Summary: Naruto Namekaze is a normal freshmen with a not-so-normal secret life. She leads a double like as a famous singer by the name of Kistune Uzumaki. Kistune is also pretending she's dating the younger Uchiha model, Sasuke. Naruto attends Suna High with her brother Kyuubi, and her friends Gaara and Temari. The Namekaze's end up moving from Suna to Konoha. Everythings fine until the Uchiha brothers randomly appear at Konoha High. Now what will Naruto do?
Couples: SasukeFemNaruto. ItachiKyuubi. ShikamaruTemari. NejiGaara. KibaHinata. ShinoTenten. LeeSakura. ChojiIno. DeidaraSasori. Slight Hints Of: NejiFemNaruto. GaaraFemNaruto. ShikaFemNaruto.
Schedule and People:
First Period: Genma Shiranui - History. - Gaara, Sasuke, Hinata, Shikamaru, Neji, Ino.
Second Period: Anko Mitarashi - Science. - Gaara, Sasuke, Hinata, Shikamaru, Kiba, Shino, Tenten, Choji, Sakura, Ino, Neji, Lee.
Third Period: Jirayia Sannin - English. - Gaara, Sasuke, Tenten, Kiba, Hinata, Shikamaru, Sakura, Ino.
Fourth Period: Lunch.
Fifth Period: Raido Namiashi - Algebra I. - Gaara, Tenten, Shino, Choji, Sakura, Lee.
Sixth Period: Ibiki Morino - Gym. - Gaara, Sasuke, Hinata, Tenten, Shino, Kiba, Neji, Sakura, Lee, Ino.

Chapter Seven: Party and Closets

Tenten walked into second period excited. It had been three weeks since the Uchiha brothers and the Sabaku siblings showed up at Konoha High. He approached Naruto, Hinata, Shikamaru, Kiba, Gaara, Choji, and Shino. "Anyone know what today is?!" She asked excitedly with a smirk on her face. Shikamaru, Shino, and Hinata nodded while the others pondered for a moment.

"It's your birthday." Shino said, a small smile on his face. He'd never forget anything important to do with Tenten, though he would never say that to her face.

"You're correct! And in two days, this Saturday, I'm having a boys and girls sleepoevr at my house!" She cheered. "Lee's friends are coming too meaning Sakura, Ino, Neji, and Sasuke... but two of the four aren't bad..." She said with a shrug. The thought of Sasuke Uchiha coming to her party was good enough. She couldn't believe Lee had convenced him to come!

"So Saturday night?" Naruto asked with a smile.

"Lemme guess... you're doing something this weekend too?" Tenten asked rolling her eyes. Naruto chuckled, shaking her head.

"Nope, this weekend I'm all yours, Ten-chan!" Naruto said hugging Tenten, who rolled her eyes. Naruto didn't mind going out this weekend. She hadn't been out much lately and this was going to be a good thing for her. Plus, Kyuubi and Temari were having their own friends over at the Namikaze home. They'd invited Deidara, Sasori, Haku, and Itachi. It was going to be a small little thing. They were going out to a movie or something... then they'd come home and hang out.

"Great! So you'll all come to my house on Saturday! It'll be great!" Tenten said smiling. "No need to get me a present." She said which really ment for people to bring her gifts and surprise her. She's de all 'Thank you, but you didn't have too'. Naruto chuckled sofly.

The only reason Sasuke agreed to the party was he heard Naruto was going. Now Sasuke felt ashamed of himself... He couldn't help it though. This girl was everything, plus more... Besides, Kitsune wasn't really his girlfriend, right? Wait... Why was he talking about his fake girlfriend? He couldn't really ask anyone else out, not that Naruto would be interested. Besides, he was just starting to fall for Kitsune... and Naruto didn't seem to like him very much. Her, Gaara, and Hinata weren't his biggest fans though Tenten loved him! Kiba wanted to be like him to get Kitsune...

Saturday came quick for Naruto. She and Gaara were about to leave when the doorbell rang. Naruto, being downstairs and the other three upstairs, anwsered the door. She smiled at the four teens standing on her doorstep. "Hello Itachi-san, Deidara-kun, Sasori-kun, Haku-chan." Naruto said greeting each one.

