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Chapter 24

The sounds of hammers against nails, horses hauling carts, and other things promising new beginnings were present on the hill next to the Van Tassel manor. Klaus leaned against a nearby tree and watched the construction.

"Everything worked out pretty good," Dawn commented, both babies in a harness that Ichabod had created for her, "but there's just one thing I can't figure out."

"What's that?" Klaus asked, wrapping an arm around her.

"Who set the church on fire and who killed John."

Ichabod looked the other way completely.

"You?" Dawn asked, completely taken by surprise.

"I returned and broke one of the oil lamps as soon as you'd gone downstairs," Ichabod admitted. "I knew it would be a short time before the flames reached the downstairs area and the ceremony would be interrupted."

"And what about John" Dawn asked.

"I never miss a shot," a voice said behind her. She turned to see Jane.

"Jane?" Dawn asked, really surprised this time.

"Yes. I've decided that even if you are a witch, you still deserve a chance at true love like everyone else. You helped me, so I decided to help you. Klaus, too."

"How did you find out about that?" Dawn asked, wondering more and more how many secrets had been kept.

"There were hoof prints in the yard," Jane said, "and only Daredevil's hooves make that big of a print."

Dawn and Klaus looked at each other and cracked up laughing.

"Wow," Dawn gasped, "who knew."

She looked down at the two babies in her harness. The baby boy was named Jaegar, which was German for "hunter" and the baby girl was named Hanne. In a strange sort of way, Dawn was grateful to the red-haired girl that Klaus had once loved. If he hadn't loved her first, things would not have worked the way they did.

Klaus was tickling Jaegar's chin. Jaegar grabbed hold of Klaus's hand and popped his finger in his mouth. Dawn giggled.

"You know what? I'm glad I accidentally drove across that bridge so long ago," she said, "I don't miss where I came from in the slightest."

At one point, she had uncovered her car and let everyone see. Ichabod had great fun taking it apart and putting it back together. She'd even taught him how to drive it at some point, but now it was back in the stable as he tried to do different things with it. The rest of her technology worked as long as she had his homemade battery charger. Klaus wasn't really into her gadgets: he didn't really care to learn about them. He preferred the company of other people or peace and quiet to machines.

The house would be finished in a couple of months and they would be able to move in. Dawn was looking forward to them having a place of their own. Flash, Daredevil, and Starlight would have their own stable, too. They were on picket lines right now, enjoying the fresh grass. Starlight stood beside his mother, occasionally running around her in circles, his little curly tail flapping. Dawn watched him, a serene smile on her face.

"Babies everywhere," she commented.

Ichabod looked at the twins in Dawn's harness, then at Starlight.

"Yes. There will soon be more."

She looked up at him curiously.

"Katrina, too?" she asked.

He nodded.

"Wow. You guys have been busy!"

Ichabod flushed a deep red, making Klaus and Dawn grin.

"You will get used to such comments," he said, knowing Dawn wasn't going to change anytime soon.

The house was finished just after winter set in. With a roaring fire, the house was quite warm. Their house wasn't a manor, but it was a good-sized house. Klaus and Dawn received a generous donation of furniture from the town carpenters and others who could build or make things. The twins grew quickly and were teething soon. Spring faded into summer, summer into fall, and so on. Katrina's baby was born and Dawn's were chubby, happy little handfuls. The three of them made quite a team!

Katrina's baby was a little girl named Jasmine after Ichabod's mother. Ichabod, who once would faint at the idea of raising a child, became a very good father and Masbeth was a very good big brother. Sleepy Hollow began to prosper again and was in need of a small police force, which Klaus got involved with. Although he and Daredevil were both mortal now, they could still slip through the woods like living shadows and the position suited them perfectly. Dawn was a contented housewife, but she also ran the new choir in the new church (which got a much kinder vicar that had no hidden agenda). The twins approached their fourth birthday and Jasmine, her third.

"When's Daddy coming home? I want to ride Daredevil!" Jaegar insisted.

"He'll be back before supper," Dawn insisted, "now, let's finish your bath and please try to stay out of the mud this time."

Jaegar pouted.

"You're gonna tell him I'm too little, aren't you?"

"No," Dawn said firmly, "I'm letting him decide."

She rinsed the little boy's hair. Jaegar had inherited his mother's golden curls, but his father's icy blue eyes. However, he definitely favored Dawn's character.

"All done!" he hopped out of the washtub onto the towel. Dawn gently dried him off and put his clean clothes on.

Hanne wandered into the room. Unlike her brother, Hanne's hair was dark and unruly like Klaus's and her eyes were dark chocolate, almost black, like Dawn's. She was mostly quiet unless she was angered, very much like Klaus.

"Is it time for my bath?" she asked, going to Dawn for help with her dress.

Unlike Jaegar, Hanne liked baths and Dawn was grateful that at least one of them did. She helped Hanne into the tub and told her to wait there. Then, she stirred the pot of stew over the fireplace. It wasn't quite ready yet, but it would be soon.

Jaegar came tearing back into the room.

"Hey, Hanne, watch this!"

He dipped one of Dawn's bracelets into the water. It had a sturdy round shape unlike the charm bracelet and was made of silver. Jaegar pulled it back out and blew into it. Bubbles floated through the room.

"Let me try!" Hanne took the bracelet from him and tried to blow the bubbles, puzzled when nothing came out.

"Dip it in the water," Dawn suggested. She did, laughing as the iridescent bubbles floated through the room.

A familiar whinny rang outside.

"He's back!"

Jaegar took off before Dawn could catch him.

Ah, let him go, she thought, there will come a time when he doesn't care.

She finished bathing Hanne and put her clean clothes on her. Opening the back door, she emptied the washtub and left it outside to dry. Klaus came into the kitchen, Ichabod with him. Jaegar was bouncing around Ichabod's legs, asking him all kinds of questions and nearly tripping him.

"Is it true that you and Father really fought?" he asked.

Dawn laughed.

"Not that story again," she moaned sarcastically, "he'll be up all night thinking about it."

"No, I won't, Mom!"

Dawn laughed.

"All right, then."

Jaegar and Hanne climbed into Klaus's lap as they told the story. Dawn finished preparing dinner, listening. As the sun began to set, she saw Katrina and Jasmine coming down the path. Masbeth, Ann, Elizabeth, and Jane were following. It would be quite crowded in the little kitchen tonight, but well worth it. Thankfully, she'd made enough stew and bread to feed an army. Despite the fact that she missed things like microwaves and indoor plumbing, Dawn had adapted quite well to life in an earlier time.

The door opened and all of her friends flooded in. Jasmine tried to get in Klaus's lap, too, but there just wasn't enough room. Instead of giving up, she got in Ichabod's lap. The three children were all asking questions at once.

As Dawn got the bowls and spoons out of the cupboard, her eye caught a picture that she'd carefully framed. It was a self-portrait she'd done when she'd first moved to Sleepy Hollow. Despite the fact that she'd only aged a little bit, there was so much in her face that had changed...she could hardly believe she was the same person. Her gaze locked with Klaus's.

Funny, Dawn thought, I got everything I wanted. It was a really strange journey, but I got it all.

In the background, her iPod was playing a familiar tune through the speakers.

When I first saw you,

I already knew

there was something

inside of you

something I thought that I would never find...

Angel of mine...

You came into my life

sent from above

when I lost all hope,

you showed me love

I'm checking for you boy,

you're right on time.

Angel of mine...

I look at you,

looking at me

now I know why they say

the best things are free.

Gonna love you to the end of time

Angel of mine...

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