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Chapter 11: The Get Together

Classes were mundane as usual. James ignored the pointing and the muttering people made about the slowly healing gash across his cheek. Besides the wound, James was his usual self. The first day of classes consisted of a pleasant firework display; courtesy of the marauders. Now that the new year had come, the next large break was the summer, and even though that was six months away, it didn't keep the students any more focused.

For once in his life, Sirius went to the library. He needed to focus on some school work after all. He grabbed the books he needed and sat down at one of the large round tables buried in the back. Not even five minutes later a shadow appeared.

"Hey, Sirius," Sandy said as she gazed down at him. Sirius just looked at her.

"I've been meaning to talk to you…"

"Really? I haven't."

She pursed her lips together and tried a different tactic. "Well, anyway, I was thinking, maybe we could try us again. I would really like that."

"Let me think about this…no."

"Shit happened. I understand. That was in the past. I was hoping we could…move on."

"Sandy, I already have moved on. If we were to move on together, I would always be a thousand paces a head of you. Now please leave me to my studying."

She gave a cold laugh. "You don't study."

"I guess you don't know me very well then."

"Let me get to know you," she pleaded. "Get to know me!"

"I already know you. You're a lying, shallow, back stabbing bitch who has messed with two marauders too many. I don't want to get to know anything more about you," Sirius snapped.

"Fine. Whatever, you're an ass Sirius," she snapped and stalked away.

Sirius rolled his eyes and continued with his studies.

Unfortunately, that was not the last of Sandy. A crowd of students stood in a circle, in the middle of the corridor, Wednesday evening. James was walking down from the bathroom. He found Remus in the group and asked what was going on.

"Sandy and Fox are having a fight. I guess they had some love affair going on or something."

"I don't want to talk to you!" Sandy cried.

"But what about what we had?"

"It's over!" Tears started streaming down her face.

"Can we please talk about it?" Keith pleaded.

"There is nothing to discuss. We had a fling. Now I want you to leave. Me. ALONE!"


"Keith!" she cried. Sandy wiped the tears from her face, leaving it splotchy and red. "We're over. Leave me the hell alone."

She pushed through the crowd and disappeared around the corner. A dejected Keith stood in the middle while she surrounding crow clapped, whistled and made cat-calls. Keith fought the crowd and smashed into Remus and James.

"Who the hell are you looking at?" he shot.

The more mundane classes were, the better meal time became. Lily reached over James to grab some cheese.

"Where are you going with my dairy?" James asked with a raised eyebrow. There was a small scar where hair didn't grow, splitting the brow almost completely in half.

Lily stuck her tongue out at him and shoved the cheese in her mouth.

"Right there."

"Okay, stop before my dairy comes up." Sirius whined as he stuffed meat pie in him mouth.

"Wah," James mocked.

"Actually, I have to agree with Sirius on this one," Peter said while holding a hand over his mouth.

"Sorry," Lily murmured as her face turned bright red.

"Where is Remus?" James interjected.

"At the library, getting it on with another girl—the possibilities are endless," Sirius flippantly said.

All three at the table looked at Sirius with raised eyebrows.

"Okay, you're right. Scratch that last comment."

"For your information, I was out on a walk," Remus said as he brushed snow out of his hair.

"Ahhh! Mooney!" Sirius complained.

"It's so cold out. What were you walking from?" Peter asked.

"Not from. To. There is this place in the Forbidden Forest—" Lily looked at him with narrow eyes. "It's perfectly okay. Anyway, during the winter, a whole bunch of night wisps gather for warmth. They let off this beautiful blue glow. It's a little overwhelming in the castle, so I needed some fresh air and a place to think.

"Gay!" Sirius called.

Just then Keith came bounding over.

"Lily! The dance…and we…"

Lily looked at him as if he were stupid. "Spit it out."

"Why the hell are you and Potter…sitting together? He abandoned you at the dance!"

"He left because of family issues. You bothered me all night, not the other way around."

"But…but…" Keith was searching for something to hold on to. "But our snow globe!"

"Broken. Smashed, gone; as are we. Please leave."
"Lily, I lo—"

"Cut the crap, Fox and don't make me do it," James threatened. Just then Keith noticed that the whole hall was quiet. He looked around at all the starring faces. He confidently left the Great Hall.

"Well, that wasn't a little awkward," Sirius commented.

"Speaking of snow globes…" James said as he pulled a package out of his bag.

"James Potter? Hogsmeade?" she gasped as she opened it. It was the snow globe from the shop in Hogsmeade with the silver base.

"I knew you collected them and…well…Keith's bugged the shit out of me."

"So you broke his on purpose?" Lilly said with a smile.

"No, that was really an accident, just a positive one," he said with a grin.

"Oh, James Potter, give me a kiss," Lily said as she leaned in.

"Hey lovebirds, Valentine's Day is just around the corner, wanna make sure you get the hottest, lowest priced gifts available," Karen said as Ronnie presented a trunk.

"What's in there?" Peter asked.

"Better yet, where did you get all that stuff?" Remus asked as he examined the priceless artifacts.

"Let's just say, not all couples made it past Christmas and were willing to…part with their treasures," Karen said with a grin.

"That's almost morbid," Remus commented.

"No, that's the stuff I'm talking about. Bring that over here. I could pick up some chicks by the look of it," Sirius said as Ronnie brought the case over to him.

Lily just shook her head with a smile.

"Young…face…love," James said with a contorted face.

"'Tis true," Lily said as the whole table laughed at Sirius' expense.

Lily admired her snow globe as winter let snow fall, blanketing the Hogwart grounds, making it look pure.

The End.