She'd gotten to know each one of the over the last three weeks. Deidara and Sasori came over the most, but on occation Itachi came over and Haku followed him... Naruto knew Haku wasn't a girl, but she called him 'chan' anyways. It didn't seem to bother him at all. He would just smile and reply, 'Hello, Naruto-chan'. At least she didn't call her 'Naru-chan'.

For some reason, she'd never called Itachi 'Itachi-kun'. It was always 'Itachi-san'. Itachi didn't like that very much. He might be a super model, but he wasnted to be treated normal. That's why he and Sasuke went to Konoha High. To try and be normal. But try was the keyword in that sentence.

"Naru-chan!" Deidara sung hugging the other blonde. He's picked up on calling her 'Naru-chan' from Temari, Minato, their neightbors, and even Kyuubi, though he only called her 'Naru'. "How have you been?" Deidara asked once he stopped hugging the girl.

"I'm fine. It's been real nice... I thought it was going to suck here when I moved over a month ago, but it's been cool since I have Temari and Gaara living with me." Naruto said to the blonde. "So you guys going to see a movie tonight?" She asked smiling.

"The Stalker." Sasori replied before Deidara could.

"It's a scary movie! When I get scared I can get Sasori-koi to hold me!" Deidara explained to Naruto. She only giggled at the though. "And you know what we're planning for tonight..." Deidara nudged the blonde in the side. Naruto chuckled softly, nodding. She knew alright. Deidara was a genius.

Itachi and Haku starred at the two blonde in confusion. Itachi looked to Sasori who only shrugged. Oh but he knew... Sasori knew just as much as Naruto did.


A week ago when this night had been planned, Deidara and Sasori were over. Temari and Gaara had been in Suna for the weekend, with their uncle visiting like they promised. Kyuubi was upstairs while Deidara was explaining his plan to Naruto.

"You really think it'll work?" Naruto asked, doughting that Deidara was right. "I mean, Itachi doesn't like Kyuubi... Well, in a way he does, but in his life... he likes Kyoto..." Naruto reminded the other blonde.

"I know that!" Deidara said, hurt that Naruto thought he didn't remember. "..but you haven't seen the way they've been talking. Itachi even ignores Haku for Kyuubi now adays! Haku doesn't like it, but I can tell Kyuubi does... Itachi too!" Naruto gave a soft sigh as she listened to the older blonde speak.

"How exactly do you plan to get them together?" Naruto asked as Deidara giggled girlishly.

"Easy! Sasori-koi, tell her!" Deidara ordered, lightly slapping the red head on the back. Sasori sighed, closing his eyes. When he re-opened them, het urned to Naruto.

"Deidara wants to go see a scary movie. He knows that Kyuubi gets scared easily, and he will end up using Itachi to hide his face in." Sasori said in one breath. Naruto blinked. That could actually work, if Haku didn't go to the movie. They had no problem against Haku, but he would just get in the way of 'Operation ItaKyuu' as Deidara named it.

"Alright then, why not plan for next weekend?" Naruto suggested. "Take Tem with you too. Get her to keep Haku busy if he comes, and tell her of the plan." Deidara nodded, and thanked the girl for helping. Naruto smiled at the thought of Kyuubi and Itachi going out. Then she imagined how the press would take it and all Itachi's fans... Some on the girls might be upset that he'd be taken, but then again... There are those Yaoi Lovers.


"Well I'm going to be heading over to the Rock's house right now." Naruto said smiling at the four. "Have fun at your movie night, and Deidara... no sex in my house." A loud wine was heard from the pouting blonde male as he hugged his red headed boyfriend. Naruto chuckled. "Gaara!" Naruto shouted from the door. "I'm gonna leave without you!!" She shouted again. "You four can head up. I fou see Gaara, tell him I'm not waiting any longer." Naruto said with a playfull tone of voice.

