Kyo walked slowly down the side walk. He was oddly happy for it was a Monday. He walked soaking up the sun. He turned the coroner into a local café.

He walked over to a seat and sat down to think of the nights events. He hung his head and let out a sigh.

He picked up a book he had brought with him and began to read. The book was The Queen of the Damned by Ann Rice. He didn't much care for Ann Rice, he just liked to point the inaccurate of the story. It was one of his favorite things to do when he was board.

He sat in a booth at the very far back so not many people could see him; of course not even the great Houdini couldn't hide for long.

Tohru stood in the door way of the café. She looked around the room for an open seat. As she looked into the back she a seat open next to an orange haired person. She shrugged a walked over. As she approached him she asked a simple question; "Can I sit here?"

The man looked at her and said, "I don't care."

As Tohru sat down she introduced herself, "Hi, my names Tohru Honda."

"Whatever," He said as he went back to his book.

"You a fan of Ann Rice?" She asked as she laid down her laptop.

"Not really."


Kyo looked at Tohru from over his book. A smile creped across his face.

"So what are you taking?" Kyo said, he sounded a little more interested then he was when she first walked in.

"Um… English," Tohru said. It was almost as if she didn't have any thing to say but 'English'. But to be truthful, she was pretty surprised that he talked.

"Oh, I always loved English," He said as he put the Ann Rice book down. "What is the assignment?" It was a rarity that Kyo would talk to a strange girl that he never meet.

"Um… I have to right a short story on anything I want, I thought I'd write one about a love story in a café," She said this with a big smile.

"Oh yes, love," Kyo said as he looked the café walls. "It can be a confusing thing."

"Yeah, I guess so," Tohru said as she looked at him, "Well I guess I should get going."

"Ok," Kyo said as he picked up his book. As she packed up her stuff she looked around to see if anyone was looking, she dropped a piece of paper in the crease of Kyo's book. It read: Tohru's number, 513-563-0584. Kyo smiled and closed his book. "I always get lucky."