The three friends watched the TV as Jeff Hardy pulled a name out of the envelope to read to all of the fans watching around the world. Jeff looked into the camera…

"Well this name is Ashlen Fyreheart…."

Ashlen looked at Justin and Heather.. all three friends started screaming….

"Oh My God we won… WE WON!!!!!" Ashlen screamed. The three friends jumped up and down… they couldn't believe it.

Little did the friends know since all of the main favorite Superstar was Jeff Hardy was coming to pick them up on the day the left.

The next day Ashlen got a letter in the mail. She hadn't bothered to read it yet because she wanted to wait until later that night. Ashlen was sitting on her couch reading the letter telling her that she had to be ready with her two friends by 3 pm on Sunday. Today was Monday. She thought to herself… I hope Justin and Heather are ready by then. Ashlen still had to pack and make sure her friends were packed as well.

" Let me show you what love is… Let me show you how to move your body…" Ashlen's phone rang. By the ring tone she knew it was Heather was calling her.

"What the hell do you want?" Ashlen said jokingly as she answered the phone.

"Well fine I will just hang-up." Heather said back trying not to laugh.

"Well it is a good thing you called because I got a letter telling me the time we have to be ready by because we have a limo coming to pick us up to go to our hotel in the state that RAW is going to be in" Ashlen explained still looking at her letter.

"Well I guess I will text Justin and let him know that we need to be packed by Friday or Saturday night and be at your house on Sunday by 12 pm. Cool??" Heather was asking her best friend if that was ok to do that.

"That would be awesome So I got to go so I can start packing." Ashlen said.

"Okay… bye" Heather stated as she hung up the phone.

Ashlen walked up her stairs to get to her wrestling filled room. She had every poster she had gotten from her WWE Magazine subscription. She has a Jeff Hardy and Shawn Michaels cut-outs; one in one corner and the other in the corner across from it. She has a collage of her favorite diva's she made herself framed on her all. Most of the collage was taken up by Ashley and Candice Michelle. Ashlen was so excited.

4 days later…….

At Heathers house….

4 days have passed and Heather couldn't wait. She has one more day till she has to packed and had to days until she was going with Ashlen and Justin to RAW, ECW, and the SmackDown locker rooms. She has had her stuff packed since Tuesday night, Wednesday morning. She wondered if Justin and Ashlen were ready too. Sop she called Justin.

At Justin's dorm…

" Living threw the darkest days this fire burns always." Justin answered his phone.

"Hello" Justin said.

"Hey I was just wondering if you were ready?" Heather asked

"Yea. I have been ready since Tuesday night." Justin told Heather.

" Really?? Me too" Heather giggled.

"Well Do you know if Ashlen is ready yet?"

"No I don't.. Why don't we call her" Heather suggested.

" Ok… hold on.." Justin said as he put Heather on hold.

At Ashlen's House

" If you semmmlllll what The Rock… is cookin" Ashlen answered her phone.

"Hello?" Ashlen answered.

"Hey.." Justin said.

"HEY!!" Heather said happily.

"Oh… Hey guys. I thought only Justin was calling me."

" Nope… I called Justin and then Justin called you." Heather explained.

"Oh… Cool. I hope that you two are packed." Ashlen said.

"We both have been packed since Tuesday night, Wednesday morning before we went to school." Justin said.

"Oh well I have been packed since Monday night, Tuesday morning." Ashlen gloated. The three of them talked in the phone for 45 more minutes until Ashlen said it was 6:30 pm and she