on the far left, then the Shiranui household, then the Namiashi household, then the Mitarashi household, and then the Morino household. Minato had met each one already. They were Genma Shiranui, Raido Namiashi, Anko Mitarashi, and Ibiki Morino. Minato easily made friends with each one. All four of them happened to be teachers and Konoha High, the school Kyuubi and Naruto would be attending on Monday.

Genma Shiranui, nineth grade history teacher. Raido Namiashi, nineth grade math teacher. Anko Mitarashi, nineth grade science teacher. Ibiki Morino, gym teacher to every grade. Jirayia Sannin, who just happened to be their grandfather, nineth grade English teacher. Their grandmother, Tsunade Sannin, just happened to be the principal of Konoha High.

Okay, so it wasn't as bad as Naruto thought her first couple of hours in Konoha would be like. She got to meet four of her teachers, and she already knew the other one... Kyuubi would be driving her every morning... Their house was huge compared to the last one... Gaara and Temari were so coming over one weekend. Whether it was them coming over after a Kitsune concert, or what.

By Saturday, the next afternoon, they were pretty much unpacked. The house already had most the furishing in it, so they were settled. When Monday came, Naruto got a little frustrated. She didn't know she'd have to wear a uniform. How could Tsunade?! At least the uniforms weren't that bad.

The colors were navy, white, and black. Naruto, being a girl, had to wear a white button down long sleeved shirt. Over the shirt, she had to wear a navy silk jacket with a small black and blue 'KHS' symbol over her left breast. She had on a navy blue skirt that went just above her knees. The shoes were black dress shoes, with white knee socks... Kyuubi's was pretty similar, except he wore dressy navy blue pants.

Naruto and Kyuubi walked into Konoha High, and just stared. Everyone had to be rich. The school was huge! Like that size of a stage Kistune has to sing on! So the two Namekaze's seperated, going seperate ways, but said to meet each other at lunch. Until then, Naruto was on her own.


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