Tenten smiled happily as more and more people showed up at her doorstep. The first to arrive was Hinata with Neji. Surprisingly enough, the two had started getting along with the help of Naruto. Both Hinata and Tenten could tell that Neji had a major crush on Naruto, but he wasn't the only one. They noticed how Gaara was always protective over Naruto. Naruto told them that Gaara was like her brother, but how did Gaara see Naruto was the question on their mind.

After the Hyuuga's arrived, in came Ino and Sakura. Tenten rolled her eyes when they just bardged in and ran over to Neji. She swore that one day they'd get what was coming to them. Tenten was happy when Shino showed up next.

It was weird when Hinata left her alone with Shino, to 'go help Neji with Sakura and Ino', or so Hinata had said she was doing. In reality, she was giving Shino some alone time with Tenten. She hoped Shino would confess his feelings to Tenten for her birthday or something.

Kiba showed up next, interupting Tenten and Shino's alone time. Hinata took Kiba away from the two, saying that she had to talk to them. After Kiba got away from Hinata, and started talking to Shino, Choji and Shikamaru showed up. After them, Sasuke... Then Naruto and Gaara.

No one was surprised when Naruto and Gaara came in together. After all, they lived together. That was one thing both Sasuke, Neji, and another boy in the house wished they could do. Yes, both Neji and sasuke liked Naruto, but they weren't the only ones with a soft spot for the blonde. A certain brunette... a very lazy brunette who wouldn't go out of his way for anything, had a crush on Naruto though he took no concideration into it, knowing that the competition would be to... troublesome.

Once everyone got there, Tenten put on some music and the party really started to heat up. Naruto was dancing with Gaara. Sasuke was being forced to dance with Ino and Sakura, both fighting over her. Of all people, Lee was chatting with Tenten. Even Tenten and Lee were getting along since Naruto showed up.

It was getting pretty dark when Tenten suggested that they play spin-the-bottle. Once everyone had agreed, they sat in in a circle in the Rock's living room."Who wants to go first?" Tenten asked excitedly. She was extremely hyper along with Kiba and Naruto. The three of them had too much sugar.

"Why don't you go first, birthday girl." Naruto said, just as excited as Tenten sounded. Tenten nodded, taking the bottle that they had found. She spun it and the bottle landed on... Kiba.

"You've gotta be kiding me!" Both Kiba and Tenten shouted at the same time. "Let's play a different game!" Tenten said quickly before she had to kiss Kiba. Everyone except Sakura and Ino laughed at that. "Truth or dare is the game, Tenten is my name!" Tenten said grinning evily. "And I'm going to ask Kiba, truth or dare?" Kiba chose truth. Tenten smirked, and everyone fell silent. "If I hadn't decided to change the game, would you ave kissed me?" Naruto and Choji bursted out laughing when they saw the look on Kiba's face.

"Hellz no!" Kiba shouted frantically. "I mean, a peck maybe..." He lowered his voice. Tenten chuckled. "My turn! Naruto!" The blonde looked to Kiba. "Truth of dare?" He wore his wolf grin. Naruto choose turth. "Do you like anyone in this room? Like, do you have a crush on anyone in this room?" A couple boys perked up to thsi question, wanting to know if she did.

"In this room... Nope." Naruto anwsered breaking three hearts with one word without knowing it. "I mean, there are guys in this room I find... attractive, but none I actually have a crush on, or at least yet." She giggled. The three boys we're okay again. Just with that, their hopes were brought back up. "Okay my turn and I pick, Tenten, truth or dare." Tenten choose dare after a moment. "I dare you to tell your father your pregnant." Tenten and Lee's eyes widened as they both thought of how he'd kill Tenten.

"That's harsh, Naruto! You don't know Gai!" Kiba shouted chuckling, as he still thought it would be funny. Tenten pouted, crossing her arms. She hoped her father wouldn't get too pissed, but then again.. Gai had the 'abstinace is the key to a happy marriage' talk with both of his children. If he found out Tenten was pregnant, even if she wasn't, he'd flip.

