Teehee. That's all I have to say for myself.


If you give a Bones a skeleton, She's going to ask for some squints.

When you give her the squints, she'll probably want to solve the murder, so she'll ask for a knight in shining FBI standard issue body armor to help.

Once she's got him, she might notice his shiny gun. So she will probably ask for one for herself.

When she's denied a gun, she'll at least want some evidence to gather. She'll start collecting. She might even get carried away and find the cause of death all by herself!

When she's done, she'll want to talk to Angela. Angela will talk to her for a while, but will ultimately end up telling her to hook up with Booth. She'll tell Angela she's crazy, and that they are just partners, and then go back to her bones, looking for anomalies.

If she finds an anomaly, she'll ask Zach to take X-rays. When he does, she'll want to do some more complicated tests, and then ask to go find Booth with the results.

When she finds him interrogating someone, she'll want to try it for herself, but she will find out that arguing with Booth is so much more fun. She'll do it again and again until she wins. Then she will ask him for a gun… again.

When Booth says no, she will pout. After pouting for a sufficient amount of time she will shoot a murderer anyways; in the leg, when he's trying to set her on fire. Then she'll ask to be rescued from various and sundry criminals several times.

After Booth saves her, she'll want to deny that she feels anything for him so she'll throw herself into her work.

After several all-nighters, she'll solve the case and then will have to write up the paperwork.

If there's paperwork to do, she'll want a Booth and some Thai food to go with it. When the paperwork is done she will get bored …and ask for another case to solve.

And chances are, if there's a case to solve, you'll have to give her the skeleton that goes with it.


I might just have to do one for every character…