Collage Days Go Great!!

Heather, Ashlen, and Justin had all gone to high school together and had decided to all go to the same school without knowing. Ashlen walked into her class and and with not paying attention sat beside Justin.

"Hey I'm Ashlen", Ashlen stated to the guy sitting beside her.

"Did you say Ashlen?", Justin asked.

"That's funny.. you sound a lot like my friend Justin from high school. We both used to watch wrestling together with my other friend Heather. It …" Ashlen was cut of by Justin's words.

"Did you say Justin.. that is my name. Oh my god… ASHLEN!!" , Justin shouted.

"Justin!!" Ashlen looked over and saw her high school best friend looking

"Ok did I just here a scream that I heard everyday in high school?" Heather asked as she walked into the same math class that Justin and Ashlen were in.

Both Justin and Ashlen stopped hugging and looked over at the door. Heather was standing in the door way looking at them both.

"HEATHER!!" both Ashlen and Justin screamed at the same time… they all ran together for a group hug.

Later that day…

It was a Monday so they all gathered at Ashlen's house for Monday Night RAW… The wrestling show they watched every Monday when they were in high school. Now they could do the same things in collage. RAW just started and Ashlen came running in to the sound of Jeff Hardy's music.

"So what did I miss.." Ashlen asked as she sat down as Jeff Hardy started to talk in the mike.

"Nothing much.. but I could listen to his voice all fucking day man. I love is southern accent. It is amazing." Heather laughed as she stated.

"Would you to stop drooling over Jeff Hardy. We all know he is adorkable but come on." Justin said

'SHUT UP!!" Heather and Ashlen both shouted so they could hear Jeff's voice.

"… At the Royal Rumble and tonight I am taking you OUT!" The three friends listened to what the rain-bowed haired warrior had to say from RAW.

There was a commercial brake and the three friends started to talk about what Jeff Hardy had just said. Then a commercial come on that stopped all the talking in the living room.

"Have you wanted to be in the backstage area of RAW, SmackDown, and ECW? Well now you can be in the same spot as all your favorite WWE superstars. Enter this contest and you possible win. E-mail your information and why you think you should win and then you top 5 favorite wrestlers of all time. You can bring two friends." the commercial said as all three buddies listen carefully and Ashlen wrote down the website. Ashlen entered the website

"This can't be too hard." Ashlen said.

Heather started to type her name into the givin space to enter the contest. She had already entered Justin and Ashlen's names and info. They had her do it becuase she was the pne the could type fast in the group.

Three Weeks Later...

"And tonight on RAW we will tell the world who won the contest back in March. Who were the lucky three friends comming to hang with the RAW, ECW, and SmackDown rosters?" JR announced to all the fans watching at home... three were Heather, Justin, and Ashlen.

Most of RAW past and it was now 10:30pm and they were getting ready to tell eveeryone what the names was. The person who had the honor of telling everyone was non other then Ashlen, Heather and Justins favorite wretler Jeff Hardy.

"And the winner is..." Jeff said as the three friends crossed there fingers...