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A/N: So, for English we had to write a two hundred fifty word or less non- fiction story. This was going to be about death, but then it turned into people, and then it turned into Criminal Intent. Figures. XD



The sky was filled with gray for as far as Alex could see. Tiny droplets of water pelted her uncovered face. She stood still twisting her hands, trying to think of what to say.

She looked down at the ground. Joe Dutton- a wonderful life tragically cut short.She tried not to scoff at the quote. "He would have rather had a Warren Zevon lyric." She thought to herself. She then smiled sadly and sighed.

"Hi Joe, it's been eight years since that day. Seems like a lifetime ago. You remember that guy I told you about a few years ago? Bobby? Yeah… he and I are seeing each other now. We're doing well. I really love him.

"I know I stopped coming a while ago, sorry about that. Right after your death, I was devastated. I didn't think I could go on. I rejected everyone's condolences and threw myself back into work. Then I asked for my transfer and I met Bobby. I promised myself I wouldn't love another cop ever again. But he broke through that wall.

"Anyway what I guess I'm trying to say is thank you. We made a great team. I do still love you, but I think that it is finally time for me to move on. I need it.

"Love you, baby."

She walked slowly back towards her car. She felt a sudden gust of wind all around her, seeming to engulf her. She put her arms around d herself and smiled.