Once Tenten had finished her dare, and everyone convised Gai that it was a dare and Tenten was not a whore or anything around that area, Tenten decided once again to change the game. She said, "I'm the birthday-girl, I'll change it if I want to!" They all believed she just didn't want to get in trouble. Now they were playing Seven Minutes In Heaven, but with five minutes instead of seven. The first two to go into the closet together were Sakura and Kiba. Both had not wanted to go in, but rules were rules. You had to go in for five minutes. Anything could happen.

Sakura and Kiba walked out five minutes later. The only thing everyone heard while the two were in the closet was them fighting. It got annoying... sooo annoying. Next to go in were Naruto and Neji. Everyone saw Lee whisper something to Neji before the two entered the closet.

Neji and Naruto were standing in the pitch black closet, each on opposite ends of the closet. It was a walk in closet, so they weren't squished together. Naruto stumbled around, looking for the light switch. She turned it on and looked at Neji. The boy was looking down at the ground, almost as if he looked nervous. "You okay, Neji-kun?" Naruto asked concerned for her one of her newest friends. Yes, she had become friends with Neji and Lee, but not Sakura, Ino, or Sasuke. For some reason, Sasuke was trying, but she wouldn't let him.

"I'm fine Naruto." Neji assured the girl, liring to himself and her. "I just..." He paused for a moment. "This is seven minutes in heaven, right? We're supposed to be able to do anything we want without getting in trouble... correct?" Neji asked slowly and firmly. Naruto nodded, not catching on.

"I don't understand, Neji-kun... Don't you know the ru-" Naruto was cut off when a pair of warm lips touched hers, bringing shock to her body. Neji leaned back slowly, only inches from Naruto's face. "Ne-neji-k-kun?" Naruto asked, a bright red color. Neji smirked, his face closing in on Naruto's until their lips crashed again. Naruto was once again taken by surprise, but for some reason... she kissed back. Her arms wrapped around Neji's neck and his around her waist.

The two broke apart, only inches from each other again. Naruto, a deep red now, pulled her arms away from Neji, slwoly lowering them to her side. She turned around so her back was facing Neji, but his arms were still around her body. His head gently rested on her shoulder, and she shivered. Why had she done that?

"I'm sorry, I had too..." Neji said softly in Naruto's ear. "You don't know how long I've been waiting to do that, do you?" Naruto turned her head to face Neji's. He swas smiling so peacefully. He looked almost god-like with the little bit of light that was in the closet shinning down in his face. His pale blue eyes were glistening against his skin. Naruto gulepd nervously. "I've been waiting a long time to do that."

Naruto manuvered her way out of Neji's arms. "Neji-kun..." She whispered. "I'm sorry, I can't do that." She said firmly, still a little shy from the kiss that they had shared. Neji's facial expression fell. "You're very nice and all but-" But what? Could she tell Neji that she had a boyfriend? That Sasuke Uchiha was her boyfriend? Of course not! Sasuke didn't even know... "I'm sorry Neji-kun..." She whispered. The door opened and there stood a smirking Kiba.

"Anything good happen?" He asked jokingly. Naruto glarred at him and hit him on the arm. Tenten looked at her brother who was looking at Neji. The boy looked upset somewhat, but nodded at Lee. What had happened? She didn't know, but somehow she was going to get it out of Naruto.

In the end, not everyone stayed the night. Only Naruto, Hinata, Gaara, Neji, Shikamaru, Shino, and Sasuke ended up staying. Choji had gone home because his father wanted him up early, Shino said he didn't feel well, but everyone else knew it was because he couldn't stay the night with Tenten, Shikamaru said sleepovers were too troublesome, and Tenten couldn't stand anymore of Ino and Sakura so she kicked them out. Things for Naruto only got weirder that night... She overheard Tenten and Hinata talking while Gaara was off with Neji, Lee, and Sasuke. Why Sasuke stayed, no one knew, but Tenten was happy. Only another reason Shino left.

Naruto was trying no to get caught. She leaned closer to the wall, trying to listen. "Do you think he'll confess?" It was Tenten who asked. Did they know about what happened with Neji? Did he really like her?

"I don't know, but if he deosn't move soon... I think Neji's starting to make his move on her too..." Hinata whispered back. Wait... if it wasn't Neji they were talking about, then who?

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