Chapter 1...Landslide

Took my love and I took it down

climbed a mountain and I turned around

and I saw my reflection in the

snow covered hills

where the landslide brought you down.

The snow was falling in the woods thickly around them. Many of the soldiers sat with hunched shoulders by the fire. They were all complaining loudly in hopes that someone who could do something would hear, but many of their complaints were wasted on the wind and vanished with the puffs of steam coming from their mouths as they breathed:

"Ich möchte nach Hause gehen!"

"Wir sind dabei zu frieren!"

The list went on. They heard a pounding of hooves, however, and they all went dead quiet. Klaus entered the camp with his new horse.

The last one had been shot out from under him. He had gone into town to get another horse when he'd spotted the perfect one: a man had been trying to tame one that was black all over. It was rearing up, biting, kicking, and causing chaos in general.

"Calm down, you Daredevil! Beast of Satan, I swear!" the old man growled, hanging onto the reins of the horse for dear life.

When Klaus spoke, it was in heavily accented English.

"How much will you take for this one?" he asked, shaking a coin pouch on his belt. It jingled heavily.

The old man grinned.

"Name your price."

Klaus gave him half of what was in the pouch. The old man dropped the reins and took off.

"What does he call you? 'Daredevil'. What a strange name."

The horse snorted and laid his ears back. Klaus offered his hand to the horse and only held the reins loosely.

"Now, none of this. We have work to do, Mein Freund."

Daredevil looked at him incredulously for a moment, then relaxed his ears. Klaus gave him a gently scratching.

"Sind wir darin zusammen?" Klaus asked. Daredevil tipped his head forward.

" Gekommen mit mir."

He led Daredevil down the street a few paces, then noticed that the tack was already on the horse.

"Noch sein."

Carefully, he placed one foot in the stirrup. Daredevil turned his head to look, but did not move otherwise. Carefully, Klaus sat down. Confident that the horse wouldn't throw him, he gently nudged him into a trot.

The grooms had considerable trouble with Daredevil. Klaus was the only one allowed to touch him. That was when Klaus noticed something shiny sticking out of one of Daredevil's hindquarters. A drop of blood oozed out around it.

"How did this happen?"

He looked up at Daredevil, who was getting antsy now that Klaus had discovered a piece of glass embedded in his skin.

"Easy, Mein Freund."

Oh, mirror in the sky,

what is love?

Can the child within my heart

rise above?

Can I sail through the changing

ocean tides?

Can I handle the seasons of my life?

He placed his fingers around the glass and swiftly plucked it out. Daredevil did not once offer to kick him. Klaus carefully cleaned the wound.

Tomorrow was going to be a long day, and he knew it. But just how long, he would not know.

Well, I've been afraid of changing

cause I built my life around you

but time makes you bolder

Children get older

and I'm getting older, too...

There were three major battles, and Klaus was at the front of the line in all of them. His sword sang as it whipped through the air. He was good at what he did and he knew it.

He didn't know it was going to be his last bout of glory.

Three days later, many of his soldiers were getting weak because there was no more food. It was bitterly cold and many of them got frostbite. Daredevil wasn't in a good mood because he'd had no grain in three days. Klaus himself was quite irritable, but Daredevil trusted him.

The next day, they found themselves in the thick of one army or another. Weary, half-starved, and running on adrenaline alone, Klaus couldn't even really tell which side these guys were on. He roared like a tiger as he sliced through one right after another. His men were dropping like flies. As he was giving chase, something bad happened.

So, take this love and take it down

He felt Daredevil stumble and they went down in the snow. Puzzled, Klaus bent over him. Horrified, he saw blood pouring from Daredevil's head. He hesitated for a moment, unwilling to leave his new best friend but knowing that he was about to get caught.

And if you climb a mountain and you turn around

"Es tut mir leid," he apologized. The horse gave a whimper and was still. Klaus ran for the woods and dodged bullets that were being fired all around him.

He came face to face with two little blonde-haired girls. He had no intention of hurting them at all and just wanted to get away more than anything. Without Daredevil, he was a lot more vulnerable.

And if you see my reflection in the snow-covered hills

"Shhh," he whispered, putting a finger to his lips. One of the girls broke a stick. The snap sounded like a gunshot in the stillness. The men he'd been fighting made a mad dash towards the woods. The other little girl dropped her armful of wood and took off, but the one who had given him away stayed.

Let her, he thought, she deserves to see what happens when she betrays someone.

He sliced at this one and that one, but he didn't see a third come up behind him. Before Klaus even registered what happened, a cold blade slid through his armor and pierced his insides. Klaus let out an anguished roar and doubled over. He could not catch his breath. As he was doubled over in pain, there was the sinister hiss of a blade and a sickening THUD.

Well maybe...

Landslide will bring you...

Years later, Klaus became aware of himself and that he existed again, but he did not have a head. Helpless, he did whatever his mistress told him to do. It seemed eerie, sickening, and nightmarish. Everyone shot at him, stabbed at him, threw things, dropped things on him, ect... but he could not die. Ever the loyal companion, Daredevil had returned to his side. He couldn't stand Lady Van Tassel, but there wasn't much he could do. Even if he didn't want to follow her orders, his body did not obey. The muscles and bones moved of their own accord and wherever he went, so did Daredevil.

He was thrilled to get his head back. If he didn't have better things to do, he could have kissed Ichabod Crane and Katrina.

Landslide will bring you down...

Things gradually settled down. Having no one's interest to serve but his own, the Hessian and Daredevil slipped into a half-existence. Once in a while, they'd do a lap around the forest, but they didn't make their presence known.

He was waiting for something, he just didn't know.